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June 2002



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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

The Gunpowder Plot Society

OK, I probably should hold this until November, when it would be more timely. But really, why can’t every day be Guy Fawkes Day? For those who don’t know, Guy Fawkes was one of a group of conspirators who planned to blow up the British Parliament in 1605. The conspiracy failed, and Fawkes was hanged, drawn, and quartered. (And you thought you had a bad day!) On this page, you can read about the conspiracy, read society newsletters, and find out if you’re related to one of the conspirators.

Classic Short Stories

Looking for some good reading? This site hosts several dozen short stories by such authors as Balzac, de Maupassant, Joyce, and Poe. Unfortunately no downloadable text-only versions of the stories are offered, but as they are short, you can easily cut-and-paste into a text editor, or simply print one out to read on paper. Also, the site hasn’t been updated in some time, and the links to bios of the authors no longer work.


“May we live long and die out,” proclaims the official Web site of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. (No, I don’t know what the trailing T is for in the acronym.) Just in case the name of the organization doesn’t say it all, there is an extensive FAQ answering such questions as “I’m extra smart. Shouldn’t I pass on my genes?” and “Won’t VHEMT die out when all its members die off?” Translations of the site into numerous different language are available for non-English speakers.

Philosophy Directories

If you need a good resource on philosophy, this site is it. The large collection of links offered will take you to philosophy discussion sites, places to download electronic copies of philosophy texts, and papers written on a variety of subjects. There is also help available for those who need help writing their own papers. I really wish I’d known about this site when I was in college, even though back then I wouldn’t really have had time to enjoy it.

Airline Meals

We all know about the security on El Al, but how’s the food? Here’s the Web site to answer your (heart)burning question. It offers nearly a hundred pictures of airline food served on dozens of different airlines, taken from airline Web sites or submitted by passengers. A link to “useless stuff” gives some statistics on airline food in the USA. Notably missing from the site is a picture of the small bags of peanuts handed out by Southwest, but I’ll remedy that situation after my next flight.

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