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January 2001

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Reader Comments (795)

Some of the comments on this page may be disturbing to some readers. In the spirit of free speech and a desire to allow people to express their sorrow, their anger, and their hope, the comments will remain posted. The editors of ATPM do not necessarily agree with many of the comments, but they would like to provide a forum where readers may share their thoughts, their ideas, and their viewpoints with others.

The attackers have killed thousands of people. As a people, we will not allow them to steal our civil liberties or our fundamental rights of free speech and personal expression.

The editors of ATPM would like to express our heartfelt sorrow to the families of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attack.

Mike Fitz-Gerald · April 17, 2001 - 12:39 EST #1
How can I purchase the digital rights to use the World Trade Center photo above. We are interested in using it as part of the cover on our company brochures.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 11:24 EST #2
Now this great building no longer stands.
The American Citizen · September 11, 2001 - 12:21 EST #3
"For our great nation shall mourn on this day of dread. But be assured you who are responsible will pay dearly for our loss."
Johnny Felder Jr. · September 11, 2001 - 12:23 EST #4
America Repent! The worst is yet to come!!!
Horrified · September 11, 2001 - 12:24 EST #5
... but the american tragedy already started with the George W. Bush administration. The most powerful nation on earth is not allowed to avoid its responsibilty for no efforts for the solution of Near East problem exodus at the Durban conference.
A · September 11, 2001 - 12:25 EST #6
You are absolutely CRAZY attacking a powerful country with so many resources as America. Absolsute stupidity. I hope you get what's coming to you.
Bush · September 11, 2001 - 12:30 EST #7
State of the nations address: America will be bombed!!!
Arun Antony · September 11, 2001 - 12:31 EST #8
The day of utter tragedy. The country which solves the problems is faced by a major hurdle. But the country as such and the men will take care of things getting settled down fast. Let's pray to God for minimal casualities and an immediate end to this breakout.
Tracy Spencer · September 11, 2001 - 12:33 EST #9
President Bush, hunt down the trash and destroy them, show them no mercy, because they do not understand what peace is and they never will...they are trash.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 12:33 EST #10
The world is going crazy ... enough death of innocent people!
Beverly · September 11, 2001 - 12:44 EST #11
This kind of destruction is unbelievable. My prayers are with the families and friends of the victims. I hope that there is NOT more to come. May we call upon God's strength to help us through this time.
US Tourist · September 11, 2001 - 12:50 EST #12
As bad as it may sound, I'm sure U.S. retaliation is on the drawing boards this very minute. Start evacuating those poor Arab women and children. The Arab men can stay - they can't wait to die anyway.
Aaron Williams · September 11, 2001 - 13:00 EST #13
September 11, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy. Let's see what Bush is made of. Come on man, BOMB AFGHANISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 13:02 EST #14
What's up Bush? What are you about?
Jeff · September 11, 2001 - 13:13 EST #15
This is a sad day in history. May God be with the families and victims of this tragity. Someone must be held accountable for this event.
Eric · September 11, 2001 - 13:27 EST #16
President Bush needs to capture all of those involved or even may have been involved, i.e. Yassar Arafat, Osama Ben Ladin, the Palestinian cabinet ministers ... all these people ... and worry about the guilty parties later, we need a quick response.
MLP · September 11, 2001 - 13:27 EST #17
The American symbol of success, of survival, has only returned to the precious dust from which it came. The tragic torture of the innocent will serve to bring the American people together. Stronger and more united, we are prepared to deal with the unwanted, unaccepted trash of the world. You know who you are and you feel the need to display the dirt dripping from from the insides of your rotting soul. Are you free, now that you have used your fellow man, that you have murdered your fellow man so as to inflict pain on the innocent? Are you free now, as you walk the land with a smile, mistakenly thinking you are clever, you are successful. You will burn in hell, as what you have temporarily interrupted triumphs brighter as your soul melts without mercy.
Paul Labine · September 11, 2001 - 13:30 EST #18
This is a modern day Pearl Harbour!! I can't beleive that this has happened! Where was the FBI/CIA/NSA during all this? I think there will be great retribution against anybody and everybody who might even remotely be responsible. I wouldn't want to be a Muslim in the United States for the next while.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 13:36 EST #19
Does anyone live in NY?
Pazu · September 11, 2001 - 13:39 EST #20
I mourn the victims of this tragic display of human aggression. May the people responsible for this pay in this life, or if politics does not will it, may their souls forever rot in a place not even as good as hell. I think even Satan himself would turn these fools away. Let us pray for the victims, for that is all most of us can do.
Crystal · September 11, 2001 - 13:59 EST #21
America it is not time to have war. Instead, we need to come together as one and pray. Repent people the world is coming to an end. This is my prayer for the world, "Lord, open our blind eyes for we see not what is coming. But Lord as long as we know we are in your hands we are save. Lord bless us to have a little more faith in you. For you are the King of Kings Lord of Lords for without you we are nothing. Lord, bless this nation bring us out of trouble."
Red Duck · September 11, 2001 - 14:14 EST #22
Twin towers are gone, lives are gone, but the hope remains and the victory if the justice over the evil is ensured!!
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 14:26 EST #23
Om Shanti. Violence begets violence. Pray for our world.
Lisa (Florida) · September 11, 2001 - 14:32 EST #24
What are we waiting for? Another attack? Let's go get the bastards that admitted to this (Afganistains). Then if it turns out they didn't do it, apologize, and move on to the next set of bastards. Time is wasting and we need to bomb these &$#@*.
NYC Girl · September 11, 2001 - 15:08 EST #25
Yes..I live in New York City....I saw the skyline...seeing this symbol of New York burning in a cloud of smoke. This is truly a tragedy...
American · September 11, 2001 - 15:23 EST #26
This day will also live in infamy...we thought Oklahoma City was the absolute worst, but today some animals outdid themselves. Think of the people on the planes. You know that they were tormented before they crashed. These animals like to torment before they destroy. It will be a long time before we know just how many people gave their lives in the name of HATE...God rest their souls...our Country's martyrs. It has to stop or we will all be destroyed...
Liam (England) · September 11, 2001 - 15:29 EST #27
This is a terrible thing and who ever is responsible will pay for the innocent lives they have took.
WAKE UP!! · September 11, 2001 - 15:38 EST #28
When are we going to start holding CLINTON accountable for crippling our military by taking their funding away during his 8 years of presidency.
Lavahead · September 11, 2001 - 15:42 EST #29
Lest we forget the children that also perished both on the flights and the ones in the day care centers of the towers. They very well could have been any of our own. God has blessed the children of the world. It is only when they grow up that we teach them our stupid hates.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 15:45 EST #30
The military was powerless to stop this act. The only thing they could have done was shoot these airliners down. Is that the end we would have wanted?
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 15:47 EST #31
Only cowards resort to terrorism.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 15:50 EST #32
Perhaps America can now look at itself and say, "what is it that we do elsewhere in the world that causes so much anger" and if you do ask yourself this question, and if you are interested in answering it, then research it for a couple of years and you will find out why. People elsewhere in the world do not hate us without cause. Are actions as a nation in the name of 'humanity,' and 'economic growth' have devastating implications elsewhere that is out of sight and out of mind to most Americans. It would be easier to change America than to change the rest of the world. But that would require some honest assessment on behalf of this country's government and people which I am not sure we are prepared to do just yet. In the meantime, we can continue to prepare ourselves to grieve regularly like this.
Little American Girl · September 11, 2001 - 15:53 EST #33
It is beyond pathetic that humans on earth are this sick and able to plan no less execute something so tragic. I have a great idea, let's kill innocent people and then we can have power. Who ever did this has no power. No control. The only one who has power and control is GOD and you just scratched your name off his list for eternity. I hope you are happy with what you have done. I hope this is a joyous day for sorry losers like you, because it will be the day that determined your destiny. Today was your eternal pass to hell you terrorist piece of crap. Enjoy what you have chosen to sew, I will enjoy you reaping it. You monster.
Eye for an Eye · September 11, 2001 - 16:02 EST #34
This is comparable to Pearl Harbor and we must have the same response and the people who did it must have the same end as the people who attacked Pearl Harbor.
No chance · September 11, 2001 - 16:03 EST #35
There's no fricken chance of there being WWIII because of this...the U.S. and allies, are way too powerful.
Canadian · September 11, 2001 - 16:05 EST #36
Just thinking of any children that will go to bed tonight without their parents at home turns my stomach. The people who are responsible for this will spend an eternity tourtured and burnt in hell.
Jason Maher · September 11, 2001 - 16:12 EST #37
I watched the news unfold today in horror from my home in PENNSYLVANIA. One day we will all die and face our maker. Whoever applauds this tradegy will one day be punished for their hatred against fellow man. My country is hurting but I pray to all Americans to keep your heads high, our great grandfathers spilled their blood to build the foundation for the greatest country in the world. I am so sorry for the families of the killed in New York. You have a friend in Philadelphia, PA praying for you today.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 16:20 EST #38
FIRST, we need to figure out who is responsible. SECONDLY, understand that this will obviously require a long-term solution. These people have been thinking and living like this for many generations. We need to send cultural analysts (anthropologists) into their country to understand not only their culture, but their rationality. When you are raised to believe that suicide for your nation is the highest honor that anyone can achieve, you can't expect a bombing or war to stop that way of life. The US cannot perform a genocide, either. Just like in America, we are raised to believe that success is becoming rich. I know that if a person from another culture tried to convince me otherwise, I would tell him he was crazy. We need to go back to basics and understand their culture and rationality. Only then can we rationalize with them and hopefully establish some form of peace.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 16:21 EST #39
Remember the firefighters who are died at this disaster. They are real heroes. Fire brigade, Germany.
Praying for unbelievers · September 11, 2001 - 16:27 EST #40
To the atheist, I'm gonna pray that GOD will work in your heart full of pain and hate.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 16:28 EST #41
Taking prayer out of schools and deminishing religion has killed the value of life. Prayer and religion is not the problem; it is MISINTERPRETATION of religion that is the problem. If you ensure that you don't alter your interpretation of the Bible or religious readings in order to justify your sins, then you will have a just life. Having a religion (belief in a higher power) and faith in goodness will allow you to truly live.
AMEN TO THAT · September 11, 2001 - 16:29 EST #42
If everyone lived like Jesus this would NEVER have happened.
Osama bin Laden hater · September 11, 2001 - 16:32 EST #43

This man, Osama Bin Laden, is probably responsible for this attack. PLEASE click on the photo to read a story about him published in 1998.
British Military Guy · September 11, 2001 - 16:35 EST #44
I feel your hurt today. I have family who all work in NYC and have been trying frantically to find out if they are okay. The phones are down and the emergency number here in the UK is down. To all those sick-in-the-head people who have to put sick comments on this site, get a life and have some respect. I hope America finds and punishes these people give 'em a slow, painful death. The death sentence is too good for these murders. Whoever you may be out there, you will be found!
madcityman · September 11, 2001 - 16:48 EST #45
Remember hate is what started this, We can not stoop to the lowest level. We would never win a war here, because they do not care about their lives.
Dave Horne · September 11, 2001 - 16:55 EST #46
All right wing religious extremists are the same and are dangerous. I don't care if you're a Born Again Christian, a conservative Jew or a conservative Moslem, you are all equally dangerous. You all commit acts of violence because you believe your point of view, your belief, is the only true belief. I have learned that there is only one true belief and that is the belief of the person to whom you are currently speaking. When people realize that there is no God (or Gods) and that there is no life after death, they may begin to cherish the life we have here even more.
Liberal Society · September 11, 2001 - 16:56 EST #47
How see how long it takes to lose sight of the offender. At first focus will be on terrorist groups. Then it will be the FAA's fault for not having enough security. After that it will be United Airlines / American Airlines fault for not catching it. Then it is Bush's or Clinton's fault for not having anti-terrorist measures in place. Make no mistake, this was the act of fiendish terrorists and lets not lose FOCUS. Find, Hunt and DESTROY.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 17:01 EST #48 is a great place to discuss your ideas about God, pro or con. This site should remain here to preserve the memory of the buildings, not the hate of the occurence.
peace · September 11, 2001 - 17:01 EST #49
US Tourise - my comment to you: AMEN! My father was right next to the WTC at the time the first plane crashed and he got away in time before the towers collapsed. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost someone they know or love. This is a tragedy that needs drastic response. America- THIS MEANS ACT NOW! Bush- You better do something fast before this country will turn on you. THE WORLD WAS NOT MADE TO HATE- SEE WHAT HAS BECOME OF THIS WORLD NOW? PEACE=HAPPINESS and NO MORE PAIN. But consequences are necessary and I hope the ones responsible for this crime suffer most painfully.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 17:01 EST #50
If you ever read the Bible you would understand that GOD is LOVE. Hate and violence is dispicable in God's eyes. Beloved let us love one another for love is from God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God he that loveth NOT knowth not God for God is love. 1 John: 4:7,8 PLEASE DO NOT STEREOTYPE me with some crazed fanatics who use God's name to justify their acts of violence and hate.
DANGEROUS LIBERALS · September 11, 2001 - 17:07 EST #51
Liberals are the ones who are dangerous, without MORALITY, we have anarchy. And you wonder why kids shoot each other. They have no reason not too!
A bewildered German · September 11, 2001 - 17:10 EST #52
I can hardly believe the pictures... Meine Anteilnahme und mein Beileid für all die Toten und Verletzten, Angehörigen und Verwandten. This day - and the answer of America (whatever there comes) - will last forever.
Kristi · September 11, 2001 - 17:22 EST #53
My heart goes out to all of the victims and families today and forever. This nation has witnessed it's worst tragedy. We are not invincible. We must fight back before we lose San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacremento, Chicago.......and so on....where does it end? Who's next?
Larry C · September 11, 2001 - 17:37 EST #54
I realize those of you who are making ignorant anti-American statements don't have the mentality CAPACITY to make a rational statement and you should be ashamed to be an American. Today is a day of shame and horror, but don't let this cowardly terrorist act blind your Pride to be in a country that allows you to live the life you choose. Those of you who are true Americans, please fly an American flag on your car or home to show the world that regardless of how the rest of the world see's us, WE ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS! God Bless those who died today and those who are working and fighting to save others lives in this trajedy.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 17:38 EST #55
This is scary as hell. I was standing in front of this building 4 days ago.
g-man · September 11, 2001 - 17:41 EST #56
Me, one of the best gunman players of the world, can't believe these moments of a very bad day. I'm totally shocked.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 17:44 EST #57
I pray for the Muslim to fall through God's power which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the same way as the Twin Towers were destroyed. Amen !!!!!!
Ondrej · September 11, 2001 - 17:53 EST #58
My heart is with all American people. My soul cries for the human victims. I hope to build up those towers again. Ondrej and all my friends from Czech.
Mirjami · September 11, 2001 - 17:54 EST #59
This is the beginning of the end... IT IS THE BEGINNING OF GOD'S WRATH UPON THE U.S.. U.S along with the rest of the world.. is being punished for their SINS, SINS AND MORE SINS! LUST, MURDER, IGNORANCE OF GOD! One day we will ALL be judged... we can't blame God for this, only ourselves. My deepest sorrows goes out to you guys. This has shocked me terribly, along with the's like out of a movie...but this time it's real humans, real human souls dead.
Palmaman · September 11, 2001 - 17:59 EST #60
I'm completely shocked. Is this the beginning of a very bad time? Please peace!
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 18:02 EST #61
News: explosions in Kabul, Afghanistan.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 18:15 EST #62
Kabel Afganistan is now feeling pain...missles in the sky...oh how bright...send them deep and fast...up Bin Laden's butt!!!
From Canada · September 11, 2001 - 18:16 EST #63
Poor building, poor people.
Scapegoat · September 11, 2001 - 18:50 EST #64
Lets see here, Thinking back about the OKC bombing, I remember cries of international terrorism and all the foreign terrorist groups but no proof could be gathered so the US conjured up a scapegoat by the name of Timothy McVeigh. Wonder who the unlucky one will be this time.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 18:58 EST #65
Don't worry, Bush is going kill those American haters. Don't hate on America!
Lee · September 11, 2001 - 19:01 EST #66
Our love affair with Israel has cost us dearly, again.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 19:20 EST #67
What we need to do is flex our nuclear muscles!
David · September 11, 2001 - 19:22 EST #68
I think with all the hate that is posted here I think we should look at the loss of lives, The innocent that goes about their lives to be happy and do what they do best. When we forget about the victims and the suffering it makes us that much less, we need to glorify the victims, and the loss of a landmark. My sympathies to all those lost in the tragedy, and to their families. Hate is something that destroys all, lets look at the loss instead and pay hommage
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 19:24 EST #69
I agree, David.
SleeplessIQ · September 11, 2001 - 19:30 EST #70
I'm totally shocked. As a German, a friend, and a man with an American heart beating in me, I could only say: Do whatever must be done to find the scum, whatever it costs. God bless America!!!
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 19:32 EST #71
Let's be honest. We had it coming. Think of all the pain and terror we have rained down on the rest of the world. Don't get me wrong. I think what happened was disgusting and I feel deeply sorry for all of the innocent people who lost their lives and lost loved ones (I still haven't found out if I have lost people yet), but Americans have been asking for it. You can't honestly believe that if you try and police the world by bombing other nations and swaying world politics, that you're not going to piss people off. We did this to ourselves. People have been predicting for years that such attacks would happen. No one should be suprised to see them come to light.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 19:32 EST #72
Hey Scapegoat, you might want to catch up on your news... McVeigh admitted his guilt publicly. This is a sorry day for all human beings. What a shame that so few make it so bad for so many. I had coworkers in those buildings, many of whom may now be dead. By the way, I am not sitting scared. Quite the contrary. If my country asked for volunteers to go and fight today, I would go in an instant. The greatest things above life itself are love and freedom!
rational · September 11, 2001 - 19:33 EST #73
It is very easy to lose perspective on this and blame an entire race(s). I, too, am shocked, apalled, and grieve for the many lives lost. But this does not give us, Americans, the right to hate an entire people. I have served in the military and am outraged that this could have happened. I believe that appropriate actions will be taken. Bottom line is that the responsible parties will be found and once found, will be punished. First reaction to this is normal and expected as I also had them. For people that are afraid of capitalism and democracy, all I can say is that is unfortunate for you that you were not born an American to truly appreciate and enjoy the many benefits living free brings us. If you could savor one bit you would understand the foolishness in your hate. For all the people that think they are cool blasting America by posting as 'terrorists', news for you.....NOT cool, not only is that childish, but also demeaning to yourself.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 19:44 EST #74
People of USA: sorry about your loss. You have many enemies in the world, and associates are more powerful than you (intellectually, physically, and about the will). Be humble, you have a lot of work to do about your arrogance. You are not more an "empire;" you are in decadence. Don't battle this "attack," because you made the all wars. You are guilty for your own acts.
concerned American · September 11, 2001 - 19:47 EST #75
This should not be viewed as a mere terrorist attack. This type of event should be classified as no less than a declaration of war by the parties responsible and I for one think we should give these parties what they want. We must take a stand and truly show that we DO NOT tolerate terrorism!
Sad and Mad American · September 11, 2001 - 20:09 EST #76
I think we should round up Bin Laden and Sadam right now and figure out the answers later. Then hang 'em both.
Matt · September 11, 2001 - 20:12 EST #77
The other day I said to myself Bush needs something to take the heat off him and the economy. Something like a war. Football is fixed why can't war be fixed too? Not saying Bush has anything to do with it, just seems this world is going to hell (on earth). Not trying to talk about my religion or yours, seems it doesn't matter. The wire (the net, the packets that float freely) that allows communication in on our earth that was unheard of 6 years ago, hmmm. Hmmm, its all just odd. You that post kill all those people, you that post no war lets pray; think about all of this. You aren't all that different. Oh sure, you will post that you are, but you really aren't, you just believe in a position. As a matter of fact, you just might believe in your position as much as the person that flew the planes into buildings. Bottom line, it just seems the once so called small guy has become more efficient and effective. It is a fact that the mafia, terrorists, etc has more technical ability than governments. Goverments are slow and people with money are fast and can get technology faster. My ability alone overtakes 99 percent of the techs working for the government. Not bragging, just think about it though. Forget about me, think about what I just said. I work around govermental authorities charged with protecting the public yet they are clueless to what is happening out on the wire. I surf around looking for normal stuff yet run into snuff stories about raping young girls that make me want to throw up. And then they have copywrite notices at the end of it with e-mails and URL addresses. Great day! People, it's right in front of you. It's all spelled out in front of you. It's worse than ugly, its beyond humane. What's coming out is too much for me to comprehend. It's just too much. You know, I read an interview with Bin Laden and he feels justified to an extent I can see value in. He talks of a million children starving due to US sanctions. Truly, I don't doubt this, with politics the way they are. Not saying he is right, but are our leaders for letting children starve? Its all too much to understand. Where it all ends, who knows. Why, who knows. All of you that post after this and think you have anonymity, think again. You are tracked and watched by multiple people and organizations. Your ISP has you, the government can see you. Hell, even I can see you cause, your packets fly across this wire leaving a trace to your IP (internet phone number). This is not a threat, just letting you know to treat the internet like your 12 and making a prank call and the person on the other end has a call back feature that won't fail. Matt
Mike · September 11, 2001 - 20:28 EST #78
As a Canadian, my heart goes out to the victims' families. We are a near neighbor and this has also hit close to home. This attack SHOULD NOT go unavenged! America, show scum zero tolerance! God bless you.
American · September 11, 2001 - 20:35 EST #79
Time to talk softly and carry a big stick.
Chubz · September 11, 2001 - 20:38 EST #80
I was really horrified to hear the news. I was going to work when I saw it on TV, and could not concentrate with my work from that time's really hard to believe all this...I know that the United States will not just forget this will defend the nation from all this. Such a powerful nation cannot be attacked just like that. Let's see what will happen to those responsible for this....I pray for the family of the victims of the tragedy.....:(
British Citizen · September 11, 2001 - 21:06 EST #81
Britain will stand side by side with you, our fellow allies, against this hatred. Please know that we pray for your dead. We together will fight for democracy and freedom for our people.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 21:11 EST #82
Canadian Citizen · September 11, 2001 - 21:28 EST #83
Canada will stand beside our American cousins and help in any way it can to bring these criminals to justice. Our prayers and thoughts go out to your dead. God bless America.
Silver Cloud · September 11, 2001 - 21:36 EST #84
Stand and fight we do consider Reminded of an inner pact between us That's seen as we go And ride there In motion To fields in debts of honor Defending

Stand the marchers soaring talons, Peaceful lives will not deliver freedom, Fighting we know, Destroy oppression The point to reaction As leaders look to you Attacking

Choose and renounce throwing chains to the floor. Kill or be killing faster sins correct the flow. Casting giant shadows off vast penetrating force To alter via the war that seen As friction spans the spirits wrath ascending (slowly) to redeem.

Wars that shout in screams of anguish, Power spent passion bespoils our soul receiver, Surely we know. In glory We rise to offer, Create our freedom, A word we utter, A word.

Words cause our banner, victorious our day. Will silence be promised as violence display? The curse increased we fight the power And live by it by day. Our gods awake in thunderous roars, And guide the leaders' hand in paths of glory to the cause.

Listen, should we fight forever Knowing as we do know fear destroys? Listen, should we leave our children? Listen, our lives stare in silence; Help us now.

Listen, your friends have been broken, They tell us of your poison; now we know. Kill them, give them as they give us. Slay them, burn their childrens' laughter On to hell.

The fist will run, grasp metal to gun. The spirit sings in crashing tones, We gain the battle drum. Our cries will shrill, the air will moan and crash into the dawn. The pen won't stay the demon's wings, The hour approaches pounding out the Devil's sermon.

Soon, oh soon the light, Pass within and soothe this endless night And wait here for you, Our reason to be here.

Soon, oh soon the time, All we move to gain will reach and calm; Our heart is open, Our reason to be here.

Long ago, set into rhyme. Soon, oh soon the light, Ours to shape for all time, Ours the right; The sun will lead us, Our reason to be here.

