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ATPM 5.02
February 1999


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Apples, Kids, & Attitude

by Robert Paul Leitao,

A Time For Change

Dear Readers:

With the release of ATPM 5.02 I have chosen to step down as ATPM's managing editor. I'm happy to announce that Daniel Chvatik, ATPM's reviews editor, will be assuming the responsibilities of managing editor. Daniel brings a myriad of skills and a lot of enthusiasm to his new post. I'm grateful that he has chosen to accept the invitation to replace me. It's time for change.

Change has been an integral part of our e-zine's history. ATPM was created in 1995 by Danny Novo. His desire was to publish an entertaining and informative Internet magazine that could be read and appreciated by all Mac users, whether they purchased their first Mac ten minutes or ten years ago. The first issue of ATPM was uploaded to the eWorld server in early 1995. It wasn't long before ATPM attracted a substantial number of monthly subscribers. With the demise of Apple's eWorld, ATPM was moved to America Online. At the same time enthusiastic readers began posting ATPM on electronic bulletin boards all over the world.

By the Spring of 1996, Danny had become overwhelmed by ATPM's popularity and its daily demands. His engaging style had won the hearts and minds of Mac users the world over. It's not that Danny was incapable of dealing with the challenges brought about by ATPM's success; it was a matter of graciously ending the trials and tribulations of a divided heart. Danny's first love was his fiancee and the life that the two of them were beginning together. He was starting a new career and needed to focus his time and energy on the responsibilities of husbandhood and the demands of his chosen vocation.

Rather than end ATPM and disappoint our readers, Danny ceded the e-zine to Michael Tsai and myself. In doing so, Danny was faithfully living what he believed. His belief was that the real power of a personal computer isn't measured in processor MHz and cache speed, but in the way it helps people live more abundant and productive lives. For Danny, this meant that his interest in computers must often take a back seat to the important matters of everyday life. It's no wonder he uses a Mac.

In the three years Michael and I have published ATPM, we have worked diligently to expand the size of our readership and the scope of our content. I am often awed by the e-mail remarks from readers who recount how ATPM has touched their lives in a special way or simply made it easier for them to understand how to use a personal computer. This indicates to me that we have been faithful to ATPM's original mission of providing useful and entertaining information to a special collection of thoughtful readers.

My decision to vacate the position of managing editor is less of an abrupt change in my role at ATPM and more of an acknowledgement of the contributions of others. As ATPM has grown over the years, so have the talents and abilities of our experienced staff. ATPM is intended to be an ever-changing chronicle of what we call the "personal computing experience." The skills needed in a managing editor at the time Michael and I assumed responsibility for ATPM's publication may be different than the skills that are needed today. I'm privileged to have the opportunity to step aside and allow others to contribute to the success of our publication. This decision also frees me to devote more of my time and attention to my greatest passions—serving God and raising my family. Like ATPM's creator, Danny Novo, I am also seeking to end the trials and tribulations of a divided heart.

I would like to thank Danny Novo for creating ATPM and for allowing Michael Tsai and myself to continue its publication. I'd also like to thank Michael Tsai for his friendship during the past three years and for the wisdom and knowledge he has shared with me during that time. Although I am much older than Michael, he has taught me some very important lessons about life.

I started writing for ATPM at a time when I was struggling with the responsibility of learning how to be a single parent and the daunting task of restarting my life. "Learn by doing" were Michael's oft-mentioned words of encouragement. I am grateful for his caring advice.

New worlds are opening for me. Therefore I have a lot to learn and a lot to do. Apple, Kids and Attitude will now become a quarterly column and will next appear in ATPM 5.05. In that column I will revisit many of the predictions I made in ATPM 5.01. I look forward to sharing my insights with you.

Until then, may God bless you. On behalf of the ATPM staff, thank you for your continued support.

Apple"Apples, Kids and Attitude[TM]" is © 1999 Robert Paul Leitao,

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