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ATPM 5.08
August 1999



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Welcome to the latest and greatest issue of About This Particular Macintosh! To honor all the cool announcements from Macworld Expo and in light of the graphic symbol used as a name by the music artist formerly known as Prince, we decided to title our issue with the following hieroglyph OS8.7=OS9=OSX-1. After a heated debate about the matter ensued among members of our editorial staff (actually, it was a water pistol fight between Michael and Ed), we chose to re-title the issue using regular words. Let it be known that the current collection of Audacious Tidbits and Puckish Musings is now officially named the “New Math” issue of ATPM. No matter how you count it, you’ll enjoy this month’s issue!

iBook ’em, Danno!

It’s a good thing the iBook announcement wasn’t made in Hawaii because Steve Jobs & Company might have been arrested! The consumer-level Apple portable will murder the competition’s hopes for a prosperous holiday season. In this month’s Personal Computing Paradigm, Michael Tsai provides readers with an overview of the major announcements at last month’s Macworld Expo.

The Devil’s In The Details

The latest Apples, Kids & Attitude column should be required reading for those foolish souls who still deny Apple’s return from the abyss. Beating analysts’ estimates (again), our favorite manufacturer of fruit-flavored PCs delighted shareholders and Mac fans with its latest financial results. Please read Robert Paul Leitao’s financial insights inside this month’s issue. PowerBook owners may also find this column to be of special interest. After detailing Apple’s financial results on the fly, he recommends a few PowerBook accessories for Mac users on the go.

Creepy, Crawly, Control Strip

It all started with an e-mail to the staff. ATPM’s contributing editor (and Welcome author) wanted to know how to move the control strip from its newfound position one-third the way up the screen. The creepy, crawly control strip had plagued all three of his working Macs. The quality of the helpful e-mail responses from the staff was astounding! The solution, it turns out, is to option-click-drag the control strip to its preferred location. If you option-click-drag on the end of an open control strip you can move it to the opposite side of the screen. It’s good to have friends in high-tech places! Please feel free to submit your own Mac questions to our hard-working staff by e-mailing

T-Shirts Here, Get Your Hotshot ATPM T-Shirts

Edward Goss, ATPM’s trivia columnist, is giving away a free ATPM T-shirt to the first two trivia contestants who e-mail him with the correct answers to his questions. Check out Ed’s latest column for your chance to win. Emblazoned with the eye-catching ATPM logo and our thought-provoking motto, the T-shirts come in sizes from small to XXL. Order one today. One price fits all! More information can be found on the T-Shirts page of this issue..

Webbed Feats

Did you ever wonder where the tools for many of today’s cool Web sites come from? In this month’s Shareware Roundup entitled, “Tools for Web Masters and Code Warriors,” Bill Lovett evaluates five inexpensive ways to make writing HTML (and XML) code both easy and efficient.

Thank You, Adobe

Overshadowed by the oft-reported turnaround at Apple Computer, the recent restructuring at Adobe Systems has been widely overlooked. The company’s recent 52-week high of over $93 per share represented a 400% increase in value since its September 1998 low of less than $24. Adobe Systems was originally funded by an investment from Apple Computer. For many years the two companies enjoyed a strong, symbiotic relationship. It’s not a coincidence that Adobe’s renewed success has occurred at a time of new prosperity at Apple.

Less than one year ago Adobe’s management was publicly humiliated by the press released-based (and quickly aborted) takeover attempt by its much smaller, privately owned archrival, Quark, Inc. The poorly executed takeover effort became a rallying point for Adobe’s executives and staff. Adobe’s new products and multi-application software collections bear evidence that the company has truly listened to its customers. We appreciate the added attention.

Hamstrung By Samsung?

At press time Apple announced that it had inked a deal with a unit of Samsung Electronics Co. wherein the American Mac maker will purchase $100 million of the Korean company’s convertible bonds. Ostensibly the funds are to be used to increase Samsung’s ability to produce the LCD screens needed for Apple’s PowerBook and iBook product lines.

As of this writing there is more money to be made in CRTs than LCDs so the worldwide supply of TFT-LCDs is limited (we love using initials!). With the cash investment from AC, SEC will be better able to guarantee sufficient quantities of LCDs for Apple’s CPs and PBs. In other words, each company can benefit from the other’s success. This appears to be a very smart investment. It also suggests that the ETA for the CP will not be DOA. We hope this kind of pro-active planning means that Apple’s long legacy of product delays will soon RIP.

4Translation = Translations 2Good To Be True

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At your work will be professionally translated and returned to you in the file format you specify. If you want “ladies gather for tea” roughly translated into “females collect leaves” in umpteen different languages, stop by one of the Internet’s automated translation sites. But if your business isn’t comedy (or you don’t wish to give your competitors something to laugh about) we recommend the translation services of The editors of ATPM would like to welcome as our newest sponsor.

Please enjoy our latest issue!

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