Soon, oh soon the light, Ours to shape for all time, Ours the right; The sun will lead us, Our reason to be here.
Jeddy · September 11, 2001 - 22:16 EST #85
I'm just amazed that, with all the resources committed to keeping "free" Americans from enjoying the type of sex they choose to practice or the type of buzz they choose to catch, that such a terrible thing could occur. Who'da thunk it. Time for a re-prioritization?
Skengdon · September 11, 2001 - 22:21 EST #86
To the people of the U.S., my condolences. My God, what a cruel act. I send this message from Toronto, just across the border, and wish you speedy recovery. One more thing--find out who did this and take the necessary actions.
Mad as Hell · September 11, 2001 - 22:40 EST #87
The next week will bring tactical strikes against Syria, Pakistan, and Afganistan. All are countries who provide aid to the creator of this destruction.
Phil in Australia · September 11, 2001 - 22:53 EST #88
Should Australia accept the boat load of Afganistains? Yes or no?
Bill · September 11, 2001 - 22:54 EST #89
If we nuke them, I hope we get ALL the women and children along with the men. Then these anal orifices will be without the ability to breed more of the terrorists responsible for this. We DO NOT WANT THEIR GENES IN OUR POOL!
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 23:01 EST #90
Some of you guys are truly screwed up. I cannot believe that any of you would think that this act of terror was actually the United States of America. FIRST OF ALL, look at the reasons, the Palistinians hate us because we support a country that does not have a majority of people that believe in that religion. SECOND OF ALL, to the person who said that if you bomb people your gonna piss them off, what in the hell are we supposed to do when innocent people are getting killed? Just sit around and scratch our butts? Also, to the person that said we can't blame a race, did you see the footage of the Palistianians celebrating the attack on the American facilities. The candy being passed out in the middle of town, and them making fun of the United States of America (I'll admit, it makes me want to take my dual berretas and head over there to kick some Palistinians) that we're just to say "we can't blame the people in this city, they're just little palistinians who didn't do anything to us, so let's not blame them." Let's not kid ourselves people. You realize that all of the people in that city are very enthusiastic and happy about the attacks on America today. You know they were saying to each other "OH, I'VE GOT A GOOD IDEA, LETS BOMB THE TWO MOST SYMBOLIC ICONS IN THE UNITED STATES. LET'S SAY THE WORLD TRADE CENTER AND........... I KNOW, THE PENTAGON." And once done, the terrorists don't even have the guts to admit they did it. I think they realized they went too far this time. All I can say is that any idiot that thinks the United States was at fault, please feel free to send me a personal e-mail why. Oh, and by the way, Mr. "You have many enemies in the world, and associates are more powerful than you (intellectually, physically, and about the will)" if you haven't heard, America has been the most powerful country, (wealthiest, largest army, best defense system etc.) for more than 25 years, so I don't know if you were looking in a book on the revolutionary war for today's stats, but you sure are an idiot.
Jen from California · September 11, 2001 - 23:04 EST #91
My heart goes out to all that were affected by today's brutal attack. May they find peace.
Jessica (in Indiana) · September 11, 2001 - 23:17 EST #92
We don't have the answers we want. We are grieving, but why turn to hate, especially people that call themselves relgious. God will deal with the person or people responsible. In the mean time, we must focus on the families of the lives lost. God bless everyone and help our nation get through all of this. Amen.
Saddened · September 11, 2001 - 23:20 EST #93
I live in New York. Sadness was all around us here today. But the worst sadness came when we saw tape of joyful foreigners thrilled with our destruction. America must adapt a new policy because the old one is not working. We must now keep foreigners out of this country as too many are working feverishly for its demise.
Revelation · September 11, 2001 - 23:22 EST #94
Read Revelation from your Bible. And pray to GOD that this isn't the begining of the end. And for you nonrelgious people....just know that God doesn't do this to us, He LETS it happen. We chose it in the begining when Adam and Eve ate of the tree. We must face the consequences and turn to God for help. God bless everyone who is hurting.
Steve · September 11, 2001 - 23:23 EST #95
God bless America, and to these gutless cowards who caused this inhuman act--burning in hell is too good for you!
Arns · September 11, 2001 - 23:40 EST #96
Hope those bastards are caught!
Jon Phang, Indonesia · September 11, 2001 - 23:46 EST #97
Is this sign of end of the world, or is this beginning of World War 3? I can't figure out how such thing happened in America. How this number of planes can be hijacked so easily (in America). How the Pentagon can be attacked by a civil plane. What is Pentagon, anyway? God, how can you create such genius terrorists? My deepest sympathy to family of the victims, and rest in peace to the dead.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 23:52 EST #98
The Pentagon is where anything military is controlled (nuke launches, everything.)
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 23:55 EST #99
The world trade organization, the Pentagon, I say tit for tat Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Their culture has never lived without war and has no respect for human life of any kind. They will never change no matter how many peace talks we have or aid we offer.
anonymous · September 11, 2001 - 23:57 EST #100
The attacks on U.S. soil were a long time coming. It's a tragedy that innocent people had to be killed, but I support whoever committed this act of just totally awesome destruction. It's about time that something interesting happened in this country! I'm sure the media is quite happy, too.
Patriot · September 12, 2001 - 00:01 EST #101
This will only make the great nation of America stronger.
Regina in MO · September 12, 2001 - 00:04 EST #102
Will we ever find out what really happened here today? You know our government has to know more than they have told us ....My prayers go out to the families of the people who died today in this senseless tragedy. Why is it that whenever people say stupid things they sign it anonymous?
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 00:08 EST #103
Anybody that wants to chat on this subject, join me on AOL IM. Please feel free to IM me at any time. My screen name is clip479.
Tony · September 12, 2001 - 00:08 EST #104
I DO NOT support the U.S. in any retaliation for the attacks on American soil. Truly, this was a terrible act, but like Mom always told us, "two wrongs do not make a right." What Bush and the country needs to do now is pray that this type of act does not happen again. What good will it do to retaliate? To take lives because lives were lost? Plain and simple....A LIFE IS A LIFE. Just because some innocent Americans are killed because of revenge by some terrorist group, we as human beings do not have the right to kill others to seek revenge! I myself, am not a fan of the United States or the government, as well. Innocent people WERE killed, but that's just the consequence of someone venting their frustration and anger towards the country. Please, everyone...there may be more attacks to come - but pray that no more innocent lives are lost due to the attacks. Punishment for taking lives will come from Jesus Christ. We are not the ones to punish anyone!! Good night and God bless.
Clint · September 12, 2001 - 00:09 EST #105
I don't think it is right that some of us are blaming Arab terroists. We did this when the Oklahoma Fedral building was bombed, and it turned out to be one of our own. It's hard to fight speculation, but we really shouldn't point fingers without proper evidence.
Regina in MO · September 12, 2001 - 00:11 EST #106
If we do not retaliate quickly and with might, then we can expect to lose all our freedom. Weren't you ever picked on in school by a bully? Did he stop when you prayed for him? No, he stopped when you stood up to him, or whipped him.
MPP · September 12, 2001 - 00:20 EST #107
On behalf of the people of Toronto; may God bless all of those who lost their lives & those who risked their lives to save others at The World Trade Center. Canadians will never forget. God bless Canada and God bless the United States of America!
Fellow American · September 12, 2001 - 00:23 EST #108
Before we point the finger at a Middle East country, we should remember Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City was done by an American. There are many groups out there today that want to wreak havoc on the United States government, just like Timothy McVeigh. Any militia group in the US may have committed these acts, and it is not fair to blame anyone before there is concrete evidence that there is a foreign country involved.
Hope · September 12, 2001 - 00:28 EST #109
Rise tall - rise tall, above the skyline, above hatred and prejudice. Rise tall.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 00:29 EST #110
How do you think the people of Hiroshima felt. Sucks doesn't it?
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 00:31 EST #111
World War III is on the horizon.....
Brian · September 12, 2001 - 00:34 EST #112
These attacks may just be the beginning of lots more to come. Anyone getting aboard any plane in the U.S. is at risk. We may be in for many more terrorist attacks if the attackers did not get what they wanted.
Jason in Ohio · September 12, 2001 - 00:44 EST #113
The US is not going to just randomly start killing innocent people you stupid people. We will set out to destroy whoever did this. If there are innocent people around the persons who did this, then they are not innocent for being with the people. Ever heard "in the wrong place at the wrong time"? We heard it loud and clear thousands of times today. Our sorry, politically correct people sit back and do nothing. This behavior is part of the reason this happened. We have to end terrorism and do it now because this will happen again and again if not.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 00:45 EST #114
When you dabble in underground arms trading in the Middle East, aid militants secretly, invade/start a war with a country half way around the world for no reason 10 years ago ... well, what did you expect? Yes, what happened is very sad and tragic, but if you are looking for the source, start with your own government. Our prayers go out to the children of those who lost their lives. May God welcome them into His peace and watch over their families.
Jason in Ohio · September 12, 2001 - 00:54 EST #115
No reason? The Gulf War wasn't just US vs. Iraq. Most of the world supported it. We just had a major role because we CAN. We are the world's big brother who has to stop aggression. We do all we can to stop killing and these wackos think killing is OK. Crazy.
Tony in PA · September 12, 2001 - 00:57 EST #116
FOX NEWS reports that the U.S. HEARD Bin Laden backers talking about the attacks from intercepting cell phone calls. WHAT????? And they did NOTHING????? I guess we can now point at least ONE finger at the U.S. government itself for the lives lost on the ground, right? Hmmmm.... very interesting.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 01:04 EST #117
The real tragedy here is that in a week's time, this day will be forgotten and written in the history books. The MEDIA is probably jumping with joy that they are able to stick their noses into something really deep right now. Possibly the next time they will be able to do this is with a school shooting. Reporters care about nobody else but themselves and their jobs. Too many times Tuesday, the MEDIA has gotten in the way of rescuers saving lives. They should feel pretty ashamed of themselves and think about another career.
Michael · September 12, 2001 - 01:11 EST #118
How many people are having difficulty sleeping tonight? How many people are going to call off work in the morning to watch the news all day? I'm having trouble sleeping, and I don't have a job - so I will be flipping back and forth between channels, just like I did today. By the way, what IS the best news channel to watch? They all seem the same pretty much. Please reply!
Derrick · September 12, 2001 - 01:41 EST #119
I am sick and tired of people bringing up the atomic attacks on Japan and saying how payback is a mother f*@#er. This has nothing to do with WWII and besides, those attacks were warranted. I have never agreed with what our government does and I am sure that corruption is rampant, but everything we have done has had the support of most, if not all, other nations in the UN (which are the only ones that count because the ones NOT in the UN are worse than we could ever dream to be). How many think Iraq would have been happy with just destroying Kuwait? I would have fought in that war if needed because of the look on the faces of the people in Kuwiat when they saw the US army riding in like the proverbial knight in shining armor. I think our government is wasting our time trying to bring peace to the Middle East because Arabs and Jews will NEVER be at peace with each other. It's a lost cause. Save our money and spend it on the AMERICAN homeless--most of whom are veterans. It really drives me crazy to go to work and bust my butt and pay all these taxes and they give it to Middle Easterners to buy weapons to attack us. And they really don't attack us directly, they hit and run like the cowards they are. They know that Americans out class and out gun them in any catagory so they use our open borders against us and send our own planes in to kill our people. I think America should close it's borders to EVERYONE not yet an American citizen and take care of AMERICA! Let the rest of the world go to hell if they they can't grow up and share the land that is all of mankind's to enjoy. I mean, give me a freaking break! "Those people don't believe in Ali Jo Baba so we have to kill them all!" Who cares who anyone does or does not believe in?! 98% of all known people DO believe in a higher power no matter what that power is. Why is it only a small portion of that 98% can't stand it and have to make everyone believe the way they do? My old high school science teacher used to wear a shirt that explains perfectly what we should do with the people in Afghanistan: "Kill 'em all....and let GOD sort 'em out!"
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 01:45 EST #120
"Thou shalt not kill". PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Two wrongs do not make a right. Anyone who retaliates is going to be considered a murderer by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Philippine-American · September 12, 2001 - 01:46 EST #121
GOD BLESS AMERICA. =( This is it...the war will start...I will support the American people.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 02:14 EST #122
Since most of us believe in God, then we should all know that he does these things to test us. There is no good without bad, happy without sad. We must use this time to pull together as a country. My best friend is still missing. Pray for her, please.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 02:15 EST #123
Hey Derrick, payback is a bitch isn't it?? You're right, the US should have stayed out of other countries noses--why get involved? Oh thats right, because the US has no one to try thier fancy-dancy weapons on! They had no right being in Iraq PLAIN & SIMPLE, but noooooooooo they just had to get all pushy and stuff. Well, someone pushed back. Guess that's just life isn't it? Yes it's tragic, but as someone once said, "That's the nature of the Beast," or "Live by the sword, die by the sword," or... ah.. I could go on forever! My heart cries out to the children as well.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 02:19 EST #124
Quote Derrick "...those attacks were warranted..." (atomic attacks on Japan). Really? Were they really? Well, who to say that this attack wasn't warranted? How many Middle Eastern countries and Central American countries have the US invaded/helped disidents? Hmm? Are you stating that it's okay for the US to retailiate but not for those who they've oppresed? Like the guy says...worry about your own problem and maybe you wouldn't have so many ememies!
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 02:20 EST #125
I'm guessing that this was an 'inside job.' You know, like the JFK assaination--blame those who run your country. Peace out.
Raena Armitage (ATPM Staff) · September 12, 2001 - 03:09 EST #126
Phil in Australia September 11, 2001 - 22:53 EST Should Australia accept the boat load of Afganistains? Yes or no? Those people are refugees. Those people are trying to come to our country to get right the heck away from the kind of attitudes that indoctrinate them with this anti-American hatred. Think about it.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 03:14 EST #127
The National Journal is FREE on the web temporarily (It's the best) Here's their report
Raena Armitage (ATPM Staff) · September 12, 2001 - 03:32 EST #128
Five suspects identified Five suspects identified From staff and agencies 12sep01 SECURITY officials in the US state of Massachusetts have identified at least five Arab men as suspects in the latest terrorist attacks in Washington and New York, seizing a car laden with Arabic-language flight training manuals, it has been reported. Two of the men, whose passports were traced to the United Arab Emirates, were brothers, one of whom was a trained pilot, said the report, quoting sources close to the investigation. (read more)
Don Perko · September 12, 2001 - 04:17 EST #129
I want all of you who denounce a military retaliation by the U.S. against those responsible (and the countries who aid them) for destroying the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; and downing four U.S. commercial airliners full of American people to answer a simple question... Would you simply stand around and permit me to enter your home by crashing through your front door driving a stolen armored truck... Gawk at me in amazement as I pour gasoline all over your spouse, your children and your house and light a match? And would you simply pray over the carnage I leave behind, hoping that I might have a change of heart and not do the same thing to some other American citizen? All of you who believe that you would not lift a finger against me are indeed BRAIN-DEAD! It is nature's will (I personally believe it is God's will) for all animals including human beings to rise to defend our loved ones. When backed into a corner, even Billy Graham and the Pope himself would do whatever it took to safeguard what he cherishes. We Americans, as a country, are backed against a wall. Terrorism by whomever, must not be permitted. Terrorists thrive on the riotous aftermath that generally occurs after their terrorist act has taken place. They thrive on the media attention their actions create. They are willing to die for their belief. A suicidal terrorist is mankind's worst enemy. The terrorist has nothing to lose and everything to gain by losing his/her life during a a terrorist attack. Life, and everything about life which we hold onto dearly means nothing to this kind of terrorist. Suicide terrorists CANNOT be stopped - to die is to succeed! Trade embargos, sanctions against countries that support these terrorist groups do nothing to stop the training and brainwashing of new terrorists. Praying may have a calming effect for us on a personal level, but this in itself will not stop terrorism. It is my humble opinion that we must clearly identify the parties (and countries) responsible for training, harboring and supporting these terrorist groups, scramble our military forces to their location, and wipe every living person there off the map -- to leave a convincing message to the world that the United States of America will not put up with terroristic acts on our homeland. To do so will result in total and final restitution for the acts commited against us. I've read messages here that say "two wrongs do not make a right". Two wrongs? Those terrorists DO NOT believe they are doing anything wrong! I personally believe in the saying "an eye for an eye". They killed thousands of innocent people today. We must reciprocate in kind - swiftly and with finality. I am a retired veteran. I served during Viet Nam and Desert Storm. The events that occured today in NYC, Pennsylvania and Washington DC reminds me of those days. Let's keep the carnage away from our homeland.
Basketcase · September 12, 2001 - 04:22 EST #130
I'm from upstate New York and now live in Poland working as an English teacher. One of my students (from the upper-intermediate class) came to me and said that an airplane hit one of the World Trade Center's towers. I thought that this was a small mishap that a Cessna or something like that had an accident. Then in the next class with pre-intermediate students, they were telling me that both towers were hit by hijacked airplanes. Me, being naive, thought they were joking. Who in their right mind would attack my country? I went downstairs to have a smoke. When I came back upstairs, one of the secretaries had connected a TV and the local station was broadcasting the events. I lost control and started crying. I couldn't believe it. My next two lessons consisted of a discussion on terrorism. They brought up some good points. 1. If Osama did it, he needs to hide for the rest of his life in a very dark cave, and pray to Allah (or whoever) that the Americans don't find him. 2. That the possibility of many different terrorist organizations have joined. Not probably ... to many places for leaks to occur. 3. That friends of Mr. MacWay (I know that I haven't spelled that right) have taken revenge. Student's said ... Are they really that stupid? My answer ... You'ld be suprised. 4. Is it possible that Osama Bin Laden, took advantage of the anniversary of McWay's death? .... Possible. 5. One of the least accepted by the groups was that Hussein had planned it. When I got home, I watched CNN all night. Different emotions ran through me .. hate, remorse, pity, vengance, sorrow, love (yes ... that so many people were risking their lives to save the lives of others), shock ... you name it ... I felt it. Thinking of the families that have changed forever, children without parent(s), spouses without their loved ones, families and friends that have lost loved ones. I usually don't pray, nor go to church. But last night I prayed. I prayed that the people that have lost loved ones from this attack, may one day find peace in their hearts. I know that it is easier to forgive than forget. Just one thing I would like to add.... Mr. Bush ... the world is waiting for your answer ... are you going to play it diplomatically or are you going to use a strong hand that you tried to show the world that you have.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 04:40 EST #131
"Thou shalt not kill". Anybody that actually believes that is an idiot.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 06:03 EST #132
I'm from Germany. And I have no problem to press the red button to kill such terrorists on the electrical chair. I don't understand people saying "don't kill them" or "don't do the same as they". My opinion is: Bomb them back into the stone age.
Surani Joshua · September 12, 2001 - 06:18 EST #133
I am truly amazed how our country can show both its best and its worst at the same time. This board is an example of that. You want to "bomb Afghanistan, then if we're wrong apologize and move on"???? You want to "wipe every living person that happens to live near the terrorists off the map"? You want to "nuke all the women and children and get their genes out of the pool"? My God. How do you people live with yourselves? You think its patriotic to show how weak you are that you can only respond to hatred by copying it? Can you not even have the ability to come up with an emotion of yourselves? You think you're showing the true greatness of America with this unbelievable bigoted sh*t? Let me TELL you what your words and your attitudes are causing. A MIDDLE-EASTERN-LOOKING GIRL WAS KILLED AT ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY TODAY. That's right. Beaten until her body gave out and she stopped breathing and died, just for looking Middle Eastern. But hey! At least her genes will be out of the pool!!!! You wallow in your own filth and you wallow right next to these terrorists. How can you say the things that have been said on this board? How can you live with yourselves? Can you look at what you've written and see any difference than the anti-Semitism of the Nazis and other Fascists?? In that time Jews were The People To Hate. Some of us learned we didn't need a group like that. Others of us, evidently, just found another group. Anyone who promotes the extermination of a people is putting them into a shower and gassing them no less than if they were SS men 50 years ago in Germany. A girl, a college girl just like me, is DEAD today in Phoenix. Another student beaten up at UofA. Another beaten up at NAU. Why? Because of people like you, who could not see this tragedy for what it is - THE LOSS OF HUMAN LIVES. Not the loss of AMERICAN lives. It was called the WORLD Trade Center for a reason - plenty of non-American lives were lost too. Including many Muslims. I suppose the Muslims buried in this rubble are ALSO responsible for this attack? Are you all glad they are out of the gene pool? Not the loss of American lives, not an affront to the American flag. Put aside your blind loyalties to abstract concepts. These were people. Living breathing human beings, whose lives were ended and whose survivors have had a part of their lives torn out by the roots forever. Are you so ready to spill blood? So ready to lash out in pure anger and hatred and FEAR, yes fear, you COWARDS that can't do more than exchange hate for hate, bigotry for bigotry, killing for extermination plans. Are you so ready to see the sight of blood? GO DONATE, AS I DID AND AS DID THE PEOPLE AT MY COLLEGE WHO STOOD IN LINE FOR 5 HOURS. Go donate blood, concentrate on saving the lives instead of ending them. Go watch the blood drip into those plastic packets and maybe, just maybe, you'll remember how sacred and precious human life really is. As for the "Christians" that posted this stuff... May God have mercy on your souls. P.S. One college student. Barely more than a girl. Beaten to death. Keep it in mind.
M.L.K. · September 12, 2001 - 06:41 EST #134
Are YOU going back to work today, just because some cowaring CEO told you you have to, so our "nation" will look COOL. Everything is NOT cool. This AINT NO Pearl Harbor. This is in syndication! We all saw it live on TV. Nobody can work, and besides, we look like DAMN FOOLS going back to BUSINESS AS USUAL. It makes us look like MORONS. It makes us look like THE BLACK KNIGHT IN MONTY PYTHON'S "HOLY GRAIL". The whole world saw it on TV. If we stop work and collect ourselves it actualy WOULD look TOUGH, like the BORG in Star Trek, prepairing for an onslaught. Further, why are we concerned with LOOKING tough? The proof is UNDER THE CRUST. (see Silver Cloud's Entry.)
Basketcase · September 12, 2001 - 06:57 EST #135
Sorry, but I missed typed my e-mail in the message above. This one is correct
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 07:04 EST #136
As you sow so shall you reap! America will know the real pain today of all the victims of the Atomic Bomb attack on Heroshima in World War II. They say it is all just in a WAR. War was it in those times and WAR it is now who are pushed to misery by Americans! Americans remembered the Pearl Harbour attach; why not the so many attacks they performed world wide. Simple because they have double-standards. I have a very sad heart for the innocent lives taken in the attack and no doubt it is a tragedy, because I see all ATTACKS with the same eye. American public should know that they are being penalised because of the WORNG deeds of their superiors.
R66K · September 12, 2001 - 07:18 EST #137
This is an act of coward bastards that are undereducated and retarded by their religion. They dont deserve to live on this earth. why dont we put them in pain and agony or use them for experiments and examination for new weapons and medicines,that would be usefull for the whole human race and the palestinas would have a usefull and fulltime job instead of crashing planes and so on. Friendly greetz R66K
Someone of the first world · September 12, 2001 - 07:32 EST #138
No one is thinking about some thousands dying every day in the third world. What are some of us?
Ashe · September 12, 2001 - 08:24 EST #139
I have just found this website. I want everyone in America to know that Everyone in the United Kingdom is in shock over this disgusting act by complete and utter cowards. When they are found, and they will be, I hope George W sends over enough bombs that it can be seen from Mars. I am devistated that this has happened in my lifetime. All our prayers go out to the families of the people who died and the people who survived, I only wish that I could be there to help, as do we all.
eradicate · September 12, 2001 - 08:26 EST #140
Bin Laden needs to be located, brought to N.Y.C. in chains, raped by a gorilla, have his face pissed on, and burned at the stake in front of the worlds television cameras.
From Germany · September 12, 2001 - 08:39 EST #141
I can't believe what I saw and see on TV!!! It's an indescribable catastrophe. It's so unreal for me, like watching a Video Game. Of course: every day get people killed by somebody, but this tragedy yesterday is a strike against the whole World- whoever it was!!! My heart goes out to all victims and thier familys. It's intangible. I'm so sad!!!
Anne · September 12, 2001 - 08:46 EST #142
Germany is shocked! We pray for the people in the USA.
Raena Armitage (ATPM Staff) · September 12, 2001 - 08:51 EST #143
Just a gentle reminder that inappropriate messages on this forum are being censored.
Gregg from Suburban NYC · September 12, 2001 - 09:09 EST #144
The heros are everywhere. Especially the Firefighters and Cops who rushed into the Towers. Working in Manhattan is an unusual experience. You leave everything behind, except what you can carry, and you ford into the sea of concrete and steel. Yesterday, many never came home. My neighbor, who was in a van dropping him at the Towers when the first wave of debris fell, made it home (in eight hours). I am moved by those who died, those who serve, and my neighbor, who strapped on a necktie and went back to work today.
archie · September 12, 2001 - 09:12 EST #145
One this is to bomb a military installation granted the loss of life would be equally as tragic but service men and woman know that this would be an inherit risk something that comes with the job. But bombing a target just for the sake of killing innocent men,women, and children is deprorable any true soldier be extremist or otherwise should know that this act would surely be concidered cowardly and not deserving of any recognition among military circles....! "The giant will awaken and god only knows what his wrath may bring!"
KITPIT · September 12, 2001 - 09:15 EST #146
Same is the pain felt by others when US and England do bombardment over innocent Iraqis, Palestanians, Afghan's and others.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 09:29 EST #147
To Kitpit- I never saw an American "dance in the street" in celebration of a tragedy. Some advice- your celebration is premature. You just changed your history, and your cheers will turn to the greatest sorrow you have ever known.
Don Perko · September 12, 2001 - 10:15 EST #148
Surani Joshua's comments have a degree of merit. To blindly attack anyone simply because of their national origin, especially when they reside in this country, is pure bigotry. It brings to mind how the U.S., as a nation, treated the citizens of Japanese descent during WWII. I do not condone the actions of the persons responsible for killing the young woman at ASU. I do, however still believe that eliminating the Afghans and any other country who actively supports terrorist groups would serve purpose for this reason: If you watched the news clips yesterday, you probably saw a clip showing a young boy dancing in the street, waving his country's flag around and cheering the actions of his countrymen after they rammed the World Trade Center buildings. The general attitude of the men, women and children in Afghanistan was festive! They showed no remorse whatsoever for the thousands of men, women and children, of ALL races, military and civilian, who were savagely murdered by their terrorist heroes. I said it once. And I'll say it again. This nation of people are brainwashed into believing that the results of these terrorist attacks is a ticket to their heaven. They breed children; the males are trained to shoot military weapons at the age of 4 and learn how to handle bombs before they learn how to read and write. The females are raised to breed children who will eventually replace the terrorists who die during their "righteous" suicide attacks. This is a way of life for these people. Their hatred of America (anyone who lives in America) is so ingrained in their minds that they know of no other way of thinking. These people cannot be taught to respect human life. To them, dying for their religious cause is the highest honor -- and the brighest path to heaven. They are sick, demented, racist people, far more racist than those of us that Surani Joshua called racist. These people are a cancer that will eat away all but those who believe as they do. You cannot pray away their beliefs. You cannot teach them that killing innocent people is wrong. These people, who shoot machine-guns out in the street (as the cowboys here did in the mid 1800s) is considered as normal behavior. Dying for their religious cause is of the highest order. All capitalist countries are their target of opportunity. The only way to rid the world of this cancer is to cut ALL of it out. Terrorism will continue until these nations who actively support it are brought to their knees by a unified world who will not put up with it. Diplomacy be damned! It's time to take action! When in Rome, do as the Romans... We should not blame our citizens of Middle-eastern culture for what happened in New York, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. They came to the U.S. to escape the terroristic way of life that is supported in countries like Afghanistan. These people are Americans, just as are all Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Caucasions living in this great country of ours. Focus on the cancer, lead by scum such as Osama Bin Ladin. Cut them out of the world like mold off a piece of bread.
Marc (Germany) · September 12, 2001 - 10:42 EST #149
It is a sad day for the USA, and it is en even sadder day for the world! May God have mercy for the victims of this horrendous tragedy and their families. Our thought are with you all.
graffiti roman · September 12, 2001 - 10:54 EST #150
repent - no more hate - love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you - my english is not too perfect, but what i have to say is: the only chance to give an end to this, is not punishment, it's forgiving and trying to understand. and not an eye for an eye, as we can read in matthew 5.38+39 "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I say to you, Do not resist one who is evil. But if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also" - this to you mister bush - you ar a christian, as i read. the matyrs destroyed the roman empire. now let's show the world not new arrogance, like damned infidels, but find out what has gone wrong, that people hate america and the way it acts in our times. why nations are afraid of it. and can't see the freedom and democracy. i'm roman from austria, europe and i hope you understand me well what i want to tell you. the one and only, the loving god, the father, son and holy spirit, bless you america. and may he bound your wounds and pour on oil and wine and take care for you.
I am ready for War · September 12, 2001 - 11:35 EST #151
To all of you Christians and Bible quoters.... Just remember, the Good Book says Thou shalt not MURDER; not kill. There is a difference. We have seen the murder, and now it is time to speak softly and carry a big stick. God Bless America
A Crazy Canuck · September 12, 2001 - 11:51 EST #152
There is only one thing to be done about all the idiots that have avoided justice for plots, misplots and actions of terror against the free world. Nuke it, Pave it and put up drive in theaters! May they never be brought to trial.
Sheila · September 12, 2001 - 12:02 EST #153
A truly terrible day. We have had our legs knocked out from under us. We have been stung. But it is now time to swat the bee. Hard. Permanently.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 12:08 EST #154
I don't want to pray for anybody hurting Americans. Piss on Osama bin Laden! I'm SOOOOOOOO happy we didn't elect Gore President, another wimpy Liberal that would have tucked his tail and run. GO USA! GO REPUBLICANS!
All Hell to Pay · September 12, 2001 - 12:10 EST #155
Bin Laden, you have all HELL to pay.
Gene (Florida) · September 12, 2001 - 12:14 EST #156
uh oh! In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb" , "The third big war will begin when the big city is burning" - Nostradamus 1654
Moogmatt · September 12, 2001 - 12:43 EST #157
First of all, I think it interesting that those who chose to post a message along the lines of "the US deserved this" without fail did so anonymously. Interesting commentary I think. Cowardice begets Cowardice. Yes, the US does have many enemies in the same sense that criminals do not like the police. We are the police force of the world and collateral damage to innocent people abroad is fact of life when our country is put in the position of being the police force/monitors for the world. Think, honestly, what kindof world this would be without US in this position, though. Its easy to see how uneducated, third-world people throughout the world view us in this capacity as "evil" because they think of us as "bullies"...but we have to be, unfortunately. American's are decadent, yes. American's are sometimes arrogant, yes. But when we as a county use force abroad it is invariably in support of CREATING a peace. The ignorant people abroad and on this web page should remember that. A response of this kind by whoever carried it out is simply an act of jealously and anger because they know the spirit and will of America is always vigilant against their hate. If you subcribe to the idea that America deserved this you are as ignorant as those who carried it out. Lets grieve for those lost first then punish those responsible.
Kermit · September 12, 2001 - 12:52 EST #158
I think Silver Cloud nailed it. He or she gave us all the questions AND answers AND prayers that we need. You can tell that Silver Cloud has put alot more thought into this than MOST OF US (which was what? like since YESTERDAY?). If you are like me, you don't think about things until it is too late. (YESTERDAY) Silver Cloud has obviously known we were going wrong and has obviously been watching us for a long time. This may seem like a political or military issue, No government OR psycics can protect us from our lack of SPIRIT. (and YES WE ARE just as messed up as THE SO CALLED ENEMY. this is a world here people and our ONE GREAT CREATOR SPIRIT wants us all here together. That is why we are here. Don't pray AT anybody, just awaken and do the CREATORS work. We should not consider unmaking that wich we did not CREATE. ANY FOOL CAN DESTROY, but what can any of us cowards CREATE? Well, we can create AWARENESS (of what? The POWER INVESTED IN US the power of lesser creation. That is REAL power.) I can see you guys are missing this. Why? Because most of you are blinded by the desire to see only what you rushed to this site to see. O.K. now that we have seen our own REAR ENDS can we pull our head out of there and try a little harder to look at REALITY in the COSMIC sense. AND ALL YOU GOOD GUYS OUT THERE, PLEASE DONT PRAY "AT" ANYONE, BUT DO THE CREATOR SPIRIT'S WORK. THAT IS TRUE PRAYER. PRAY WITH YOUR ACTIONS. YOU LIVE IT. IF YOUR LIFE DOES NOT ALIGN WITH YOUR PRAYERS THEN THEY WILL NOT MANIFEST, CAUSE THEY WILL HAVE NO PLACE TO MANIFEST. IF NOT IN YOUR LIFE WHO'S? YOU YOU YOU AND I I I. LOOK AT YOU AND I! I CALL DOWN LOTS OF BLESSINGS FOR YOU AND I. Now quit saying vane prayers, or threatening to bomb little children all over the world, print out Silver Cloud's song, read it CAREFULLY (with your REAL MIND, not your Brainwashed Foolish Mind) tonight before you go to bed and dream of this world and see it through the GREAT ONE'S eyes. OPEN OPEN, BABY. OPEN THAT DOOR. YOU CAN DO IT. I BELIEVE IN YOU. AMERICA. (America is a Native American word that we borrowed from them mind you. They are the originators of the system we call Democracy and the keepers and practicers of the grace of the GREAT SPIRIT or "GOD", and they abide till the end, our they would have treated US AS FORIEGNERS and never LET US COME HERE WITH OUR TERRORISM.)
TO ALL HELL GUY. · September 12, 2001 - 12:55 EST #159
What, are YOU all hell? How will you be collecting this? Large bills?
Ervin Dávid · September 12, 2001 - 12:56 EST #160
Sadness is around every heart in Hungary. We are praying for all the victims of this horrible crime. God give you strength and faith. Our condolences
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 12:59 EST #161
Just like the great roman empire fell to the ground , So one day will america
Ray · September 12, 2001 - 13:05 EST #162
Jesus Is Lord. God is in control. Please let a fleeting hour make you realize. There is a plan. Galations 6:16 And those who will walk by this rule, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the Israel of God. Romans 9 Isaiah 49
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 13:07 EST #163
what about when america killed thousands in hiroshima and nagasaki. This country is getting its share of punishment from god. Just like americans called the pilots who dropped those bombs heroes, so do the arabs call these guys heroes. America as a country has commited terrible act worldwide. Now just like the bible says "it's time to pay"
Mike Wright · September 12, 2001 - 13:10 EST #164
Find the bastards responsable for this, and fly a 747 straight up their butt, in fact, i'll pilot the plane myself! Arab idiots. You awoke the sleeping giant, now you better run.
Hey MoogMatt! · September 12, 2001 - 14:26 EST #165
Big shot with the HOTMAIL address. HEY NOW! This is a govt. of the people, and I can FESS IF I WANT TO, ESPECIALY WITH YOU OVER THERE POLISHING THE TRUTH. HOTMAIL = FEAR, OR NO BUDGET! That's like using a P.O. box. as a hate mail return. You are right about just one thing. We don't DESERVE anything. We NEED. We need LOVE. -NO, REAL LOVE.- We as a whole (SO CALLED AMERICANS) are jerks and arrogant diplomats. You admitted it! The whole world has a place in world government, trade, and law structure. No one is to small or "primative" or poor to participate. Any govt. that thinks that way is ARROGANT and will destroy ITSELF through screwing up relations with other countries and it's own people FROM THE GET-GO. Capiche? Now, Bad boy, I AM AFRAID of you, (or what might get into you, but Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the Mastery Over Fear.) and still I am giving you my real E-mail, because I FEAR THAT WE MAY HAVE SCREWED UP LONG AGO. Like he said in that movie Police Academy, "Hmm! You wanna fight. Hmm! Fight me!" We are not policing the world for their "own good" Why do you think we got so big? "Twelve for me and One for you" "While we are helping that country over there, why don't we just take the liberty of...." "Do you know how often people get screwed by someone who is supposed to be "helping" them? America somehow turned CAPITALIST since it was founded, and since then this country won't help anyone unless it is PROFITABLE. I don't know who has their hand up your backside. But I AM "AMERICA", and a TRUE PATRIOT and RED NATIVE AMERICAN, and my people taught their INVADERS the word "AMERICA" tought them "DEMOCRACY (which has been changed and revised for the worst), taught them to eat, survive, etc. Only to be murdered with ARTILLERY.(nice advantage) That is the first charge for SELF ACCLAIMED "AMERICANS" to bear. (and their own scriptures say that they "the sons of sons" WILL bear them ABSOLUTELY. So you fight or GO AWAY, and quit trying to conceal the ugliness. NO THIS IS NOT THE PROMISED LAND, THIS IS TURTLE ISLAND. AND YOU MAY BE JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO'S CHILDREN YOU WILL BOMB. Try to realy think about it, if you can remember that far back instead of immediately beginning to spew off about what you want to see instead of what WE NEED.
Alaskan Eskimo dpc · September 12, 2001 - 14:43 EST #166
Public airplanes need to be designed that noone can go to the cockpit or the cockpit to the passengers. Let it be completely sealed off. It's come to that right? Public safety measures after WTC attack need to be implemented. As for America, aside from Church and State, we need to implement curriculum in schools teaching our children between right and wrong, good & bad, just and unjust, consequences, life & death. Our kids need to be taught pro-social attitudes.
Damn all religious zealots! · September 12, 2001 - 14:43 EST #167
The amount of ignorance in the world is astounding. Even the amount of ignorance in this comment page is bad enough. The United States, steered by big corporations and powerful lobby groups and both fundamentalized jews & christians, tries to control and manipulate the world politically and economically. Who would have thought that their machinations in countries with fundamentalist followers of islam would yield bitterness and hate? Extremists have reacted by using horrible terrorist tactics. Make no mistake, this act of terrorism is a reaction to events that have previously unfolded. Now the US and the rest of the world have to deal with the consequences and grieve. As long as the secular world can reason with each other peace can and will be a possibility. Bible thumping zealots and crazed jihad terrorists accomplish nothing but warring and killing over whose god or culture is better. I dont see anywhere in history where hoards of athiests were running around raping and pillaging... Thousands of people senslessly died this week because of extremist's radical beliefs conflicting with those perceived to be held and exercised by Americans and their government. If one thing is to be learned from this, it is to respect people's beliefs and culture and to practise religious tolerance. Your god and way of life are not the only ones that exist in this world, and you should and have to be aware of that. PS Kermit 'America' is not a Native word. Amerigo Vespucci, an Italian explorer for whom both western continents are named, expored the coast for Spain in 1499.
From Belgium ... · September 12, 2001 - 15:10 EST #168
We are so sorry. This has been a terrible tragedy! Our Hearts go out to everyone. DanySoft from Belgium
steven · September 12, 2001 - 15:17 EST #169
I am 18 and I live in Belgium, Neerpelt. In Belgium, people are closely following the tragedy happend in NYC. We where shocked when we saw this cowardly act of violence. My thoughts are with the relatives of all people that are missing or have died in the WTC. Be strong and keep faith in democracy. (no need for War though!)
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 15:27 EST #170
It's time to show these RAG HEADS, why are fathers and grandfathers fought and died for this land. It's time to show them what american pride is about
graffiti roman · September 12, 2001 - 15:29 EST #171
damn all religious zealots? your history knowledge is super! this little man from france - napoleon - was a muslim, i guess and the impotent fuhrer schickelgruber from braunau and his nazi-crew where jewish fanatics and lenin and his friend stalin where methodists, i heard, meeting every morning for prayersbreakfast at the kremlin thanks god i'm an atheist!!!
British Military Guy · September 12, 2001 - 15:39 EST #172
Managed to phone my family this mornin in NJ and glad to here that they are all ok (wot a relief).I know people are shocked and America and its people want to seek retribution by way of Military action. This I can understand and fully support.It also seems that our leaders in the UK will fully support any action America takes and once again I support this action. I may even become involved myself if events dictate that the UK should help America in any Military action May i now upset some American people (even my relatives who are green card holders).Britain has been subjected to terrorist attacks for the past 30 years by members of the I.R.A.and the thing that pisses me off the I.R.A received funding from NORAID and the American government knew about this and did nothing about it. That funding allowed the Irish terrorists to bomb mame and kill innocent men, women and children. America who is supposed to be our best friend in the world community allowed this to happen.Before anyone replies to this and tries to say that "Britain is an occupying force in a foreign land" Remember that the MAJORITY of people in Northern Ireland consider themselves British it is the MINORITY that consider themselves Irish nad want to kick Britain out of Northern Ireland. I guess what I am trying to say is that If Britain fully supports America in taking military action against the persons who commited these atrocities,will America then stop the funding to the Irish terrorists who kill our people. Lets hope the answer to both my questions is Yes and all the countries of the freeworld will unite to cleanse the world of this evil that calls itself terrorism.Rule Brittania, God bless America and the freeworld. Feel free to e-mail me with your comments
An American · September 12, 2001 - 15:40 EST #173
It's time to wake up, God is talking, forgive us all.
moogmatt · September 12, 2001 - 15:47 EST #174
If anyone can figure out what the idiot from the "Hey Moogmatt!!" message at 14:26 on Sept 12 is saying, let me know...(whew..what a psycho!)
A Vet · September 12, 2001 - 15:48 EST #175
Give Afganistan 24 hours to hand over bin laden. If they don't, start the bombing of all camps, military targets, and political head quarters. Then turn on Irag, Syria, Lybia, and all the other hate nations.
Pater Mohammed uit Brussel · September 12, 2001 - 15:54 EST #176
Bible thumping zealots and crazed jihad terrorists accomplish nothing but warring and killing over whose god or culture is better. I dont see anywhere in history where hoards of athiests were running around raping and pillaging... Thousands of people senslessly died this week because of extremist's radical beliefs conflicting with those perceived to be held and exercised by Americans and their government. Thanks God ;-) I'm an atheist!
mymakX · September 12, 2001 - 16:00 EST #177
i want bloody revenge...i wish to see their babies burn
Duke Nukem · September 12, 2001 - 16:03 EST #178
I think we should all stop spewing racism. Racisim begets racisim. Terrorists come in all races and religions. We should not discriminate. I also think that we should use extra caution when we strike at targets in densely populated areas. We should only use high precision "laser guided" nuclear weapons to minimize collateral damage to the civilian population around the targets. Anything less would be uncivilized.
Quebec Canada · September 12, 2001 - 16:05 EST #179
I just wish I could help!!!!!!! It's so hard to beleive some people are stupid enough to kill innocent people by the thousands to defend their ideas.For the first time in my life I think I would be able to kill someone with such point of view. Let's hope I can chase these ideas from my mind ...
graffiti roman · September 12, 2001 - 16:07 EST #180
and again: "if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also" this is our christian confession. and if you feel this is radical, i can tell you, it is the greatest radicalism since the begin of the world. and i know HE comes back someday to finish it. maranatha
jhon · September 12, 2001 - 16:09 EST #181
john from nz i think we should go to a war with th bastards
Democracy everywhere · September 12, 2001 - 16:09 EST #182
There are anough Americans
20,000 more or less, who cares...
It's less than 0.01 % of the American population.
Next week: freedom statue (ballistic) and Fort Knox (nuclear). 2001/10/30 : nice virus, thanks, Halloween... We will hurt you till you surrender.
A true Texan · September 12, 2001 - 16:10 EST #183
It's time to get back to the basics. Texas people know how it is when it comes to fighting. Texans don't back down in the midst of hardship. They dont't give up without a fight. The United states government needs to have the same mindset. If somebody sends one of your's to the hospital, send one of their's to the morgue. It's time we take a stand and fight back. None of this political bull about it not being right to take another life. They messed with the best, now they need to die like the rest!! President Bush (a supposed true texan) needs to get some balls and tell it like it is.
Democracy everywhere · September 12, 2001 - 16:14 EST #184
It's 2001/10/31, sorry :-)
Damn all religious zealots! · September 12, 2001 - 16:18 EST #185
attn: graffiti roman Ignorance is bliss. Napolean's expansionalistic endeavors were sociopolitical and ambition driven. Many of his social reforms exist today both in Europe and in the US. Hitler's regime capitalized on social resentment of 'outsiders' and persecuted Jews as a result. It was cultural genocide not religious. Jewish people are a culture that share political and religious roots. Christianity is shared by separate cultures and practiced differently among them. Thats why christians cannot become 'Jewish', but can practice Judaism. The communist ideas subscribed to by Lenin and his successors believed that religion was unecessary for the common good of society. They believed society should embrace (then) new and radical social concepts. This led to the subsequent political persecution of those who did not hold to the communist ides. Note: It was political persecution. You may be aware of events in history, but you do not understand them.
Democracy everywhere · September 12, 2001 - 16:19 EST #186
Most of the victims will have a 50% discount for the cremation (half the work is already done :-))))
graffitiroman · September 12, 2001 - 16:22 EST #187
Damn all religious zealots! and they were atheists so what?
watching the world · September 12, 2001 - 16:23 EST #188
ohhhh - you gonna take that?
reading all those comments · September 12, 2001 - 16:29 EST #189
i know now why there will be no peace as long as humans live on this planet
Democracy everywhere · September 12, 2001 - 16:30 EST #190
First we take Manhatten and then we'll take New York Leonard Cohen
Damn all religious zealots! · September 12, 2001 - 16:51 EST #191
attn: graffiti roman Their actions were not motivated by their lack of religious beliefs. Keep going to high school
What has this world come to · September 12, 2001 - 17:01 EST #192
I never thought that I would live to see the day that our great country's saftey would be threated by an hanus act of stupidity. We shall find those responisble for this and punish them to the fullest extent. Our Country is being kicked around and treated like a piece of crap. We help hundreds and hundreds of countrys with money and food and a whole lot of other stuff and this is our thanks. And what is even more messed up is that the Palestanians are from the land of our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior. That the one who gave us all live. That even shows that those born and raised in the holy land can be evil and have no respect for the laws of God. May the lord punish those we did this to our country and may he bless those familys who have been torn apart doing this terrible time. God Bless America
w.mayer · September 12, 2001 - 17:15 EST #193
