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ATPM 11.11
November 2005


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by Robert Paul Leitao,

Welcome to the November issue of About This Particular Macintosh! We welcome you back for another outstanding issue of your favorite Macintosh Internet magazine. This month we find the Macintosh world in a somewhat astounding juxtaposition. While the iPod reigns as the undisputed leader in the digital music player market, other PC makers are struggling to rein in increasing demand for Macintosh products. There will be more on Apple’s results a little later in this column.

Capture This

Most Mac users are familiar with iPhoto, the photo management component of Apple’s popular iLife suite of products. In October, Apple released Aperture, a photo management and image processing solution designed for professional photographers. Aperture also comes at the professional-grade price of $499.

Video Raised the New Gadget Bar

The holiday shopping season is again upon us. All around the world, consumers by the millions will be buying the latest electronic gadgets for friends and family. Trumping the digital music player competition once again, Apple released video versions of the iPod just in time to satisfy the excessive spending appetites of holiday season shoppers.

The day before the introduction of the video iPod, Apple executives in their quarterly conference call with Wall Street analysts stated in response to an analyst question that the then-unnamed new product was included in the company’s conservative holiday quarter financial forecasts. We’ll see come January if Apple hands its investors one more holiday season surprise.

Evolution and Intelligent Design

Communities across the country are debating whether or not the theory of Intelligent Design should be taught in science classrooms alongside the evolving theory of Evolution.

Mac buyers need not engage in such a conflict when it comes to purchasing a new computer. The recently updated iMac is an evolutionary step in Apple’s product development, while evidencing the next stage of intelligent home computer design.

The new iMac has a remote control for the new Front Row multimedia experience and a built-in iSight video camera.

The Quad

A quad is often described as a rectangular open space surrounded by buildings or one of four children born at the same time with three other siblings. In this case a quad is the latest in chip technology introduced into Apple’s Power Mac product line.

Sporting dual-core G5 chips, the new Power Macs provide users with enhanced performance and fresh video card options. Representing the last of the four October new product announcements, the new Power Macs should be quite popular with buyers in higher education, allowing students who often walk through a quad on the way to classes the opportunity to use the best in Apple technology to advance their pursuit of knowledge.

Record-Setting Results

When ATPM began publication over ten years ago, many PC industry pundits and Wall Street analysts considered that Apple’s best chance for survival was as a strong division or semi-independent subsidiary of a much larger technology company.

Today, Apple remains an independent, publicly traded company and is now considered one of the most successful technology and consumer electronics companies of our time. While the company finds itself in a pleasant juxtaposition due to its success in both its personal computer and consumer electronics businesses, the company is also experiencing record-setting results. For the fourth fiscal quarter and the most recent fiscal year Apple reported the following:

For the three months ended September 24, 2005, Apple Computer reported revenue of $3.68 billion and net quarterly income of $430 million. For the full fiscal year ended the say day, Apple announced revenue of $13.93 billion and net income of $1.335 billion. The quarterly and fiscal year results set new revenue and earnings records for the Cupertino-based company. In the fourth fiscal quarter Apple shipped 1.236 million Macs and 6.451 million iPod digital music players. Apple ended the fiscal year with about $8.261 billion in cash and short-term investments.

In other news Apple announced that Timothy D. Cook has been named Chief Operating Officer.

Our November Issue

Before we look at what our November issue includes, we’d like to also include you among our writers and editors. If you’re a Mac enthusiast with a desire to share your skills and insights with the greater Macintosh community, please contact our managing editor.

Pod People: Kool and the Nano Gang

“Just the thought of losing you, scares me half to death.”

FileMaking: Welcome to FileMaker 8!

Charles Ross detours from his round of tutorials and takes a good look At FileMaker 8.

How To: Serving Up a Tune or Two

Can your Mac and your stereo really make beautiful music together?

How To: Upgrading Your Cube’s Video Card

When your Cube needs better video performance (or a bigger chunk of video RAM), it’s possible to upgrade the stock Rage Pro 128 to something better. This article covers replacing it with ATI’s Radeon 7500 32 MB card.

Desktop Pictures: Gateway Arch

Lee Bennett found the St. Louis Gateway Arch itself to be more photogenic than the topside view.


Chad finds himself beginning a new phase in life while Cortland collects the last of a client’s bill.

Frisky Freeware: FinderPop

Frisky the Freeware Guinea Pig checks out FinderPop.

Review: AirClick and AirClick USB

Though Apple now offers a remote control for iPods, Griffin Technology’s AirClick may be the better choice.

Review: Commandos Battle Pack

Fight for the Allies in squad-based combat missions across Europe. Commandos Battle Pack contains two games from the real-time strategy series: Commandos 2: Men of Courage and Commandos 3: Destination Berlin.

Review: Digital Photography Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition

Digital photographers, whether they’re seasoned pros or brand new to the field, always have questions. Derrick Story’s new edition of the Digital Photography Pocket Guide has all the answers in a trim field guide that all digital photographers should carry.

Review: OmniGraffle Pro 4

OmniGraffle Professional 4.0 adds several welcome features to an already well-rounded application.

Review: Portectorz

Remember when your PowerBook’s ports were covered by a plastic door? RadTech offers a silicone-based solution for the latest Apple portables.

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