gott gebe dem amerikanischen volk die kraft und g.bush den geist in dieser schweren zeit das richtige zu tun
Human Being · September 12, 2001 - 17:29 EST #194
:( FIRST OF ALL MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF THE INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES BY GOING ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS EITHER BY WORKING WITH A SMILE TO EARN THAT DOLLAR, EATING BREAKFAST, CHATTING WITH FRIENDS OR FAMILIES, AND ENJOYING LIFE. I hope friends and families recover well and continue on with life, because life is so precious. I also hope this evil is stopped soon too. Like they said, this isn't an attack on the United States, but an attack on humans of all races and their freedom. If we keep calling ourselves Americans--really humans--they (terrorists, extremists) will continue to attack us and our government. I'm not against the government. They protect us and take care of us, but I'm tired of hearing "God Bless America". I think it's sounds selfish and Stuck Up!!! It sounds like we're the elite country of the world. Let's just be humble and unite together. Many races and religions were in that building, I know America is like that--with all the diversity--but so are many other countries on EARTH. I'm all for the United States talking with all it's Allies to join forces against this Un-human act. But I'm tired of the Patriotic crap, it's so selfish. Here we see all these leaders from other countries lending a hand to the "POWERFUL UNITED STATES" and we still say, "GOD BLESS AMERICA"...we should be saying, "GOD BLESS THE WORLD" We're all the same We all laugh We all cry We all have hearts and at one point, We all die Much love and hugs for all those who lost a loved one.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 17:34 EST #195
I am always amazed at the ignorance of some people. Certainly, this is a new type of conflict, one we have never before faced. That requires some serious thought. First, we must be certain of our adversary. We must be able to produce convincing evidence that the person we claim is responsible is indeed responsible. Then we need to notify specific terrorist harboring nations that we intend to take action, not specifying what kind of action. Given the reaction of the Taliban to recent events, I think the threat may be enough. If it is not, we should respond with overwhelming force, not just a few bombs or cruise missles. The effort should be relentless and merciless. Only if the price of harboring people like this becomes too high will this kind of thing stop. There is a risk of a broader war, though, but in that case they are playing on our field, and there wouldn't be much question about the outcome. But, we must respond! The lessons of the 1930s taught us this if nothing else.
Allison · September 12, 2001 - 18:26 EST #196
No more talk of GOD. What more do you need to proove that NO ONE is watching over us. The enforcement and defense of religion causes death. It has been proven time and again.
chetan · September 12, 2001 - 18:42 EST #197
I still cannot believe what has happened is true. it just seams like a movie. i give out my heart to all those who lost their lives. i hope america takes some action very soon.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 18:48 EST #198
It's terrible what's happened, those who accomplished this horrible act should pay here on earth. But we have to believe that they will pay the ultimate price on their day of judgment, and that gives me peace. To the families, children, and those still trapped and dying, God give you His peace!!
anti terror · September 12, 2001 - 18:51 EST #199
The only way to save world is .... to kill the bastards. And you have to kill everyone .... man and woman they are all the same, they are proud to die so help them dying.
Joe · September 12, 2001 - 18:53 EST #200
To all the people who think we should not retaliate, because "two wrongs don't make a right". Think of it as your family or friends were killed in that building or killed trying to save them. I don't think you would have the same reaction. NO ONE deserves a kind of attack like this, and shame on you for thinking that. I have friends and family who work in the city (none hurt, thank god) but my heart goes out to the ones who were. America will live on and get those bastards who did this!!!!!!
Spock · September 12, 2001 - 18:53 EST #201
I use the name "Spock" with a bit of humility, but also to impart an aura of level-headedness to those who read this who are also familiar with this fictional character. I am always at a loss when blind hatred rears its ugly head, whether it is from the perpetrators of this terrible act or from those of you who are showing their own narrow-mindedness and bigotry in this forum. I see little difference from either side, as both beget violence against the innocent. If looked at objectively, one can find poor judgement and bad actions on both "our" side and "their" side. Certainly some animosity should be expected for ANY action which one side imposes on another. Is it justified that this animosity should reach the level of terrorist acts against the innocent? I could never condone such action. Terrorism results from fanaticism gone unchecked. It makes no difference whether you are flying planes into buildings, physically acosting people because they look like they "fit" into a particular race or religion, or even the relatively benign act of verbal abuse and/or "hate mongering". You are all contributing to the mindset of terrorism. Make no mistake. I think those involved (directly or in support of) this terrorist act should be dealt with severely. I see no alternative but a heavy and prolonged military action (once we are SURE who is responsible) until those responsible are either dead or no longer able to wage terrorism. BUT - this is ONLY against those who are actually involved with the terrorism; NOT ANYONE who simply happens to belong to same race or religion.
Human Being · September 12, 2001 - 19:27 EST #202
God does not create wars and suffering...people create them...unfortunately God created people to imitate him in doing the right thing. But looks like these monsters are doing the opposite by following other things. But first of all we should care for our own people here in this casualty before we stop this. Not by war and hurting other innocent lives who get in the way but by investigating it thouroughly and finding this monster before it continues destroying. I too, have friends who live in the Bronx and Brooklyn, and one of my girlfriends has family there. I know what it's like. I hope they're all o.k.. I was in SF in 1989. I ran outside and actually kept my balance on the rumbling and waving concrete floor and looked at my house rocking left to right with the others. So dont say i dont know.
Bob · September 12, 2001 - 19:54 EST #203
Working down the block from Wall Street. I can say that it was very scary being anywhere near the Trade Center. Airport security should put special cameras that takes pictures of everyone checking in. It will match up with a database of known suspicious terrorist. It would red flag these people and be sent to the FBI for further action. Or even maybe everyone looking to fly in and around the United States have to go through special screening for flying. Such as getting a drivers license. Steps need to be taken so that we may not fly in fear. Any thoughts?
Danno · September 12, 2001 - 20:12 EST #204
Shoot anyone with a pull-start on top of their head !!
Jenn · September 12, 2001 - 20:22 EST #205
thank you for continuing to share your beautiful images it means so much and your touching message means a lot to me
HighSchooler · September 12, 2001 - 20:44 EST #206
We are wounded but we have not fallen.
Bent · September 12, 2001 - 20:44 EST #207
So please explain... God does not create wars and suffering. Agreed! Of course not. Man created God. Imaginary man made characters can not create much of anything. What does your God do? He must have a great deal of spare time. I would be inspired by one concrete and logical indication of this God. Perhaps now more than ever humans without the integrity to live realistically need a diety to kneel in front of, something intangible to beg help of. It is frightening that the most powerful leader in the free world shares this ingnorance.
Human being · September 12, 2001 - 20:53 EST #208
my god comes from the bible which has been around for a long period of time. Jehovah. Dont tell me you believe in evolution with chimps turning into men. we are drifting from the subject of Peace and comfort and into make believe Gods and reality. I know that we are facing what is real and what needs to be done here in this system of things. But killing and being all patriotic is not the answer. This is a world thing and coming together.
h · September 12, 2001 - 21:10 EST #209
God created man and with that he gave man free will, its up to us to trust in Him. He will do the right thing because God does not make mistakes, for everything bad that happes something good happens too. God could not control the human beings that did this horrible thing. God could and did make smaller miracles happen which saved more lives that could have been lost.
Eddie · September 12, 2001 - 21:20 EST #210
In my 19 years of life I have learned the strongest and most powerful way of fighting an enemy is through prayer. Believe me, you to will see in the end. A.S
Dom C. · September 12, 2001 - 21:31 EST #211
You know what.. I dont care what religion/belief/etc you are, this was EVIL. Everyone from the aethiest to the devout believer knows it. Argue about your petty religious differences, but its no difference now to 10,000 people. Most people probably think this: Religion attempts to provide an explanation for things we cant understand by using supernatural/sprititual mechanisms. Science attempts to explain things we dont understand by using existing mechanisms that are proven. But that is not the point of religion. I discovered this myself when my best frien, Drew Carlson, was killed in a car crash outside my school in May - he was making a turn, nothing wierd or anything. All my friends and I were crushed. And religion offered some sort of consolation, something to believe in.. if nothing else it was the only alternative. You know what I say to the people who think evolution is evil? You have just seen evil on a scale that puts Darwin up there as a saint. And anyone who said evoultion was evil before this.. read the last paragraph of 'On origin of spiecies.' Darwin himself believed in the existence of a god. And no where, ever, ever, ever, did he ever say that man evolved from apes. Never. I'm not going to go into this any further here though. I was destroyed by Drew's death, but its nothing compared to what has happened yesterday. Yet it still burns. The situation yesterday is 10000 times worse because it was intentional. I cant even begin to imagine the impact of this loss on the world. Can anyone here comprehend 10,000 people? Have you ever seen 10,000 people in person at one time? Imagine them all gone. The pure potential and signifigance each one holds is gone. Sorry about the strangeness in this post, I just had to write something, anything. I feel really strange right now. I think all of us do.
Jason Scotland · September 12, 2001 - 21:51 EST #212
The War on Terrorism announced by the West will be about as useful as the War on Drugs was/is. Who do you target? Will it go away once you catch the guilty parties? We in the West should think long and hard before any decisions on the best course of action are taken. Don't let this turn into another Vietnam, except this time in Afghanistan, the Russians know how futile that is.
Frank DiGregorio · September 12, 2001 - 21:52 EST #213
This is a horrible thing that has happened. I am tempted to hate people for this. I grew up in N.Y. and i've been to the top of the twin towers. It could have been me up there. I want to encourage people to seek GOD in this time of heart ache. I understand that many do not believe in Jesus. I think it's ironic that those who do not believe, cry out "OH GOD!" at a time like this. GOD's really there, I know it. After the things the Lord has done for me, you couldn't convince me otherwise. Jesus loves us, and HE want's to save us. Accept HIM as your personal savior today.
Canadian_Guy · September 12, 2001 - 22:20 EST #214
I am a Canadian and all I saw in the media about New Yorkers was always negative. Well my eyes are now opened. This was truly a horrific event and I think it will change attitudes over the entire world on not only terrorism but peace in general. I think it's bring America together and all of the U.N. countries together too. You Will get through this and the rest of the world is behind you. You are in our minds.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 22:32 EST #215
i wanted to post this one more time because i think it is really true. i totally know what this guys talking about. Some of you guys are truly screwed up. I cannot believe that any of you would think that this act of terror was actually the the United States of Americas fault. FIRST OF ALL, look at the reasons, the Palistinians hate us because we support a country that does not have a majority of people that believe in that religion. SECOND OF ALL, to the person who said that if you bomb people your gonna piss them off, what in the hell are we supposed to do when innocent people are getting killed? Just sit around and scratch our butts? Also, to the person that said we can't blame a race, did you see the footage of the Palistianians celebrating the attack on the American facilities. The candy being passed out in the middle of town, and them making fun of the United States of America (I'll admit, it makes me want to take my dual berretas and head over there to kick some Palistinians) that we're just to say "we can't blame the people in this city, they're just little palistinians who didn't do anything to us, so let's not blame them." Let's not kid ourselves people. You realize that all of the people in that city are very enthusiastic and happy about the attacks on America today. You know they were saying to each other "OH, I'VE GOT A GOOD IDEA, LETS BOMB THE TWO MOST SYMBOLIC ICONS IN THE UNITED STATES. LET'S SAY THE WORLD TRADE CENTER AND........... I KNOW, THE PENTAGON." And once done, the terrorists don't even have the guts to admit they did it. I think they realized they went too far this time. All I can say is that any idiot that thinks the United States was at fault, please feel free to send me a personal e-mail why. Oh, and by the way, Mr. "You have many enemies in the world, and associates are more powerful than you (intellectually, physically, and about the will)" if you haven't heard, America has been the most powerful country, (wealthiest, largest army, best defense system etc.) for more than 25 years, so I don't know if you were looking in a book on the revolutionary war for today's stats, but you sure are an idiot.
VERY TICKED OFF · September 12, 2001 - 22:55 EST #216
A man with a new hero · September 12, 2001 - 23:00 EST #217
Friends, I have a new hero tonight. As I learned what really happened to the airplane that did not hit a high profile target, and landed in a field in rural PA. Three to four men apparently took over the plane and crashed it. They did it because they had their cell phones, and were told about the planes going into the trade center and Pentagon. These men knew they were going to die, and did what was best for the country: take the plane down. That plane was, in all likelihood, heading for the WHITE HOUSE. May God have mercy on these poor souls.
anonymous · September 12, 2001 - 23:11 EST #218
Please remember the words of Martin Luther King -- "Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."
NEWS UPDATE · September 12, 2001 - 23:28 EST #219
30,000 people now feared dead ..........(as of 11:30pmEST)..........................
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 00:08 EST #220
When will these terrors end? Does God really tell people to kill others? Is it going to take one final war of global proportion to make the people on this planet understand that life is to short to end before its time? I have no doubt in my mind that we are about to enter war. I, as a Canadian, am in full support of some sort of counter-attack to those who are responsible. I can only hope that those who do pay for this crime are the true culprits. To make a mistake on this level would only cause more violence.
Silver Cloud · September 13, 2001 - 00:34 EST #221
Mahlah · September 13, 2001 - 00:34 EST #222
Maybe "two wrongs don't make a right", but just sitting back and praying isn't going to solve anything either. The US cannot show itself as weak.. I feel this just opens doors to more attacks of this kind. If action is not taken soon, it may be too late. If in fact Bin Laden is the key person to this horrible act, then we must find him NOW. Not months from now. He's not going to just stay put and wait for someone to go get him. I am not one that feels violence is an answer. But this has been such a horrible ordeal, that justice must be made. For the United States, it's citizens, and for the families that have been affected by this horrific tragedy. God Bless America!!! My prayers are with those in need..
Mahlah · September 13, 2001 - 00:51 EST #223
Another point that should be made.. is what if someone were coming at you with a bat.. or a knife and hitting you? What do you do? Close your eyes and hope it'll go away? Pray for a miracle? No. You defend yourself. If they aren't 100% sure who it is, and only 90% sure. And accidentally hit that 10%.. It still is going to show the world (those who are anti-US) that Americans are not ones to mess with. If the US does nothing.. this just opens the doors for more attacks such as these to occur. The Taliban (in specific) have made several threats, not only to the US.. but to people and places all over the world. I really don't think many people would care to have a few less terrorists on this earth, whether or not they were involved. I'm not sure how much any of you have read about the Taliban.. but it is horrible the things they do. Women have no rights and are beaten, girls are not allowed to go to school. They have tried to bomb and take out international treasures, such as giving threats to take down the largest standing Buddha in the world which stands at 175ft. Innocent people? Do you think young children running around the streets shooting others is innocent? Do you think stripping women of their rights and beating them for even thinking.. innocent? I'm sorry.. but this was an Act of War. And the US must respond to defend its people, and protect them from threat of future attacks.
Reasonable · September 13, 2001 - 00:58 EST #224
Hatred and religion are both blinding - this attack is the proof! Isn't that CLEAR? And all of you sitting on your butts in trailer parks and suburbs in front of TV's all over this country, watching the horror while eating greasy burgers, waving your stolen guns, taking the name of (any) god in your mouth and screaming for revenge, do you think you are any better? You are the same that one can find in every country in the world - a herd of sheep controlled by the wealthy media and big corporations. You have absolutely no real power, your opinions are based on what you see on TV, you have no thoughts of your own. 98.2% of you have never been outside the US. You are just characters in a real "Truman Show". The ones that ALWAYS PAY the bitter price for any conflict are the innocent civilians like the people in the WTC. Because when the machinery that begins with religion and hatred gets rolling, the only ones that benefit are the undertakers and the big fat arms corporations that have Mr Bush (and other politicians around the world) in their suit pockets.
American till death · September 13, 2001 - 01:04 EST #225
I agree with the other posts that something needs to be done. The latest polls show that over 80% of americans feel that swift action should be taken. I strongly feel that the only way to get rid of Osama Bin Laden is to nuke the entire countries of Syria, Pakistan, and Afganistan. He his hidden so deep in a bunker that this is the only sure fire way to kill him. Also this will have a two fold action by killing all of his supporters, harbingers, and those little kids who are brain-washed by him and will only grow up to become the next threat to the US. No mercy shall be spared. While we are at it, we can nuke Saudi too and get rid of Sadam and all his look-alikes once and for all. This will provide an extensive parking lot throught the middle east. Gas prices will be at an all time low! Back home, instead of having anal cavity searches and finger nail clippers conviscated, we can just put all suspect people (people of questionable descent) in chains and shackles and throw them in the luggage area in a cage before boarding planes. When we reach the destination, we can release them and say "no hard feelings!" I know this may seem extreme and harsh to some of you, but that is because you are weak minded. You hide behind messages from the bible that you mold and form to suit your specific need and any given time. The bible also says an eye for an eye, but i say lets take a leg and a arm before it's too late. Only the strongest will survive, it's an evolutionary fact. See you in the ring!
buntwirp · September 13, 2001 - 01:16 EST #226
This has been an attack on humanity! As a Canadian I am in shock and horror at the events that have taken place. The pictures on the news...the innocent people...children. My heart goes out to my American cousins!
Florida · September 13, 2001 - 01:30 EST #227
I prayed and I cried last night, while clutching my two little sleeping boys, and watching the fictionless reports that looked so unreal and they seemed even more threatening every time they repeated... I love Jesus and I want to see my babies become men. Please pray that this is just going to pass. To all those who lost someone today, please know we can all feel your emptiness deep in our hearts with tears in our eyes.
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 02:30 EST #228
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 03:33 EST #229
You monster. You beast. You unspeakable bastard. What lesson did you hope to teach us by your coward's attack on our World Trade Center, our Pentagon, us? What was it you hoped we would learn? Whatever it was, please know that you failed. Did you want us to respect your cause? You just damned your cause. Did you want to make us fear? You just steeled our resolve. Did you want to tear us apart? You just brought us together. Let me tell you about my people. We are a vast and quarrelsome family, a family rent by racial, social, political and class division, but a family nonetheless. We're frivolous, yes, capable of expending tremendous emotional energy on pop cultural minutiae -- a singer's revealing dress, a ball team's misfortune, a cartoon mouse. We're wealthy, too, spoiled by the ready availability of trinkets and material goods, and maybe because of that, we walk through life with a certain sense of blithe entitlement. We are fundamentally decent, though -- peace-loving and compassionate. We struggle to know the right thing and to do it. And we are, the overwhelming majority of us, people of faith, believers in a just and loving God. Some people -- you, perhaps -- think that any or all of this makes us weak. You're mistaken. We are not weak. Indeed, we are strong in ways that cannot be measured by arsenals. IN PAIN Yes, we're in pain now. We are in mourning and we are in shock. We're still grappling with the unreality of the awful thing you did, still working to make ourselves understand that this isn't a special effect from some Hollywood blockbuster, isn't the plot development from a Tom Clancy novel. Both in terms of the awful scope of their ambition and the probable final death toll, your attacks are likely to go down as the worst acts of terrorism in the history of the United States and, probably, the history of the world. You've bloodied us as we have never been bloodied before. But there's a gulf of difference between making us bloody and making us fall. This is the lesson Japan was taught to its bitter sorrow the last time anyone hit us this hard, the last time anyone brought us such abrupt and monumental pain. When roused, we are righteous in our outrage, terrible in our force. When provoked by this level of barbarism, we will bear any suffering, pay any cost, go to any length, in the pursuit of justice. I tell you this without fear of contradiction. I know my people, as you, I think, do not. What I know reassures me. It also causes me to tremble with dread of the future. In the days to come, there will be recrimination and accusation, fingers pointing to determine whose failure allowed this to happen and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. There will be heightened security, misguided talk of revoking basic freedoms. We'll go forward from this moment sobered, chastened, sad. But determined, too. Unimaginably determined. THE STEEL IN US You see, the steel in us is not always readily apparent. That aspect of our character is seldom understood by people who don't know us well. On this day, the family's bickering is put on hold. As Americans we will weep, as Americans we will mourn, and as Americans, we will rise in defense of all that we cherish. So I ask again: What was it you hoped to teach us? It occurs to me that maybe you just wanted us to know the depths of your hatred. If that's the case, consider the message received. And take this message in exchange: You don't know my people. You don't know what we're capable of. You don't know what you just started. But you're about to learn.....
Gorge Bush · September 13, 2001 - 04:14 EST #230
The symbols of tehe Usa are not longer stands. It wasn`t a terror atackt, it was a war atackt. And we atackt retourn with war. We are going to kill Osama Bin Laden!!
graffitiroman · September 13, 2001 - 04:16 EST #231
attn: Damn all religious zealots! September 12, 2001 - 14:43 EST + 16:18 EST + 16:51 EST you write: "I dont see anywhere in history where hoards of athiests were running around raping and pillaging..." but when i ask you if hitler, napoleon and the commies where religious, you ask me to go back to highschool what do you want to say, if you have something to say that makes sence? i'm sorry not to be a native english speaker (and writer) maybe i don't understand what you want to teach me!
Vicky · September 13, 2001 - 07:48 EST #232
What ever happened to WTC is worst. What ever the reason may be but nobody is authorised to damage such a wonderful example of human skills. All I can say is just destroy Afganistan. Those people in middle east only knows one language and that of guns and bombs, certainly those idiots are not made for prayers. Just destroy them to bring peace to world.
scott_ozzie · September 13, 2001 - 07:58 EST #233
This is some messed up stuff. to think that people can do this is pretty scary. i think that retaliation it's only the start the U.S. need to launch full attack on these non-humans. Australia and the allies will be right beside the U.S. all the way. nothin can stand in your way. if only we could find a large source of oil then we would not need the middle east. erradicate the lot of them. they have only casued us trouble anyway.
John Martin · September 13, 2001 - 08:13 EST #234
sorry 4 amiricamn people but american govt should change it,s behaviour & work 4 justice regarding the innocent Phalitanion people who r also the prey of israili terrarism.
Proud to be an American · September 13, 2001 - 09:21 EST #235
This cowardly act by cowardly people is sickening to all decent people of the world. The persons responsible for these acts of terrorism and those that support and protect them think they have devastated the American people when in fact they have brought us together in one common goal; first to hunt down and punish those responsible and secondly to unite the world against all acts of terrorism. The attack on America will forever change the way terrorists and their supporters are treated in this world. For the person's responsible and the Countries and governments that support them you obviously do not understand what the ramifications are of what you have done. You will feel the wrath of many nations united to stomp out the evil you have brought. You can never defeat or weaken the United States or her citizens; you have only angered and truly UNITED us all. Now you will pay dearly and realize that this is the one Country you should NEVER have challenged. God Bless America !!
MO · September 13, 2001 - 10:19 EST #236
"In the city of god there will be a great thunder, two brothers will be torn apart by chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb. The third big war will begin when the big city is burning" - Nostradamus 1654 For anyone that has ever heard of Nostradamus and his various correct predictions on past events, THAT is some scary sh*t.
Christan R. · September 13, 2001 - 10:40 EST #237
An open letter to a terrorist: Well, you hit the World Trade Center, but you missed America. You hit the Pentagon, but you missed America. You used helpless American bodies, to take out other American bodies, but like a poor marksman, you STILL missed America. Why? Because of something you guys will never understand. America isn't about a building or two, not about financial centers, not about military centers, America isn't about a place, America isn't even about a bunch of bodies. America is about an IDEA. An idea, that you can go someplace where you can earn as much as you can figure out how to, live for the most part, like you envisioned living, and pursue Happiness. (No guarantees that you'll reach it, but you can sure try!) Go ahead and whine your terrorist whine, and chant your terrorist litany: "If you can not see my point, then feel my pain." This concept is alien to Americans. We live in a country where we don't have to see your point. But you're free to have one. We don't have to listen to your speech. But you're free to say one. Don't know where you got the strange idea that everyone has to agree with you. We don't agree with each other in this country, almost as a matter of pride. We're a collection of guys that don't agree, called States. We united our individual states to protect ourselves from tyranny in the world. Another idea, we made up on the spot. You CAN make it up as you go, when it's your country. If you're free enough. Yeah, we're fat, sloppy, easy-going goofs most of the time. That's an unfortunate image to project to the world, but it comes of feeling free and easy about the world you live in. It's unfortunate too, because people start to forget that when you attack Americans, they tend to fight like a cornered badger. The first we knew of the War of 1812, was when England burned Washington D.C. to the ground. Didn't turn out like England thought it was going to, and it's not going to turn out like you think, either. Sorry, but you're not the first bully on our shores, just the most recent. No Marquis of Queensbury rules for Americans, either. We were the FIRST and so far, only country in the world to use nuclear weapons in anger. Horrific idea, nowadays? News for you bucko, it was back then too, but we used it anyway. Only had two of them in the whole world and we used 'em both. Grandpa Jones worked on the Manhattan Project. Told me once, that right up until they threw the switch, the physicists were still arguing over whether the Uranium alone would fission, or whether it would start a fissioning chain reaction that would eat everything. But they threw the switch anyway, because we had a War to win. Does that tell you something about American Resolve? So who just declared War on us? It would be nice to point to some real estate, like the good old days. Unfortunately, we're probably at war with random camps, in far-flung places. Who think they're safe. Just like the Barbary Pirates did, IIRC. Better start sleeping with one eye open. There's a spirit that tends to take over people who come to this country, looking for opportunity, looking for liberty, looking for freedom. Even if they misuse it. The Marielistas that Castro emptied out of his prisons, were overjoyed to find out how much freedom there was. First thing they did when they hit our shores, was run out and buy guns. The ones that didn't end up dead, ended up in prisons. It was a big PITA then (especially in south Florida), but you're only the newest PITA, not the first. You guys seem to be incapable of understanding that we don't live in America, America lives in US! American Spirit is what it's called. And killing a few thousand of us, or a few million of us, won't change it. Most of the time, it's a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of Spirit. Until we're crossed in a cowardly manner, then it becomes an entirely different kind of Spirit. Wait until you see what we do with that Spirit, this time. Sleep tight, if you can. We're coming.
Christina Asburry · September 13, 2001 - 11:07 EST #238
All you terrorists who try to hurt America your just jealous because we have such a great country something you could never achieve or have. As the old saying goes whatever you do to someone it comes back to you twice as hard. So listen here you faceless idiots you take a couple of historical buildings from us we take your whole country. Have a nice day.
Beverly · September 13, 2001 - 11:52 EST #239
Our father, Which art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread And forgive us our debts As we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil For Thine is the kingdom and power and glory forever. Amen Matthew 6:9-13
ANGRY · September 13, 2001 - 11:53 EST #240
This is not a place of stupidity. This is a place where good people died. Take your jokes to another message board and may here, the serious mourn their losses. To those who laugh and party at our pain, you will soon feel our vengeance. Yours is coming.
Joe · September 13, 2001 - 12:32 EST #241
When i said "no one deserves this" i am recalling when people posted messages saying that we brought this on ourselves. how did we do that? by helping out other countries. Now it is time for other countries to help us out. To: human being. you said you were in S.F. in 1989. That was a natural disaster. Yeah it was a tradgedy but no one was to blame. It's like comparing apples to oranges. To all the people who say we shouldn't reatliate, try telling that to the families who lost someone, and look at the pictures of people jumping out windows, and hear the screams of people watching it all happen. We don't do something now, what is gonna stop them from doing it again. Maybe to a city where you live in.Think about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Re-think · September 13, 2001 - 12:55 EST #242
If I had to re-think my standing on what most of you know should be done, and will. Here's my next plan: For all you bleeding hearts out there..... You don't believe in eye for an eye, carpet bombing, smart missles and the like? Fine, if they must go to trial, they go to trial in the States. If they last long enough to make it to trial, I have one request. No solitary confinement, General Population Baby. This is the only way they may be forced to feel a small percentage of the terror they have delt to the free world.
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 13:13 EST #243
IF there is a "god," wouldn't you agree that everyone has a time that "god" "calls" them (they die?) Well, if "GOD" wanted these people to die in NY and DC, why should anyone be punished!?!?
graffitiroman · September 13, 2001 - 13:34 EST #244
god bless america and it's citizens. i'm from vienna, austria. i have a lot of very good friends frome the states. most of them are god fearing and faithful. but when i read this page, i can understand people hating americans. so many good comments, but also so absolut stupid thoughts. can a civilized person believe in eye for an eye. it's fun to strike back. it's your right. but what can it bring. everybody loughs about vendeta. and stupid natives which don't care about the power of love. because they have no education. what do you learn in your high schols? is it that? that's like animals do. that's a reflex. you need no brain for it. somebody hit's you and you strike back. bravo! if this is the great american way, back on the trees. and you wonder why somebody could hate america? don't missunderstand me!!! i myself love america and it's citizens. and i don't care if they are irish, italian, british, black, white, yellow, red, .... it's the best you have. so don't do what these idiots want you to do. they want hate. why do you think this devils bombed you. they have fun in distroying. but the greatest thing they do at the moment is to divorce you. diabolo is the guy who destroys you. don't forget it. love you one another. they want a big civil war. whoever this was!!!!! don't play their game!!!
Celina -Canada · September 13, 2001 - 13:37 EST #245
America needs to stop and think...They trained their own terrorist pilots... Is there a lack of security? Or a certain lack of prejudism when it comes to accepting any refugee or immigrant from countries who only exist to bring war and death to the world. The americas should rethink severe background checks on the people they welcome into their country. My world crumbled the day the U.S. showed vulnerability and lost so many lives. No one will ever be the same. Is retaliation the answer? I dont know, but for now they should concentrate on trying to save the lives of those who have used cell phones to contact the ouside world from the rubble. What a mess...Where will they start. How will they reach them in time? How much time to they actually have? How much time does anyone have? America needs to realize that you cant trust anyone and everyone is a suspect. God Bless.
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 14:24 EST #246
I think we should build a bigger, stronger World Trade Center We can't let this terror rule!!
Ted · September 13, 2001 - 15:02 EST #247
The human garbage that perpetrated this act must be hunted down like dogs and brought to justice.
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 15:12 EST #248
It takes at least 24 hours for re-allignent of Keyhole Sattelites. Thorough analysis of 3-D imagery will determine targeting and intercept geometry coordinates. Every square millimeter of this earth is mapped. Unless you never pop your cowardly heads to feel God's sunshine, we will vaporize each an everyone of you. You may think you are going to a glorius heaven, no, you are going to the core of the sun!
steven van haard · September 13, 2001 - 15:39 EST #249
I think it very sad that it has come to this that a human can sink so low that he kills so many people, and for what "revenge". Pointless distruction. verry sad steven van haard, Holland.
Anne van Wijngaarden · September 13, 2001 - 16:32 EST #250
What a tragedy!! This beautiful monument, symbol of freedom and democracy is no longer with us and all those people.... Let's help those who need it and rebuild the WTC and whatever we do let's do in the spirit of what this building represented unity in a free world in which love was the cause of our actions... My sympathy goes out to all Americans, we won't let our allies down and together we'll make sure we'll recover and bring justice to those who comitted these terrible acts! Never give up and have faith in a future in which love will remain our cause to do whatever we do, There is always hope, Anne
Yannick et Marie Claire · September 13, 2001 - 17:10 EST #251
Après cette journée d'horreur, nous nous demandons ce que la stupidité de l'Humanité pourrait encore nous inventer. Mon amie et moi soutenons de tout coeur les proches des victimes, les sauveteurs et notre Première Pensée va vers ces centaines de personnes, innocentes qui ont été sacrifiées sans aucune raison. Car aucune idéologie, ni politique, et surtout ni religieuse ne peut justifier un acte aussi horrible. MAY GOD FORGIVE THEM ... BECAUSE WE MAY NOT ...
Damn all religious zealots!! · September 13, 2001 - 17:19 EST #252
attn: graffit roman As evident on this comment thread, people with religious beliefs tend to express their conviction without much thought of what the next guy believes. This lack of respect is not usually meant in a negative way, but it certainly can offend others who hold different religious or cultural beliefs. I am aware that they are reaching out to those who share their values to find support in this time of grief. Comments throughout this thread are typical: Biblical quotes spouting god or some other theological condemnation for what has happened. Prayers or offering of prayers etc. This is all fine and dandy, till you get the comments of revenge and such. Over and above the typical US retoric ('God Bless America', 'We have a better country') you get comments like: 'My god this..', 'My god condemns that...'. All these people commenting on their interpretation of what 'their' god thinks or wants. Then some want to extract revenge on this basis. This is typical. Where is 'turn the other cheek' when hatred arises? All of the sudden their values have changed. They SAY they are christian and believe in non violence but now... It is quite laughable. No one takes the time to analyze what brought these events. Everyone just wants to react. This is typically the cause of war. People who have differing religious, cultural and sociopolitical beliefs DO NOT like the US imposing it's value system on them. This has built up a great deal of resentment in various states in the world. This terrorist attack is reactionary to that practice. Americans and their media are blind (until now) to such things. US christians cannot fathom that other people believe something different. Cannot fathom why other people would NOT want to live like Americans do...etc etc. It is beyond their typical understanding. They have a very narrow comprehension of how the world works. This is a result of the US school system and possibly just decadence. I in no way condone the horrible actions of the terrorists and their total disregard for human life, but I find it remarkable how unexpected this was to the US people. I find it typical that the people immediately want an outlet for their anger. How about some calm, collected thought about the circumstances of this event and the serious reprecussions of reacting against unclear targets. War is not the answer. An effective end or curbing of terrorism is. Which means: We have to LEARN about the causes of the event. Through UNDERSTANDING we will have resoulution and closure. The type of zealousness to retaliate blindly is the same zealousness that led to the attack.
Seek the Truth; Trust No One · September 13, 2001 - 17:24 EST #253
I am an American born and raised on the West Coast. I am well educated and have traveled the world. I think we can all agree that the media is biased. Please, ask questions. Keep a cool head on your shoulders. I want to see justice served more than anyone for this horrible, unimaginable act, but I am also aware of many injustices that have gone unpunished. The USA is the essence of freedom and righteousness, yet we have allowed Israel to kill thousands of Palestinians to be killed by Israeli soldiers because "GOD HAD PROMISED THEM THAT LAND" I don't know how you feel about that, but I find it a pretty shallow, empty and unfair reason to kick mothers and children out of their homes. The terror, anxiety and anger that we as Americans are feeling right now is a way of life for Palestinians who are continually being persecuted by Israel. The Prime Minister of Israel declared "A Day of Mourning in Israel" yet he also sent Israeli tanks to Kill more Palestinians. We didn't see that on our TV, did we? We have been saying for the past many years that the media is one sided and biased. I just ask that we don't forget that now in this time of sorrow and grief. Ask the hard questions. If we could avoid all of this hatered by following "ALL" of the other countries of our world in condeming Zionism as a form of racism that would be a step in the right direction. Why, at the international convetion on racism did only the US and Israel walk out when the topic of Zionism as racism was raised. Not one other country in the World supports Zionism; why do we? This is just one of the questions lingering under the surface that must be answered. I am still in shock and I actually cried for the first time since I was a very small child when I saw the images flash across the screen like some Hollywood movie. I want justice served for this unspeakable act, but I also do not want more inocent people to die.
Jacky L. · September 13, 2001 - 17:29 EST #254
I'm a high school student near Chicago IL. First of all, I hope that the casualty out of this VERY SAD incident will be less than what they're estimating in the media. I also feel for all the ppl that died/were injured in this incident. When I was in school on Tuesday, the first time I heard about this was when we were outside in a fire drill (what a coincidence). When I heard about the news, I thought that the person telling it to me was joking! I later learned that it was indeed true news, and was VERY shocked by it. Later that day at school, ppl were saying that it would be cool to go to war over this. I was thinking, "Do they even know the inplication of that?" Yesterday in school, we spent the whole period talking about this in AP US history. I am stil very shocked over this incident, and don't understand HOW could someone be SO COLD BLOODED as to killing so many innocent ppl for no apparent reason! I think that whoever did this has to know what pain and suffering they caused the US, but also needs to be shown how strong the US can bounce back. Let's hope the Nostradamas prediction does NOT come true, and the US would not go to war over this. My best wishes to those that may still be trapped in the rubbles.
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 17:57 EST #255
God could have created us incapeable of sin. He could have made sure that we were unable to make wrong and moral choices. But then, of course, whe would be less than human. We would be robots, like puttpets on a stage, with God pulling every string. Free will is the basis of out human dignity. Because we are created in the image of God, we are capable of choosing to obey or not to obey. God has made us free and responsible moral agents. The introducthon of evil's possibilty is the condition of our being free and responsible, both the gift and the price of human dignity.
Jesus Mendez · September 13, 2001 - 18:00 EST #256
La isla de Puerto Rico se une a la pena que embarga al pueblo americano en esta gran tragedia. Dios les dé conformidad y fortaleza.
D · September 13, 2001 - 18:29 EST #257
Send a message that will be heard the world over. America is being watched very closely right now by other scum out there. If this act of coward goes unpunished, America will have good reason to live in fear. Lets show the world that we are the power we claim to be. This is not only a crime on America it is a crime against humanity and it is up to our government to let every country in the world know that it is an unforgivable crime punishable by death. If we don't send the message I guarantee America has not seen the last of this barbaric terrorism in our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Voted for President Bush · September 13, 2001 - 21:05 EST #258
Shaq O'neal · September 13, 2001 - 22:56 EST #259
These buildings will be missed.
Silver Cloud · September 13, 2001 - 22:59 EST #260
To: Damn all religious zealots!! @September 13, 2001 - 17:19 EST Here. You explained your mind well this time. I am finding your approach more agreeable as your entries accumulate herein. This is what we need on this page, true reasoning, and also some spirit talk, which I agree, should come from beyond the heavy gravitational fields of religious structure. These systems are often become fraudulent and clandestine ventures that stray from the individual responsibility and sensibility that the Creator Spirit intends us to wield. Systems are often Frauds, Graveyards. Territories. I think you will dig this. "Memba' dis, cap'm walka?" Territories I see the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Earth Like the Chinese call the country of their birth WE ALL FIGURE THAT OUR HOMES ARE SET ABOVE OTHER PEOPLE THAN THE ONES WE KNOW AND LOVE In every place with a name They play the same territorial game Hiding behind the lines Sending up warning signs The whole wide world An endless universe Yet we keep looking through The eyeglass in reverse Don't feed the people But we feed the machines Can't really feel What international means In different circles, we keep holding our ground In different circles, we keep spinning round and round WE SEE SO MANY TRIBES, OVERRUN AND UNDERMINED WHILE THEIR INVADERS DREAM OF LANDS THEY'VE LEFT BEHIND Better people, better food, AND BETTER BEER Why move around the world when Eden was so near? The bosses get talking so tough And if that wasn't evil enough We get the drunken and passionate pride Of the citizens along for the ride They shoot without shame In the name of a piece of dirt For a change of accent Or the colour of your shirt Better the pride that resides In a citizen of the world Than the pride that divides When a colourful rag is unfurled P.S. Some of you other people on here have good thoughts as well. Thanks for being here. You are all Great. Nighty-night, third stone. I'mgoingtobed
anonymous · September 13, 2001 - 23:03 EST #261
Folks, today (Sept/13/2001) US officials have arrested 11 more terrorist. 10 men and one woman. They were at the 3 major airports in and around New York City. Some had falsified pilot documents and identification. Several had knives. Their tickets for the planes were for TUESDAY, September 11! There is no doubt in my mind that these monsters had full intentions on doing this again. I am afraid that I feel an Arab "witch hunt" in the near future by some pissed off Americans. :-(
Norm, St Louis · September 13, 2001 - 23:29 EST #262
As an Army MP, our motto has always serve, protect, defend. I only hope that the time comes real soon for us to be allowed the chance too. As I heard on the radio today,,, "May God have mercy on you, because we wont."
RBlue · September 13, 2001 - 23:58 EST #263
I feel like a huge whole was blown in the world and it is just filling up with fear and hate.......
An american born in Pennsylvania · September 14, 2001 - 00:11 EST #264
Not every american loves this country or the government. I hope the FBI and officials realize this. It is not possible to catch every terrorist, because anyone is capable of doing this kind of destruction. ********* Retaliation is only going to add fuel to the fire, and end many more lives of innocent americans. There is absolutely NOTHING our special forces or military can do. I expect the apocalypse soon, and the second coming of Christ at any time. God bless you all, and every man for himself.
WE ARE ALL DOOMED · September 14, 2001 - 00:15 EST #265
***WEATHER ALERT!!*** · September 14, 2001 - 00:20 EST #266
***********ALERT!**ALERT!**ALERT!**ALERT!************* ****************************************************** >>FROM THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE/WEATHER CHANNEL: With the approaching rain to the New York City area, the rain is going to turn the dust on the roofs of buildings to concrete, and cause any unstable building to fall. We should all start praying now, at least those who believe in Jesus Christ. Rain is going to start falling at any time, and last through the night. I fear that many more lives will be lost because of this.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 00:24 EST #267
Arab-americans should go into hiding until the smoke clears, as well as anyone wearing a towel on their head, a robe, or a long shaggy beard. You are all in great danger.
AmericanBorn · September 14, 2001 - 00:36 EST #268
If these terrorists were living in the U.S. for the past year who took up flight training at our facilities, there are probably more terrorists who live among us. If this plan was begun about a year ago, who's to say more plans have not been started as well. Terrorists who walk among us now may be planning a ground attack, perhaps with bombs, when we retaliate against their leader/country. I fear for my children, my family/relatives, neighbors and all the great people in the US that are true Americans who believe in Freedom and Peace. I agree the guilty and those who harbor and revel with glory over these murderous acts should be punished. These people can't claim to have religion. Is cold blooded murder an act any God would approve of? Retaliation by America will be Self-Defense. The people behind this are cowards and murderous barbarians!
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 01:14 EST #269
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 01:18 EST #270
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 01:22 EST #271
oh well..what can you do..."Play ball!!!!"
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 01:28 EST #272
Nostradamus DID predict this. Stop being in denial, and realize the facts. We are all going to die very shortly. Christians will go to heaven, and non-christians....well, you know.
Travis Sac Cali · September 14, 2001 - 01:28 EST #273
My love and care goes out to every family who was effected by this and to those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 01:33 EST #274
Can you believe when they rescheduled the flights out of NY the retarded Arabians actually tried to board it with fake pilots ID? You think maybe they set these freaking bozos up? Wipe out their country and if we take out Pakistan and Iran with them........oh well.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 01:42 EST #275
John · September 14, 2001 - 02:08 EST #276
Hello. I am one of the many great americans who have been relentlessly helping in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. For the past two days, I have been continuously vomiting from seeing many dead bodies, body parts, and badly burned victims. It is a great tragedy for our country to have to be witness to an attack of such the.....United States. Right now, I have a lump in my throat and a feeling of nausea, because I will be returning to the site in a few hours. We have not been able to find anyone alive for quite some time now, and for everyone's safety in the rescue efforts, we should evacuate the area before any more buildings collapse from the rain. War may be on the country's agenda, but I (as well as many other rescuers) do NOT think that war on a country is the answer. Many lives were lost, but going to war is not going to bring anyone back. I have lost a brother and a sister in the attacks, so I know first-hand the grief that many americans are feeling at this moment. We have to be strong! If we retaliate and go to war, we are just feeding the terrorists, because that is what they want to happen! Many of the terrorists who planned this attack, are living in the U.S.! If we bomb another country, these people are not going to bear ANY of the attacks because they are HERE and not in another country. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a relative, and pray that there is hope for many of the families involved that they will find their loved ones alive. Thank you, and God bless.
lee · September 14, 2001 - 02:13 EST #277
Scott · September 14, 2001 - 02:18 EST #278
May God shine his wonderful and peaceful light upon us as we enter into the final war. Those who perpetrate these types of cowardly acts will be brought to bear and death will become them just as they have caused death to others. How will you stand before God be it a Muslim or Christian God and justify murder. All those whom you have killed will be a witness against you and your eternal existence will be that of perpetual tears. You are thieves of the worst kind - you steal life then run and hide like scared cockroaches. How can you have any pride in that?? You are like 2-year-old children who having broken the lamp, will run and hide thinking that you have avoided punishment. There is no place to hide this time, no place at all where you can ever again lay your head in safe rest. You are dead.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 03:03 EST #279
Follower of Christ Jesus · September 14, 2001 - 03:07 EST #280
REMEMBER THIS, FOLKS!!!!!!!!! "THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE". We do not have a right to judge others. The people involved with these attacks were trained and brought up to believe that this is what God wanted them to do. We as americans cannot place any blame on them for what they did. They were only doing what they felt they were supposed to do, no matter how barbaric WE may think it was. We should point our hurt feelings at the countries who are teaching these people to act in this manner.
EAST COAST RULES!!! · September 14, 2001 - 03:11 EST #281
Bill · September 14, 2001 - 03:26 EST #282
God Bless America.... and he has
Andrew Smith · September 14, 2001 - 03:26 EST #283
like a disease u cant punish it... u can only get rid of it
jeff Green Bay · September 14, 2001 - 03:54 EST #284
SCREW THIS!!!People, It is time to pick up your rifles and choose a side. Either you stand with us or you stand opposed. And, as for those Arabs who live among us, dont cry about how YOU TOO are americans and we should not blame all muslims for what has happened. These terrorist hide among you. Like it or not, you are the enemy. When the forces of this great country, and it's allies, spill the blood YOUR religious brothers Will you stand with your so-called american brothers and cheer. I think not. No longer are you allowed to stand in the middle. THE HAS COME..GOD BLESS AMERICA
Tragic · September 14, 2001 - 06:11 EST #285
about the above comment: You know, I read an interview with Bin Laden and he feels justified to an extent I can see value in. He talks of a million children starving due to US sanctions. Truly, I don't doubt this, with politics the way they are. Not saying he is right, but are our leaders for letting children starve? Its all too much to understand. My Reply: Bin Laden so wealthy, spends his money training men to kill people instead of feeding these starving children... That makes a lot of sense...NOT! And there are many countries collectively who have the ability to feed those starving in the world - America is not alone....if they didn't have to spend their time dealing with the warring people, perhaps more could be focused on the issues of starvation, etc.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 07:25 EST #286
"NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTED THIS IN 1654" Actually he died in 1566.
NEWS ALERT · September 14, 2001 - 08:06 EST #287
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 09:28 EST #288
To all that had written hatred and anger towards others I would like to say to you. Get real when the chips are down you would be holding tight to your mothers apron stings sucking your thumbs cowards!! To all of you that have prays for the lose of life. You are truly blessed and I hold you in high regards. Thank you from all that have lost a loved on in this tragedy To all that have racial and angry slurs to slobber out of you nasty mouths. So said you are so sad. Live with you anger. I hope that everyone can feel human compaction for everyone who has lost there lives in war weather it be in our country or another the loss of life it tragic and should not be made fun of or not taken seriously.
Cynthia · September 14, 2001 - 10:03 EST #289
Reflective quotes from the writings of Robert A. Heinlein "There is nothing wrong with being scared . . . as long as you don't let it affect you until the danger is over. Being hysterical is okay, too . . . in the bathroom with the door locked. The difference between a coward and a brave man is mostly a matter of timing." "One should forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged." "In waking a tiger, use a long stick." (Mao Tse-Tung) "He is one of those people who would be enormously improved by death." "...humans hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn--when they do, which isn't often--on their own, the hard way." "Belief gets in the way of learning." "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow if tomorrow might improve the odds." "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity." "No storyteller has ever been able to dream up anything as fantastically unlikely as what really does happen in this mad Universe." "A generation which ignores history has no past--and no future." "You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once." "Sin is behavior that ignores the welfare of others."
Todd · September 14, 2001 - 10:21 EST #290
To everyone who talk about "two wrongs do not make a right" well I was always taught "an eye for an eye". For those who are not FANS of the United States and its Government GET THE HELL OUT, because we don`t want you here and go live in the Middle East.
Joe · September 14, 2001 - 11:32 EST #291
You people make me sick.....if you are not for the U.S. then you are against us. if someone committs a murder they should be punished. some leader of another country organized this attack, so they should be punished. thousands and thousands have died, and like it or not, we will have a war. And there are more people who think we should, than you idiots that think we shouldn't.
robert · September 14, 2001 - 11:35 EST #292
to follower of christ jesus crazed acts of terror such as this one may not have happened had the people involved had been not so bent on their religious beliefs. religious differences always seem to be the force behind these tragedies.
Pissed off US Citizen · September 14, 2001 - 11:53 EST #293
Hey all you other countries, you're either going to fight with us, or at least aid us in this war, OR YOU ARE OUR ENEMY AND WILL BE DESTROYED.
TVB · September 14, 2001 - 12:07 EST #294
America has bigger problems than September 11, 2001. Don't forget that America has scantioned and helped fund 1.5 million abortions annually on American soil. That's equates to more death attributed to abortion since Roe vs. Wade than to all of the wars on Earth, ever, combined... Every abortion spills an innocent child's blood. Where is the comparitive outcry for vengance on behalf of their souls? TVB
Thomas Jefferson · September 14, 2001 - 12:14 EST #295
"... a dreary scene where envy, hatred, malice, revenge, and all the worse passions of men are marshalled to make one another as miserable as possible."
Jeremy · September 14, 2001 - 12:30 EST #296
This is a sad page. All of humanity is here. We all want to leave our mark in some way. A few words here sent into the ether will suffice for me. My thoughts may mingle with the departed souls for better or for worse. Who would deny this has been an atrocious act? It was intended to be by its perpetrators. Like so much that happens in America it was bigger than life itself: Hollywood without the glamour. Isn't it ironic that the USA produces fictional images, similar to those we have been witnessing in disbelief, as entertainment and makes so much profit out of it? Is there a day on your television screens when the act of killing is not put out as a form of trivial entertainment? But of course its repectable to make money from such a spectacle. Its good if it makes a profit. Such as selling cattle prods to foreign police forces. Or the "opening up" of Japan to trade in the late 19th century. Ever heard of the Opium Wars? (We now have the new vocabulary "taking out a target", "precision bombing") Yes, there were scenes of Arabs cheering at the news of this tragedy and it has reminded me of an image that is impressed upon my mind. That of white Americans partying around the hanging corpse of a black man who they had just lynched. They had dressed up for the occasion and brought the children along in their 'Sunday best' But the party is over, isn't it? Do you recall seeing that picture? I know that if there is an afterlife, that those who have died in this towering inferno will look down upon us with a peace and wisdom which it seems can not be found in this life. And what would they have to say about us all with their infinite wisdom? No, they won't be thinking those thoughts, will they? I don't think they will be using the vocabulary of war and revenge. That belongs to this world, not theirs. Let them rest in peace. My very deepest sympathies to all who have lost a loved one and to those who may yet do so as a consequence of this barbaric act.
British · September 14, 2001 - 13:23 EST #297
If the americans are so appalled at this act then why has america funded the IRA for the last 25 years? And are you really so arrogant and stupid as to believe that you will be able to eradicate terrorism by means of violence - 95% of terrorists are born from violence. Lets not forget that the americans armed and trained the Iraqi's in thier war against Iran. Lets not forget that the americans armed and trained the Taliban in thier war against the soviets. Lets wait and see what future mass murderers the americans are going to arm and train in order to serve thier short term need for blood, guts and money. By the way, I am not anti-american and I am certainly not pro-muslim (the amount of money they are screwing out of our government in the form of state welfare for thier illegal immigrant families) - I just like to laugh at obvious hypocrites.
Mexican American · September 14, 2001 - 13:34 EST #298
This is a tragedy, let's BOMB THEM!!! I am only 25 yars old, but I have to say I have never been this proud to be an American before... Let's KICK THEIR BUTTS AMERICA!!!
Proud 2 be an American · September 14, 2001 - 13:47 EST #299
Okay, for all of you let's pray not war... what are you saying... Someone has to pay for this, I have friends that were in the World Trade Center and someone is going to pay for this.. We can pray to the Lord to keep our troops safe, and for our familys and friends that our in mourning. We can not tolerate these drastic attacks on american's it has effected everyone, every single feeling this pain. IT is time to defens our Country.... The USA doesn't mess around... Let's show those idiots what "the sleeping giant" is all about... FLy your flags American let's come together.... Don't forget to say your Prayer God Bless you ALL!!!
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 14:19 EST #300
A paz é o que todos buscamos, mas alguém deve iniciar este processo. Revidar e revidar, isoladamente, criará apenas um vencedor e um vencido, e a paz apenas durará enquanto este último permancer nesta condição. Iniciar um processo de paz é algo mais nobre do que defender seu povo com o uso da força. Busquemos os culpados, e que eles sejam submetidos apenas à Justiça, que foi criada por nós. Deus abençôe, a todos nós.
proud 2 be American 2 · September 14, 2001 - 14:43 EST #301
Now they have awaken the sleeping giant!
NOT Proud to be an American · September 14, 2001 - 14:58 EST #302
By the thoughts and views expressed on this page of such disturbing opinions, I am very disgusted, outraged, and ASHAMED of being an American! When are you War-hungry buttheads going to grow up? War is not going to solve a damn thing. NOT A DAMN THING!!! When we do go to war (it's not a question anymore IF we are going to war - we are), there are going to be an enormous amount of US soldiers killed in action, trying to rid our ugly world of terrorism. There is NO possible way that ANYONE is going to stop terrorism completely. Terrorism has been around since the Roman ages, and it's just a part of life that we unfortunately have to accept. Many more families are going to be destroyed by our acts of vengeance on ANY country, be it large or small. I don't have an answer as to what to do about the sad attack on our country, but War is not the answer. As Marvin Gaye put it in the song "What's Goin' On", he says that "war is not the answer, only love will conquer hate. You know we've got to find a way, to bring some lovin' here today." I am a caucasian, 26 year old american, born and raised in Pennsylvania. I'm not an arab-american, african-american, or any other minority. I'm extremely upset by other americans who want to "kick some country's butt" over something that a small group of terrorists have done. There are so many terrorists living within our borders, that even if we DO destroy an outside country, there will STILL be those terrorists inside our own country who will fight back AGAIN on innocent people. IT'S NEVER GOING TO END UNTIL WE EXTERMINATE OUR OWN PEOPLE. Sad but true, that is what will eventually happen. It was God's choice to take those lives to live with Him, because it was His time. We do not have to understand why a loving God would do the things he does, we just have to accept it as God's will. I know that some people reading this will be angry with my comments, but sometimes you have to anger a few people to bring out the truth.
Also not proud · September 14, 2001 - 15:06 EST #303
We are showing other countries that Americans are full of hate and evil. Why not show other countries that we are a loving and understanding group of people who are strong enough not to give in and fight back with these terrorists? That would be much harder to do, sure, but that would show everyone that we are above terroristic people, and have more love in our hearts than hate. Our own damn government is to blame for these attacks, because we have gotten in to too many other countries' business, as a type of "superman,hero wannabe" country! Why do we always have to try to solve other people's problems? Even victims on television say that they do not believe we should go to war.
Tom · September 14, 2001 - 15:10 EST #304
with our struggling economy, mr bush wants to spend 40 billion dollars on war efforts. we are headed for another great depression. we cannot afford to go to war.
Luke · September 14, 2001 - 15:34 EST #305
I want to thank all of the Fire fighters, Police officers, Volunteers and our Government for helping us fellow americans through a time in which we need it the most. We AMERICANS are tough and strong willed. WE will make it through this.... Those responsible for this will pay dearly...both here on earth and in hell. Godbless america
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 16:12 EST #306
The sooner all this mess is cleared up, the better. I'm sure we're all getting tired of watching and listening to the media all day. PLEASE CLEAN THIS MESS UP SOON! We miss our football and baseball games!
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · September 14, 2001 - 17:11 EST #307
Tom - I will readily apologize if I have misunderstood what I've seen on the news ... but my understanding is that the $40 billion was strictly for relief effort.
Concerned American · September 14, 2001 - 17:21 EST #308
I believe that this comments page should be closed down, due to the ignorant statements being made by some people. Many people are still hurting by this act of terrorism, and they do not need to see these disturbing and senseless comments.
Glenn Möller · September 14, 2001 - 17:43 EST #309
America ,i feel for you now at this moment. I feel for all thouse family members, ther never come home anymore ,all kids.! I hope that ,who did this will be so panised that he wich he never was born. GOD BLESS YOU AMERICA ! And the people ,try to cariedone . You are in My Mind Everyday . no help but you shall now i am not the only man ,there have this feeling ! Take care and HuG eitch other. youre friend Glenn , from Sweden
Heritage:Imported to the US and a born New Yorker · September 14, 2001 - 17:49 EST #310
Please find understanding before you comment: WWIII = Loss of the human race Muslims = Exist in every part of the world it is a religion not a race Bush = Would you put your life in his hands...look in his eyes Opinions = Should be based on a educated analysis In is my conclusion that anyone who speaks of hanging, bombing or any other act of pure hatred are of the like minds of the terrorist who attacked Tuesday. Blind vengence kills innocent people...I don't want to die like that.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 17:50 EST #311
Thank you soooo much, Glenn from Sweden.
Sandra Moller · September 14, 2001 - 17:54 EST #312
Dear America. I feel so sorry with all these people, family,kids. It is a big tradgedy. You are in my mind and heart. Take good care of you and many Huggs from Sandra Moller in Sweden.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 18:35 EST #313
Condolence from Germany. Many thanks.
Tony from PA · September 14, 2001 - 18:37 EST #314
I am an american, and it was not a good sign of the president vowing vengeance against anyone. Of course, I'm speaking of when Mr. Bush visited the WTC site and said "and soon the world will hear all of us". That showed great immaturity and insensitivity. It's kind of scary, and heartbreaking. If anyone wants to discuss this with me, my email address is
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 18:39 EST #315
Jeff GREEN BAY · September 14, 2001 - 20:48 EST #316
THIS IS FOR "NOT proud to be an american" If you dont like than leave...Yeah didn't think so.YOUR ALL TALK . What you need to do sit down and thank all the members of this contrys armed services, who have given you the freedom to express your feelings openly, in a free country. Because they died to give you that freedom. And more will die so YOU can retain that freedom. And for the rest you tree huggen,trail mix eaten hippys. go bury you heads in the sand. I'm sick of all your rhetoric. You are partially to blame for what has happened. WHAT you want us to turn the other cheek AGIAN!!! YOU ARE THE MINORITY. DEAL WITH IT OR LEAVE. We will not allow you to hog tie this countrys goverment with your chants of "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" you are all obviously cowards and morons. This country is at war, like it or not. And we are not alone. Article 5 of the NATO treaty has been enacted. And if takes destroying every country from Libya to Iran to Pakistan. So be it. We will not live in fear!! NOTE to the countries of the middle east JUDGMENT DAY IS COMMING. Pick up your rifels and stand with us, Or stand opposed... sleep well patroits
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 21:02 EST #317
Does everyone in Green Bay have the same twisted opinions as you do, Jeff?
AMERICAN · September 14, 2001 - 21:34 EST #318
For all the hippocrates, and complete ignorant people who have made any sort of negative comments about Americans on this site,and who CALL themselves Amerians-come see me and tell that to my face, if you e-mail me, ill gladly give you directions to my house, and ill even pay for the cab to drive you here. I DON'T BELEIVE FOR A SECOND THAT YOU WOULD EVEN ATTEMPT IT. Ya know why, because you are a coward, wimp, yellow, peice of scum like bin laden, hiding in your safe little room, behind your computer, that and i'll pound you into the ground with my fists-( I dare you ). People like you should be erased from the gene pool. And ill tell that straight to anyone's face who lives in America, and disgraces it like yourself. I was once a fond admirer of seeing the Twin Towers and i felt sick to watch it. I send out my most heart-felt prayers to all the families involved. T.R. (N.Y.)
Joe · September 14, 2001 - 22:33 EST #319
I think Bush Is Doing A Great Job And Should Keep It Up. What He Said Is To Unite The Nation. It Isn't A Threat Im Sure He Will Do What Is Right. BTW Jusy Killing Osama Isnt Justice. We Must Rid Of terrorism All Together. I feel pain in will pray for all of the victims of the WTC. Because all of us americans right now are victims. God Bless America.
anonymous · September 14, 2001 - 22:50 EST #320
to Anonymous: everyone in america baby!!!!!! your on the outside looking in.
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 01:26 EST #321
Wake up and wise up Americans. Our government has instilled much hatred around the world and at home. These terrorists must be stopped from killing more amercans for actions the government has taken. Many americans don't agree with or endorse much of what our government does and these people are holding all americans accountable for the actions of the government they elected, so it's time for everyone to get involved and reign in our government from meddling in everyones affairs, quit their petty bickering over senseless issues and do what they are designated to do by the Constitution of the United States of America, which is to defend the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. To those of you who don't agree that they must be eliminated, you or your family could have been or could be victims of this attack or the next.
Rick · September 15, 2001 - 02:26 EST #322
I have lived in Ny for most of my life and I feel like a part of me is now missing, not with fallen buildings, but with fallen heroes. My prayers are with all of my fellow New Yorkers; I am mourning with you all in the wake of this great travesty against humanity. No amount of hate can justify this merciless act!! Lord forgive those who are responsible.
Bryan · September 15, 2001 - 02:55 EST #323
This is the work of evil incarnate. This issue is very serious, moving beyond this one incident. We must feel very grateful, however, that this was not a germ warfar attack. Ebola, Anthrax, Smallpox, Bubonic Plague (yes, you read that right), nerve gas, etc. are ALL in current production and able to be used. Look at the Japanese subway gas attack from several years ago. Had there been a biological agent on that flight, this nightmare would be devastating. We MUST unleash fury on the entire network of terrorists. From top to bottom. Notice how fast the CIA/FBI/InterPol work when given unlimited funding and unbreached control to do what they do best. Titanium cockpit doors, NO carryon luggage, seperate planes to carry luggage and sky marshals on every flight will help to lock down the air threat. But germ warfare is a different story. We must end this NOW!! God bless America and its resolve. Thank you Allies for your empathy and love.
Proud American Sailor · September 15, 2001 - 05:13 EST #324
I want to go now and hunt down the man behind this attraucity and bring him back to the streets of N.Y. We need to fight and do it now while Americas anger is fresh.
Richard, Earl of Bradford · September 15, 2001 - 06:31 EST #325
Shortly after lunch last Tuesday, I switched on our television at home and noticed on Teletext that the one of the news items stated blandly that a plane had hit the World Trade Center in New York. My first reaction was to rush upstairs to speak to my wife, as we have a cousin who was working there, at Marsh & MacLennan, the huge Anglo/American insurance company, high up in one of the twin towers. We switched on the other television, and found the live pictures coming through from New York, with bewildered commentators trying to work out what on earth was going on. Suddenly another plane came into view and hit the second twin tower, and the scene of horror started to unfold before our eyes. All thoughts of work vanished, and the rest of that day and evening was spent hoping for miracles to occur. However, it just got worse and worse, as next the scenes from the Pentagon came onto our screens, followed by the collapse of the two towers, and the pictures of the all enveloping dust cloud spreading through the area around. Immediately one's thoughts went out to all the people, who must have been frantically trying to escape in time from the burning towers, and the incredibly brave members of the emergency services who had rushed in - without any thought for their personal safety - to help everybody. I was supposed to review a restaurant that night with my wife - Le Petit Blanc in Birmingham - an early celebration of our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. But who could possibly go out to enjoy a fine meal while people were fighting for their lives and dying in the buildings and streets of New York, so we cancelled our reservation. Since then, hour by awful hour, we have learnt more, and fortunately, in the case of our family, discovered that our cousin, who never took time off work that he wasn't supposed to, had, by some miracle, decided not to go into his office that fateful day. We are all of us in Britain appalled by the scale of the devastation in New York and Washington, and our hearts go out to those that have suffered a personal bereavement. You simply cannot believe that there could be such unfeeling callousness in this world. I am delighted though that the support of the British people, and in particular all our political parties and the Royal Family, is reinforcing the strong feelings that our two great countries and their citizens have for each other. However, I just hope and pray that the USA realises that the purpose of this appalling act was to provoke America into an intemperate response - surely that can be the only reason why they launched an attack on such symbols of American might, and slaughtered so many innocent civilians. Treated the right way, it is an opportunity for the whole world to unite in fighting terrorism, however, the wrong reaction by America could turn it into war - worldwide. A frightening and very sobering thought. America has a new and inexperienced President, without the superb communication skills of his predecessor, but he has surrounded himself with intelligent and experienced advisers. Let us all hope that they make the right decisions, and that we end up with a more stable and peaceful world as a result. As that would remain as a fine and lasting legacy of something that has shaken everybody round the world and wounded so many Americans so deeply. Lastly, even when people talk about an attack on the civilised world and on democracy, it is causing hurt to others, like the Egyptians, for instance, who can boast that they had an advanced civilisation two thousand years before a modern American one existed. I feel strongly that we must stop taking for granted that America, Britain, Western Europe, and a few other countries, can decide between them what is right for everybody else. Instead we must realise that we need to solve problems and conflicts where they exist all over the globe, by listening, learning and acting appropriately, and create a just life for all, instead of assuming that only we know all the answers.
girl from germany · September 15, 2001 - 09:24 EST #326
It is so horrible! I`m very shocked!! May God bless the victims and their families!!!!
Jamie · September 15, 2001 - 09:45 EST #327
To Richard, Earl of are insulting and an idiot. How dare you criticize our President? You don't know the first thing about him. He is strong and capable, and has done nothing to warrant your criticism. Furthermore, you hold our former President in high regard. In reality, BILL CLINTON IS AS MUCH AT FAULT FOR THIS AS THE TERRORISTS! Our military and intelligence community was weakened dramatically under Clinton's Presidency. The terrorists were allowed to live in our country, learn to fly planes, and get on our planes with the CIA doing anything about it because their funding was cut drastically in the mid 90's. Our country was as strong as ever in 1991 under former President Bush. Now, his son, our current President, must spend his Presidency fixing the mess Bill Clinton left behind. The Taliban, Osama bin Ladin, Momar Ghadafi, and Sadam Hussein should all kiss their butts goodbye. My tax dollars paid to build the 'nukes, and by God it's time to use them!
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 10:30 EST #328
To Jeff Green Bay,Sept.14 Do you really think only one european soldier is going to die for the american idea to make war? You are a dreamer!!! America can make its own war, without Europe and outside Europe. Greetings from here
Australian · September 15, 2001 - 10:34 EST #329
What is this dark force that constantly seeks out for opportunity to cause death and destruction, this great darkness that takes every opportunity to kill, maim and destroy all that stands for what is right, good and noble. This darkness sweeps by now, again, now in our time, looking for opportunity, and alas, I am afraid that it has not only found opportunity, within the week minded, as has been demonstrated in recent events, but is taking hold within the minds of the righteous and the noble. Are we to be swept up in this path of blackness, our thoughts of revenge, vengeance and death? The darkness wishes it so, and it will seek out those of you who allow it. We permit and tolerate, indeed seek-out the need for vengeance, why, because it presents opportunity, that is its way. A great tragedy has befallen humanity, for all our worlds. An event so far outside our sphere of normality, that it has shocked and repulsed. It has made us aware of our fragility and our briefness of existence, and yet our greatness in the face of adversity and despair. The great darkness approaches, and serves only to deliver us into the void, that serves to separates us from the truth. It seeks out for the longest effect; for that is the place it is strongest, and there is the place that we shall dwell, for too long. We do have the right to protect our shores, our culture, and our freedom, from those that conspire to take it away. Yes there will be Retribution and Justice. I feel it is inevitable, the thing is too great, the feelings too strong, our pride in too great a pain. A great many people have been lost to us forever, for no sensible reason, family and friends. Many more will follow them, delivered to those that perpetrate hatred and fear, those that hide behind religion politic and fanatical belief. Please realize America, that this is not only your war against tyranny but also those of your allies and neighbors too, we share the same beliefs and principals of decency. The sacrifices made through consolidated commitment shall be born by all who stand together. Are walls the only answer? Certainly for the Middle East; a great f**ing wall, high and thick. We collectively, once again in history have the opportunity to deliver us from darkness, so do our enemies, Reason and Trust and mutual understanding are the way, that road is clear; it's in all our scriptures, our cultures, and it is what our gods' wish us to do. Yet, I know that that will not be the way. Our Gods' and our lady Liberty shall surely weep yet again. Best wishes
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 10:46 EST #330
To anonymous, Sept.14, 22.50 EST But noone in Europe, BABY!!!!!!!!!!
Joe · September 15, 2001 - 13:07 EST #331
We are all united and I feel deep sorrow for those lost. I'd Like to thank our allies for all of the support. Especially Britain. I hope Bush knows what he's doing because if he makes a mistake it could be the beginning of the end... God Bless..
GOD BLESS NEW YORK · September 15, 2001 - 13:35 EST #332
HAHAHA! · September 15, 2001 - 14:13 EST #333
Hey guys, IRAN has just SEALED its border with AFGHANISTAN. HAHAHA! The other countries shall soon follow. You Afghans have nowhere to go now, and will pay the penalty for messing with America. Burn baby, burn.
Richard, Earl of Bradford · September 15, 2001 - 14:45 EST #334
I think that Jamie misunderstood what I wrote: it is fact that George Bush is relatively new and inexperienced in the office of President, it has only been nine months, and he definitely does not share the great communication skills of his predecessor. I then added that he had the common-sense to surround himself with excellent and experienced advisers, the most sensible course for any new leader. I certainly did not mean to imply that Clinton would have handled things better, but he is an eloquent and gifted speaker - his standards of behaviour are another matter, and I found it frightening that he was prepared to use force on the slightest pretext, against Sudan, Iraq, Serbia, often ineffectively, and not necessarily against the right target. Even Clinton's attack on Bin Laden went wrong, and can have only strengthened Bin Laden's resolve, and actually possibly leading to the current atrocity. The greatest skill is to win by negotiation and by moral superiority, not by striking back at an enemy when you do not know exactly who they are, and when you may end up being guilty of the same sin as they were.
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 14:55 EST #335
As I read all of the comments people are making in regards to this terrible tragedy, I can't help but feel saddend by all the finger pointing, name calling, and anger filled hearts. People are mourning the death of many lives. Innocent lives I must add. People that only wanted to provide for their families and live the American dream. Wounds are still fresh and by lashing out at our American government only pours salt in the wounds. Why not console, offer words of love and encouragement during this difficult time? The time will come when anger takes it's place, but now is not the time. Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, A TIME TO KILL AND A TIME TO HEAL, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, A TIME TO MOURN and a time to dance, a time scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, A TIME TO BE SILENT AND A TIME TO SPEAK, A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO HATE, A TIME FOR WAR AND A TIME FOR PEACE. My heart, my love, and my prayers go to all who are suffering from this terrible tragedy.
No War, No Hate · September 15, 2001 - 15:09 EST #336
Dr. Bryan · September 15, 2001 - 15:39 EST #337
What would a middle eastern muslim (which is a believer in Islam, the Koran, Read Sura 2:190 which states "kill then where you find them" and Sura 5:50, "Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends") do, it they had a nuclear weopen??? They'd use it on you me and the USA. Period. Get a clue.. That means the only way we will be safe is to delete them from the face of this planet. Those Muslims that say Islam is peaceful have never trully read the book they say the believe in.
Hugh Johnson · September 15, 2001 - 15:46 EST #338
My heart goes out to every person who has suffered in this tragedy. America, we are all behind you, we are your friends.
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 17:25 EST #339
God Bless America!!!
catfisher21 · September 15, 2001 - 17:27 EST #340
I think a Canadian journalist said it best when he spoke of how America has been there to help the other Nations of the world when help was needed, both physically and financially. Yet when all hell breaks loose on our homeland, who is there to lend assistance? Nobody! Yes, we have allies all over the world that say they stand behind us. Well I say now that it's time to put up or shut up!! Help us identify and find our enemies and bring them to justice once and for all. I am a peace loving individual who does not like to fight. DONT back me into a corner or I will strike hard, fast, and furiously. Very few people have seen my rage and they never want to see it again. All I can say is, America has been backed into a corner and needs to show the real rage that so few have seen. I am behind America 100% and am ready to put up not shut up. Bring on the terrorist scum -- I am ready!!!!!!!!
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 17:38 EST #341
Prison is to good for Ben Laden and his followers I say set them on fire with jet fuel on top of the sears tower and kick his ass off.
P'd OFF · September 15, 2001 - 18:02 EST #342
TFAULK · September 15, 2001 - 18:15 EST #343
These cuontries that are harboring these terrorists have had opportunities to turn these people over to the U.S. and have not,so screw them.You wanna play,so it's time to pay.
Bandy · September 15, 2001 - 18:42 EST #344
It was an attack on lives if the bastards want to destroy the WTC they have all the night to do it but they do it at 9 am when the WTC is full of peoples. I only have one thing to say to America and to the World PLEASE destroy all of the terrorists of the world responsible for that or not ALL terrorist must die! But ALL! God bless America!
TFAULK · September 15, 2001 - 19:02 EST #345
Hey anonymous;you might want to check your facts.I believe Nostradamus died in 1566.How can anyone say America has brought this on themselves.If you don't believe that everyone should be free and able to make their own decisions then get the HELL out.We never started anything;We just kicked ass to finish it.Yes we will go to war,and yes it will be ugly,but being nice and forgiving the people responsible will only open the door for them to do it again because it will continue to show the weakness to terrorism we have shown in the past.
macanada · September 15, 2001 - 19:12 EST #346
Too bad about all the going ons it this sick world.But instead of going to war,would it not be cheaper to offer five million dollars for each terrorist head laid on the U.N. doorstep.Also note that Canada should look hard and long at their immagration and refugee rules before bringing anymore scum in to mix with good citizens such as true Americans and true Canadians.
concerned citizen · September 15, 2001 - 19:15 EST #347
There are way too many issues to even respond to; and everyone seems to have their own agenda, as always. There's our friend in Britain (the "british military guy, 9/11 and 9/12) who wants us to cut off the groups who are funding the IRA (a reasonable request) to the hacker "Matt" who implies the next wave of terrorism will be on the net (entirely likely), to "silver cloud" and the other Native American, angry about an unfortunate past that is long gone...not to mention all the religious zealots, Christian and otherwise. I have but three things to say: 1. This has nothing to do with the A-bombs; that was WWII. (see multiple postings above stating that Sept 11 is payback for the end of WWII, like that makes a lot of sense). 2. Sure, the US incites the wrath of other groups in the world and probably helped to create some of the monsters that did this, but our fault was in not keeping them on our payroll more effectively, or squelching them before they got out of control. Osama bin Laden and his compatriots are clearly threats that cannot be negotiated with, and therefore must be killed. Unfortunately, this involves destroying any of his supporting nations. 3. You tree huggers get really old with your "love everybody" crap. National lines exist. People are bigoted. That will never change. One thing that is true is that there is no nation on the planet that has better living conditions for its people, greater freedoms, and more opportunity than the US. We do more to support the world community than ANY other nation. We pay 25% of the UN budget every year, yet we are constantly trashed by that organization. And still, we belong, we engage in dialogue, and we lead. You can blame the 8 years of failed foreign policy of our last president for some of what's going on right now. The only reason we are able to give so much monentary and manpower support to the world is because of our successful socio-economic structure, and the successful globalization of our corporations. This does not obviate the need for tolerance, and saving the environment, and all that. But don't go biting the hand that feeds you; remember who pays Mommy and Daddy's paycheck and keeps the lights on and gives you a toilet to flush.
concerned citizen · September 15, 2001 - 19:17 EST #348
By the way, I don't know who came up with the unfortunate hoax that some girl was beaten to death at ASU for looking like an Arab, but it is unsubstantiated. True, people are being discriminated against/harrassed, and this must stop. They are not the enemy. Focus people; this is going to be a long road, and will not end next week or even next month or next year. Stay united.
TFAULK · September 15, 2001 - 19:19 EST #349
God bless all the families who have lost loved ones.I hope the justice that will come to those responsible will satisfy YOUR cry for justice.
anonymous · September 15, 2001 - 19:22 EST #350
This great symbol of our nation is gone, but the strength, faith, and patiotism of the American people is not.
AMERICAN · September 15, 2001 - 19:23 EST #351
Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,for purple mountain magisties, above the fruited plain, America, America, God shed his grace on thee. And crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.
Bob Jones · September 15, 2001 - 19:34 EST #352
I can't believe this happend. Bin Laden " Will Pay ".
Jason · September 15, 2001 - 19:35 EST #353
A sad Loss
TFAULK · September 15, 2001 - 19:38 EST #354
People have got to realize that these terrorist have no love for the U.S.and will do anything they can to kill Americans and it's Allies worldwide under any circumstances.Will you feel safe on the next flight you take?Forget the mistakes made in the past,let's stop this now.
Bruno Azwipa · September 15, 2001 - 19:54 EST #355
concerned citizen: I read about half way down the list of comments till i just got to disgusted with what i was reading. There are so many Idiots out there ! but you couldn't have said it any better. God Bless America!!!!!!!
Steve Z · September 15, 2001 - 20:27 EST #356
America, it's time we started to think of ourselves as one nation. We need to find who did this and send their military intelligence back to the Stone Age. I think as a nation, we should all help the war effort- this does not mean a military draft, but just to support our leaders, regardless of party lines. Be proud of your country- many cannot rebound and rebuild, even though it may sound hard or disturbing that we will ever be back to normal. America got a deep cut on September 11, and only its own body, its own people, can heal it.
Ralph Smole · September 15, 2001 - 20:46 EST #357
While this whole tragedy is devastating, what hit me really hard was hearing about all the calls made by the victims before they met their demise. My heart just completely broke. I just cannot fathom getting a call from my wife, or making that call to my wife. At least those few people got to save I Love You one more time. God bless the victims, their families, friends and God bless America!!
Steve P · September 15, 2001 - 22:58 EST #358
As an Englishman living over here in the USA, I was shocked, appalled and stunned at the horrendous events of Tuesday. My heart goes out to all those affected. I hope I speak for all "Brits" when I say that no decent human being, anywhere in the world, would condone this action, this wanton disregard for human life. Britain has need to thank the USA. You were our lifeline during the Second World War. (To mention but one instance). I hope the UK government fulfils its promise, and stands by the USA, as it has in the past. Friday: At 12.00 today, I was at my desk, keeping the 3 minutes silence in memory of those people lost in New York on Tuesday. 800 Million other Europeans did the same at 11.00 am British Time. Even the sky seems to be weeping........... Today the world stands with the United States in its sorrow. Messages of sympathy have been received from Cuba to Iran, Australia to the UK. No decent human being ANYWHERE has failed to express the shock and outrage as events unfolded. Words cannot really express my feelings at the moment... a deep sadness at the events, impotence, and an anger at those responsible. I hesitate to call the responsible parties "People". The word "people" suggests an underlying humanity. These are not humans, they are animals, rabid dogs running amok through all decent society. I don't care what nation they are supposed to represent, or what religion. (In fact all religions teach the sanctity of life - so that's a non-starter) So what do we call the 18 rabid dogs who were killed on the airliners? A start! There is no room in this world for these parties. Just like a disease, or a cancer, they need eradicating, once and for all. To those who supported the action on Tuesday, I have only this to say - You have just awoken a sleeping giant, and may, whatever God you are supposed to believe in help you, because no decent human being in the rest of the world, will!
WARNING TO ISLAMIC/ARAB AMERICANS · September 15, 2001 - 23:32 EST #359
islamic and arab americans: some americans will continue to harass you and show violence toward you for one reason: there are sooo many islamics and arabs on fbi's list, that nobody knows who is innocent, and who may be involved. So, whenever they come across one of you middle eastern people, you have a chance of being attacked. My advice to you - fight back! If you have any sort of weapon, or are a good fighter, you have every right to return the disrespectfulness being directed at you. Any islamic or arab american is considered "suspicious", so just be careful and by all means - defend yourself. I am afraid that if some people keep attacking islamic people, even islamic people who do love america are going to turn to the side of the terrorists and really fight back by getting a group together. You have been warned. That's all I can say.
Hugh · September 15, 2001 - 23:37 EST #360
I am really gettin sick of seeing all the freakin flags posted up everywhere. I wish people would just keep their "loving" feelings of our country to themselves, because not all americans feel the same way. Also, the people who did this are NOT going to pay! We are going to be attacking and killing innocent people who had nothing at all to do with these attacks. The people who did this are all in OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!
Born American · September 15, 2001 - 23:58 EST #361
Just like a New York woman stated tonight on "America's Most Wanted", the United States needs to put an end to immigration of ANYONE into the United States. Had we had very strict immigration laws, these terrorist would have never gotten into this country in the first place. Then again, the scary thing is that we have terrorists who are BORN in this country, such as Timothy McVeigh. Can we really trust anyone anymore? Anyone of us or our neighbors next door to us on our streets, could be terrorists. Because of our retarded government, our staggering economy, and lack of security at our airports and everywhere else, there are americans who want to fight back at the government like Timothy McVeigh did. It might be just a matter of time before another attack happens.
Darlene Walters · September 16, 2001 - 00:11 EST #362
We love to say that we feel your grief and pain that you all are going through. And that our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May "GOD BLESS AMERICA" and New York don't give up "HOPE". We love you New York
TO THE CO. CANTOR FITZGERALD: · September 16, 2001 - 00:50 EST #363
My heart and deepest sympathy goes out to the 700 employees of CANTOR FITZGERALD. I wish there was something I could possibly do to help ease the excruciating pain that this poor company has gone through. I seen the interview of the CEO, and just broke down and cried with him. It has changed my views about rich people forever. No longer will I think of people with wealth as heartless and greedy. This man obviously has a heart and cares deeply about his company. God Bless anyone who works for or with CANTOR FITZGERALD.
Robert · September 16, 2001 - 01:04 EST #364
How can the so-called 'leader' of our country be so full of hate and vengeance toward anyone? I do not support President Bush at all for his thoughts on this crisis. America is not a country of hate, vowing revenge. America is a country of love, strength, wisdom, and courage. Bush does not represent America, at least not MY America. Mr. Bush should be more careful about the trash and filth that comes out of his mouth, because he is fueling the anger of all Americans.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 01:13 EST #365
The U.S. going over to Afghanistan and killing innocent people is WRONG. An eye for an eye makes a country blind. We are playing right into the terrorists hands by fighting back. A war is exactly what they wanted out of this, and we are giving it to them. We are NOT going to find Osama Bin Laden, much less rid the world of terrorism. War supposedly ends when there is a victory or a loss. How do we determine whhat is a victory? How do we determine when someone has lost? A victory would mean getting rid of terrorism (I think, anyway), but a loss would mean millions of americans killed FOR NOTHING! It is NOT worth killing many american men and women soldiers, just to defeat one man, or a small group of terrorists. America has to have some kind of common sense, and think twice about fighting back.
Brian Filmore · September 16, 2001 - 01:18 EST #366
War is not going to bring any of our loved ones back, and kill even more loved ones. Compared to other countries, our military is extremely WEAK. I've been a member of the Army Reserves with basic training in Fort Jackson, S.C. I thought the basic training was DISNEY WORLD!!! The pictures we see of other countries militaries look much much stronger of what our military is about. Maybe if soldiers were trained like they were in the movie "Full Metal Jacket", we'd stand a chance. But, that is a movie and the reality is our armed forces are a JOKE.
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 01:27 EST #367
No retaliation means that we are the only one losing an eye.If we do nothing,millions will die anyway,but it will all be in this country.What the response should be;I don't know,but doing nothing is not the response needed.By the way,if flying a plane into a building makes you brave,then I'll remain a coward.I think it makes you stupid or just scared of not doing what a madman tells you to do.
Stock Trader · September 16, 2001 - 01:31 EST #368
On Monday when the NYSE re-opens, there is fear that the stock market is going to plummet possibly 1000 to 2000 points. Everyone who trades stocks, SELL OFF NOW.
Francis Francisco · September 16, 2001 - 01:45 EST #369
Like the person who made the comment above, Californians ARE the REAL enemies. Not Islamic or Arabic people. Californians! The country should go to war against California, and get rid of Hollywood and all it stands for.
AmericanBorn · September 16, 2001 - 01:57 EST #370
Criminals (or terrorists) generally enjoy what they do. They continue to do so until they are caught. They seek the thrill of terror and death. This is not something that can be dealt with by sitting down and talking. Peace is not on their agenda. Terrorists would much rather obliterate their targets than agree to Peace. If they continue to get away with their treacherous violence, they will do it again, and again. Are we to be lambs or defend ourselves? None of the Americans who were innocently killed had a chance to even try to defend themselves. How many more attacks do you think we should allow before we say, Okay, now were going to fight back? Being passive will not make this end. Wouldn't you do everything in your power to protect your children/family/loved ones? Of course you would. At this time ALL true Americans and those who support us are our loved ones. War is eminent when one side shoots first. It is normal for human being to protect themselves from harm. It is a basic instinct (survival). Doing nothing will encourage their attempts to do it again...
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 02:06 EST #371
AmericanBorn nailed it on the head.Do nothing and you'll get it again.
Caring American · September 16, 2001 - 02:12 EST #372
Every day I hear about the sympathy to all the victims killed in the attack (which is deeply sad), but there hasn't been ONE WORD about the buildings destroyed! These buildings, these beautiful, tall buildings - had feelings too! They had families who loved them just as much as the humans. These pieces of steel and glass will not be forgotten, as they lay in a heap over there in Staten Island. ALSO - The NEW YORK TIMES states that there is TONS AND TONS of gold and silver underneath the wreckage. LETS ALL RUSH DOWN THERE RIGHT NOW AND GET THAT GOLD!!!! Grab your shovels, grab your pics...It's just about time, for us all to get RICH!!! Yee-haaa!!!!!
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 02:16 EST #373
What is wrong with some of you people?I would like to have peace too,but when the lives of innocent Americans,Britians,French,etc.etc.etc. were taken so cowardly,I cannot sit back and say "I forgive you;do it again and I'll forgive you again."That is crap.This country is free because people fought for freedom.Are you to good to do what they did?I'm not.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 02:20 EST #374
TFAULK....... Please stop leaving so many comments. We've heard enough from you. Thanks for letting us know your opinion, but it's time to support another cause.
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 02:20 EST #375
Your city could be next.Your family could be next.Your child could be next.Let's see how forgiving you want to be then.THINK ABOUT IT!!
Stomach Turned Over · September 16, 2001 - 02:22 EST #376
We were all deeply affected by this tragedy. God Bless America and may president Bush retaliate with honor and dignity for his country.
Harold from CT · September 16, 2001 - 02:22 EST #377
Why could'nt some of these most irritating reporters been killed in the attacks? God they're sooooo irritating!!!! They don't give a crap about anything but getting a good story. Harold
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 02:23 EST #378
My right as an American.
Britney Spears · September 16, 2001 - 02:28 EST #379
Geez, people. I really feel sad for all of yall. It's hard to believe someone could actually do somethin so darn horrible to our grate country! I just feel so sad, and hope that all them victims families get support and answers to what happened to their loved ones. God bless ya all.
Bob Dunton · September 16, 2001 - 02:31 EST #380
The world should ban the sale of ALL knives including box-cutters and steak knives, since this seems to be the weapon of choice for terrorists now. We just won't be able to eat steak anymore, but that's okay to me. I'll just eat it with my fingers, that's all.
Rick · September 16, 2001 - 02:34 EST #381
As a New Yorker, my heart just breaks as I watch those two buildings go down with so many innocent people. I kknow that so many Americans are so angry right now, but I believe that the President is fueling the fire for further hatred and bigotry in America by talking about revenge. Mr. Bush just led out in a prayer session for those who have lost their loved ones in those senseless attacks, but is he going to have another prayer session for the innocent people in Afganistan who will be hurt, or for the innocent American millitary personnels that will become casualties of war? Why are we praying so much and still so bent on getting revenge? If we are going to pray to the Lord for help and direction why don't we listen to what His word says, "Vengence belongs to me, I will repay, says The Lord," (Hebrews 10:30). Killing more innocent people is certainly not the way to go. Let us not be lead by anger and revenge. Look at all of the men and women who have lost their lives trying to save it American lives we are interested in saving, or human lives? This is to the person who said that we should close our shores to immigrants...I want to ask you a question: Are you a native American? American Indian? If no, then you are an immigrant too! All of the Arabs, and muslims have the same right to be here just like you do. One day, long ago, your foreparents canme here as immigrants too. This beautiful country was built on the backs of slaves and immigrants. Do not forget what the Europeans did to the Natives when they came here. Christopher Columbus cutting off the hands off innocent men, women and children (of Native Americans)who just were just too tired to dig gold for him (in their own land!!). Columbus was a terrible murderer; let us be balanced in our thinking. America has a dark past too, you know. Wake up america...Read matthew chapter 24. This is just another sign of the soon return of jesus christ. God is about to reclaim his world. After this, tragedy you will see this beloved country turn to blood shed like you have never seen before!!It is written in the prophecies of revelations. We are praying so much, but will surely think it is fanitical to read and obey the rest of god's word; what a shame. This senseless attack is going to lead america to restrict freedom to such a great extent. This country is on the brink of religious persecution!!! America will lead the rest of the world in enforcing sunday as a day of worship (and sunday is not the sabbath...See exedus 20:8-11- sunday is not the seventh day, but the first!! America will impose the catholic faith (false sabbath) on all of it's citizens. Maybe this does not make sense yet, but read your bibles and see the importance of the true sabbath (saturday, the 7th. Day) in god's redemtion of his world. Even so, come lord jesus. May god continue to bless america, and forgive those who have comitted this act against his beloved children...Remember even these people are still god's children. Please pray for their repentence. Forgiveness is the greatest part our healing right now. I love ny...It is my home.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 02:34 EST #382
From a former american soldiers point of view, love is the only answer. The guilty should and will be punished for this atrocity. For those of you who want a bloody revenge, do you have the courage to put on a uniform and die bringing these terrorist to justice? When your number is called, will you get on the plane with me to defend America's honor? Or will you fervently call for military action to smite our enemies yet not have the stomach to do the job yourself? Get involved, sign up for service, or shutup!
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 02:49 EST #383
anonymous Don't worry;I won't be back.Yes I will put the uniform on;yes I will go overseas:yes I will do what I have to do to see that my eight year old daughter lives a long life.Goodbye and God bless.
Lynette In California · September 16, 2001 - 03:46 EST #384
First, Please let me say, My heart is breaking with the families, friends, and co workers of the innocent victims of Sept. 11, 2001. I am the mother of 5 daughters from the ages 6 to 16. While I now live in Southern California, I grew up in a military family and lived all over the US. While living in Wilkes Barre PA, I traveled quite a bit to New York, and the memories of standing at the base of the WTC still plays out in my mind. I now live in a city equal in population to the workers in the WTC. I have been watching NY and the WTC since right after the first terrorist attack and saw as it happened, the sickening reality of HATE. I have watched and cried with my daughters the events unfolding (I was very careful to restrict my younger daughters to just the original facts from day 1) Besides trying to support the victims and their families, I am only writing here today because I am so bothered by the messages left here and other places..... First the sick joking around and some peoples idea of being clever... Lives were lost...including children and pregnant women, all of the lives important. Secondly, to have numerous people claiming this is understandable and is a religious war is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard and it confuses so many.....There is no religion or God in killing innocent lives, no heavenly reward. There are no winners in war...only death. It is an act of evil and the only "God" involved is SATAN. And finally, the hate this has stirred up in the USA, I am an American dating back to the Mayflower, I grew up in a military family living on base next to every nationality, and I never knew racisms. I am blessed. I always knew that all people, of all races and countries, are equal, I have been verbally attacked for my standings. I am very long winded and I apologize, what I am trying to convey is the fact that all races are equal, and all can become filled with Hate and evil, but because your neighbor, or brother does, does not mean you will be. Terrorists who hate Americans have murdered so many people; PLEASE make sure that we do not allow any hateful person to attack Arabs in the USA because of this atrocity. Most are here because they were escaping the hate of their nation. They should not be lumped together with evil. By attacking them, are we not giving in and expressing the exact hate that we all witnessed Tuesday morning. Lets keep the true enemy in mind, evil, and hatred. Please, lets teach our children that the individual that commits evil, does not speak for all members of that particular race or the human race. The news reports we were all so disgusted by out of Afghanistan, the children and people cheering in the streets, understand, these people have been taught to hate and to lump all Americans together and have brain washed into hatred for so many years.... do not allow us to become the same ignorant fools.... The world can never be the same......
The Mayflower? · September 16, 2001 - 03:52 EST #385
Lynette in California: You "are an American dating back to the Mayflower"? Geez! You must be really REALLY OLD!!!!!!! How many hundreds of years old are you, anyway? I hope I don't live to be that old. My goodness! Do you have a picture you can post on this site? I'm sure we'd ALL love to see what you look like!
The FBI is responsible · September 16, 2001 - 03:56 EST #386
From the latest news headlines, it is turning out that the FBI has known about the terrorists for WEEKS and DID NOTHING!!! Do we, as Americans, feel safe that our Federal Bureau of Investigation is CORRUPT? Well, we've known this for quite some time now, since finding out that some members of the FBI are SPIES for other countries. It appears that someone in the FBI was ALSO a SUPPORTER of Bin Laden....Very scary, indeed. How can we protect our country, when our FBI does nothing to stop an attack of this magnitude? That's why I cannot stand the U.S. government, and feel that they are partly the reason for the death of thousands of lives.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 04:02 EST #387
Lynette In California · September 16, 2001 - 04:13 EST #388
The Mayflower?'s comments are enought to prove my point on becoming ignorant fools and making a sick joke out of all this...... Yes, fool, I am hundreds of years old,I am an old Oak tree that lives just around the river bend, and have seen many like you, and I have to remind myself, when discussing important events, sometimes one tries to make it a battle of wits...and I need to remember that there are many like you.......unarmed and ignorant. I hope you never have to face an attack...because you may someday need support
anon · September 16, 2001 - 04:59 EST #389
AMERICA IS STRONG! Our President is strong! Our people must unite against this evil! We will be victorious! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Jesus · September 16, 2001 - 07:01 EST #390
From Spain. I feel specially concerned, because in Basque Country, where I live, there is a terrorist group(ETA)who had murdered many innocent people. In this horrible circumstances I'm whit the U.S. people.
George W. Bush · September 16, 2001 - 07:53 EST #391
I quote a posting found on this site.................. anonymous September 16, 2001 - 02:34 EST From a former american soldiers point of view, love is the only answer. The guilty should and will be punished for this atrocity. For those of you who want a bloody revenge, do you have the courage to put on a uniform and die bringing these terrorist to justice? When your number is called, will you get on the plane with me to defend America's honor? Or will you fervently call for military action to smite our enemies yet not have the stomach to do the job yourself? Get involved, sign up for service, or shutup! un/quote..................................... ANONYMOUS? Place a name on your uniform soldier. Place your arm around your brother and put your pointing finger at your side. We will not hide our names in this effort to snuf out the cowards responsible for this act of terrorism. This was a cowardly act. Cowards without names and without faces. We shall discover who these cowards are and they will see our faces and know our name.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 09:16 EST #392
Why do so many of the preachy "God, God, and more God" types have such trouble with spelling? There has to be a connection there somewhere.
Glodan · September 16, 2001 - 09:18 EST #393
Nun ist es an der Zeit, dass Amerika zurück schlägt, doch gegen wen? afganistan, irak oder lybien. ich hoffe sie finden die verantwortlichen und legen diese dann in schutt und asche
Franz · September 16, 2001 - 11:09 EST #394
Hans, I hate the dumb jerks too. Fortunately, they don't run the country. I only hope they don't shoot any more Asian INDIAN people, thinking that they are Muslim (like in Arizona). Get a grip people. You're not doing us any favors. You're playing right into the hands of the terrorists.
IRELAND · September 16, 2001 - 11:29 EST #395
MK · September 16, 2001 - 12:03 EST #396
Hello all. I worked on the 81st floor of the building. I was yards away when I watched both planes strike. Our world will never be the same. I want all of us to count our blessings and come together to rid the world of terroism. I want all of you to hold your loved ones tightly and pray for the families of the ones who perished. I have learned what is truely important in this world...familly and friends. May God bless you all.......
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 12:09 EST #397
Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Beaten why for Can't take much more Here we go...Here we go...Here we go One - Nothing wrong with me Two - Nothing wrong with me Three - Nothing wrong with me Four - Nothing wrong with me One - Something's got to give Two - Something's got to give Three - Something's got to give Now Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Push me again This is the end Here we go...Here we go...Here we go One - Nothing wrong with me Two - Nothing wrong with me Three - Nothing wrong with me Four - Nothing wrong with me One - Something's got to give Two - Something's got to give Three - Something's got to give Now Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Skin against skin blood and bone You're all by yourself but you're not alone You wanted in now you're here Driven by hate consumed by fear Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor One - Nothing wrong with me Two - Nothing wrong with me Three - Nothing wrong with me Four - Nothing wrong with me One - Something's got to give Two - Something's got to give Three - Something's got to give Now Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor The floor...The floor...The floor...The floor
Perry Scope · September 16, 2001 - 12:16 EST #398
I like Lynette in California! She has a wisdom others who have posted messages on this site should envy and attempt to emulate. Truth emanates from her words because she has an insight gained by confronting the world as it is. She speaks not for herself but for humanity and those whose bellicose comments scream from these pages should feel humbled and ashamed. She does not only date back to the Mayflower: she is a May flower and as such brightens the lives of those who pass her way and will provide sustenance through the lean months of winter. It can be no accident that her message is posted twice for it is one of the few which can bear repetition. And may I remind everyone that the World is divided into just two sorts of people: Americans and non-Americans. I belong to the latter, despite my name. So when America goes to war who must it fight? Hiram Johnson 1866-1945 ~ The first casualty when war comes is truth. Speech, U.S. Senate, 1917. "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances..." Shakespeare. If there is a God, may God bless us all.
chanda fahad · September 16, 2001 - 12:37 EST #399
hey americans...i know that it is a big tragedy with you.but don't mind it is starting with you.I'llpray for u that MAy God let see you such type of hundred incidents.or you can say that accident if u still stay on ur AIMS...i think u can understand what i want to explore on you TAke Care for all ofAmerica along with americans bye
MARK · September 16, 2001 - 13:10 EST #400
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 13:37 EST #401
Hey anonymous,I'm back.Why don't you give it a rest.A few people are actually trying to make since out of this whole mess.You can agree or disagree with a persons opinion,but judging them is not your job.That job belongs to someone with alot more authority than you.If I've got a comment,I'll post it, because I can.Hopefully it will give insight to what is going on,but even if it doesn't,don't try to shut me up.
Scott Glazener · September 16, 2001 - 13:50 EST #402
Americans-Don't give up hope because GOD never gives up on us.... GOD BLESS AMERICA & GOD BLESS AMERICANS... We Will Overcome !!!
LMAO · September 16, 2001 - 13:56 EST #403
Lynette In California = Mayflower hey!! you're only like 16 yrs old and you just read about it the other day in History class!! gimme a break and let your dad back on the computer! Tfaulk = shut up for the last time.. Perry Scope = "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.." yo uhave the quote was Elvis-Are You Lonesome Tonight.
bushappy · September 16, 2001 - 14:31 EST #404
i am really sorry for the million people the guys in that tower killed for money.. bush seems so happy...
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 14:56 EST #405
It's amazing how events like this instantly makes experts of the situation out of so many people.
Bia-Brazil · September 16, 2001 - 15:43 EST #406
I'm sorry what happened last tuesday(09/11).I pray everyday for the victims of this tragedy.I hope the President think twice after permit a war.It isn't a solution!Iguality for all is.God bless you all.Peace! Bianca
Reef Mowers · September 16, 2001 - 18:32 EST #407
The integrity of the United States has been compromised. we will not let anyone keep us in the position we are now in. In a matter of time severe action against the people who put is in this position will bring the United states back to where we belong and even make us a stronger Nation.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 19:55 EST #408
"God will save us!" "God will protect us!" "God is punishing us because we have homosexuals here!" "God blah blah blah blah blah!" "I spel evrythin rong and beleiv in GOD!" You idiots need to know that there's no such thing as "god." People, look at it logically, sit back, think for a minute. You can do it. How logical is it for invisible people flying around in the sky that know everything? Not very if you ask me, besides science has a MUCH more logical explanation to life as we know it. If "god" exists, and he let this happen, then why should anybody be punished? Why not punish "god?" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Vinegaroon · September 16, 2001 - 20:11 EST #409
Bullies only understand force. Will you or your sons join the military to stop the murderous bullies in this world? If not, stop your bellicose speeches and cower silently.
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 20:42 EST #410
News flash to the people of the world.Anonymous has all the answers so let's all stop and listen.
anonymous · September 16, 2001 - 20:55 EST #411
In the flash of a moment... You wake up last Tuesday morning and really don't want to go to work to a boring office job that you were thinking about calling in sick to anyway. You feel too guilty to call in because you've got things due today and reluctantly decide to go in. You get into work and chat with your friends. Remember, you probably spend more time here and with these people than at home with your family anyway. You all of a sudden hear a loud noise. Of course you don't know what it is except that it can't be normal. People start to scream and everything goes dark. You run but you don't know where you are running to. You drop to the ground because if you stay standing you can't breath because of all of the smoke. Another blast. This time you get hit with a computer monitor that fall off a desk. You know your head is bleeding and you are starting to get dizzy. The screaming is deafening but you keep crawling on the floor toward anything. You finally reach a door and a stairway. So many people. So much noise. You walk down the stairs but everyone is screaming and not moving very fast. You know there are so many people on the stairs that you may not make it down. You began on the 92nd floor. You keep walking down the stairs. If feels like this has been going on forever but you still don't know what happened. Then...blackness. The building has collapsed and you are one of the many casualties. You didn't even get to call your loved ones to say goodbye. Please remember everyone: This could have been any of you. You can preach, make all the comments in the world about bombing everyone and anyone responsible but in the end it's about the losses we have suffered. There may not be a right or wrong way to handle this situation. But supporting our president and our country is a good way to start in my opinion. Please also just take time to be kind to other people.
sput · September 16, 2001 - 21:51 EST #412
Lets Pray for the Victims and Families. Like the President said it best "now they will hear from all of us"
TFAULK · September 16, 2001 - 22:00 EST #413
Hey anonymous,guess what?I actually agree with you.I have seen the darkness.I have been in the blackness.Let's not condemn are government for decisions they haven't made yet.I'm sure they are considering the loss of innocent lives in the decisions they make.It is time to pull together and do whatever is needed.
Larry S · September 16, 2001 - 22:05 EST #414
An unbelievable tragedy! I can't understand the MORONS that are blaming this an attack on our President! Now is the time for all Americans to stand together united. Pray for the victims, their families and especially our country. Thank God Clinton is gone.................God Bless!!
Kaleo · September 16, 2001 - 23:17 EST #415
Earth is the only place humans have to live. We must not start WWIII and destroy us all. This is when world unification must truly begin. In the future, we must end the use of oil which enables our inevitable demise and let new technologies flourish. And spend billions on technology. Celebrate the magnificence of what the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center stand for. And deplore the acts which brought them down. Aloha, Kaleo
Question_everything · September 16, 2001 - 23:24 EST #416
I watched the events unfold with utter disbelief. The people who did this are not afraid to die for what they believe in. They think that Americans are cowards for fighting their wars from thousands of miles away. The life of someone willing to pilot a plane or strap a bomb to their chest is nothing. They will die a martir for the cause. Is this the result of placing religious values above all else? It is inevitable that there is going to be the other side of the coin as well.... They justify their actions by saying that the U.S is responsible for untold horrors in their country. We find ourselves devils or angels depending who is judging - so what is going on? where is justice where is the truth?
Don · September 16, 2001 - 23:26 EST #417
I read and re-read so many of the postings here. I am awestruck by the light heartedness of many comments. This is no time for jokes or smart ass remarks by ignorant juveniles or adults. I think back to Pearl Harbour and the thousands of Japanese-Americans that were taken to prison camps, beaten and tortured by thier fellow Americans. One of the basic princpals of being an American is the right to freedom. "Innocent until proven guilty". Do not place all Muslims, Arabs, or anyone that is not WASP at the same level of the terrorist. Do not hate, beat, throw rocks or do anything else that places the rest of US at the same level of the Godless bastards who brought this misery to bear. We are about to undergo some of the most difficult times of being an American and living in America, peace, patience, God. We are united. We will grow, We will prosper, We will overcome. Lets show the rest of the world how it's done. Let us pray. At home, at school, at work. God Bless America.
spock 2 · September 16, 2001 - 23:30 EST #418
The needs of the many (members of the free world)outweigh the needs of the few (terrorists AND those who support terrorism in ANY way). They simply must be eliminated.
A Message For All · September 16, 2001 - 23:46 EST #419
This message is for all to read and think about, whether you believe in Jesus Christ, or not. The attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. are deeply heartbreaking. Many families lost loved ones, and are really wondering why they were taken from this earth in such a horrible way. My answer is this: It was time for them to be called up to the Lord, to reside with Him for eternity in peace. To those survivors of the families who lost their loved ones, I pray that you did all you could to lead them to Christ to be saved and written in the Book of Life. If you did, and they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, you can be rest assured that your loved ones are in a much better place because of this tragedy. So, instead of weeping for days on end, be glad and grateful towards our Heavenly Father for placing them in a better place. They will not have to face the devastating results of our country going to war. We are all in for much more heartache and pain, and your loved ones will not have to bear any of it. It is very, very sad to hear people on this comments page speak about God in such an awful way. We cannot even think about punishing God! It is understandable to non-believers to want to believe that God could have done something to stop these attacks, but Satan is who we ought to punish - not God. God is a loving and merciful God. He would not take these people's lives in such a non-loving way. But I promise you this, Jesus Christ prepared a place in Heaven for those who have accepted Christ as their savior when these attacks took place. This 'Holy War', as some are calling it, took place even before the attacks. This war took place between Satan and God. The people involved WILL be brought to justice. If not by our own government or the help from other countries, but justice from God when those people are standing at the golden gates. They will have to face judgement from Jesus Christ and plead their case. The one bright side to all of this, is that america is coming together in ways that were never seen before. Many people are praying and asking God to bless others, and that is just a miracle to see that happening. It should not take something like this to bring people together, though. My final hope is that those non-believers and atheists out there that say there is no 'God', finally realize that their life may be stopped at any time. I pray that those unsaved people turn to God, repent of their sins, and accept that Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for them. As a born-again christian who was saved a few years ago, I feel that it is my christian duty to get the word out and try to help as many people as possible to be saved from the grips of satan. God bless all that have taken the time to read this, and especially those who take that leap of faith and put their life in God's hands from now till eternity. If you'd like to know HOW to get saved, here is a site that can help you. Pastor Charles Stanley is a great example of a christian who has led many to Christ, and possibly you could be added to that list. It is very easy to get saved, and you only have to do it once. Once you're name is in the Book of Life, it cannot be erased - no matter what you do.
Karen M. · September 17, 2001 - 00:00 EST #420
Thank you for helping non-believers to become saved christians. is a GREAT website, and has many answers for those people who blame God about where God is when tragedy strikes, and why these types of things happen. God Bless you all.
UTOPIA · September 17, 2001 - 01:37 EST #421
Life, what is life? One minuite you are sitting at your computer checking your morning e-mail and a split second later, the lights have been turned off and you are in a diffrent dimension looking over the tragedy that just occured. Did you have time to be frightened? did you have time to clear your thought before realizing what has happened? NO. Life was just taken from you and now you can only watch from above with all your fellow emploees and friends holding hands in a great big circle above the great twin towers before entering the gates of Heaven. For us here on the ground, we wonder why this horrible thing has happened to such good people. Did we forget to tell dad,I love you before he went to work this morning? Did we forget to hug a friend that works there? Did we not forgive and forget for the little thing she said about you yesterday? I hope so, because now they are gone forever. Forgiveness is still accepted from Dad, your friend and she who made the comment. Now we need to come together as the United that we stand for and forgive and forget eachother. Black, white, chineese, japanese, gang members, theives, BAD people in this country should unite and forget our diffrences to become a stronger and as we call ourselves "UNITED". This coming together will make the diffrence in getting through this tragedy and becoming better Americans and people. FORGIVE such stupid little diffrences with eachother and become a proud representation of your country. AMERICANS. We will win and get through this all! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! sign UTOPIA
Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 01:41 EST #422
To "anonymous" who wrote "I say tit for tat Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Their culture has never lived without war...,": You can't be that "anonymous". The Palestinians are not a culture who just get a kick out of bombing another country. They're just beyond pissed that an ugly, poisonous weed was planted on their yard (the apartheid state of Israel) and the devils are generously watering it (America). What did you expect them to do when they heard news of the attack on good old U.S. of A? Cry? Why? Did any of you Americans care, or even know, of all the loved ones they lose daily at the hands of the Hitler-esque Israeli government? And instead of the U.S. stopping them, they pat them on the back and give them more lollipops. America: you have blood on your hands...repent!!! You devils (Jews and Americans) have planted something else in the world. A group of people (Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs, etc.) who HATE you so much that they wouldn't even hesitate to do what they did on Tuesday in New York again....and again...and again.... Advice to Bush: stop sucking up to Israel! The Jews are SO not worth it! They're all damned to Hell anyway! God hates them! They're His "Chosen Ones"! What are you getting out of this wharped relationship with them, anyway? It's just not worth it! Especially not the thousands of innocent lives taken on Tuesday and the ones yet to come.... Peace out!
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 01:58 EST #423
It hurts me to see all these vary strong opinons on this website. It hurts, because everyone is baseing their opinions upon the American media. Enought said the destroyer
Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 02:05 EST #424
To "Seek the Truth; Trust No One" - Amen to what you said on your 9/13 post! Zionism is the racist poison that will trigger WWIII and bring Judgement Day! At that point, the Jews will finally all follow their ancestors to Hell. The U.S. will always support Zionism, unfortunately! Why you ask? Well because nearly 65% of the U.S. policy makers have last names that read like this: Cohen Levine Gilman Culberson Chabot Moss Ackerman Feinstein Lieberman etc. etc. Face it: America is actually the U.S. of Israel. And so they will both face the wrath of the suicide bombers!
Excuse me?!?! · September 17, 2001 - 02:17 EST #425
Excuse me if I'm wrong, but was not Jesus Christ a "JEW"? How DARE you have such hate against Jews! May God richly bless Israel and anyone who is associated with Israel. Nobody can blame any of this bull crap on Jewish people. I, myself, am caucasian. It's understandable to have hate towards Americans, but please don't hold Jews responsible for any of these attacks by the terrorists - whether they be Muslim, Islamic, or whatever. Jesus Christ was a Jew!!! Jerry Seinfeld is a Jew!!! Barbara Streisand is Jewish! Peace to all Jewish people and the people of Israel.
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 02:29 EST #426
Is Zionism Jewish fanatics or something? I'm confused as to what Zionism means. Someone please help me understand. Thank You.
To Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 02:33 EST #427
Gloria, you seem to think you are holy. Pick up a bible, if you know what it looks like, and read "Thou shalt not kill". You words express no better than Hitler when he mass murdered 6 million Jews. You are preaching prejudice and killing as the word of God. There are many Americans from all over the world here. I am NOT any of the following: Jewish, German, of any Middle East decent, African American, but there are plenty of other Europeon nationalities I have not mentioned. You also do not preach Peace with your words. Every person born throughout the world arrives the same way, and dies at different times in their lives. They learn prejudice from people like you. Sin is also learned, of which I am sure your are full of. So unless you claim to be Jesus or God, give it a rest. Anyone who supports and Glorifies terrorism (in the back killing) will surely go to HELL. Good luck, sounds like you are on your way...
A Message To All · September 17, 2001 - 02:34 EST #428
This message is for all to read and think about, whether you believe in Jesus Christ, or not. The attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. are deeply heartbreaking. Many families lost loved ones, and are really wondering why they were taken from this earth in such a horrible way. My answer is this: It was time for them to be called up to the Lord, to reside with Him for eternity in peace. To those survivors of the families who lost their loved ones, I pray that you did all you could to lead them to Christ to be saved and written in the Book of Life. If you did, and they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior, you can be rest assured that your loved ones are in a much better place because of this tragedy. So, instead of weeping for days on end, be glad and grateful towards our Heavenly Father for placing them in a better place. They will not have to face the devastating results of our country going to war. We are all in for much more heartache and pain, and your loved ones will not have to bear any of it. It is very, very sad to hear people on this comments page speak about God in such an awful way. We cannot even think about punishing God! It is understandable to non-believers to want to believe that God could have done something to stop these attacks, but Satan is who we ought to punish - not God. God is a loving and merciful God. He would not take these people's lives in such a non-loving way. But I promise you this, Jesus Christ prepared a place in Heaven for those who have accepted Christ as their savior when these attacks took place. This 'Holy War', as some are calling it, took place even before the attacks. This war took place between Satan and God. The people involved WILL be brought to justice. If not by our own government or the help from other countries, but justice from God when those people are standing at the golden gates. They will have to face judgement from Jesus Christ and plead their case. The one bright side to all of this, is that america is coming together in ways that were never seen before. Many people are praying and asking God to bless others, and that is just a miracle to see that happening. It should not take something like this to bring people together, though. My final hope is that those non-believers and atheists out there that say there is no 'God', finally realize that their life may be stopped at any time. I pray that those unsaved people turn to God, repent of their sins, and accept that Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for them. As a born-again christian who was saved a few years ago, I feel that it is my christian duty to get the word out and try to help as many people as possible to be saved from the grips of satan. God bless all that have taken the time to read this, and especially those who take that leap of faith and put their life in God's hands from now till eternity. If you'd like to know HOW to get saved, here is a site that can help you. Pastor Charles Stanley is a great example of a christian who has led many to Christ, and possibly you could be added to that list. It is very easy to get saved, and you only have to do it once. Once you're name is in the Book of Life, it cannot be erased - no matter what you do.
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 02:50 EST #429
Albany, NY · September 17, 2001 - 02:58 EST #430
This I think is the beginning of World War III, cause these are people that just won't stop. Americans of all creeds, colors, etc. died in this SATANIC attack, and united together we can defeat the rogue and evil nations that aided and abetted this abomination to humanity. Dramatic words, perhaps emotionally over the top, but does anything else describe what just happened any better. You feel it in your gut no matter where your immigrant parents came from, whether pilgrims, former slaves, Italians, Germans, and the litany. We all felt this, the most heart wrenching parts being the pictures of people jumping to their deaths, and hearing about those calling from the planes to say goodbye to their loved ones. FEEL IT, and NEVER, NEVER FORGET IT!!! LET THEIR MEMORY BE OUR STRENGTH TO FIGHT WHAT MIGHT VERY BE WORLD WAR III!!! GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!!
Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 03:02 EST #431
What happened on Tuesday was a tragic and terrible event for all mankind! No human deserves to die in that manner! My heart aches for everyone touched personally by this sad event. But I'm really angry and frustrated that we Americans are still so oblivious and complacent to the realities of the world. We live our pampered lives here in the U.S. and pay our taxes as as good citizens should. But little do most of us know, that most of our hard earned tax money (about 5 billion a year) to the evil, apartheid state of Israel. This monetary aid we send these bastards, in addition to the guns and tanks, is used in a genocide of the poor Palestinian people. So now the Palestinians, and all Arabs and Muslims of the world, are really pissed off at our country, America. No, they didn't do what they did on Tuesday because they're jealous of the U.S. because it's "a beacon of freedom" and prosperity! They can care less about that. They probably did it because we think we can preach peace and democracy to the world, and claim that we value human life, yet unconditionally support Israel's racist apartheid regime. Zionism is the real terrorist here! Sure what the attackers of Tuesday did was evil and they will surely be damned for it! But come on people. Let us not be blind followers of our government who thinks it can play evil but be untouched by evil. As we all witnessed last Tuesday, evil got revenge on evil. And the cycle will continue NO MATTER how the U.S. retaliates. These angered Muslims are not just in Afghanistan or Syria. They are everywhere and will always be there. They will continue to be angry at the U.S. until it's policies towards the genocide regime of Israel change. So stop being ignorant my fellow Americans. Educate yourselves on the issues and voice your opinions to your policy makers. We as a civilized nation cannot expect to do harm onto others, and not have harm done to us. We will be harmed in this malicious way until the U.S. stops listening to the Jewish lobbyists and finally does what's right. We are no longer pampered. Our country's bad deeds are finally coming back to haunt us. Pray! Educate yourselves. And then pray some more! Peace Out!
canadian · September 17, 2001 - 03:19 EST #432
hello,i would first like to say my heart goes out to all who has lost loved ones,the volunteers and workers. this tragedy has shaken world,i could not believe my eyes when i had seen this on tv.i live in alberta canada,watching this for the first time in my life,i was so numb,it made u feel like you were there.i have watched cnn for many hours now, hoping and waiting for some good news on survivors,and catching these cowards.canada and the usa have always been competitive in sports and by poking fun at each other on tv,it's kind of like a bigger brother and a little brother, and brothers stick up for each other.i hope CANADA will help the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA defeat this war on terorism. thank you,we will pray.
Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 03:24 EST #433
To "To Gloria": Although these bad times bring out the spirituality in most of us, I did not intend my comment to be a "religious" one. My use of the term "Jew" is not of the religion, but of the Zionist POLITICAL form, to which all Jews are, whether or not they want to admit it. God, Jesus, the Bible, the Torah, and even the Koran have NO role in my earlier comment. The evil politicians who have orchestrated this war and who have supported the deadly epidemic known as Israel know nothing of God or Jesus, so please do not disgrace their names in the same paragraph as Israel. On a final not, it sounds to me like you need to be in a chat room with pastors and priests. It will do you good. But I am discussing politics here, so please keep God and the Hell that will hold Jews out of it. I do not support terrorism. I do hope for peace. But what I am discussing is the REALITY of the damned marriage between the U.S. and Israel. I am pointing out the root for the displays of hatred and chaos that we saw on Tuesday. Not encouraging it! WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT ISRAEL! How much more peaceful can I be?!?!?!?!?
Seeshell · September 17, 2001 - 03:26 EST #434
I am just amazed by all the people who have moved to this country, yet tell us that we are so wrong, and live and work here in our country and send their children to our schools. In the last few days, both a Persian friend and a Afganistanian acquaintance told me that "now American's will know what it feels like, and maybe Bush should have helped the Afghanistanians - we got what we deserve." I am sickened, and I say to those that do not stand behind our president in seeking out these terrible individuals: "If you don't like our government, then why are you here??? GO BACK HOME!"
marc · September 17, 2001 - 06:31 EST #435
The loss of these buildings and the lives of those who worked within them signify what I honestly believe will be the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. As an American immigrant I must say that I have never felt so much loyalty to this nation. As a youth, those buildings inspired me. It saddens me to know that if I am lucky enough to ever trod the streets of New York, those two mighty, proud symbols of human achievement will be but vague, ever fading memories of an ever distant past. Hopefully, as several officials seem to be hinting, fear will not dissuade us from once again reaching for the skies and rebuilding these daunting, overpowering structures. Unfortunately, the lives of those lost cannot simply be rebuilt. Even so, no matter how hard one may try, they shall never be stricken from our thoughts. The sights and sounds of that abominable day shall be forever reflected and resounded within the minds of those of us unfortunate to have beheld this horror. Now, thousands of miles away, I come to grips with the fact of how so much can change within so short a space a time. One day short of a week ago I was contemplating vacations. Now, with the dark spectre of war looming overhead, members of the armed forces must now step forward and strike back for all who were unable to that fateful day. To this point I have focused only upon the WTC, but let us not forget that these infidels silenced the hearts of over 100 servicemen, not to mention passengers and crew on those aircraft. If the images, stories and sounds of these past few days do not galvanize us to prosecute this momentous task before us, then nothing will.
Laura · September 17, 2001 - 12:23 EST #436
May God Bless this country and all the people that are in it. Thank you so much for the effort that the NY firefighters, Police, Medical staff and all the people that has and will help out in this awful attack on America. I think that our president will act on this situation the best he knows possible and we will come out victorious over all in the end. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 13:32 EST #437
God bless Israel, and the residents and government within its borders. Keep fighting the Islamics and Palestinians until they give up or die trying. The Nation of Israel will survive through all this turmoil. You must have faith in Jesus Christ. An American living in the U.S.
American w/ Common Sense · September 17, 2001 - 13:41 EST #438
Wake up, people. Fighting a war against terrorism, is just like fighting the war on drugs. Even if we capture or kill Osama Bin Laden, terrorism will still be alive and growing. And, what if Osama Bin Laden is NOT in any way responsible for these attacks? Everybody wants to believe it was Bin Laden, but what if it wasn't? We are letting the group or person responsible - get away! There are many groups of terrorists out there, not just Osama Bin LAden and his followers. We are fighting a pointless war, only to lose a lot more american soldiers - not to mention the lives of anyone who fights the war WITH us. How do we, as a nation, determine when the war is over? When Osama Bin Laden is dead? Terrorism will still be around. When we totally destroy Afghanistan? Terrorism will still be around. Lots of people want revenge against someone, but revenge is not going to bring any of the loved ones back. Revenge and war will only bring financial ruin to our country, and fuel terrorism. We SHOULD NOT support Bush's desire to go to war, no matter how long it takes for the first strikes to happen. Our military forces have a responsibility to protect our country, and they can't do it if they are off somewhere in another one.
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 15:55 EST #439
Cassie · September 17, 2001 - 16:22 EST #440
I am sickened to read where people have actually said Americans did this to themselves. Not one nation on the face of this earth deserves something like this. The only "crime" these people committed was going to work to provide for their families. America suffers. Women in Afghanistan are starving because their own leadership will not let them go into the streets without a man. Both men and women are beaten or burned with acid if they do not follow a strict dress code. Afghanistan suffers. Chances are another nation is using both the US and Afganastan as pawns to get what they want. It isn't about religion. It is about MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. Bad Leaders use religion as a way to get the average person to commit horrible acts. There are people that have a conscience. There are those that don't. There are many who just mindlessly follow the loudest and strongest group. Anyone who cheers in the street about the death of others no matter what race or religion has lost their own humanity. When the ones that don't care about their fellow man get power, all of humanity will suffer. WE MUST EACH USE OUR OWN MINDS, CHOOSE TO CARE ABOUT ALL HUMAN BEINGS, AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO CARE.
Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 16:43 EST #441
Yes Cassie, you are right.. "Anyone who cheers in the street about the death of others no matter what race or religion has lost their own humanity." You are referring to the footage of the handful of Palestinians who were cheering in the street and honking their car horn upon hearing of this tragedy in America. They probably cheered because they have lost their humanity. They probably lost their sense of humanity when the apartheid state of Israel stole their land, demolished their homes, raped, maimed, butchered, and shot to death their loved ones, and did just about every other heinous act one can inflict on another! They don't feel like human beings anymore! They are being treated like roaches by the Jewish Devil! And being that they are a SMART people, something that we in this country cannot claim, they are well aware that the tanks and guns killing their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers are sent by America. So to them we probably are not human. We are just more names to add to a long list of the savagely murdered!
Wake up americans! · September 17, 2001 - 17:31 EST #442
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 20:45 EST #443
Those of you who do not believe in God, will wish you DID know Jesus Christ when you are burning in the fiery pits of hell, with nothing but a pick-axe and a shovel. We'll see what God you believe in then. God is real, and calling Him an idiot is going to cause you trouble.
Anti-Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 21:06 EST #444
OK Gloria Clearly, You have an agenda, have been in some way directly affected by Jews or Israel such that you are incapable of rational thought. Israel was established by the UN = international community after WWII. The Palestinians are treated the way they are because they continue terrorist acts from any country that will allow them. Whatever your beliefs, they are going down. Soon. Hope you can deal with that. And "American w/common sense" is anything but. Isolationism NEVER protects our country or our interests; look at the lead in to WWI, we need a lead in to WWIII to prove it again? I hope not. As for you religious zealots quoting scripture and ranting, spirituality and God are all good, but religion to excess is poison. Of course, this is America, and all are welcome to express their opinions. That's what makes this country great. I hope we come to our senses and STOP harrassing Arabs and Sikhs for crying out loud. Those people moved here to get away from the craziness in their countries. Show some respect people.
WHAT IS ZIONISM? · September 17, 2001 - 21:07 EST #445
Anti-Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 21:08 EST #446
Oh, and the dude who compared the war on terrorism to the drug war clearly needs to go back to high school or college; the analogy is totally inept. Drugs are about supply and demand. Terrorism is about fear and inhumanity, fanaticism and death.
Jesus Christ · September 17, 2001 - 21:09 EST #447
Do I know you?
One think is certain Organised religion is the Root of all Evil.
What was that I said about the Pharasees and Sadusees?
Very Excited!!! · September 17, 2001 - 21:10 EST #448
I'm VERY excited, because this could finally be the sign that Jesus Christ is soon returning for His people! Christians unite!! We may soon get to be with our Father.
anonymous · September 17, 2001 - 21:11 EST #449
Dont let the women and children of afganistan get out, dont let anybody in that country leave. keep those idiots in there, and watch them burn to hell and back, and after that spit all over their charcoaled bodies.
look it up · September 17, 2001 - 21:14 EST #450
Dude, Zionism is the quest for the Jewish homeland, and maintaining the safety of that homeland. Which includes exterminating Palestinian terrorists who bomb your pizza parlors, buses, discos, etc etc. LOOK IT UP, either on google or a web encyclopedia. It's not hard.
To Anti-Gloria · September 17, 2001 - 21:18 EST #451
I'm sorry, but this country is not for REFUGEES trying to get out of their war-torn countries. They have to deal with their own native countries, because if everyone came to the United States, our country would be war-torn soon also - as it is beginning to be. Muslims and Arabs should go back to their own countries, and hide wherever they can.
back at you · September 17, 2001 - 21:27 EST #452
It's people like you that give Americans a bad name. And to the gentleman who quoted Noam Chomsky: LOOK AT THE SOURCE. Noam is one of the biggest pinkos to ever exist. He's so pink he's red. A socialist. So don't be suprised that he's totally anti-establishment; he's always been that way. Smart guy, but HUGE political agenda. Not exactly an unbiased source.
Eric · September 17, 2001 - 21:38 EST #453
To all the anti-USA comments, if you don't like this country then get the hell out. As far as bin-laden I say nuke 'em til he glows.
kat · September 17, 2001 - 23:51 EST #454
Just wanted to add a poem I wrote in memory of the innocent lives lost in this tragedy:
Where Angels Fly By Kathy Abernathy
September 15, 2001 Where have they gone those loved so dear? Where is the place that has no fear? Where is there peace for one and all? Where will they rise from their terrible fall? Where is there justice for those who've wronged? Where can there be sunshine the whole day long? Where does time stop and true peace begin? Where is this place people long to get in? Where will the answers seem clear at last? Where will they go all those who've passed? All these questions can be answered with one simple reply. The place is called heaven where angels fly.
(In memory of those who died due to terrorist attacks on Twin Towers in Manhattan, NY, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and in the Pennsylvania plane crash on 9-11-01)
Not_fooled · September 18, 2001 - 00:23 EST #455
The worst acts against humanity have been committed in the name of God, be it of one religion or another. The "birth place" of Jesus has been at war since the event and more have been killed in the name of religion than have ever been "saved" "In the name of God" has just been an excuse to kill neighbours you really cant stand because their patato patch is bigger than yours or they have a better car or because their ways are a little strange. "Holly" places? "Sacred" land? Yea, sure..... the belief in a higher being will be the death of us all because humans are too stupid to see the consequences of thier own actions.
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 00:40 EST #456
To: Anti-American postings If you don't like America, don't come here, or better yet - go home. We don't need a bunch of parasites whose only purpose is to drain resources from the economy and complain about America at the same time.
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 01:44 EST #457
You mean like all the Republicans who sat around for 8 years of the Clinton administration and griped about America? I didn't think so. THAT'S different...right?
Randel Stenger · September 18, 2001 - 02:16 EST #458
I feel that the whole situation is really heart breaking and should not stand that we should take care of the problem by means of attacking the cowardly terrorist that did such a sickening thing to the UNITED STATES and may GOD have mercy on their soul for the cowardly act that they have done to so many innocent people. May God Bless us and keep us safe.
Charlie from Iowa · September 18, 2001 - 02:19 EST #459
There's no point in arguing over whether there is a God or not, because neither side will change their minds. Now, getting on to the intended topic of this forum... We should mourn the loss of life first, then respond to the attack. I admit I'm not an expert on politics or war, but I do understand human nature. I doubt a war on all terrorists everywhere would be very effective, but we have to do SOMETHING or whoever did this will keep doing it again and again.
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 06:26 EST #460
Death is always a tragedy. Eventhough the buildings can be rebuild,the lives of the people who died are lost forever. every man/woman on this earth recognizes the value of life. saying that the people who did this just don´t care about that,is a mistake. Ofcourse they care. America is now at war, but there are people who have been at war with USA a since their birth. The destruction of world trade center, was only meant as a symbol. I think that the purpose with this violent actin is to show that even the mighty America can be hurt. America loves it´s people, it does not love the people of other countries. When other countries who are not members of NATO are in need of help, the first thing USA does is think about the pros an cons for America. I can understand the hatred against USA. I don´t hate you myself, I understand it is a matter of survival. But When I watch the news, I get the impression that American polititians avoid this topic with their smart frases, and relucktance to see thing from another perspective. I think that the attacked buildings, just as well could have been empty, it would give the same satisfaction for any terrorist. This is of course only my oppinion. Ps. I am sorry about the spellign, I am stressed for time, and as you may have guessed not from england nor from America. All blessings to you.
Texan, USA · September 18, 2001 - 06:51 EST #461
It you are not with us, you are AGAINST us. Dear Lord God in heaven have mercy on those that get in our way.
Nicholas Berry, UK · September 18, 2001 - 10:45 EST #462
Why are people spouting such nonsense about religion here? One thing seems certain to me is that in this instance and in many in the past it has been organized religion which has been at the root of most evil. The whole point of Western Civilization and what the US stands for is Freedom i.e. the Freedom of the individual to live in the way they choose. In the West ultimate truth is in the mind of the individual, however crazy or warped that may or not be. This is the difference between the West and the East. At least in the West there is some attempt to recognize the rights of individuals to live in the way they choose and indeed worship their personal God and/or gods, as a result we have a very vibrant and diverse society, it may be far from ideal, but the fact that we may never achieve perfection doesn't mean than we shouldn't strive for it, or that it is wrong to strive for it. Fascism is Fascism whether it's dressed up in religion or not and I think racial or cultural origin and history are irrelevant. Evil is evil; we should not make excuses for it? One thing I learned as a child, (I was brought up in a fairly extreme Christian fundamentalist sect called the Church of Christ, factions of which are I believe actually banned in some parts of the US), is that Satan can exist in many forms. These days I have a deep dislike of organized religion and see it as the root of all evil. And inso far as Organized religions try to impose their views and ideas on others often with violence and treats of violence (e.g. eternal Hell), one could argue that they are un- patriotic, anti American and fundamentally against the freedom on which the West is founded. In my view God exists in a persons heart, he doesn't and can't exist in a Church. To me this is quite simple. The events last Tuesday were Evil and Godless acts. We should not let things like religion or even wet ideas about political correctness cloud the truth. This is a War against Fascism, Good against Bad and everything which is the total antithesis of Western Civilization.
Cassie · September 18, 2001 - 11:45 EST #463
One of the best lines I've read in these postings... As to how to react, we have a choice Gloria mentioned that these people have gone thru terrible suffering, they have. Ghandi went thru terrible suffering, he did not choose to kill others because of it. When I was referring to people cheering in the street about other's deaths, I was referring to the MANY times this has occurred, not just the Palestinians. I have seen pictures of Isreali soldiers killing Palestinians and not once did I think to cheer. I instead felt ill that some people in this world do not think of life as precious. This isn't country versus country. This is those who value other's lives versus those that do not. There are plenty that don't know what they value, but just follow whatever is most powerful. We all have a choice. Don't let others make your decision for you. Many of the groups and nationalities involved have horrible stories to tell. Care about them all.
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 12:17 EST #464
I do not believe your threats would scare or hurt them any more than the Taliban already has.
anonymus · September 18, 2001 - 12:25 EST #465
Wow. "If you don't like our country, get the hell out of it" ok, fair enough, but would you please stop sending us your Coca-Cola, your Nike, your McDonalds, your Elvis and all your non-culture? Read please, get informed. You think you can control the world but are, oh, so suprised when people finally react. Yes, everything that has just happened is horrible, but the well-informed isn't that surprised. By starving a country for many years you can only expect basic human reactions: fear and anger. Go see the world, people, and take a look at what your country has done. And please, open your eyes, New York City would not be the fantastic city it is if it was not for all the immigrants. They built, along with americans, the city as you know it today. Nonsense. Ignorance will kill us all.
Italy · September 18, 2001 - 12:31 EST #466
U.S.A. against terrorism? How many of you know that the u.s. government was using and financing Bin Laden against the Russians before the Golf war? Read.
concerned · September 18, 2001 - 13:17 EST #467
It is one thing to UNDERSTAND why people act they way they do. It is another to JUSTIFY the killing of ANY innocents. As long as people keep trying to justify, the killing will not stop. Why is it people would rather stir up problems than solve them? Are you so weak willed that you just cannot stop yourself? Lest you become what you deplore (or perhaps you secretly thrive on it already).
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 13:29 EST #468
Hate kills. Love Heals. DUH!
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 15:17 EST #469
An Afghan-American speaks You can't bomb us back into the Stone Age. We're already there. But you can start a new world war, and that's exactly what Osama bin Laden wants. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Tamim Ansary Sept. 14, 2001 | I've been hearing a lot of talk about "bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age." Ronn Owens, on San Francisco's KGO Talk Radio, conceded today that this would mean killing innocent people, people who had nothing to do with this atrocity, but "we're at war, we have to accept collateral damage. What else can we do?" Minutes later I heard some TV pundit discussing whether we "have the belly to do what must be done." And I thought about the issues being raised especially hard because I am from Afghanistan, and even though I've lived in the United States for 35 years I've never lost track of what's going on there. So I want to tell anyone who will listen how it all looks from where I'm standing. I speak as one who hates the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. There is no doubt in my mind that these people were responsible for the atrocity in New York. I agree that something must be done about those monsters. But the Taliban and bin Laden are not Afghanistan. They're not even the government of Afghanistan. The Taliban are a cult of ignorant psychotics who took over Afghanistan in 1997. Bin Laden is a political criminal with a plan. When you think Taliban, think Nazis. When you think bin Laden, think Hitler. And when you think "the people of Afghanistan" think "the Jews in the concentration camps." It's not only that the Afghan people had nothing to do with this atrocity. They were the first victims of the perpetrators. They would exult if someone would come in there, take out the Taliban and clear out the rats' nest of international thugs holed up in their country. Some say, why don't the Afghans rise up and overthrow the Taliban? The answer is, they're starved, exhausted, hurt, incapacitated, suffering. A few years ago, the United Nations estimated that there are 500,000 disabled orphans in Afghanistan -- a country with no economy, no food. There are millions of widows. And the Taliban has been burying these widows alive in mass graves. The soil is littered with land mines, the farms were all destroyed by the Soviets. These are a few of the reasons why the Afghan people have not overthrown the Taliban. We come now to the question of bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. Trouble is, that's been done. The Soviets took care of it already. Make the Afghans suffer? They're already suffering. Level their houses? Done. Turn their schools into piles of rubble? Done. Eradicate their hospitals? Done. Destroy their infrastructure? Cut them off from medicine and healthcare? Too late. Someone already did all that. New bombs would only stir the rubble of earlier bombs. Would they at least get the Taliban? Not likely. In today's Afghanistan, only the Taliban eat, only they have the means to move around. They'd slip away and hide. Maybe the bombs would get some of those disabled orphans; they don't move too fast, they don't even have wheelchairs. But flying over Kabul and dropping bombs wouldn't really be a strike against the criminals who did this horrific thing. Actually it would only be making common cause with the Taliban -- by raping once again the people they've been raping all this time. So what else is there? What can be done, then? Let me now speak with true fear and trembling. The only way to get Bin Laden is to go in there with ground troops. When people speak of "having the belly to do what needs to be done" they're thinking in terms of having the belly to kill as many as needed. Having the belly to overcome any moral qualms about killing innocent people. Let's pull our heads out of the sand. What's actually on the table is Americans dying. And not just because some Americans would die fighting their way through Afghanistan to Bin Laden's hideout. It's much bigger than that, folks. Because to get any troops to Afghanistan, we'd have to go through Pakistan. Would they let us? Not likely. The conquest of Pakistan would have to be first. Will other Muslim nations just stand by? You see where I'm going. We're flirting with a world war between Islam and the West. And guess what: That's bin Laden's program. That's exactly what he wants. That's why he did this. Read his speeches and statements. It's all right there. He really believes Islam would beat the West. It might seem ridiculous, but he figures if he can polarize the world into Islam and the West, he's got a billion soldiers. If the West wreaks a holocaust in those lands, that's a billion people with nothing left to lose; that's even better from Bin Laden's point of view. He's probably wrong -- in the end the West would win, whatever that would mean -- but the war would last for years and millions would die, not just theirs but ours. Who has the belly for that? Bin Laden does. Anyone else? - - - - - - - - - - - - About the writer Tamim Ansary is a writer in San Francisco, and the son of a former Afghani politician.
Matthew Gutierrez · September 18, 2001 - 16:00 EST #470
It was a dramatic scene for me to see the pictures of the worst dissaster to ever occur in the United States of America. Everyday I pray for the people that have lost there lives. You need to be ready when the Lord Jesus Christ comes for all the saved souls.
JJ · September 18, 2001 - 16:12 EST #471
Lets go over and kill them all. They have declared WAR on the US and it's time to take the fight to them. Kill them all, men, women and children. Spare no-one. The ones you leave behind today will be the Terrorists of tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!
Gung-Ho American · September 18, 2001 - 16:30 EST #472
Blow them all off the face of the earth. God bless America and all those who lost their lives. May they rest in peace!!!
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 16:53 EST #473
There are an awful lot of powerful post here with "anonymous" on them. People sure speak big when they hide!! I am a member of the U.S. Military, served in the Gulf War and many "conflicts" since. Here's my view. America is a great country. Every American has the right to free speech. Post what you want, and tell everyone your opinons. If you live within the boundries of this country, and accept the freedom of the U.S. government and then complain about how much this country sucks, GET OUT! I put my life of the line everyday to protect your right to free speech. But I hate to think that I do it in vain. For all of those who have said "if called on to serve, I would" -- What's stopping you? Are these words said out of guilt for not serving? If you mean it enough to post it on the internet, then do it! Serve your country!! Save your prayers. Your God is not going to "punish" the attackers anymore than he "spared" the lives of over 5000 innocent men, women, and children. Is America perfect? No. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Have faith in your fellow countryman. Support your nation. Give to (honest)charities. Support your military. Quit pointing fingers and be part of the solution.
Locked & Loaded · September 18, 2001 - 17:19 EST #474
My NG Unit is on alert right now. We're all ready to go and avenge freedom!!!!!!
L.kooli · September 18, 2001 - 17:35 EST #475
There is no proof that Bin Laden had done this or anyone at all. The FBI had already proved 3 Arab people wrong for the attack and they keep guessing. It could have been anyone from any nationality. Chinese, Hispanic, Hindu, or even American. If it had been Osama Ben Laden, then he would have admit he had done a long time ago, he's not scared of the U.S. So How about we stop the guessing and let the evidence speak for it self. I am Out.
Russian · September 18, 2001 - 18:50 EST #476
Welcome to the Club, guys...
U.S. Air Force · September 18, 2001 - 20:41 EST #477
I just heard they're (and you know who I mean by "they're") looking for "Democracy everywhere", the tough guy from earlier (Sept. 12 at 16:09, 16:14, 16:19 and 16:30). Let's see how tough you are now!
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 21:06 EST #478
Dan 2:41-43 And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
anonymous · September 18, 2001 - 21:32 EST #479
anyone can cut and paste out of the Bible. What's your interpretation of this passage as it relates to this situation?
Shakespeare · September 18, 2001 - 21:48 EST #480
.....Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!!
An American · September 18, 2001 - 22:37 EST #481
I am deeply saddened by the terrorist events on September 11, 2001. I can only hope that the people who did this act of hate will pay. I pray for peace.
Gloria · September 18, 2001 - 23:34 EST #482
To "Anti-Gloria": Yes, I do have an agenda. To point out to the readers of this website that Israel is a harsh poison that is at the root of all this madness! No, I am not giving the evil attackers an excuse to do what they did. There is no excuse for such evil, nor will there ever be. Nor am I justifying the suicide bombers that attack innocent people in Israel. I am not giving them an excuse either, but I'm understanding where they are coming from. I'm seeing things from thier lenses. One doesn't have to be of a certain race/culture/faith to empathize with their struggles. I do not have to be Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, or Muslim to feel and understand their rage! I only need to be of the human race. We are all grieving and aching at the terrible tragedy in the U.S. because we are all humans. I'm sure if these terrorists were still alive and could have witnessed what they've done, they would grieve as well. We all have loved ones that we can imagine in the place of one of the thousands of victims. So, I am in short, not justifying the acts of these terrorists, but willing to see the world from their eyes. Here's what I see: I see a group of Palestinians, or Iraqies, or Muslims in general squatting in a huddle in a dark corner somewhere, plotting revenge. They have made a vow to their dead brothers, fathers, and uncles to avenge their brutal murders, or to the cruel way their babies starved to death. They have identified the cuprits as Israel and the U.S. They shall strike back at these evil nations, who have no value for human life, with full force and no remorse. Sound familiar?
Saddened · September 19, 2001 - 12:50 EST #483
It saddens me that this was wrote on Friday, July 25, 1997. Exiled Saudi millionaire Osama bin Laden remains hidden somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan. He is wealthy, elusive and an Islamic extremist who is plotting against the United States. In his eyes and of those of his militant followers, bin Laden and his army of mujahadeen fighters have already brought down one infidel superpower by destroying the Soviet Union in a ten-year-long war in Afghanistan. Now, Osama bin Laden has set his sights on and has sworn to bring an end of U.S. influence in his native Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world. It is said that he has the money to do it. Security analyst Arnaud de Borchgrave, who has met bin Laden, estimates that he is worth more than US$200 million. He is said to also have the ability to tap the fortunes of other wealthy sympathizers. Counterterrorism analysts say that bin Laden is working with terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and its patron Iran. Kenneth Katzman, the terrorism analyst for the U.S. Congress, said, "I think you have an 'atomic bomb' brewing between bin Laden, Hezbollah and the Iranians. If these two huge forces are married, either could set off the spark. Sooner or later you are going to see more from these people." bin Laden sucks!
anonymous · September 19, 2001 - 15:40 EST #484
Warships are positioning themselves in the middle east. Things do not look good for those who ride camels. Take your towels from your head and pray to God, not Ali, but OUR GOD BABY! YEAH!
EddieSee · September 19, 2001 - 17:00 EST #485
If ex-President Clinton would have dealt with bin-laden after the first World Trade Center bombing, (which he funded)this attack on America might not have happened. I just hope President Bush is more of a man than Clinton(which I feel he is)and he deals with bin-laden in a way that has a permanent resolve.
Chrissy · September 19, 2001 - 20:06 EST #486
I just want to say that my prayers go out to everyone in the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I think that these actions were uncalled for. If you don't like someone or something get over it and move on with your life. For every minute you spend angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness. I hope they learn from this (which they probably won't) I hope they realize they did not tear America apart..they just made us as people and as one stronger.
anonymous · September 19, 2001 - 20:19 EST #487
This is war. I strongly suggest that you all go and read your bibles. Read EZEKIAL:28. It is a message, I feel, directly to the U.S It says "...Because you think you are wise, as wise as a god, I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most ruthless of nations; they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom and pierce your shining splendor. They will bring you down to the pit, and you will die a violent death...You were the model of perfection, full of wisdome and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the gardnen of God. Your settings and mountains were made of gold...You were on the holy mountain of God; you walked among the fiery stones. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you. Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, O guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones. Your heart became proud on account of you beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. SO I THREW YOU TO THE EARTH; I MADE A SPECTALE OF YOU BEFORE THE KINGS. By your many sins and dishonest trade you have desecrated your sanctuaries. SO I MADE A FIRE COME OUT OF YOU, AND IT CONSUMED YOU, AND I REDUCED YOU TO ASHES ON THE GROUND IN THE SIGHT OF ALL WHO WERE WATCHING. ALL THE NATIONS WHO KNEW YOU ARE APPALLED AT YOU; YOU HAVE COME TO A HORRIBLE END AND WILL BE NO MORE.
Rick · September 19, 2001 - 21:07 EST #488
Hey, all of you hate-mongers (yes you, jj) who are talking about killing men, women and children, and using racial slurs like those, I have a question for you: when Oaklahoma city was bombed by a white American-born bigot (like you!!), did you also go around saying, "kill all white people in all of America and Europe"? Get real!!!You are a bunch of losers!!!! Don't you know that those heroic men and women lost their lives saving men and women of all backgrounds? Are you going to bring to nought their spilled blood? Do you think that this is what this great nation is all about???? It is bigots like you, those who think like you, who desrtoyed so many lives in NY and Washington...take your head out of the sand and get real!!!! All of you racists should get out of this country too, because this country was not built by "Americans", but by immigrants!! Learn your history too, because all of you are foreigners too, unless you are native American!!
Anti-American · September 19, 2001 - 22:36 EST #489
"America reaps what it sows." This is what Saddam Hussein has been reported saying, and I have to agree with him. Every other country has had some kind of terrorist attacks, but as soon as the USA gets attacked, Americans want to go to war! If all the other countries in the world went to war when they were attacked, there would be nobody left. This shows just how much HATE America is filled with. All you "proud Americans" should ask yourselves why it is that you're so damned proud of yourselves, you know?
John Shields · September 19, 2001 - 23:08 EST #490
May God bless our nation with the wisdom to remember that "Yeah, we walk through the valley of darkness, we shall fear no evil" and that "you prepare our table before our enemies." May the Power of Love guide us and allow us to be the David confronting Goliath. God Bless America
For Chrissy.. · September 20, 2001 - 01:55 EST #491
"...they just made us as people and as one stronger..." is that so?? how can you say that when the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are investigating 45+ hate crimes against regular "American Muslims" since the attack? (and some were even just happy go lucky Pakastanians!), yup, we're strong-so strong we have racist wars ongoing in our streets, parents murdering thier entire families-children and babies, young men blowing up federal buildings on his own accord...yes, we are strong indeed.. "America reaps what it sows." ... that is the most accurate statement any person has made on this post board so far..
anonymous · September 20, 2001 - 02:46 EST #492
God Bless America!! If bin Laden does not die by the hands of our Military, give me a plane ticket,(I'm not afraid to fly even now!!)and I'll take a Dragunov Sniper Rifle with me. I'll even supply the shells. It may not have any real effect on our current situation, but many of us believe that if this man dies, it will send the message that we are not to be tormented,tortured,terrorized. I know that it is wrong to think these things, but I personally believe that we need to close our borders to all foriegn nationals with or without a Visa/Passport. I know there are many good people in those countries, and they should not have to suffer for what others have done. The bottom line is, now we have to watch out for ourselves. As for you bin Laden, there can be no such thing as a holy war. You have only succeeded in bringing most of us together. Yes, our economy seems on the verge of collapse, yes, our flight industry has suffered from your psychotic delusions. Yes, our lives will never be the same again. Yes, what comes around goes around. I can only hope that all the souls that have been lost in this travesty will find you and your followers and torment you till your dying day,hopefully soon. My condolences go out to all that have family and friends lost in New York and Washington. God please forgive us for what we think and do in the months to come and try to understand that we wish for retribution in more ways than one. GOD be with us all!!!! If you do not agree with my statements, that is fine, we all have our opinions and that is mine. Thank you for your time.
TO Anti-American · September 20, 2001 - 03:32 EST #493
You don't seem to acknowledge who attacked whom without warning or just cause. Was this a vendetta for something that happened years ago? Then they just decided years later, hey, I'm bored, let's have some fun and kill some innocent people for kicks just to show we can now. The terrorists attacked us, and they will undoubtedly strike again, whether we retaliate (self-defense) or not. You also have not acknowledged how many countries have put their hand out and begged the US for money, medical assistance, food, and help to fight their battles. When someone reaches out their hand for help, isn't that what a human being should do, help someone in need. That is humanity. These terrorists represent the opposite of humanity, because they create war against themselves because of their actions. They live to kill and to be killed, nothing more. They have been conditioned to perform, just like Hitler's brainwashed regime. They do not go around committing good deeds because they were never taught to do anything but kill. If you are Anti-American and living within the United States, you should move to wherever you came from or go live with your buddy, Saddam Hussein, so he can groom you to be a terrorist too, and then you won't be able to think for yourself. People (excluding the terrorists) come to the U.S. for freedom and democracy, to get away from the barbaric behavior seen all over the Middle East. Those terrorists represent EVIL, and they attacked innocent American people who represent GOOD. As President Bush stated, "GOOD will prevail". I wouldn't want to live anywhere near those barbaric psycho terrorists in the Middle East. I am proud to be an American.
xoxe · September 20, 2001 - 04:55 EST #494
This situation doesn't call for GI's, carriers, stealth fighters and mass mobilisation. This is a case for police and intelligence. This in turn requires patience, and deliberation, not nukes and muscle. The U.S. is facing a loose network of people, not a state. A network doesn't live anywhere, it might not even have a leader who is "responsible" for the actions of any "member" of the network, for who is a "member", they aren't carrying member cards. They are friends of friends of friends, who once fought the soviets in Afghanistan (with american funding). There are two tracks in the current "war" against who- ever was behind the wtc-attack. 1) To investigate, infiltrate and bring to justice groups who symphatise with or support the wtc-attackers 2) to go to the roots of the evil that caused the attack. Track 1 is the "classic" police and intelligence operation. Given the time and the funding the people who were directly responsible, and still alive, will no doubt be found and brought to justice so oder so. Track 2 is less spectacular but necessary if we are to avoid something like the wtc-attack to happen again. It involves finding the answer to the questions: "why do some people hate America so much?" and "what makes a wtc-terrorist?". When the answers are found they should be acted upon. I can't answer those questions in short form but - they have to do with underdevelopment in the world outside "the West", poverty, the tragedy and humiliations of everyday life in the world outside. The wtc-bombers are people with nothing to loose, and they are not alone. People with something to loose don't blow themselves up. America won WW2 in Europe not by the invasion in France, the soviets had already beaten the nazis on the other front, but with the Marshall-aid, that enabled ordinary people to help themselves in shaping their own lives (and save them from communism). The american and british post-war programme in Europe also entailed a de-nazification programmme in Germany, and there's been no political radicalism on a mass scale since then in that country. My history teacher made a point in telling us that the Marshall-plan and de-nazification was not (only) undertaken because the americans were "good people" but because it was in their own interest to serve the ordinary european citizens interest. It cost a lot of good american lives and a lot of good american dollars, but it was worth the while because the war was won. Pres. Bush is right in percieving this as a war. But it is a war basically against global poverty that leads to local corruption and on to desperation, cynicism and hatred in the individual, who - given the chance, might go out and kill someone in the name of an idea he doesn't understand, but gives him an opportunity to express his feelings. He is fearless because he has nothing to loose. Give him something to loose, give him a future. A new marshall plan for the third world? I think it is worth considering.
Guy from L.A. · September 20, 2001 - 05:02 EST #495
Ive been reading everyhting on here and it seems to be mostly from people who have no real information on what they are talking about (If you actually do, through some secret reliable source, I take it all back), but by far the absolute stupidest thing Ive heard regarding this manner is from ,Anti-American. I think I can state simply that actually, Yes. Those countries generally do go to war, officially or not. And one of the main reasons (which really would be obvious to anyone with a brain) is protection, not hate. And in case there ever has been a country that has done nothing when terrorized, I assure you it was not attacked on the scale of what has just occurred. No country on Earth sits by and does nothing when 6,000 innocent people die. You stupid, stupid idiot. I almost vommitted when I read your moron comment and I thought you should know why.
Sebastian · September 20, 2001 - 05:06 EST #496
an Aussie. Just plain wrong.
anonymous · September 20, 2001 - 05:19 EST #497
Sebastian again, i feel for u, were all with u. All round from all over Australia there are flowers & American flags dedicated to ur & the worlds tragic loss not to mention the many pray services. The colprets must pay, be them Iraqis, the Talibahrn or the Hasbelr. THEY MUST PAY
anonymous · September 20, 2001 - 06:16 EST #498
i feel sorry for the people who died in the trade center.
Anonymous · September 20, 2001 - 09:27 EST #499
If any of you conspiracy theorists are out there reading this......this is what I have to say...... Whoever is actually running this country and the world (and it is not the leaders, presidents and representatives) has a plan. They are playing a great game of "Risk" where the pawns of this world move at their disposal. I believe that what happened on the tradgic day of Sept. 11, 2001 had been in the making for quite a while.......when Bill Clinton bomed a mosque and a religious school in Pakistan. People have claimed that his actions, or the actions of the military bombings, were not planned......they missed.......YEAH RIGHT!!!!! The United States knows what they are targeting. Whoever is playing the game has a strategy. That incident in conjunction with the incident last tuesday is all part of the game. The controlers of the world (the high power money holders,the Rockefellers, the Rothchilds, The Kennedy's....etc) have the ultimate power and influence on what our "great leaders" do. Whoever is wispering in Bush's ear will decide what the next move is on the game board. I am pro-american.....actually a Texan and proud of it, however I still believe that the control lies in the disbursment of money, not in the position a person holds. We shall see what happens next, but I expect is not the end. The game will continue.
anonymous · September 20, 2001 - 09:58 EST #500
To Anti-American: "All you "proud Americans" should ask yourselves why it is that you're so damned proud of yourselves, you know?" What country do you live in? We probably bailed out your country more times than you can count. We're always there for our allies. We usually get stabbed in the back by those same allies. That's ok. We don't need your help. We can win this on our own. I say America quits paying all these countries to be our friends when they stab us in the back (we pay Afghanistan millions and they harbor terrorists that attack us.) You are either with us, or against us. For those of you which are with us, we shall prevail. For those of you against us, watch out because we're coming to kick your butts.
anonymous · September 20, 2001 - 10:53 EST #501
confident! that the american spirt and and way of life will emerge stronger than ever
to guy from L.A. · September 20, 2001 - 18:27 EST #502
Look around in non-US western chatrooms. You will find a lot of "Anti-American"-s and if the US attacks a nation because of some idiots (terrorists) + a racists nation (US), you will find much more.
guy from L.A. · September 20, 2001 - 20:52 EST #503
whats your point? I dont condone any racist or hasty action by the U.S., but its ridiculous to think that there wouldnt/shouldnt be any retaliation when that many people die. Isnt it obvious that they hate us anyways? In case you didnt hear, 6000 people are gone. I think that its rational to assume something of this magnitude was carried out by a group with some major support. Ben Ladin or not, some country is probably aiding or at least is aware of the efforts of the group its protecting. I hope the US wouldnt attack anywhere without any kind of proof, and the rest of the world seems to be reminding them of the consequences and lack of support they would face in doing that. But once again, no country would ever do nothing after 6000 of its citizens are brutally murdered. Duh.
to guy from L.A. · September 21, 2001 - 07:38 EST #504
"No country on Earth sits by and does nothing when 6,000 innocent people die." Just an example: In the mid 90s there were terrorist attacks in France by extremist islamic groups from Algeria. Have you heard about a war between the two? Probably not, but it looks like somehow they solved the problem, or moved forward. My point is that a revenge won't solve anything.
anonymous · September 21, 2001 - 14:30 EST #505
While listening to Pres. Bush's speach on a poor reception car radio last night, i was appaled by the many stations that found playing brain dead music was more important then airing a speach that will affect all of us the rest of our lives. We should all be glad that the folks in Florida cant seem to work a voteing machine. Im scared to think where this would go if that speach was made by Pres. Al Gore..........
anonymous · September 21, 2001 - 14:33 EST #506
Terrorism in no way is acceptable to all of us, wether we are muslim, christians, jews and belong to any religion. However, in the name of fight against terrorism no innocent people should die. American have been great patience in the past but they are not exhibiting in the moment when their is need for it. Look around for all the possibilities before you move further Kango
critter · September 21, 2001 - 17:42 EST #507
those who comitted this dispicable act simply don't understand the hell about to be unleashed upon them.
Jasmin · September 21, 2001 - 19:38 EST #508
Do you remember how many natives you killed? America is and was always selfish! Do you think you are better then this terrorists? Do you really think that?
guy from L.A. · September 21, 2001 - 20:40 EST #509
Once again, I dont believe any country would sit by and do nothing when this many people die. Send me a link or something proving that terrorist attacks in France were anything near being equivalent with what happened on the 11th and Id be a very surprised person (although it seems that you really dont know much about this occurence:"but it looks like somehow they solved the problem"). Were not talking about a bus bombing here, were talking about something that caused every major governement in the world to fear for its peoples safety. As far as your French example is concerned, Id also point out that the U.S. hasnt gone to war with Afghanistan over the embassy bombings or the previous world trade center bombing, also attributed to Bin Laden. Were talking about SCALE here. Some countries dont even lose 6000 people in a war and the reason that caused it combined...prove me wrong.
Chris · September 21, 2001 - 21:55 EST #510
After reading several of the postings here, I felt compelled to make some comments. I work with a chemist who left Iran in 1976, before the Khomeini regime. He is an Arab-American. He is also one of the kindest people I have ever met. I swear that he would yield to an ant crossing his path on the sidewalk. And yet, people give him those know, the looks that say, "Are you one of them?" Remember that Arab-Americans are diverse people too. Most of them are kind, generous people. Unfortunately, there are extremists in the Arab community, and as a result, some Americans who have little tolerance for diversity are lumping them in with other people because of their race, the way they look. The extremists that follow Osama bin Laden can be likened to the Neo-Nazis who supposedly believe in Christianity, and try to use the Bible as a weapon to hate black people. Do all of the white Christians out there want to be lumped in with those extremists? Certainly not. So give comfort to the Arab-Americans you know. After all, they did pick to live in this great country, didn't they?
anonymous · September 22, 2001 - 09:35 EST #511
Revenge Revenge is sweet, sometimes wrong in the case of women and children. But watching adult women and young children dance in the street of Afghanistan celebrating their so called victory, made me sick. They ALL deserve to die, give them their wish, make it quick and if possible, direct some satellite shots of the bloodbath so americans can get closure on their destruction.
lucy, leicester, england · September 22, 2001 - 09:58 EST #512
Lets bomb out the whole country that did this to America. They killed innocent people of different countries of the world so why not kill the whole country of "Afganistan" if it was them. Forget "thou shalt not kill" lets do it!!!!!!!!!! lucy
Kyle · September 23, 2001 - 02:30 EST #513
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son, and all that believe in him shall not persih, but have everlasting life." While things may seem out of control right now,...................................God is in control. Believe in him, and know that you are safe. All those people who died on September 11, 2001 might not have been prepared, but God was.
anonymous · September 23, 2001 - 12:19 EST #514
Believe in "god" and know that you are safe? What about the 6,500 people that probably believed in "god" and got burnt up or smashed? I'm glad that "god" looks out for me!
Rick · September 23, 2001 - 16:05 EST #515
1) This is to the last 2 anonymous writers and Lucy; first, if you love revenge so much, maybe someone will take revenge on you and then you will get rid of the evil out of your heart...if you are evil enough to do to them the same thing that they did to so many wonderful people in NY and Washington, then go ahead and do not ask others to partake in your evil deed. Let God judge you by yourself. If you can say that they deserve to die, then you do too because you have the same evil in your heart and you are capable of the same evil deed that they accomplished!! 2) Hey Cynic, "Believe in god and be safe"; where is your wisdom? First of all, Don't you know that you are living in a sinful world and no one is immune to the effects of sin? Does your town have a police system? Don't innocent people still get shot, stabbed, or robbed? Just because those things happen it means that there is no police system? Just the same way, the events in NY and Washington do not prove that there is no God. I have noticed one common vein that runs through all of you "anti-God" cynics, none of you have much wisdom!! Could it be because the Bible says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Psalms 111:10), and, "The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom" (Psalms 37;30). If you were wise (or even smart)enough, you will read the Bible, it has the answers to all of these questions. I guess that says it for all you cynics!! 3) Lucy, so you want to get rid of "thou shalt not kill", huh? I feel so sorry for you with such a lame comment! What a world we would have!! Hey everybody, Lucy has given you the right to go and kill anyone you want to. I guess that she will be the great leader in this new system!! Does that mean that you can be killed too if someone hates you?? Where is your brain? I WISH THAT ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WOULD DANIEL CHAPTER 12:1; IT TALKS ABOUT A TIME OF TROUBLE THAT WILL COME UPON GOD'S PEOPLE JUST BEFORE THE SECOND RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST. A TIME WHEN WE (GOD'S PEOPLE WILL BE PERSEUTED BY EVIL MEN. TO BE HONEST WITH YOU ALL, UNTIL I STARTED TO READ THESE COMMENTS, I REALLY DID NOT KNOW THAT AMERICA HAS SO MANY EVIL PEOPLE WITH SO MUCH HATRED AND BIGOTRY IN THEIR HEARTS!!!!!!! NOW I AM EVEN MORE SURE THAT ALL OF THESE BIBLE PROPHECIES ARE GOING TO BE COMING TO PASS SO SOON. IT WILL BE EVIL PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALL WHO WILL PERSECUTE GOD'S PEOPLE, IN THIS SAME COUNTRY TOO!! ALL IN THE OF GOD (JUSTICE). DON'T MISCONSTRUE WHAT I AM SAYING, THOSE PEOPLE WHO DID THOSE TERRIBLE ACTS TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY SHOULD BE PUNISHED, BUT NOT WITH INNOCENT PEOPLE. THANK GOD THAT YOU PEOPLE DO NOT RUN THIS COUNTRY...ALTHOUGH AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO GET OUT IF YOU DEMONS WERE TO RUN THIS COUNTRY!!
An 8th Grade student · September 23, 2001 - 17:13 EST #516
President George W. Bush, I think you are doing a great job in your decision making and in keeping the country together in unity. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
anonymous · September 23, 2001 - 17:28 EST #517
We MUST come together as a nation - out of this tragedy is our wakeup call America! Why have we been so blind to the potential for this kind of sadistic terrorism? Yes, we are "Free", but at what cost? To have radicals living in our midst and plotting mass destruction? If living with less "freedom" means tightening up our borders and having to submit to checkpoints from airports to stadiums, than so be it! The responsible parties will be found and dealt with, I'm certain, but we must secure this country, as much as possible, so this doesn't happen again! We have been way too lax in the USA. Save our children.... Save us! and God Bless America!
Hates Liberals · September 23, 2001 - 23:15 EST #518
I still hate you stupid liberals. I see teenaged liberals on television saying, "Why can't we talk it over with the Taliban and get information that way instead of fighting them. They will tell us where bin Laden is." What you idiot liberals always do is give what I call a "perfect world scenario." Well, to the young liberal which spoketh these words, bin Laden is an in-law with a leader of the Taliban. The Taliban fully supports bin Laden! Why would they tell us where he is. This sounds all nice and neat, just "talk it over," but it will only work in a perfect world. By the way, in a perfect world this wouldn't have even happened! So it's totally moot. All I can say is I'm grateful that we chose Bush over that dumb liberal Gore! We'd all go to hell in a handbasket if we'd made the fateful decision to put that idiot in office. VIVA BUSH! VIVA USA!
Just Me · September 24, 2001 - 02:35 EST #519
Do some of you people leaving comments really think Osama Bin Laden is reading these posts? It's kind of funny to see comments directed right to Bin Laden himself! I really think Bush is all talk. There's never going to be any war, or even a conflict! He is just saying those things to increase his approval rating. If there was actually going to be some retaliation, it surely would have happened by now. Or, perhaps his daddy didn't really tell him specifically what to do! He may need some help, so everyone send an email to Mr. Bush at and let him know. My last point is this. Everyone being interviewed on these shows is being asked what their children ask them, about where their dad or mom is. I'm sorry, but if their dad or mom didn't accept Jesus Christ as their savior and ask for forgiveness, they are NOT with God or in heaven. People seem to think that hell does not exist for those who do not accept Christ, but they will be sadly mistaken when they themselves perish. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and forgive your sins, so you don't wind up in hell, ok? Thank you!
vicky · September 24, 2001 - 02:42 EST #520
Let me tell all you Anti Americans that this is not a battle between America and Bin Laden or Talibaan or Afganistan. It is a fight between Human and devil, a war between good and bad. These idiots are doing bad things for last many years. They killed so many innocent people. Even today also they are killing many people in Kashmir, India. They are not interested in any thing else as their only aim is Spreading Islaam all over and killing other religious guys. As the news goes Amercia, Israil, and India are their main targets. Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Husen are nothing but new faces of Hitlar and Musonlini. Before things get bad we should destroy these guys and their organisations. Still many countries in Gulf and middle east asia are supporting these guys and their terrorism. Entire world is supporting America not only because WTC is bombed out but USA is strong nation both financially and military force. You need a strong nation to destroy such bad fellows. Most important part now is whether America and President Bush stands by with his statement that this is a war against terrorism or USA is just interested in taking revenge and then letting Countries like India and Israil to suffer again. Whatever it may be bottom line remains the same....this or that way common people all over the world is going to suffer a lot for coming years. These politicians and terrorist are more concerned with their positions and not the happiness of common man.
anti-gloria, anti-zealots · September 24, 2001 - 12:26 EST #521
Wow, this site has really taken on a life of its own since I started reading it 10 days ago. It's nice that everyone has a place to express their opinions; I can't decide who is more pathetic, the religious zealots, the hate-mongering racists (sometimes the same thing), or the American-haters. Look, this is one of the ONLY COUNTRIES in the world with as much pluralism and democracy. And it is definitely the one with the highest standard of living. Do we have problems? Sure. Do we have racists? You bet. But we are free to talk about them, talk about our leaders, and express ourselves publicly. That right is what we are fighting for. Our public policy will NOT be dictated by terrorists. Sorry, Gloria, but the Palestinians (especially Yasser Arafat) do not have the greatest track record when it comes to honesty and good faith. In fact it sucks. I'm amazed that they've managed to come to a cease-fire over there. Probably out of fear that the US would let Israel off the leash once and for all. For GOD's sake, don't be a racist and persecute legal American citizens/immigrants. They're just trying to make a life for themselves, like all of us. And do I think this country is great? Hell yes. And when the rest of the world comes crying for money, military aid or food (which they do ALL the time), they will be reminded of the greatness. The world will never be about peace, love and happiness. It's about money and power, and you should all thank your lucky stars that we live in such a free system. Any females writing in should try living in a Moslem/Arab state; see how well the women are treated. Do you know that education for women in Afghanistan is ILLEGAL, punishable by DEATH? Yep, that's the Taliban. Even in "civilized" Arab countries (Saudi Arabia) women are treated like second class citizens, and cannot hold positions of authority or public influence. And no belly button piercing or tatoos, for sure. keep that skin covered, head to toe. Loads of fun over there. Remember where you came from people. We all owe this country a huge debt of gratitude. It's time to pay up.
anonymous · September 24, 2001 - 12:51 EST #522
"Just Me" said: My last point is this. Everyone being interviewed on these shows is being asked what their children ask them, about where their dad or mom is. I'm sorry, but if their dad or mom didn't accept Jesus Christ as their savior and ask for forgiveness, they are NOT with God or in heaven. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and forgive your sins, so you don't wind up in hell, ok? Thank you!" Man you are really dumb! I challenge ANY of you "god" people to show me one bit of evidence of your "god." Just one piece! You don't have any! You only believe that because you've been brainwashed the SAME way those damned camel jockies were brainwashed when they believed "god" would reward them if they killed the big "satan." I hate religion, it's the biggest CANCER to society. Those damn preachers on TV just want your money, while they're having their way with the choir boys! Or if not boys then they're having extramarital affairs with whores! You guys just don't get it, do you? Those people were literally turned into ash by people that believed in "god." Centuries ago, people believed that Earth was the center of the universe! Then they believe that the sun was the center of the universe! Anybody believing otherwise was killed or thrown in jail! How dumb is that? Religion is the same way! Except there is no proof that "god" doesn't exist because you cannot prove a negative! So people STILL believe that stupid baloney! I hate to hear people say "god" will protect them. What about the 7,000 people that died September 11, 2001? "God" sure did a HELL of a job protecting them! Just stop and PRAISE him for his work! Stop and LOVE and PRAISE and THANK and PRAISE him, on man he is so awesome! NOT!!!!!
Gloria · September 24, 2001 - 20:27 EST #523
To: "Vicky" Sorry to say Vicky, but you're an Airhead! The terrorists are not targeting India, and Israel is the reason why terrorism exists. The innocent people that were killed on 9/11/01 must have been in retaliation for the thousands upon thousands that the U.S. is responsible for murdering! RETALIATION must be the name of the game, and it's America's turn....
Gloria · September 24, 2001 - 20:29 EST #524
To: "Chris" If your friend is from Iran, that would make him Persian, not Arab.
Don · September 24, 2001 - 23:01 EST #525
Wow. We have a lot to say. Good and bad, tasteless, ridiculous. I am tired of the multitude of emails from those who "lived the experience" and those who "live in Afganistan" that tell us we (the US) can do no more because it's all been done before. A lunatic has taken control of a small mob of godless, mindless, bananas. They can only use terrorist tactics because no one else pays attention to them. They are like spoiled children who can't get thier way. Laugh, take out more US citizens. Will that teach anyone? Ok we know you are gutless and stupid. But we knew that before. You can kill people-been done. You can get national media attention...ho hum...want a real challenge? Join in the human race. Look for something better, build a platform. improve humanity. There is a challenge. Bring your people out of the desert and look for a better way to live. Serve God, serve people through peace, not bombing. Kind of like the Crusades...kill everyone until they believe what you do.
Vicky · September 25, 2001 - 04:27 EST #526
TO Gloria.... I guess your G.K. is poor! I am from India and I know how terrorists are creating problems. Few years back in 1992 these guys attacked on Financial Capital of India....Mumbai (former name Bombay). A series of 12 bomb blast just in a few hours time destroyed the city like nothing. Even every Indian still remember that day Mar. 12 1992. From many years Pakistan is supporting these activities. Like Bin Laden another terrorist and gangster Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan. With help of such fellows Pakistan creating violance in Kashmir. Kashmir, which was previously known as Heaven on the earth is now known as death valley. Every day they kill hundreds of people. Bombblast, big attacks, shooting, murders, rape etc. are part of it. Just a year back there was a little war between India and Pakistan Known as Kargil War. Even today Pakistanis are holding control of half of the kashmir. Many Kashmiri people are homeless and living a life of begger. Destroying WTC and killing few thousand people is just a face of terrorism if you want to see what the real terrorism is then come to India and visit Kashmir. Where People know only two sounds... one bombblasts and two gun firing.
shame on USA · September 25, 2001 - 06:13 EST #527 of most selfish people. First USA supported terrorism to control Middle east. USA used terrorist as weapon on USSR first then USA helps Pakistan to Control growth on India. And USA encourage terrorist activities in Middle East Asia so that those countries will never grow big. And USA will hold ultimate powers. But Bin Laden is a boomrang for them. When India was burning USA said BE COOL and Peace is the only way....and now when they are suffering they want every country to support them for war. But Mr. Bush you should know one thing.....every sunrise follows by sunset. Don't be oversmart
Matthew · September 25, 2001 - 06:40 EST #528
Yeah listen, we shouldnt be doing this. George Bush has declared war on the whole world making them pick sides. He still does not have proper proof of Benladins involvement and he is just feeding unneccessary violence by talking big. If everyone just sat down, did more to find evidence maybe we could really find the wrongdoers here. And if anyone here has treated any muslims or arabs, foreigners wrong in this *free* country of ours, thats just plain cruel. You are doing nothing to help the situation, just making public relations worse and hurting innocent people. We must stand as a country, regardless of color, and get through this.
anonymous · September 25, 2001 - 10:37 EST #529
TO MATTHEW: "He still does not have proper proof of Benladins involvement..." How do you know? Besides, it's bin Laden, not Benladin. The evidence is classified so that Osama does not know HOW we know he is involved, thereby giving him a chance to stop communicating in a way that we can trace.
Godless · September 25, 2001 - 10:39 EST #530
Joseph Cassata · September 25, 2001 - 12:21 EST #531
To the many people who bash God and try to put "social religion" and God in the same catagory, why is it you do not use your real names? You people hate religion, and there is nothing wrong with that. Religion is a tool used in "society" to control the masses. God is real. Hate religion, not God.
anonymous · September 25, 2001 - 13:09 EST #532
how can you hate religion and not what it teaches you (i.e. god)?????
chad hall nova scotia · September 25, 2001 - 13:20 EST #533
i think this tragedy is horrific.Things wouldnt be like this if canada and the united states would stop being so kind to these people and welcoming them in to our countries so freely let them stay in their own damn countries where they belong. The bottom line is that our countries are falling to the pits with such influxes of stinkin immigrants if it werent for us letting that muhommed ata and them other idiots come over here none of this would have happened. Canada and the USA, wake up and shut down immigration period we got enough of them over here now to live with and thats bad enough!!!!!!!
Steve Z · September 25, 2001 - 22:45 EST #534
Americans: Do not feel that you are being held hostage in our own country. I think the fact that we haven't had such a gruesome battle here since Antietam 135 years ago tells the story. To Arab Americans: In my belief, you need government support through this, too. I cannot imagine what it feels like to be harrassed daily. Think of it this way: You're the good guys also. To Gloria: Think Justice, not let me punch you since you punched me. This matter must be handled with diplomacy. An idle brain thinks, thinking can cause anger, and anger is as bad as idle hands. In addition, this does appear to be a work of people whose mission is to destroy people who do not agree. In that sense, I compare this to the acts of Hitler on Jews and Milosevic on Iranians (as noted, he is coming to justice). Beware, Mr. Bin Laden. You can hide from our cameras, but not from things of a higher power. You and your Creator are gonna scrimmage when we get to you.
I AM · September 26, 2001 - 00:06 EST #535
hate breeds hate ignorance breeds ignorance.... I love my country but ashamedly we have let abortions and other atrocities go on at will and not bat an eye. Sure it is legal to have an abortion but mans laws are NOT to supercede GODs. Has judgement fallen?, I believe so. Is it over? I do not believe a backwards middle eatern country could do this UNLESS GOD allowed them to. YES GOD will use whoever HE wants to administer HIS judgement, HE used Nebuchednezzer (sp) to deal with Israel and they FINALLY repented. Go ahead Osama laugh if you want you fool, you will get yours, but America we need to come to GOD and ask forgiveness for the many many wrongs we have done.
Ceil G. · September 26, 2001 - 00:37 EST #536
I worked in Building Two of the World Trade Center but was not there the day of the disaster. I did, however, view what happened from the Hoboken, NJ (ferry) side of the river and watched in horror as the second plane hit the building in which I had worked. I was terrified that the people I worked with had perished. I was to find out later after I got back home that it was believed they all made it out OK, and for that I was greatly relieved. This has all been like a nightmare to me, as I am sure it has to thousands of others. I cannot even look at pictures of those buildings without coming to tears. All those lives lost...all the families who lost loved ones never to return again. My heart, our hearts are broken, but my spirit, our spirits are unbowed. We must locate and punish the perpetrators of these horrible crimes -- even if it does take years. I pray for President Bush and all of his supporters to overcome and squash this terrorism. Grant us the power, the wisdom and the patience, Lord to meet the coming battle. Protect our country and those of our allies against further terrorist attacks. Confound our enemies' leaders and set them one against another so that they will fall under their own hand. Help us not to lose the lives of any of our precious soldiers needlessly. I ask this all in Jesus name. Amen
Ron · September 26, 2001 - 21:49 EST #537
I AM NOT · September 26, 2001 - 22:03 EST #538
To "I AM" You justify the deaths of thousands of innocent people from all over the world with "but ashamedly we have let abortions and other atrocities go on at will"? You must worship the same twisted devil that the terrorists worship with this comment: "I do not believe a backwards middle eatern country could do this UNLESS GOD allowed them to." My God deals with each person on an individual basis when the time comes. Those who sin will have a day or time when they will need to answer to what they've done. God, or whatever you call your holy spirit, won't "allow" innocent deaths because of other peoples actions!
anonymous · September 27, 2001 - 11:28 EST #539
You idiots that believe in God are stupid. You don't think some other country can pull this off without your stupid "god?" How about this, the intense hatred for Americans, plus just one man in this network controlls over $300,000,000. Do you think it's possible now you idiot?
anonymous · September 28, 2001 - 07:46 EST #540
we all need to wake up and see that we are all the same people and stop thinking that you are better than the next person.i love america and it took a tragedy like this to happen for me to realize it. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! (WAKE UP PEOPLE)
danno · September 28, 2001 - 09:51 EST #541
All the crap that is going on is because of the Jews.You Americans should cut your ties with Israel. You wont because it's jews that run your country, and they will protect their own. I feel that if we had let Hitler stay in power a bit longer, we wouldn't have the problems we have in the world today !!!!
ricardo monasterios · September 28, 2001 - 12:15 EST #542
My name is Ricardo Monasterios, from Caracas, Venezuela. I have followed the events in the WTC and Pentagon since the very moment they happened and I feel from the bottom of my heart a truly sympathy for the families and friends of the missing persons in these two terrible events. I have always felt a truly love for the United States of America, the country where my grandfather, also a venezuelan, grew up, and the country where I have found such good friends and people to share with, and I feel this terrible situation you are going thru as something that also affects me. I also know what loosing a beloved person is and I pray for the relief of all of those that are passing thru this hard experience. My Love, Ricardo Monasterios Caracas, Venezuela.
TO I AM NOT · September 28, 2001 - 21:39 EST #543
First off I justify NO death, I am not GOD you fool! All life is precious, unlike you I do not attempt act like I know what GOD should or shouldn't do. But I do knw scripture. By the way who do you think caused the flood ? and why ?? DUHHHHH And yes you are NOT girded with scripture much less understanding. Do you study the bible or have you ever read it? Do you even own one? For one, EVERYTHING that happens has to go through GOD. Ever heard of JOB (its in the old testament) Lets not get so pious that we "know" GOD would ever do something that would make us think less of HIM. Get a life what ever HE chooses to do is perfect regardless of what some with no knowledge of scripture believe. My GOD is a just and perfect GOD ,JESUS and no matter what the laws of the land say HIS laws still stand above all. Do yo believe its ok to abort a baby?? you probably do and probably have even done it, GOD calls that murder ....what do you call it. GOD says no sin will go unpunished...what do you say? [1Cor 6:9] Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, [1Cor 6:10] Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. Ever read these scriptures? wouldn't surprsie me. Now how many from the list do you say are ok or "legal" funny GOD said they're going straight to hell and you want to sit there with your one service a year theology and try to say what GOD can and can't do? Sadly your simplistic ignorance is dangerous because there may be a fool or 2 dumber than you that might just listen to you.........
Rick · September 28, 2001 - 23:55 EST #544
This is to the the person who thinks that all Christians are idiots; Let me tell you something, no one is calling you an idiot because you do not believe and have no faith!! The strange thing is that you sound like you have a world of unanswered questions about what is happening to our country, but there is not one Christian out there who is perplexed. You see, it is just prophecies being fulfilled. People (like you, for example) are getting so evil that a lot of innocent people are getting hurt in the way...these are just signs of the nearness of Jesus' second return. If you are bit as smart as you think, then read Matthew chapter 24. In the book of revelations it also tells us what is going to happen in this country...RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION!!! Just the same way that the Catholic Church did in the period known as the dark ages...America will "make an image to the beast"...the first beast being pagan Rome, and second beast being America!! This is the greatest country on Earth, and I love it...I am apalled at what those terrorist did!!! But, do not be asleep to the BIGGER picture...keep abreast of the steps America will take. She is Going to reunite church and State and the image to the beast is going to be this: America will do the exact thing that Papal Rome did in the name of Christianity...remember, the catholic Church is responsible for the slaughter of over 50,000,000 innocent people in a 1,200 year period!! All those people got killed because they refused to worship the way the Catholics did (and she still has not changed one bit today!!)...America will do the same...She will reunite Church and State and make a "National Sunday Law"...Read Revelations. Sunday will become the national day to go to worship, all those who keep another day (like the true sabbath...SATURDAY) will be persecuted. The problem is that you can't force people to worship...yes God even respects your choice not to believe in Him; that's how much he loves all of us. The choice is ours entirelly!! It is juat a shame that you want to miss out on Heaven when your price has already been paid 2,000 years ago, but you have that choice. If you really feel that you will not be happy in Heaven, then it is your choice. I think that a lot of people (you included), have been turned off by all of that foolishness about "floating on cloudds, and plunking on harps all day"...the Bible does not teach any such foolishness!! What it does teach is that we will know each other, we will plant things and eat them (in a totally recreated Earth!!). we will live in bodies just like these (only they will be immortal!!); You will have your family (providing that they are saved, and there will be no more sin!! I do not know about you people out there who are so down on God for all of this mess...but He has a cure for this. This is not the kingdom that he has promised to those who love Him (would you want to pay the tax in it for eternity?). The world that He has promised to His people is yet to come...there will be heartaches and troubles here, but we just have to trust Him and go in faith. Hey, I am not surprised that tragedies such as these happen. you see, Jesus has already said that these things are going to happen. People are being polarized into 2 catagories: on whose side are you going to stand? DO NOT BE MISTAKEN, WHETHER OR NOT THE WORLD IS REEADY, JESUS IS COMING BACK...THIS IS GOD'S WORLD. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE, NOR EVEN CHOOSE TO BE A PART OF IT, BUT HE HAS A PLAN AND NO ONE IS GOING TO ALTER IT. THAT PLAN IS TO TOTALLY ERADICATE SIN FROM THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE...IF SINNERS DO NOT WANT TO COME TO HIM AND REPENT, THEN THEY WILL JUST HAVE TO BE DESTROYED ALONG WITH THEIR SINS THAT THEY LOVE...YOU SEE, "ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD" (ROM. 3:23); AND, "THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH" (ROM 6:23), THAT IS ETERNAL DEATH IN THE LAKE OF FIRE, NOT JUST TEMPORAL DEATH THAT WE ARE USED TO HERE. THE GREAT THING IS THAT 2,000 YEARS AGO JESUS PAID THAT PRICE FOR EVERYONE, EVEN YOU ALL WHO DO NOT BELIEVE!!! AS MUSH AS YOU CURSE HIM, HE STILL LOVES YOU. YOU SEE IS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL...IT DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PERSON. GOD LOVES US BECAUSE HE IS LOVE, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE WORTHY TO BE LOVED!! IF THAT IS NOT LOVE THEN I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS!! SO, IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO BE A PART OF HIS KINGDOM, IT WILL STILL COME AND HE WOULD HAVE JUST DIED FOR YOU IN VAIN!! WHETHER OR NOT YOU BELIEVE, HE IS COMING BACK SOON!! I SUGGEST YOU TAKE UP YOUR BIBLE AND START READING AND PRAY FOR UNDERSTANDING...HE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO GIVE IT TO YOU...HE LOVES YOU ENOUGH IF YOU ARE SINCERE...AND REMEMBER THE 10 COMMANDMENTS!!! SATURDAY IS THE SABBATH, NOT SUNDAY...THERE IS NOT A 10% DISCOUNT ON THE COMMANDMENTS. CONTRARY TO MOST OF THE CHURCHES TEACHINGS, YOU HAVE TO KEEP ALL TEN, NOT JUST NINE AND IGNORE THE SABBATH (SATURDAY). BLESSINGS OY YOU ALL. PS...PARDON MY TYPOS, BUT I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO RE-READ THIS. HOLD ON TIGHT AMERICA...YOU WERE CHOSEN FOR GREATNESS BY GOD HIMSELF!!! YOU ARE IN THE PROPHECIES!! HE HAS DELIVERED ALL OF YOUR ENEMIES INTO YOUR HANDS IN THE PAST AND THIS TIME WILL BE NO DIFFERENT!! STILL A PROUD AMERICAN!! BUT GOD'S KINGDOM IS GOING TO PREVAIL OVER ALL IN THE EARTH MADE NEW WHEN JESUS RETURNS!!
James(Carolina Boy) · September 29, 2001 - 03:37 EST #545
D.Taylor · September 29, 2001 - 12:29 EST #546
I came across this site, and could not help but scan through the majority of the entires. There are entries of hate, judgement, anti-religeon, pain, horror, and many more. I must confess, I am somewhat disturbed by many entries. This attack on the U.S. was not God's judgement. If God were going to judge a people, then he wouldn't only judge a few thousand out of many millions. If it were God's judgement, there would have been no stopping several other attacks that were planned. God is not a God of wrath, exacting His judgements quick and decisive upon a rebellious and sinful people. He is slow to anger, and full of loving kindness. (Read Job, and Michah). God is in fact a God of love. I am not saying that America does not have things against her in the eyes of God. There are many things wrong in this country...but there are also many things that are right. God reigned His judgement upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but remember, He also gave several chances to find a small handfull of righteous people. To say that God loosed his wrath on America for her sin and rebellion is simply not the case. There are, without a doubt, several godly men and women that perished in this terrorist attack. Is God going to punish the godly to also get to the ungodly? I do not believe that has any scriptural foundation. In fact, the Bible clearly states that those who are the redeemed are no more the subjects of God's wrath. God punished sin. It was on the cross of Calvary where Jesus bore the sins of the whole world. His body was the instrument upon which God poured out his wrath, and His blood was the medium through which sins can be forgiven. God is just, and the justifier of all who seek Him. How can a person hate? It is because they do not know God. How can a person carry out these terrible attacks, and claim that it was in service to God? It is because they truly do not know God. (Read 1John 4:7). How can you know God? Believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died for your sins, that He paid a sin debt that you could not pay, and that He rose again the third day as it cleary states in God's word. It is a matter of faith. I cannot be good enough to merrit God's favor. He simply accepts me as I am, imparts His grace to me, applies the blood of Christ to my account, and replaces my unrighteousness with the righteousness of Jesus. If you wish to ask how you can be saved, email me using the mail link for this post.
Mike Owens · September 29, 2001 - 14:58 EST #547
As a 17 year old teen, I am dissappointed how you people can blame God for what has happened. God did not cause this to happen, He allowed Satan to do this. I believe God is testing us and our strength. I may not have been on this earth long but I will be glad when I am gone so I can be with my Savior. I pray for all of you who are lost and not saved. Repent before it is to late. You are all in my prayers. - With Love Mike Owens
D.Taylor · September 29, 2001 - 17:18 EST #548
In reply to Godless: Romans 1: 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Psalms 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. The very world in which we live is proof enough of God. God has revealed Himself through creation, leaving man with no excuse. You may choose to say that God does not exist, but that does not change the truth. Man has developed a relative truth doctrine. "The truth is what I choose to believe." There is no such thing as relative truth. There is always what is right, and what is wrong. If you study probability and statistics, you would find that the theory of evolution just by statistics, is impossible. This is not my opinion, but it is stated upon study and evidence. The Bible proves true science to be right. In addition, the bible was written in the course of over 2200 years, by approximately 40 different authors from various different walks of life and levels of education, and contains no contradictions. Only God could orchestrate this. Archeology proves the Bible true also. Study up on these things. I shuggest a book to you that will help you in this: "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" Josh McDowell. Yes God is real. It doesn't matter if a man says God does not exist. That will never change the facts. If you would like more information, please send me your questions via the mail link. Sincerely, David Taylor
TO D Taylor · September 29, 2001 - 23:13 EST #549
Where is it said Gods judgement had to be dealt in one incident? Where does it say this isn't just the beginning? Remember the plagues , 10 of them ,over a period of time. I agree totally and it is scriptural that GOD is slow to anger Neh 9:17 Ps 145:8 but scripture give detailed causes for judgement to fall disobedience 2 Chron 7:19-22 rejecting GODs warnings 2 Chron 36:16-17 idolatry Jer 7:30-4 sins of rulers 2 Chron 21:1-17 loving evil Rom 1:18-22 Now looking at only these few scriptures disobedience does run rampant in our country, only a small percentage compared to our size openly confess HIM,idolatry well where do we start sports idols, material idols, spiritual idols are evrywhere, sins of rulers- what state doesn't have a perverted senator getting caught doing something not even going to mention Clinton,and loving evil-millions spend their money weekly to see what that great whore hollywood puts out weekly, smut is available to anyone anywhere, seems like judgement is long over due. scripture also says that some consequences of sin are blindness Jn 9:41 2Cor 4:3 servitude Jn 8:54 death Rom. 6:23 also certain kinds of judgement are PHYSICAL destruction Deut 28:15-68 MATERIAL LOSS Mal 3:11 Spiritual blindness Is 6:9,10 and ETERNAL destruction LK 12:16-21 LK 16:19-31 The blood of JESUS is more than enough to cover the sins of the world but it only will cover those that accept HIM. Few openly confess my LORD and Savior JESUS !!!
D Taylor · September 30, 2001 - 00:34 EST #550
In refference to the reply "To D Taylor", The Bible never says that God's judgement comes all at once. You are correct that the plagues of Egypt came over a period of time. I don't believe it was a vrey long period, but over a period nontheless. You asked the question of where does it say that this inn't just the beginning? Where does the Bible say that it is? God does judge sin, and yes, disobedience does run rampant in the country, but God does not pour out His wrath and judgement upon the Godly. Please don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that all who died in this horrific attack were Godly people. Stating that would be a predisposed notion made in ignorance. Do you believe that God brings harsh judgement upon a righteous person? Or, are you inclined to say that there were no Born Again Believers involved in these attacks? I am not saying that God did not allow these things to transpire, for He is soverign. If these attacks did not fit somewhere into God's plan for the world, and mankind, then obviously He would have prevented it. I believe that God will take these events in use to bring honr and glory to His name. "For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Ro 8: 28ff) Notice, the Bible does not say all things are good. It doesn't say that all thigs are pleasurable. It simply states that all things are working for good according to God's purpose. The reason I cannot see that this is God's judgement rests again on the principle that in that number of people, surely there were a few that were godly people, following in obedience to God, and His Holy Spirit. Read Romans 5: 6-9 I will not dispute that the Old Testament verses in which you list speak clearly of judgement. These were judgements spoken by God's prophets to a sinful people, who were under the dipensation of the law. These judgements were listed as judgements to those who were undere the Mosaic Covenant. Man cannot keep God's law. We are of a fallen nature. We have all sinned, and come short of the glory of God. The prophet Jeremiah longed for a new covenant, one where the Law of God was written upon the hearts of His people, and a covenant based on forgiveness of sin, nd not man's ability, or lack thereof to keep the law. Read Jeremiah 31:31. We are no longer under the Mosaic covenant. The purpose of the law is that all may become guilty before God. The world is now placed under a New Covenant, which was completed upon the cross of Calvary. No longer are we a people bound to the dipensation of law, but by the dispensation of grace. By the blood of Christ, the way was made for the working of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of men. This is what Jeremiah longed for. You also refference Luke 12: 16-21. If memory serves correct, this is the parable of the Rich Fool. Judgement was not the taking of this mans life. It was simply the appointment of time. It is appointed unto man once to die..." It is an appointment that everyone, godly or not, will keep. When is judgement? It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgement.(He 9: 27) You refference Luke 16: 19-31 which is the account of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Again, it speaks of judgment after the appointment with death. It is true that Jesus blood covers only them who accept His sacrifice as the payment for their sins. Judgement as mentioned in the New Testament comes from a greek word meaning to condemn, or enacting damnation. Those who follow after Christ, in this life are chastised for continual sin. Chastise in the greek means to instruct. There is a major difference between the two. Read the parable of the wheat and tares. Matthew 13: 24- 30. Judgement cape after the whaet was gathered into the barn, then the tares were cast into the fire. The wheat represents all those who are regenerate in Christ by God's saving grace. The tares represent all those who are not saved. Judgement was not carried out upon all at once, but was issued upon only those who were outside of Christ. I cannot agree that this was God judging America. That is a judgement which shall come, and not only to America, but to the whole world. (2peter 3:7ff) ...And when this judgement is enacted, I shall be with the one who died for took upon my sins, and paid for them in full, past, present, and fututre. I am saved, I am being saved, and I will be saved. I respect your view. But, I do not agree with your view. Neither do I expect that you agree with mine, only that you consider it. These are merely the perceptions that I have on the events that have transpired. I am looking through a dark glass, and cannot see all things clearly. However, we do agree on the most important thing. You must have the blood of Christ applied to your heart. You must be born again. Praise God! Let us keep each other in our prayers, and let us agree in prayer for our nation.
To D Taylor · September 30, 2001 - 10:09 EST #551
Granted friend......granted...
anonymous · September 30, 2001 - 10:36 EST #552
they are all scum!!! bin ladin and all thoes scum bags MUST die and rott
Charles · September 30, 2001 - 17:26 EST #553
Once again, the United States has been attacked. Now I know how it must have felt on December 7, 1941. We are at war. But this time the target was not military. The Japanese bombed a military target, the US Pacific Fleet. These terrorists have deliberately attacked a civilian target (the World Trade Center) in such a way as to inflict the maximum number of civilian casualties. Furthermore, it was no secret who was responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor: the Japanese. But this time the attackers hide and conceal their identity like the cowards that they are. Now is the time for all Americans to put aside our differences. It doesn't matter who you voted for, or what is your race, religion, or national origin. We are all AMERICANS, and we must all stand together and do our part to fight this terrible foe that is attacking our country. There must be no negotiation with those who attack us. We won't bargain for peace, we will WIN it. We must find those responsible, and bring them to justice. Those in our borders who give aid & comfort to America's enemies must be brought to justice. And any countries which dare to give shelter to terrorists should be destroyed. The war will not be over until every last terrorist lies dead. They have sowed the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.
Bob · September 30, 2001 - 22:35 EST #554
The 'death of innocents' tally so far in the US war on terrorism. TERRORIST: 7000 US: 0
Bid · September 30, 2001 - 22:48 EST #555
The suffering of one could be a countless tribute to those who follow, but those who follow will see the leaders fall and the power of a nation rise up and defeat all that lies before it. -United we stand but divided we fall. Together we stride, to make sense of it all. Falling from grace and feeling the pain. Wondering why it is our hearts that shame. No act can fill you, no prayer can teach you. A hero will rise, one that will reach you.
Freak Boy · September 30, 2001 - 22:59 EST #556
Listen, I don't have time to read all this, but doesn't the fact that God DOESN'T make sense make him more likely to exist? I mean, if he is God, he obviously knows a lot more than we do, therefore, some of his actions wouldn't make sense without a lot of study or him explaining them to us. You can't rationalize all this. It doesn't work. I've tried. "Don't understand it, let it go"
anonymous · October 1, 2001 - 00:22 EST #557
i am just curious.If you dissagree with the way the government is running the country;the military decisions;the sanctions;whatever.The point is if you don't agree,that's fine.That is your right.Go to Afghanistan or Palestine and disagree with the government.You live in the United States because you want the freedom to voice your opinion and many of you are expressing that right.Hope you don't have to go home.
Scott · October 1, 2001 - 00:29 EST #558
--If you are American why are you arguing with each other, come together so we can take down the ones responsible. I wish I could meet face to face with binLaden(if I knew he was responsible)-it would take 2 seconds.
To Ron from Egyptian Girl · October 1, 2001 - 05:11 EST #559
There is a very good argument about some misinterpreted verses of Quran on the next gallery of this site between Sebby and me. If you are interested you can join us. And it will help you more on understanding. And I would welcome any questions from you. View this first, and read them carefully Sebby September 26, 2001 - 22:48 EST Egyptian Girl September 30, 2001 - 03:44 EST Regards, Egyptian Girl
YOUR god? · October 1, 2001 - 05:22 EST #560
man, you all need to read some tom robbins and stop trying to own god.
anonymous · October 1, 2001 - 09:31 EST #561
I feel deeply touched by the way America has come together during this great tradegy. I have never had to experience anything like this befor. From the way older people talk, I thought patriotism had died because no one rallied for this fine country. I am amazed by how the citizens of America have come together, got over their differences, and worked toward a common goal! We let such petty little things coem between us.....maybe this (It's horrible that it happened) will make us think before we act mean toward other people. My heart felt sympathy goes out to all the people who died, the rescue workers, political leaders, and the people who lost loved ones. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!! HEATHER, AGE 16
Bobus · October 1, 2001 - 18:39 EST #562
sure bobus, sure.... · October 1, 2001 - 19:23 EST #563
i certainly havent felt the country coming together and you should stick to things you know about, none of which involve this crisis...and by the way, Russia never fought the Taliban. They fought Afghanistan, and the war seems to have made it a veritable wasteland, although maybe it was a wasteland already. You should also realize that we were selling arms to Afghanistan during the Afghan war. Right now, they dont seem to have ANY allies. OH, and DONT compare the Taliban to the nazis.
Martin · October 1, 2001 - 21:09 EST #564
Humanity is chasing its tail into a whirlpool of hate, with no end to an infinite score of retribution. If we enter this evil game, our hand might never end. What makes this hemisphere great is its worldy youth and its powerful glory built from ancestor's dreams. Can we not live up to their expectation and cast away the corruption of the old world? If we enter the whirlpool of hate, then let us pray it does not suck us into an unforseen abyss!
D.Taylor · October 2, 2001 - 00:07 EST #565
I noticed a post in which someone said this is all because of the Jews. They made the statement that we should have let Hitler stay in power longer, and none of this would happen. That is about the craziest thing I have ever heard. The reason this country has been blessed the way it has is because of the Jews. You can look throughout history. Everyone that has helped or aided Israel in any was has prospered. This just confirms the promise that God made to the father of Israel. Gen 12:1-3 1 Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: 2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: 3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. This promise has never failed.
Ninja · October 2, 2001 - 04:15 EST #566
How should I put my rusty $0.02 in??? I still have nightmares of the people dying in the towers, picturing my family members and such, and trust me, I'm so enraged at Osama, and every single scum-terrorist like him still breathing the air I have to share with that I have to punch it off somewhere, and I'll have to pay my landlord about $2,000 for repairs... Ok, to the point now... I hated your guts President Bush from the get-go, because I think you stole the presidency from Al Gore... Good decision!!! Can you imagine Al Gore in this situation??? I thank whoever came up with the phrase "Like father, like son." Knowing past events, expect Osama and his wussy Al-Quaida group to die like they should have... A slow painful death at the hands of our military might, or by the will of us. Possible Execution Idea: Can the families of the dead stone them to death??? Nothing like good ol' stoning to get every terrorist's attention... Not only is America gonna get you, but we will do something God or Allah should have done if they REALLY are holy figures (I don't foillow a religion, so I guess I'm gonna get a lot of responses), we WILL dispense INFINITE JUSTICE!!! Now, whenever the draft is re-enacted, you bet your arse I'll be defending this country until my last breath. God Bless America...wait let me rephrase... bless America. UNITED WE STAND!!!
A.J. · October 2, 2001 - 17:00 EST #567
God Bless All those people who lost there lives on the plane, the towers, and the people walking on the streets below. This message was sent from the people of Eagan, MN 55122
anonymous · October 2, 2001 - 18:39 EST #568
Labib · October 2, 2001 - 20:31 EST #569
How come nobody was allowed to pay attention to those Israelis who were captured dancing and celebrating when the towers fell down? how come the 4000 jewish workers at the towers failed to show up at work there the day of the attack? Think America Think; for how long more should you keep being thought for by the jewish media?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? · October 3, 2001 - 04:19 EST #570
i think you mean the PALESTINIANS who were celebrating, bozo. It is ridiculous to think that a country that has been helped by America to the point of owning their freedom only because of us, would be celebrating when we were attacked. And jewish or not, no normal human being of any religion would calmly sit there, knowing that thousands of their coworkers were going to die (not to mention that there were more than that number of various other religions staying home from work that day). Where the hell did you get that number from anyways, when they havent even identified all the dead?? Jesus, you idiots make me want to vomit with your total lack of thought.
to labib · October 3, 2001 - 04:23 EST #571
its really funny that you say for us not to be media controlled...i wonder where that number 4000 came from? I suppose you did all the research that the NYPD hasn't yet, in determining exactly who was where on the day of the attack. Or maybe you just got it from your own racist news source, whatever it may be. Think for yourself.
DaWayne · October 3, 2001 - 23:47 EST #572
We need to bring the people or country that is behind this to justice, one way or the other. We need to stay calm, let our President work with the military leaders and make the best decisions to get the situation taken care of. Pray, don't let hatred rule your heart...God Bless America, and I am praying for all that lost their lives and their families and friends. Remember the Children...
alex · October 4, 2001 - 00:03 EST #573
alright man, im realizin what is going on, and i also be prayin all the time to, we need these war stuff to end, and we all need to come together as 1, and it seems to me as, america before this, was hardly united, we all just went our wayz and we now realize this tragic happening, and you know the story of noahs ark, where all ppl were sinning and everything, well mabye this was just a wake up call, mabye not, but god bless us al, untied we stand, peace
anonymous · October 5, 2001 - 19:36 EST #574
I just don't get you Americans, all you want to do is "lock & load and kick ass!". Most of you have probably never been in the armed forces and therefore haven't a clue what it must be like for the boys who get sent in there, or their families. And as for "bombing the hell out of them", as a most of you seem to say, well lets's come back down to planet Earth for a while! There are innocents in that country, innocent men women and children, but I guess Americans don't care.....example: Hiroshima! Let's just all calm down, think, make a plan for the future and forget all this "kick ass!" rubbish.
English Bloke · October 5, 2001 - 19:42 EST #575
Just a follow on to the above comment. A pissed of US Citizen said: "Hey all you other countries, you're either going to fight with us, or at least aid us in this war, OR YOU ARE OUR ENEMY AND WILL BE DESTROYED." I definately think it's time to grow up a little bit
from a french guy · October 6, 2001 - 07:11 EST #576
I want to tell to America that this french guy knows that French and american history are linked. Lafayette, WW I and II; our nation are linked with the same spirit of freedom. You have the French freedom amblem in NYC the Statue of Liberty in french it's "La Satue De La Liberté". Even if it's painfull America has to rebuilt its Twin Towers, because if you do not rebuild this symbol terrosits will won. Even if there are losses FREEDOM will always won. God Bless America. and in French "VIVE LA LIBERTE".
CAB · October 7, 2001 - 19:14 EST #577
Is there anyone here who actually thinks that this attack was good? please say why.
anonymous · October 7, 2001 - 23:40 EST #578
So it begins...
Diego · October 8, 2001 - 13:28 EST #579
Well the attacks just begun, so more inocent people is going to die, afganistan is a pour country, so the US is making it more pour, why is there so much crap in this world? cant we live in peace??! marihuana nos ayudaria a arreglar este tipo de problemas, asi que empiezen a fumar,,,, peace
Edgerly · October 8, 2001 - 20:52 EST #580
Like all of you, I'm very upset. Even though I didn't lose anybody, I still feel awful!But we must try to forgive him, for it is written.We probably don't love him right now, but forgive him. Be merciful. I think they are just jealous. I'll accept that. That means they want what we have;money, weapons, food, etc.At least I'm glad to see alot of american flags around.Little ones count too. As long as we stick with our country, and support it, we will experience peace again.
doe · October 8, 2001 - 22:10 EST #581
You did lose somebody, we all did. We lost our fellow americans. Our neighbors, We lost our beautyful twin towers. We all lost something september 11th. We look at people differently. We wonder if those who look different are friends or sleepers. As much as noone wants to admit it we lost our freedom here!!!!
anonymous · October 9, 2001 - 20:56 EST #582
This National Tragedy has effected many people, let it not make us afraid, but strong. President Bush is doing an excellent jod in "giving" these terroists what they deserve. They are faceless cowards and I hope that all the people who think that Osama bin Laden did "a good deed", learn from this. bin Laden will be caught and will suffer. God Bless you President Bush, and God Bless America
FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS WAR · October 9, 2001 - 21:29 EST #583
YOU SHALL SUFFER if you enter the era of WW3, everyone will. stop bush, stop republicans, stop war. they might accidently kill me in the process. I don't care for revenge because i have a headache. AMERICA does not know WAR!!!!
John Flowers · October 10, 2001 - 09:25 EST #584
I have some uncomfortabel things to tell, I'm afraid... First of all, the terrible crime of murdering so many innocent people of all races, is not a crime only against America people, but all the human kind. Second thing: in every single terrific and horrible attack of this kind, one has use mental and heart intuition to understand and search who had the most to gain in terms of Money, Power, destruction of some evidences or testimonies in some other terrible crimes... The human, but dull reaction, so easy to create and ride, of eye per eye is often revealed blind and wrong. It gave many profits to the guilty and terribly hit many other innocent persons! Bin Laden is a patented and stupid criminal. I read many stories on him, the most of them are propaganda... he is really rich, but not sufficiently powerful to do something like that. The FBI/CIA and the other agencies investigations, at least in the mass-media news, have been terribly successfull, in so little time, but full of terrible contradictions, too. Why Bin Laden did not declared: "I hit America's heart!", if he was the real responsible... since he always apparently declared his objective to destroy America. Why have all the Afghan people to suffer death and pain for that? Contradictions in the investigations, or in the news about them: 1. Flight Manual in arab aboard a possible terrorist's car --- Those terrorists lived in the USA for years and knew American tongue very well. They learned to pilot, why and handbbok, and in Arab tongue, aboard a car? The last moment revision? Ridicule! 2. A passport of a terrorist found in the ruins of the WTC --- A terrible fire, able to make the towers, buil in such a way to resist a jet crash on them and to the fire for at least 6 hours... fall down, and some investigator able to find a passport... The only document found, guys? Is it really possible that this passport, inside the jet, has survived and was readable?? Ridicule! Why the terrorist would have had to make some persons do phone calls? Who really can verify their genuinity!? This was a very good method to create, in the aftermath, an incredible emotional reaction in those who could listen to them. It could be a new tactic, but it appears really very strange and not coherent with the Bin Laden and the other terrorist organization until now... Further, in one call, the woman did not identified the hijackers with the word arabs, or something like that. They, apparently, if the call was genuine, could be of the same race of the woman... It is the most probable thing. Otherwise she would have used different words. Very contradictory these calls, very strange, sincerely... There are many other contradictions, for example the one on the stock eschange: maybe Bin Laden, the day before... if the news about the puts regarding the United and American Airlines were really correct (there are different data depending by the expert, even though all agree on a great market movements on these 2 companies (very interesting!), regarding puts on these 2 copanies, the only 2 involved in the hijacking...), some experts speak of a volume 90 times the average one, just the day before (a coincidence of such kind is impossible. Who told the opposite would not be a reliable person)of the tragedy... OK: Bin Laden has not this financial power. Further it is impossible he is interested in have the control of these 2 Airlines... Therefore, who can mostly be interested in the US Airlines?? I hope that these opinions are objectively analysed and, if someone has evidence of the contrary on some of them, he has to write me the references, so I can check them. If they are correct, however, there are very good reasons to conduct an independent analysis and investigation and for doubt of every official information, being them result of propaganda, not of truth search!
alex · October 10, 2001 - 10:20 EST #585
what does that guy know about war, he thinks america dont know war, you must be a complete idiot, we have the biggest military in the world, our military, our war is the greatest, so shut up, and we did start to bomb afganistan, so itz too late to all you out there who thinks itz wrong
To CAB · October 12, 2001 - 01:56 EST #586
Are you referring to the WTC attack or the attack on Bin Laden?
To CAB · October 12, 2001 - 02:18 EST #587
Some of you people seem so worried about the youth in Afghanistan as I am.But who gave thought to the youth of Americans when their parents didn't come home the day of the 11th.I do not like violence,but am not against it.Find the targets,take them out,and continue to protect.For the person who brought up Hiroshima;who attacked first?Everyone knew what was happening and had the opportunity to get family members out of the area in Afghanistan,and everyone seems to want to die in the fight against the US,so they should be happy.I do not like to see innocent people loose their lives,but as long as these terrorist are active,it will continue.
Bobby Jackson · October 12, 2001 - 12:56 EST #588
More ANTHRAX has been found. This time in New York. It is my opinion that if these people are using ANTHRAX as a form of warfare, then I would have no reservations in using nuclear force to light these idiots up.
anonymous · October 12, 2001 - 17:05 EST #589
all you anti-American idiots listen up ! WAR is right ,it is ours right now. embrace it , love it for what it is, GLORIOUS!!!! If so many of you have a problem with the way the US responds then get the hell out!! Go cower with the men women and children in afgan. i hear there's going to be a really cool airshow very soon , get a good seat, front row, and don't forget to fly your afgan flags. yippy kiyah!!!!!
anonymous · October 12, 2001 - 17:06 EST #590
oh yea Saddam your next
anonymous · October 12, 2001 - 17:12 EST #591
this is for "mirjimi" I'M COMING FOR YOU FIRST
anonymous · October 12, 2001 - 17:14 EST #592
to all you afgan bleeding hearts-- make no mistake it's not revenge we're's a rekoning!!
Matthew J, Johnston · October 13, 2001 - 15:38 EST #593
Rember the Romans, they fell by germanic tribes. God bless Amereica
Lothar Cochon · October 14, 2001 - 05:11 EST #594
I am so sad to read all the comments against Islam. Islam preaches only sincerity and justice. It is not their fault that most Muslims are ignorant and preach that the Americans who support Israel while they kill Palestinian terrorists is wrong. Since when has it been wrong to kill terrorists before they terrorize? It is time to bomb the Arabs with Bacon and make sure all the food drops have pork-rinds for snacks. Another thing is that nuking the Q'abal in Mecca and then coating the nuked area with pickled pigs feet would sure help the situation. Prefereably while they are on Haaj. I also am curious why all blacks in prison convert to Islam? What is the deal with that? Where does the Q'uran does it say that black felons in prison should be Muslims? If they were true Muslims, the Koranic law would have all the black prisoners exchange an eye for an eye. By the way, stop blaming Muslims for hate. It is we who hate Muslims.
carol · October 14, 2001 - 12:12 EST #595
Great pictures, but you spelled Manhattan wrong in every picture
anonymous · October 14, 2001 - 23:36 EST #596
Quote "I'm sure if these terrorists were still alive and could have witnessed what they've done, they would grieve as well." I don't think so. I think you must be dreadfully naive to really believe what you have stated above! They knew they were going to kill many people because that was their plan. It was planned for a long time. Don't feel sorry for them, there is NO excuse for what they did. They lived the high life, and mooched off the goodness of the USA, all while they planned their evil. They were all Hypocrites who lived and died in vain.
CenturyXIV · October 15, 2001 - 21:19 EST #597
I think it is so sad to read all the hate within the scripture of many of the statements made here. I am an underground MC/Producer who has long been in the business of warning America of what was and is to come. We exist in The Period of Great Cleansing, which is a Native American legend. It will last for the next 9 years, until 2010. The East Coast will no longer exist... as we know it. And some say the end of the world will not be far behind. Also, Indian philosophy out of the religion of Hinduism says we are in the last days, of a 400 billion year cycle, and these days are to be violent and dreadful. If u would like to hear some of my prophetic music email me... I have a song recorded on Sept. the 9th of this year called... ThePrelude... They laughed at me when I said i need to get out of the USA and get a bulletproof and a gasmask... they laughed when i wore a mask and gloves in public. Please do not hate, because you have witnessed hate in its most potent and pure form. Let us all learn to Love before we meet our maker. And no I have nothing to do with the terrorists and any attept to say I do is complete idiocy... but you people needed my music before the attacks and you need it now. -XIV
Rick · October 15, 2001 - 22:27 EST #598
Hey Alex, let me ask you a few questions: first of all let me get this right; you want all Afgan Americans to go back to their country because Alex says so? Who are you supposed to be?? Why do you have such authority??? Have you ever studied American History (or have you left that one out along with English). Don't you know that if the Afgan Americans have to go back you do also? You are also an immigrant (unless you are an American Indian). Your foreparents came from somewhere (and I am almost sure it is not America). They have a right to this country just the same as you do. So what you are saying is that, if someone from your ethnic group does something stupid you should pay for it also?? You should be punished and persecuted for the wrongdoings of someone from your ethnic group? Stop being so ignorant this message board is for intelligent comments. Go back to the streets with that garbage...thank God that the leaders of America are not like you.
anonymous · October 16, 2001 - 15:02 EST #599
What is this world coming to. All those wonderful people gone. This got to stop Bush. NO MORE KILLING this is gone to far.
RJ · October 16, 2001 - 16:27 EST #600
I go to websites and look at pictures and cry. My first thought is anger and we need revenge, but what we really need is for this war to start and end as fast as it started. Whomever you believe in, pray to them, pray for the innocent victims in Wash, NY and in the places we are bombing. I ask GOD to help the families of the victims. And whoever is spreading Anthrax, I pray that you are caught and get what is coiming to you. THe same can be said for whomever planned the taking and crashing of those planes. As I cry, you celebrate. What kind of sick crap is going on in your mind. Their is no honor in that. People who are reading this, Muslims are not the enemy, just the select few who claim to be some crazy form of Muslim and people that back this terrorism are enemies. I ask God to help all of us. From the families of all victims, to the kids who are on the streets in Muslim countries cheering the death of Americans. SOmehow they have been brainwashed to think this is good. Cause I see no AMerican children celebraing the bombings going on in the Middle east. God Bless the USA and the rest of the world as we struggle to get through this mess. Help us! Lets stick together world and hopefully this will be over soon. Oh, and all terrorists and to you Bin Laden, enjoy the time you have left, cause I dont even want to know what will become of you in the after life. You brought us together more than we ever have been. United
anonymous · October 17, 2001 - 00:12 EST #601
America will not be moved. Those people who destroyed the World Trade Center and attempted to do the same to the Pentagon will pay dearly. You Arab Muslims came to America looking for the good life and now you want Americans bought down to your level. It'll never happen. Go back from whence you came. All of you immigrants who come to America and do nothing but criticize go back from whence you came. Go back, go back to your rat holes.
Proud To Be An American · October 17, 2001 - 01:35 EST #602
Ever since i was a kid in school, i have always enjoyed learning about how this great nation came to be. Winning are freedom in the revolutionary war, overcoming slavery in the civil war, fighting the nazi's that killed millions of innocent jews, overcoming the great deppresion, sending the first man to the moon, defending the attack on pearl harbor,ect. DOESNT ALL SOUND BAD DOES IT. Everyone is so quick to judge us and what we do. of cource we have done bad things in are time but who hasen't. How about rememboring about the things that we stand for and the good things that we have done. I dont think that fighting the nazi's to save innocent jews is all that bad, or sending aid to innocent countries that can't feed them selfs is terrible. Just because we are such a big dominent county everyone has to anaylize what we do wrong and not what we do right. To Mr. Bush you are doing a fabulous job and i am proud to have you as our president. TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, KEEP YOUR HEADS UP AND LOVE THE ONE'S YOU LOVE TO THE FULLEST. NEVER STOP THAT. TO ARE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES, PLEASE DO US ONE FAVOR. KICK SOME BIN LADEN BUTT
CenturyXIV · October 17, 2001 - 03:05 EST #603
'Proud' -Man, what school did u go to ?, your spelling is a little off... I mean, at least show out with some good grammar... that is very sad, I hope you know you cannot spell... maybe u should be anti-government, they definitly didnt do you any favors. But at least you are patriotic... but go back to school for a couple years ok... you are not very well educated... i hope you make more than 5 dollars an hour. -XIV
Jimmy spider-man Mower · October 17, 2001 - 21:48 EST #604
Carolann · October 19, 2001 - 01:31 EST #605
I just got finished reading through many of the comments and in a lot of the cases I wanted to just vomit when I think of either the sheer stupidity or plain downright ignorance of some of you "pacifists" and/or "bleeding hearts". One comment way above and I neglected to make note of who it was actually said that we should forget about retaliation and just "pray that this never happens again". yeah right! that is unbelievable. Many of us have just helplessly watched literally on our TV sets a little more than 1 month ago over 5000 innocent citizens die in a most horrific way for absolutely no reason. That is right - no reason! There is no legitmate reason or excuse on this earth why anyone had the right to come into this country, use our resources (flight schools, airlines etc.) and destroy massive amounts of american property and killing a devastating amount of innocent people. THIS IS WAR MADAM NOT A TEAPARTY (taken from Gone with the Wind). It would be criminal for the Country NOT to retaliate. And that crime would be against the American People, because if we do not take drastic measures as we are doing as I write this message, then you can be guaranteed that this will happen again. If you leave it to the pacifists, we'd all light candles, say a few prayers and then spend time trying to UNDERSTAND them, and make peace with them. YOU CANNOT MAKE PEACE WITH THESE PEOPLE. Don't you ignoramaces understand that??? They hate everything that we stand for. They despise the fact that we are Americans, and that we are free. If left to them, they would destroy this country and kill everyone in it. IF WE VALUE OUR FREEDOMS, IF WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY, IF WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO ENJOY FREEDOM AND THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS THAN WE MUST RETALIATE.....WE MUST DESTROY......BEFORE WE ARE DESTROYED. I REPEAT....THIS IS WAR.
anonymous · October 19, 2001 - 12:00 EST #606
hey century XIV, he is just stating how proud that he is to be an american. Lay off and get a life. Maybe you sould stand up for what you believe in. You Know not everyone is as great as you, by the way read what you wrote. (And you quote, AT LEAST SHOW "OUT" WITH SOME GOOD GRAMMAR AND YOU ARE NOT VERY "WELL" EDUCATED. How about your grammar it sucks, you need to go back to school and get some education. This is how you should of wrote it. AT LEAST SHOW SOME GOOD GRAMMAR AND YOU'RE NOT VERY EDUCATED. How is the stupid one . You go "Proud to Be and American". And God bless you. Go U.S.A
im guy · October 19, 2001 - 18:04 EST #607
ya know, if there were no jews in the world there would be no anti-semiticism
k · October 19, 2001 - 18:05 EST #608
or semitism, i suppose
anonymous · October 20, 2001 - 00:57 EST #609
It seems that everyone one this sight wants to fight more among themselves than discuss what's going on in the world.That is part of the reason these terrorist have done what they have done.Divide and destroy.If there is no retaliation to the events of the 11th,then the door is open for these people to do anything they like.It's got to stop.Stop fighting with each other and fight the real enemy.By the way,there may be a word or two not spelled right or some comma may be in the wrong place,but I believe I have my priorities straight and that is what matters.
anonymous · October 20, 2001 - 01:31 EST #610
Every one that is condemning the U.S. for retaliation,what is your position on the initial act of violence against America.When all these countries were fighting each other,life went on in the U.S. as usual.Now that it has hit home,then you want the violence to stop.Why didn't you want it to stop sooner?Eventually all roads lead back to the United States,and we will be the shoulder that is leaned on for financial support from these countries.Let's get the killers out of the picture and help these people rebuild their lives.Peace is great,but only when everyone wants it,and not everyone wants it.Let's deal with the few that don't want peace now so the many that do want peace will have a future.
CenturyXIV · October 20, 2001 - 03:49 EST #611
Anonymous- What the hell are you on???... one minute your 'kill em all', the next your this all seeing peace maker. Man, I think the problem is identified in your last sentiment, that people want the killing stopped when it hits home. I have for years and years looked at our America as this sess-pool of disgusting culture, i mean we have Britney Spears, a supposedly 'for the kids' singer dressing in scantily outfit. Lookat T we hae Blindate, followed by commercials for Valtrex, a herpes medicine, gee i wonder why need Valtrex... after this girl is giving up the guts on some blind date... I mean we as a people have reallybecome digusting... Bin Laden isnt right in what he wants either... But c'mon people lets wake up or get woke up... as i sit here today nothing has changed, sure we talk a good game about being mved and ever-changed as a people but the shows and Valtrex comercials continue, as doe the money aing of hollywood... The hell with all Americans that give dollars to this moral degrading culture... word to God -XIV
anonymous · October 20, 2001 - 14:56 EST #612
Hey CenturyXIV. bIf you don't post a name or E-mail address then you get posted as anonymous.Those comments could be from different people.By the way,Iam having a little trouble translating parts of your last message.And if you don't like this "moral degrading culture",then I invite you to leave the country and go hand out wheat in another country.Hey,why not take an American or United flight.You are in this country because you have the freedom to say and do what you want,and don't forget it.
READ THIS · October 21, 2001 - 12:12 EST #613
I agree totally with XIV. And to mr. anonymous up there- you should be able to take constructive criticism because that is probably the only way to make this country better. I agree with freedom of expression but there should be limitations. The country could demolish like the Roman Empire, or even like Sodom and Gommorah. Now there is new surprising evidence of their existance and how they were doomed.
Steve · October 21, 2001 - 18:55 EST #614
These clowns who committed these acts knew EXACTLY what they were doing and they knew EXACTLY what sort of response this would generate. Now, I have to admit, Dubya is doing a good job with all of this, but I'm growing weary of his sarcastic comments. This is not a direct quote of his words, but they're strikingly similar:
  • "there's an old sign out West I remember that says 'wanted, dead or alive'"
  • "we have no hard evidence regarding these anthrax attacks.. we know Mr. bin Laden is an evil man"
  • "I wouldn't put it past him"
Come on George, you gotta use your head when speaking to millions of people like this. Sure, you get your shouts and your cheers (and of course, your jeers as well), but give it up with the Comedy Central comments. Stop with the speculations - get your facts 100% right before speaking like that. These quirky little remarks are not helping your present situation. I think justice ought to be served to those who committed these acts. Obviously the actual terrorists are dead, but get rid of whoever/whatever you need to in the world and be done with it. Don't pursue this any further than absolutely necessary. That's my two cents worth.
Carolann · October 21, 2001 - 19:58 EST #615
Steve Steve Steve, c'mon take a deep breath. I can't believe G Dubya's comments actually bother you. I have found this presidency so darned refreshing compared to the last 8 years. George is straightforward, no nonsense, honest, and for the first time in years I actually believe what he is saying. Instead of standing up there with a "quivering lip" pretending to give a damn the way our last president did, he says it like it is,and God Bless him for doing so. I don't care what anyone says about G Dubya - compared to the alternatives, he is the best thing we could have under these circumstances. And about his "sarcastic comments" as you call them - Heck, I think they are great!!!!!
anonymous · October 21, 2001 - 23:56 EST #616
forget the bullcrap bin laden is going to hide behind children and women so to me he must be a bitch
CenturyXIV · October 22, 2001 - 00:27 EST #617
anonymous anonymous, listen pal... do u even know where Bin Laden is? come off your High Horse. We could be bombing women and children in a place where he might not even be... He could be hiding in the rough wilderness of lower Russia or perhaps desert lands in Pakistan... just waiting for a ground war to return and send our chilren back in boxes... So next to you jump upon your horse make sure you arent stung by a bee lurking in the gardens -XIV
CenturyXIV · October 22, 2001 - 00:30 EST #618
time not to... this forum has some weird writng tactics
Marcos · October 23, 2001 - 00:54 EST #619
There has been much talk about "why do they hate us"; mostly implying we could score points with Muslims by helping Paletinian terrorists kill Isrealis. Most muslims do not live in the middle east. What they object to, I think, is the immorality we export to their countries which may destroy their families the way it has destroyed ours. Pornography, abortion, contraception, promiscuity, adultry, euthanasia and the whole "culture of Death". You don't hear this on TV because TV is the source of it. Let's clean it up and make our own peace.
anonymous · October 23, 2001 - 19:31 EST #620
Marcos, youre right.
greg · October 23, 2001 - 23:46 EST #621
yes this stuff is horrible i am glad we are bombin the hell out of them they deserve it well i didnt vote for bush but i sure do stand by him all the way and one more thing GO U.S.A stand proud
Fremont · October 25, 2001 - 02:57 EST #622
The rain will fall,
but we will stand.
Through the clouds will
come a light, and we will
understand, that he will
make it alright.
Though humanity may not like
each other, he will love us
forever. For God is my savior,
may he bless our children
that have done no wrong.
CenturyXIV · October 25, 2001 - 03:49 EST #623
You say you did no wrong
But you still hit the bottle
and smoked the bong While preaching it isnt wrong
you kill Indians with small pox
than wish it wouldnt happen to you
200 hundred years later Are you really innocent?
Just think
If you carry a name
You will be known for that name
and what it has done. Your daughters and yor sons
They are nothing but dust
in this earth Crust. Quit claiming you are not to blame,
that you are innocent...
because you are not. Protest war and get with peace
forget the Police and hold the streets
like you owe the priests. -XIV
anonymous · October 25, 2001 - 19:14 EST #624
nice little speech XIV
GUESS WHO · October 25, 2001 - 19:32 EST #625
to handle your-self use your head. To handle others use your heart not head. a smile is the shortest distance between two people silence is more eloquent than words speech is silver, silence is gold hope for the best but prepare for the worst things do not change; we change to be normal is the whole to lose patience is to lose the battle silence is one great & most successful Art of conversation the best remedy for dealing with wrongs is to forget them.
CenturyXIV · October 25, 2001 - 23:25 EST #626
Yo... why is this cat trying to cash in on my shien, this cat had a poem to quick after my stunning entrance... Give Guesss who
Ebola Flu
YOu knew it was due
on CBS, and ABC too
I give cats the beers on Amtracks
and slam on my mask
Pull back give war-plaques
and shaft back bullets that kill gnats
XIV is the greatest kat
since Kennedy Jack
thats a fact
get your lack skill on the side roads guess who
Or confess to things you didnt do
Arrrest who?
Forget you
I leak my style and wet you
Like a uncollected pariah in the
stressed room
Youll have no tomb
Haslewood · October 26, 2001 - 06:37 EST #627
The silence of significant Islamic clerics decryiny this abominable act is deafening. I want to see some Islamic justice against these people and however sad it must be enough to discourage the brainwashed looloos that are taken in by this rubbish. I want to see Islamic people brave enough to do something honourable about these poor deluded souls. The time is come for a true holy war against this nonsence that is corrupting the true message of the prophet.
Faz · October 26, 2001 - 13:24 EST #628
We must realize that war is the ONLY answer. If we sit back and pray for peace, more terroristic acts will begin. America needs to be tough, cruel, and unforgiving. In the name of all the firefighters, police officers, emergency workers, and innocent civilians who died because of the attacks: WE WILL PREVAIL............................................
CenturyXIV · October 26, 2001 - 13:49 EST #629
Are u saying that God has no power??? faz... why not pray for peace and be peaceful... is this world the only world????? have you no faith?... on behalf of all the peace loving firefighters and civilians and emergency workers that died in the attacks... PEACE will Previal not a bunch of bombs, of course if you bomb cats they are gonna terrorize more, why not pull troops out of the land of oil??? thats all that Osama wants anyways man... Our government is way too money and power hungry, they caused this atrocity on us all. Think about that, and now you wave your flag so triumphantly as if you are some modern day Civil War Hero... remember the book of history son, then talk about war as the answer... i feel so sorry for you faz... PEACE TO ALL -XIV
Carlisle · October 26, 2001 - 14:02 EST #630
Come Get afghanistan it is tradgic what they have done an do not deserve any justice an should be showed to consequences of what they have done immediately!
Jennifer Peicott · October 29, 2001 - 14:56 EST #631
i think its sick what the terrorists did and i am happy that we are bombing them. If they can kill all our innocent people then why cant we kill some of theirs. Thats just my opinion thanx!
CenturyXIV · October 30, 2001 - 03:04 EST #632
Yo, Jenny, you are a misguided soul... it t'was not the people of Afghanistan that bombed us... how dumb are you??? seriously.... it was a terrorist group named Al Qaeda, 'The Base", and they work out of Saudi Arabia and are led by a mad man similiar to David Koreash... if Davd Koreash did this type of thing to another nation, would you feel it just that that nation bomb the United States???????????????? I didnt think so... anywho... jenny pooh... let me also express my prayers for the light within your thoughts in the future... and to everyone else, is the CIA that dumb too??? If they can stop the terrorist attacks on the space needle and other such incidents over the Millenium celebrations, which they so proudly claimed they did, why can they not stop this atrocity(The World Trade and Pentagon Bomb)??? in the news we read of how there were warning signs that were unmistikable and how ordinary civilians expressed their opinions that any terrorist believing in JIHAD could overtake a plane and crash it into a well populated area...or landmark... I feel as though we were dooped,and with jennys comments it is very very likely more government propaganda is at hand here... Does anyone remember the Bush campaign against Gore, wen SUbliminal messages were used in a commercial... The word 'RATS" appeared in a freeze frame behind a statement about the Gore camp... and now Jenny is blaming afghanistan's helpless and starving people for this atrocity... jenny I think not... u need to delve towar real world knowledge before you go and blame those individuals... Let us all remember where Afghanistan lies... right near Russia and a step away from China... It was the USA's, and Bush's statements, that said 'this will be a war on terrorism', and Al Qaeda. However, look how fast the pendulum swings, as the government of the United States is now very focused on overthrowing the Taliban government, in Afghanistan, and replacing it with a 'suitable' regime, as the war on terrorism takes a backseat... hmm, i wonder if this 'suitable' regime will be allied with the US... oh yes, it will be, let us all take witness to this fact on this day, when the Great Century delivered a message to the kids, (and you are the kids...) Did America's government let this happen, in order to ally itself with a geography close to two returining superpowers,who have begun installation of a joint-nuclear faciliy due to be up in 2005?? i ask you Does jenny watch Blind Date and other government shows, set upon destroying the moral values of our nation?... i will remind you all that when watching Blind Date, Change of Heart, Elimidate, and the like... Valtrex, a herpes medication commercial, and Aldara, a genital warts medication commercial appear... (NO AZT commercial yet, and yes that is medicine that treats AIDS)... with the World's population increasing to the point of near exhaustion of the Earth, would it be so bad in the eyes of the dominant and rich, to see the common man perish by the thousands???? whether by terrorist action, war reaction, or disease ???? I ask you this has been another free-word delivered to you by the Century... and yes you can email me to get my album 'Political Scilence', a psychic Cd, featuring R.E.N.asaunce X on the song entitled, "Like Soldiers of the Vietnamese"... all tracks recorded before Sept. the 11th, with the last one being recorded Sept. the 9th, and i guarantee it is official... also 'TheHangingGardensLP' is due out in witner 2001/2002 stay tuned -XIV
CenturyXIV · October 30, 2001 - 03:11 EST #633
winter that is... -XIV
miss x (pun intended) · October 30, 2001 - 09:02 EST #634
first of all.. don't blindly accept anything that anyone tells you about god's will, don't even take this post seriously. find out for yourself in the bible. america was attacked by sick people. yeah, i still believe that's true.. but god also tells us that we shouldn't judge others.. that's for him to do.. although it would be incredibly hard to forgive and forget, it's what needs to be done, violence and hate will get you nowhere.. and there is evidence in the bible that god does not wish for retaliation of any kind.. you know? turn the other cheek? also, i've noticed a recurring theme in a lot of posts that mention god.. (please don't send me hatemail by the way, i'm not being overly judgemental, i am actually concerned for people's well being).. people are first praising their country (the US), and then briefly mentioning god. i should state that god is more worthy of your praise and love than your country and your money. we are all brothers and sisters of jesus, even our brothers and sisters in afganistan, race should not divide us. for those of you who ARE NOT A CHILD OF GOD, who may read this and scoff at my love for/belief in jesus our saviour, my prayers are with you. i am only 17, but all throughout my adolescence i was very, very anti-religion, i am the last person i would have ever expected to be saying and wholeheartedly believing my previous statements about christianity, i have lost the closest of friendships because of my 'conversion', yet still i go on. god is love, he's what you're looking for, it's never too late. my apologies for the lengthiness of this post, sincerely, miss x.
anonymous · October 30, 2001 - 14:33 EST #635
Its only now that i realise how beautiful these builings were,wot a great shame
Carolann · October 30, 2001 - 22:31 EST #636
MissX - You made a comment that God does not want retaliation - "turn the other cheek". It is unimaginable to me that people of your ilk continue to live in this great country of ours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving God...but that is no excuse for hiding behind the name of God and using that as a reason for not bringing to justice those that have committed this horrible atrocity. If it wasn't for our Military both now and in the past, you my dear girl would not have the freedoms and lifestyle you now enjoy. Nor would you necessarily be able to even pursue the religion of your choice. No one likes war.....No one wants absolutely is necessary when people such as those followers of Osama Bin Laden AND ANYONE who offers them refuge threatens our borders and our lives. And by the way did you think that our country would have become so Great if we had always "turned the other cheek" Making comments such as the ones that you have made are a complete insult to all of our men and women who have laid their very lives on the line in order for us to be able to maintain our security and keep our country's freedoms intact. That goes for those people serving now and also in the past. For over 200 years young men and now even women have given their lives so that we can have the life we have now. And for those of you who whine and cry that we should stop the bombing because we are harming innocent women and children. Where were you on September the 11th, when five thousand of OUR innocent men women and children died at the hands of the terrorists. And if you think that by stopping the bombing and "turning the other cheek" (as dear MissX stated) is the answer. You better think again! Because that will not stop these people. These people not only hate us, their intent is to destroy America, our people and our way of life. Turning the other cheek and leaving it strictly in the hands of God would be the absolute destruction of our country. They will come back again and again until there is nothing left of us. They hate our Freedom, they hate our lifestyles, they hate our independence and strength. They hate you and they hate me. And they have taken their hatred and turned it into evildoing, and we have paid the price. We did nothing, there is nothing that anyone can say or do to excuse what they did to us. There is no excuse at all. Even if our Middle Eastern policies don't please them, that is still absolutely no reason for them to come to this country, manipulate the system, and use our own Airlines to kill our citizens. No, there is no excuse, no reasoning, no nothing that can explain or excuse what they have done. I hate, yes I hate what these people have done. And I firmly believe that to hate evildoing and the evildoers is perfectly normal, acceptable and even forgivable by God. Take a good look at the situation over there right now, not only is the Country of Afghanistan wrapped up in hatred and evildoing, but their next door neighbor and co-conspirator Saddam Hussien is sitting very happily and comfortably on his horde of nuclear bombs, while spewing hatred and contempt for our Country. Do you really believe for one single second that this insane man is not capable of using these bombs against us. Do you not think that if they thought for one minute that we would "turn the other cheek" they they wouldn't take full advantage of that situation? If you believe that one, I have a piece of land in the desert I'd like to sell you. Grow up or get out! If you don't love this country and believe in what we have here, and are willing to either fight to keep it, or support those who are willing, then you don't deserve to be here and enjoying the benefits that others have died giving you.
CenturyXIV · October 31, 2001 - 03:06 EST #637
CarolAnn your incredibly naive!... Girl X pay her no mind... she is but a whisker upon the devils beard. How can you say we did nothing that preceeded these attacks Carolann... We have military units in the holy land of Islam... that is against the law of Islam... but u said u hate ad that hate is approved by God, you are truly american and your god must be Bush... but Carolann there is no room for people of your kind in the afterlife, Girl X turns the cheek and is therefore not an 'evildoer', you however support the murder of innocent women men and children and are an 'evildoer' supporter throwing shells of hell and mortar.. yes hell and mortar... Carolann, while Sadaam SITS on Nucs, the USA has USED Them!!!! So what makes you think the rest of the world has forgotten that fact??????????? Because you make go0d money at your 9 to 5 and feel good on the weekends enjoying what u call 'freedom'... no no this is not freedom carolann, and no u and I as Americans are not Innocent... get a grip... you reap the rewards of the seeds of evil laid in the fields of the first and second world wars, not to mention the koreas and vietnams... think about that... you have been lucky thus far not to have seen the death we have commited against many different parts of the earth, but what goes around comes around Carolann, or so i heard... -XIV
Carolann · October 31, 2001 - 07:20 EST #638
XIV - I keep thinking about people like you and MissX and wondering what horrible guilt you must carry just because of the fact that you were put on this earth. Incredibly naive - no XIV I don't think so. I believe that it is people like you & MissX that fall into that category. I simply believe that God understands when justice needs to be done. I am really sick and tired of hearing how evil this country is. the need for people to be free and enjoy their lives doesn't make them evil. And when people committ the horrible acts these terrorists committed - It is an act of war against the freedom loving people of this world. You also mentioned my 9 to 5 job and how comfy I must be. Wrong again XIV! I don't have a 9 to 5 job, I work all hours, and I work hard and so does my husband. BUT we are glad for the opportunity to be able to work as much as we need or want. We are thankful that we live in a country where the pursuit of happiness is not only allowed, but a way of life. I liken you people to the Christians who huddled closely together in the lions den at the hands of the Romans. Just simply take the abuse, do nothing about and as you say "turn the other cheek". What kind of a world would we live in if we had "turned the other cheek" as a response to every evildoer. I hate to think about it, what a horrible thought. "GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELPS THEMSELVES" That is my motto, and this country is presently doing just that. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Al · October 31, 2001 - 12:59 EST #639
We need to defend ourselves spiritually faithfully mentally. We need to know the enemy we need to judge, I have read the posts here and needless to type, some are disturbing. I have read "we are not to judge" true christians know that We are to judge, those who say not have taken the bible for their own to do do as they will, not our creators. To the people here who believe in Christ as our savior, A true believer will know there is only one answer to this question. Question, How Do You get Into Heaven?
Al · October 31, 2001 - 13:10 EST #640
To, Century XIV, you are not An American, your faith is a lie, it was derived in a tent buy a lie.If you are true to your lie, you understand what I have typed. From a Native American In Staten Island New York.
Alex · October 31, 2001 - 22:16 EST #641
Killing is a sin and war is a sin and pro-war Americans are supporters of sin. Anger is a sign of weakness and which will eventually bring the US down.
Marcos · November 1, 2001 - 02:04 EST #642
Alex. If there were no people with your opinion in the US, the attack would not have happened, because the terrorists would see it as futile. They would see making peace as their only hope. Today a terrorist may be encouraged by your statement. You should feel guilty after the next attack. By the way, what is your basis for saying war is a sin? I hope you don't think that God is opposed to the defense of innocents against evil killers? I suggest that your self-righteous attitude puts innocent people in danger and could be considered sinful more than the actions of those who are defending us. The violent actions of the heros of flight 93 saved our capital and many lives. Was it a sin for them to kill the terrorists?
Alex · November 1, 2001 - 12:50 EST #643
MARCOS-Defending our country is not declaring war on another country. Terrorists WANT the US to overreact! Do you really think that the terrists didn't know that the US would not declare war on their country??? They're safe right now, but not the common people. And about them dancing in the streets. Of course, they're ticked off at the US. Wouldn't you be happy right now if you see a huge building collapse in Aghanistan!?
Carolann · November 1, 2001 - 14:26 EST #644
Alex, Alex, Alex - (gosh there are more of you out there than I ever realized) you are right up there with XIV!!! I can only say that I don't even want to imagine where our Country would be if people like you, XIV, and MissX were running the show. "OVERREACTING"!..... you call retaliation of the bombing of two major world trade centers with more than 5000 innocent people destroyed an OVERREACTION. And that was an unlucky hit (for the terrorists) I might add, because if those buildings had been filled to capacity at the time of the bombings, more than 50,000 people could have perished, not to mention the devastion in property that New York as to deal with. AND, what about the '93 car bombings of the WTC, with Bin Laden written all over it. AND, what about the attempts across Europe to bomb and destroy American Embassys. I am really curious Alex, just what would have to happen before you wouldn't consider it an overreaction? 50,000 people dead, 100,000, 200,000 .....what? What you thick heads don't understand is that these people ALREADY declared war on us. There reasons have become very clear....they hate the American lifestyle, they despise the American Dream, and they hold us in contempt for our Middle Eastern Policies, the fact that we have friendly relations with Israel, and that we have claimed some Saudi Arabian territory for their oil. NO MATTER, why they hate does not matter....If they wanted to negotiate with us, if they wanted us to really hear what problems they might have with our policies.....killing 5000 of our nation's people IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT. BUT, THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT.....THEY DO NOT WANT TO TALK OR NEGOTIATE OR BE FRIENDS..EVER. I heard with my own ears...Bin Laden say that he wanted the destruction of every American citizen and our soil. He declared war already Alex. Please, you pacifists and over zealous religous fanatics, please just grow up and smell the coffee, or shut up and go crawl back in your little holes somewhere. We don't need your criticisms and guilt laden philosphies laid on this country and our brave military during this time of crisis. GOD BLESS AMERICA! LAND OF THE FREE! STAND BESIDE HER......
Melissa · November 1, 2001 - 17:02 EST #645
My deepest sympathy to those who may have lost someone in the world trade center tragedy. I am not a religous fanatic ,however I do believe this is a war of good and evil . I do believe that Osama(Usama)bin laden is the antichrist .
Melissa · November 1, 2001 - 17:05 EST #646
I wanted also to add to my last comment that we are losing focus of the idea that nothing is forever and because of our selfish natures many of us have forgotten the whole concept of GOD and his plan .
anonymous · November 1, 2001 - 22:23 EST #647
Let bin laden die
Marcos · November 2, 2001 - 02:11 EST #648
ALEX and the the rest of the "peace through surrender" crowd: Say something constructive! Don't say what we are doing wrong. Make beleive you are President. I have heard no one say how any end to the war can be achieved without killing the bad guys. AFTER you have done that, you can score bonus points by telling us what would have happened if we let the Palestinians kill the Israelis, Hussein kill the Kuwaiti's and Hitler kill the jews and everyone else in his way.
texan · November 2, 2001 - 05:44 EST #649
I think that the military needs to make swift, quiet moves with Bin Laden and the others. Small forces are mobile and quick. Large ships and planes can be seen way ahead of time. Special forces is the key. Get 10-20 guys -crazy types and let them seek out Bin Laden and his hord, but quietly. No news broadcasts until it is finished. Otherwise IT WILL take a while to end this quarrel, and many more Americans will suffer unknown terrorist attacks. Bin Laden is just too smart to be killed by a smart bomb. Special Forces will have Bin Ladens head served up on a silver platter in no time...
alex...not the one above · November 2, 2001 - 10:17 EST #650
my thought are, well, they may be wrong in your case, but in mine, id just like to live in peice, and a way to do that, it to take out all enemies and leave our allies so we can live in peice, im sayin, take out afganistan, iraq, iran( only cuz saddam, you never know what he will do), after all that mess we could live in piece, those are my thoughts......peace
Marcos · November 2, 2001 - 10:34 EST #651
Kill bin Laden and we will be in still greater danger from Al queda, Taliban and Iraq. Kill Bin Laden only and the retaliation will make the WTC look like a Sunday picnic. No, we must extinguish the fire he started. Otherwise, the Taliban would quickly go to work, with Hussein, on something really big. This is WAR, and we absolutely MUST win, or there will be no peace, according to bin Laden himself. Remember, peace is more than the absence of war. History teaches us that sometimes you must eliminate dangerous regimes. This is the cleanest war ever fought.
anonymous · November 3, 2001 - 13:20 EST #652
i think it stinks that we hve to live this way
GEORGIANNA · November 3, 2001 - 13:22 EST #653
Nutaraaluk Jaaka · November 6, 2001 - 16:31 EST #654
I feel very angry, because lots of poeple died in that attack. The attack that touched the whole world. But I'm very happy that Americans got even closer to one another. It shows us that Americans love their Nation. I know, and everybody knows that New York City will never be the same, but I really hope that they make another World Trade Center, but even stronger, and maybe even taller. I think that would do very well for the ones that lost their families, and for the whole Nation. And because it makes America look even freer. And to show those heartless poeple, that America IS free. *smile*
Marcos · November 6, 2001 - 23:04 EST #655
Something else to smile about: four days ago I challenged those on this site who were taking shots at our country to offer a credible alternative to what we are doing. Guess what? they dissappeared! We are a country with a mission so righteous, that no one dares to stand in our way (in the daylight, anyway). Glory, Glory Hallelujia!
CenturyXIV · November 6, 2001 - 23:15 EST #656
Hey marcos, sorry i missed your challenge... But how about this... we WAIT... for not only proof of Bin Ladens actions, but also the Taliban's turning over of him, i mean, we started the campaign way too quick, i could see if we were just now starting to drop bombs, but we have been dropping bombs, with NO success for almost a month now, this is ridiculous, Bush asked for an alternative to regular democracy, and u know what he came up with Hanging Chads.... thats what... you are a government stealer and supporter, word up, this is Century-XIV
Marcos · November 7, 2001 - 01:45 EST #657
WAIT???!!! When someone is actively mass murdering your neighbors, waiting is not called for. In fact, inaction is immoral because it endangers innocent lives. Besides,we didn't wait a month for peaceful methods to work. We waited 8 years since the first WTC attack. Other facts sympathizers of mass murderers must deal with:
  1. The hijackers have been definitely connected to Al queda
  2. Bin Ladin's taped message came very close to taking credit.
  3. the fact that he promised more attacks is a)an admission and b) cause enough to go after him
  4. He has admitted to the USS cole attack and the embassy bombings. more cause.
  5. This attack makes it appararent to all rational people that terrorism has gone too far and must be stopped. Bin Ladin is the #1 terrorist kingpin and therefore must be stopped. He doesn't claim to be practicing dentistry in Afganistan does he?
Be honest. You know he is guilty. What is the REAL reason you support him? Your hatred of Bush? funny side note: You say the month we waited for Taliban to cooperate was too short. But a month of war is too long for you.
CenturyXIV · November 7, 2001 - 02:46 EST #658
OK OK OK, Marcos your speech is over, never said i support Bin Laden and Al Queda... But please dont act as though you were as awake as cats, like me, since the first WTC bombing, you were not expecting this latest outburst and you took it for granted that American soil would be safe. True, i do not know you, however I do know you... I am a man who lives wihin a realm of the psychic, so dont come on here and proclaim I dont know you and you have been awake, that is tired. Marcos, you like many amercan souls have took your so called freedom and for that matter lives for granted. How so you ask?... well Marcos would you rather drive a Mercedes or a toyota tercel?... answer me that??... the fact you just thought over the question I asked, proves you are government controlled... so any thing else out of your mouth, or hands, is therefore controlled by the government. No No... dont bother arguing your argument is futile... Bomb em huh, thats what you conclude, hmm, you are the stamp pusher on the ink of killer... Marcos, perhaps you shall be damned -XIV
alex · November 7, 2001 - 10:18 EST #659
woooaaaa, take it easy, why argue, we are already trying to get through hard times, neither of you know the real truth about this, as much as you think so you dont, so settle down and quit actin like idiots...aight then...peace
Marcos · November 7, 2001 - 10:18 EST #660
To all: note how easily mr. century backed off his ridiculus "WAIT" alternative and reverted to babbling about irrelevent, nearly incoherent issues. You know someone is wrong when they bait you into other issues or get nasty. I am really proud of my fellow americans for not responding with hatred. 99% of the hate is coming from the other side (which includes Century). I don't feel good about killing other people and am still searching for an alternative to even consider. That none has been offered really helps my (our) resolve.
CenturyXIV · November 7, 2001 - 13:15 EST #661
TO Marcos : ". You know someone is wrong when they bait you into other issues or get nasty."-Marcos Wow, well put Marcos, perhaps you can look at whats going on in the war situation and apply that statement to Bush...and to that cat Alex, i think you aight and i dont step on your toes while your walking dont step on mine kid... word, this has been another statement by the Great Century -XIV
Jake · November 8, 2001 - 12:23 EST #662
Century must think that he is an authority on the whole matter. In my opinion I think that he spends way too much time on the internet. If you want to do something for the cause why not get of your ass and get busy. Also anyone who would refer to themselves as the "Great" anything has some serious superiority complexes and should seek immediate help.
CenturyXIV · November 8, 2001 - 14:32 EST #663
Chalk up another Century Hater in the person of Jake, you took a low blow trying to make me look foolish and sayin I spend too much time on the internet, it may be true I am on the internet a great deal, however much of the world and its business are now on the internet Jake I dont know if you heard. As far as me getting off my ass and doing something, Ima political activist, What are you?... and as far as the term Great being used after my name, i feel as though i have the right to use it, you said i must have a superiority and power issue if i use that... Well how about your pal Bush, he calls our counrty The GREATest land on the face on the Earth, do you tell him not to use the term Jake???.... didnt think so... quit hating Century and start to inhale what he spits at you... you could learn something... By the way you can say that Your Jake he Great no one would get angry, and that term was meant to be feciscious. -XIV
Mike · November 9, 2001 - 15:58 EST #664
United we stand, divided we fall...
Marcos · November 11, 2001 - 01:51 EST #665
Alex, YOU are arguing, you are calling people names you are foul mouthed. You claim to know much, but but don't tell us anything. You say peace, but talk trash.
CenturyXIV · November 11, 2001 - 03:11 EST #666
CMON Alex, you cats are simply hating,I am adding my sentiment and response to what is bein playd out in the diagram of the world we live in, and to the cats that give their sentiments on the same... I mean personally i care not for your antics, hoever you are not correct in your accusations of my person... the name CentuyXIV speaks for itself.. if you wer4e in any form familiar with the revelation of life b sides
CenturyXIV (high) · November 11, 2001 - 03:23 EST #667
See i was so blown from being out and amongst the crowd of American natives, gettin my shake on next to real live girls, not cyber hoes like marcos be nabbin... but yo.. .. u all know the above name was Century, for some reason these cats on this site neglect to put in letters you type But back to lecture at hand... I think Bin Ladens speech today about he got nukes.. is some real real live stuff, cats wont see a blindside punch mixed with Hawaiian like Bin Ladens again. U know... my man came real on the plane attacks... althogh he does claim it wasnt him, but what if... just proposing a what if case scenario, my man Bin Laden said that stuff about chemical attacks on his Midle Eastern brethren. to actually make the attack himself, what then?.. so he can justify vengeance against america in a similiar fashion... or a horrid Nuclear fest.. u cats think on that and get back to me this is my twosense... -XIV
CenturyXIV · November 13, 2001 - 19:37 EST #668
Yo Alex, I feel you on these other cats need to chill... I really dont like to argue and if it is coming across as that I apologize. I refuse to be baited by these piranas again. in my world I was simply responding with information i know to be fact... How about that plane 'crash' yesterday huh... Accident??? or Bomb??? i say bomb, The government does not want us in a bigger frenzy than we are already in concerning the fear of this great nation. And why chalk up another win for Al Queda?... plus the date is too close for comfort, to not only Veterans day, but the anniversary of our beloved World Trade Center going to dust. Bless everyone.. bless Marcos and the Alex's and even the Carolann's I love you all... No fights anymore please.... let us be one with eachother, and have individual opinions, not nasty accusations and finger pointings... thank u -CenturyXIV the Ill Creature
alex · November 13, 2001 - 22:11 EST #669
century, i feel the same way about yesterdays planes.....i think they had connections to the bombing to....and i luv you all to, if you realzie we are all brothers and sisters, and right now it is for the better to become strong out....peace
alex · November 13, 2001 - 22:13 EST #670
Unite stronger than ever...Peace with everyone...if we stay together we cant be beat..peace
ISRAEL GREATEST NATION · November 16, 2001 - 10:59 EST #671
All i see here is just trashfull comments and I think we should stand together and stop hating other nations. Got it! I think that the United States should find the responsible for the attacks on september 11 and not to Punish afhgannistan by bombimg. Thank you and God Bless America.
Marcos · November 17, 2001 - 04:23 EST #672
Welcome Isreal Great Nation. Love your name. It is great to see there are intelligent people still watching this site. I was thinking all 9% of those who don't understnd this war were here. I agree that the US has not responded with hate for Afganistan. We only bombed those who attacked us and promised more attacks (bin Laden AND the Taliban). We dropped food on the rest. The Afgan people have showed their appreciation by their celebrations when we ran the Taliban out of Kabul with the help of our Muslim allies. Now maybe those who hate us will not be able to tell lies about our motives. Maybe there is hope for peace.
TB_Boss · November 17, 2001 - 17:11 EST #673
World Trade Center got attacked, now USA is attacking Afghanistan back, but I hope USA will take all their money to re-build the twin towers, because this is important to turn the economy of the world!!!
alex · November 18, 2001 - 23:45 EST #674
yes.......but peace with everyone....but the bad
ashley hotz · November 21, 2001 - 09:50 EST #675
It's upsetting to see something like this but I have faith that Bush knows what he is doing and God is on our side.
alex · November 21, 2001 - 10:07 EST #676
i feel you baby gurl
English Person (ie from England!) · November 29, 2001 - 16:20 EST #677
oh my god, you americans are all so GAY!!!
CenturyXIV · November 30, 2001 - 12:49 EST #678
Ain't England home to Elton John?... and a few other gays?... England is by far more gay than America... But regardless we need to stand together, and by the way, without America England would be nothing... thats a word from Centennial XV3... keep the brash words of hate to yourself English guy, besides your comments were hardly sensible, u used gods name in vain, along with a comment filled with hate toward a nation u should give thanks too, and toward a part of the community for which u belong, self-hate will be your downfall sir... try going to see Prince Willy before you attempt to bring your foolish antics to this arena again... i am sure he will have something to give to you. -XIV
alex · November 30, 2001 - 19:51 EST #679
you are on the money on that one century, england, dont be talkin smack, you need us well more that we need you, beleive that, oh yeah, you really must be gay to come on this site and say that,whut are you lookin for other gays to talk to, tryin to get the attention, well dont do it here, we dont play like that, aight....peace easy
English Person · December 8, 2001 - 09:31 EST #680
Yeah, we really need you! Especially your trash TV and violent movies! America is the devil's playground, the people who live there are hateful, selfish and extremely moronic! This is my view, not the view of all brits. I am entitled to my opinion, as you are yours. btw I'm definately not gay! or maybe I am....ooh I don't know, I'm just so confused!
xxxxxxxxx · December 16, 2001 - 18:45 EST #681
WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE
CenturyXIV · December 16, 2001 - 20:40 EST #682
Ayo... ima just say a few words, We have killed and killed and shed soo much blood, it is ridiculous, i dont hear any more hoo rahs, from all the gung ho american patriots no more... so go ahead and sound off if u still down... But Im saying... Where Bin Laden at?... We been bombing babies, i seen dead kids and shot up housewives in Afghanistan, the people didnt commit these atrocities upon us... and it is the people who get shot up, at the same token it is not we the American people who decide what the government does militarily in our name... I ask you civilians, i ask you "Do you feel safe and comfortable where you are?" But enough about that, i would like to give many shouts to my man ALex and a few other good men that stand by freedom of opinion in this 'free' nation, and as a token of gratitude, i will be putting up,in a week to two weeks, an address of a PO Box where everyone can order my album... The 14th Century: Political Scilence. This LP is a banger... all tracks were produced written ad recorded before the 11th of September 2001 and are not only prophetic, but speak as a voice of the times... so strap on your rocket shoes and fire the boosters its gonna be a bumpy ride... til next time my enlightened ones... -XIV
Alex · December 17, 2001 - 10:24 EST #683
Wasup, man, we need to find Bin Laden. All im sayin. We need to focus on Al Queda and Bin Laden, an dnot on the women and children. Shout out to centurey, you know alot about this stuff man, keep on postin. got AIM or aol message or somthin. im out. ttyl aight~~~~~~~Peace~~~~~~~
anonymous · December 18, 2001 - 05:29 EST #684
what up to alex, and other young ones out here fiending for a piece of my man Bin Laden, and Bush... dont trip, George we aint forget about you... but yo, word em up i got AOL rite now, name is Hydropond, IM me or email me if u wish kids... santa brought bigger things to richer cats, but this is a gift from the true god... but as far as having aol, im bout to disconnect, cause its ready for a terrorist attack too... the name America really isnt going to good these days u know, McDonalds got bombed in China, we know about American Airlines... i dont need to be a victim of some ol inet terrorism the likes of which modern man has never seen... but yeah man feel free Alex u know i got your back in this war, we both on the frontlines right now, and we been there since our induction to society kid... word up, and dont forget the address is coming soon for the 'bum... 'Political Scilence' is nothing to snuff your nose at... tell eiibody i got the prophecy... im out -XIV
True American · December 19, 2001 - 09:46 EST #685
My heart hurts right now it hurts for all the people who died in those attacks on america. So many people dying, death is all around us. I'm a black teenager and one thing good did come out of all of thisand that thing is UNITY. somthing we've been working so hard at for so many years. My aunt and her husband died in those attacks. So we need to make whoever did this learn from there mistake.
Sherry · December 20, 2001 - 15:38 EST #686
HEy i would just like to say a very heart felt thatnk you to allthe people who helped save all the people in the world trade center attacks. i hope that one day we can all live in a world where there is no fear of fighting. i think we are on the way and i pray to god that he will help everyone involved in this incident. God Bless.
alex · December 20, 2001 - 21:19 EST #687
what i say is itz all bout those green rectanglez, and ya i feel you on that matter, but imout, im out.....~peace
moiz rana · December 24, 2001 - 16:20 EST #688
I was really very very and very sad after listening.I was shocked.Because they were very beautiful.And not only me every one in the AMERICA was shocked.
A Califonia Resident · December 27, 2001 - 23:13 EST #689
Ninja · December 28, 2001 - 04:18 EST #690
Three months after first post: We have kicked ass, but not completely... We have lost a few good men along the way, and they are heroes in my heart. But Bin Laden's head still hasn't been hung up on the Statue of Liberty... Where the hell is he??? They say he's dead in Tora Bora, and I hope he is, no worse way to die than being buried alive. They say he's in Pakistan... I hope not, that's just what we need, him and the few bodyguards he'd probably have left trying to take control of Pakistan's nukes and lob them at India. Then india lobs more back... Millions could die. Of course we would have to intervene, and you know while this is going on, Saddam would try something on us (and I still feel he has square mile's worth of bio/chemical weapons hidden). And this will all lead to a Pandora's box of a future I shudder to think about. President Bush: To hell with the coalition. If we lose a few, so be it. Saddam Hussein is just as guilty as bin Laden, and he must be reated as such. Let bombs fly over Baghdad... And get rid of Arafat!!! The video tape came out today. Osama looks all beaten up, like he was poked with spiked broomsticks by 2,945 American souls seeking revenge...I hope he's thinking about the bombs raining down on him, and all those sleepless nights in caves, cold tired and hungry. He'd better know, he will die under more torturous conditions. America and the world MUST make sure of that. For me, this is one year I wish I can forget... but it's been too real to try. To tell you the truth, I'm not all that confident of the security at the airports, especially the other 210 countries in the world that aren't taking precautions like us and like Israel's EL AL airlines. I'm surprised... they see us getting attacked, and they don't seem to be putting two and two together... Imagine if Richard Reid DID manage to light the fuse on his shoebombs??? I'm not touching another airplane until it's absolutely safe. Sorry AA and United and all the other airlines - I'm not taking chances... By the way, Richard Reid does have a bit of resemblance to bin Laden... Has the FBI or the CIA picked up on this??? We all know bin Laden has money, and he could have just altered his appearance to get away. Bush: Run DNA tests on him, I heard from several reports we might have DNA from his family and/or children, and be certain you're not letting the enemy in through the cracks... To the Marines in Afghanistan risking yours for ours: I pray for your safety every night, and I pray too that when you do get bin Laden, may we celebrate like the countless ignorant Muslims that are supporting bin Laden... They will all swallow their words of hate... They'll wish they never messed with America!!! I'm not gonna say anything other than let's just get through the holidays, this is one year not worth celebrating anything...
14thCentury(XIV) · December 28, 2001 - 11:46 EST #691
Well Bravo Ninja... U came with some linguistics dawg i got to hand it to you... but man, u on some other type talking bout a conspiracy wit Richard Reid as Bin Laden, in a John Travolta type spin on things acting like its Face Off 2002... I mean for real, my man Bin Bin probably up in Russia sipping Cafe Lattes with my man Vladmir Putin and that Chinese guy... u know China and Russia got a joint Nuc Facility coming up in 2005, alreay under construction right?... As far as my man Sadaam its like this, my man Sadaam been killing kats since he was a young buck, i mean a 4 or 5 year old kindergartner bucking shots like Pre-school's Al capone. So his heart is wore thin, and it is cold as iron in Siberian winters. So tru, as he gets older and older the world beomes a more dangerous place. This man would like nothing better than to see the world end in flames, to satisfy his evil urge to play god... But ask your self Ninja, is Bush any better?... I got all these cats over here all over Bush, and we aint even elect this fool... The Bombings on the 11th wouldnt even of happened if Bush wasnt in Office... and Im not so convinced he and his administration didnt let it happen, 'it takes a tragedy' for the ratings he's recieving from a revatilized patriotic american people. Bin Bin aint dead yo, and he aint Richard Reid... but whats worse is we got the devil in our backyard and calling the shots... if we die by the hand of Sadaam or Bin Bin, we died 'cause we got a money hungry oil driller as our president... i say take our troops out of Saudi Arabia and pump our own gas in America... til we find a better source of fuel... Once we out the Muslim Holy Land we aint the big bad Jew Loving Christians as we appear to be right now, and what reason would Muslim nations and extremists have to fight us then?... Then our force could b justifid in areas like Iraq and Libya Sudan and Cuba...if he Muslims continued to press us for world power... But right now its all about oil and money and if u think anything else u are a two dollar chump buyig wolf tickets...I mean personally i like Sadaam he kinda raw... a cat steps out of line in his country he gases em, thats raw...let us not forget that until cats told Sadaam what he can and cant do, he was a major supplier of oil to the 'free' world... Would Bush listen to any one telling him what he can and cant do with his nations resources, or for that matter militarily?... i think not, before we shift ultimate blame at the hands of foreign governments and individuals most of us know nothing about, let us question the information that is handed us... as many Americans say that propaganda is thrown to the Iraqi public and much of the Muslim world to hate America, let me beg the question, are u so sure we are not fed the same propaganda in a reverse order? Go think on that while u throwing stars ninja, i like you dont get me wrong u got good ideas and all that, i just beg u to question the origin of much of what works within your opinions... U never been to Iraq, u never been to Saudi Arabia, u havent lived their lives, but let us not forget too that Bin Bin and Sadaam have both been here and have seen our culture first hand...And as far as te lab rats dressing uplike sodiers over in Afghanistan and everywhere else, keep ya heads up, hopefully u wont be tested to your death like Monkeys for Maybelline... -XIV
illbeback · December 28, 2001 - 21:47 EST #692
I hope our government doesn't lie to us when they say"Osama's Bin Terminated"
Kris · December 30, 2001 - 13:12 EST #693
I don't get all this religious hypocrisy. What makes you idiots think that prayer works at all? If it did, then what the hell are we sending half of the armed forces to Afghanistan for? If you have faith in god, then think of bin Laden. Who has more faith in god than him and his followers? No one! And they don't seem to be doing to well at present. I say put your faith in bombs and missles and the armed forces, that's the stuff if you're looking to deal with terrorists! If god existed and cared about our welfare, he could have easily blown the "9-11" planes off course without even revealing his presence.
Berto · December 31, 2001 - 10:48 EST #694
American Policy and Timothy McVeigh are two immaterial considerations with regard to the tragedy of 9/11. US policy cannot be blamed. Nobody's perfect and nobody should suffer terrorism. The pathetic quasi-humans of all pertinent terrorist groups deserve the full wrath of our carpet bomb technology.
Lyle · January 2, 2002 - 11:08 EST #695
I think there should be another World Trade Center. Both of them.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · January 2, 2002 - 11:47 EST #696
Lyle - actually, 2 well-respected architects (though i don't remember their names--not my field) were asked to propose some ideas to rebuild the site. one of them had a plan i didn't like. there was almost no homage to the original buildings in the design and they were being placed in the exact same spot. the other dude came up with what looked like a natural "progression" of the original towers and, even better, is planning an overall facility layout that preserves the location of the original towers, intending to memorialize the spot rather than build over it. the towers are even taller with bridges connecting the lower and upper sections. it was quite a stunning model. oh and that's the other thing, the architect who's design i liked actually took the time to put together an entire model of the area. very detailed. the other designer only had drawings.
14thCentury · January 3, 2002 - 02:36 EST #697
Big Word Up to Kris for that Post... and my man Alex was tryin to shine with the Outkast playaz references tryin to bomb cats he was tryin to say... this is hectic kids its real wild in this money game.... We all saw the planes, and why did Bush let it happen?, for the Nobel Peace Prize one of his boys is gonna win down the road in 2002? check the relations kids this is real... XIV Keep your head wired in this game yo...
Jim · January 3, 2002 - 17:32 EST #698
To all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001....God Bless To all those who lost their lives and are suffering from the new world order attrocities around the world.....god bless 9/11 was just another date in the long history of world domination and control by the underlying source that is has been with us for centuries, and yet we are all blind to see. Your media doesn't talk about it because they don't want you to know. This was just the beginning! Welcome to the New World Order
14thCentury · January 3, 2002 - 20:12 EST #699
Word Up Jim... Big Word Up.. yall better listen to Jim, he awake, Jim there is only a handfull of us who know the truth behind the mask of man... of God... of the Devil... Let us Join forces, email me... we will talk of our world and its issues... anyone else feel free to email me for whatever reason, the album is out and u can recieve it by mail, once again its called 'Political Scilence" and every track was written, produced, and recorded before Sept. 11th... -XIV
Berto · January 4, 2002 - 15:47 EST #700
People who believe there is a new world order may be described as pinkos with no control of their domain. Additionally, it would be very nice to see two new towers at the former site that are at least 120 stories each and look similar to the former ones.
sheraz rana · January 6, 2002 - 03:55 EST #701
Those who did all this should have to be punished and the government should give them the hardest punishment because they gave a challenge to a world power. They gave challenge to America. They destroyed our towers and Pentagon. We will get them all. We will answer them back and we will kill them.
xwonder · January 6, 2002 - 20:59 EST #702
I read most of these articales and it sounds like the blind is leading the blind century needs to learn how to speak english before he gives all his wise information I don't want to sound like a player hater or anything but I think all of you watch CNN and your local news way to much it's all messed up (didn't want to swear) there showing us only what they want to show us everything that is published is normally filtered by the goverment And talk about patriotic I am joining the service and I will serve my country and I do love my country but I won't let it blind me to the real truth I may be just as blind as the rest of you but I see what you put down and some of you people scare the hell out of me I don't believe in killing innocent people I don't believe in killing PEOPLE american or afghan. people it's morally ethically reliousouly however you look at it it is wrong That is my believe that is my opinion
alex · January 6, 2002 - 21:19 EST #703
im just strait chillin here, im just listnin, cuz all u try n show off your skillz, and itz kinda fun to listin, so im out on that note, peace eazy
CenturyXIV · January 6, 2002 - 22:30 EST #704
Yo... let me first start by saying Big Ups to Alex for holding down the spot so long, u a trooper in the American Version of Domino Star Wars... To XWonder, the tenth wonder, i assume he is trying to call hiself, nice touch Biting ol XIV with the use of Roman Numerals, then hating on me talking bout i cant speak english... as far as me speakin English, compadre... this site is not blessed with the best technology and consequently whatI type does not always appear on the screen and on occasion i had not gone through and added letters where they had been omitted by the slowness of the lack of technics on this here site... but everyone sees it with your use of a Roman Numeral, next time he gonna come on here frontin talkin bout "Naw XIV, that aint even a Roman Numeral for ten, thats X like Malcolm" but yo kid we aint buying it... The tenth wonder had copped my album on the underground circuit moths ago and has been tryin ever since tryin to come up with a flashy way to snatch my plate now he coming on here gettin loud... But yo on a serious note for you XWonder of the World... i agree with your idea of government filtration in the media so let that stand as an agreement between u and I before i tell u the real... You said you joining the 'forces' to fight for your country... but you hate killing people... well get used to it, cause once they strap u up with COMBAT boots, and fatigues, its kill or be killed... and Im sure your justification in war and 'serving' for your country as u so peacefully put it, will change, (BTW:If I belong to your country and countless others like me belong here, and we see it wrong for you to join the Government Gang, how is it serving your country?... isnt it more of a Militant Serf, getting wages for war?, your a Militant Serf kid... damn!...) That is all for now children... May god Bless us all... and once again Burn a Flag, and to hell with the Government... -XIV
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · January 6, 2002 - 23:25 EST #705
CenturyXIV - it isn't a matter whether this site is blessed with the best technology. It's a matter of needing to lay off the filthy language. Yes, I know that the concept of free speech and the notion of keeping a page PG rated is an oxymoron, but this is not a private forum. Everything that can be said on this subject can be said without waving around a mastery of colorful metaphors--not to mention making my job easier. ;-) Peace.
alex · January 7, 2002 - 10:55 EST #706
it still aint a matter of hatin....i think most of us in here are over a rater PG... i mean come on now....but i understand on the foul language altough it is not that big of a matter becuz most ppl aint complainin bout it, but thatz just my thought....well im out, peace
Xwonder · January 7, 2002 - 15:46 EST #707
Century i'm gald we can at least agree on the fact that the goverment is wrong on a lot of issues A LOT of issues and i know fighting for there wrong issues is not helping the rest of us out any I could fight it and maybe even make a difference but than again all of you could do the same but you chose not to because of your own reasons Now calling me a Militant Serf is very correct I will agree to that but you are in the class as well now matter how you look at it you and almost everyone else is going to be a peon you all help support the thing that you so nastily speak against (gov.) so I may be protecting and servicing it in a more obvious fashion all of you two feed the beast I dont know what you were talking about copping your record or my name it was a just a name But Century I was not knockin you or anything or anybody else I was just telling you like it is or the the way i see how it is Much love, Peace
alex · January 9, 2002 - 10:19 EST #708
wasup yall, but this im bout to bring down is older news, on the dude who crashed his plane into the bank in florida, sayin he felt bad for bin hoe hoe, and then crashed his plane into the buildin claimin he fo real, then you have dudez like bin hoe hoe,if he is still alive and sees what happened chillin back there smilin, see, u know that some more of this gonna happen cuz itz like this, bin hoe hoe is either hidin on the run, or chillin somewhere livin large, i hope he on the run so he can get his cap twisted back, but im out, throw it down for this on yo thoughtz, remeber im the one just chillin here, not lookin for the person with more knowlage, im just listnin and throwin down a few of my thoughts, but im out, ~peace
Patricia · January 12, 2002 - 10:33 EST #709
My wish was be onetime on top of the WTC in New York. Now i cant do it anymore.
anonymous · January 14, 2002 - 20:54 EST #710
i hate your plans bloomberg! build the towers back the way they were! I cant take it that they're not there! I want them back!
Anne Onymous · January 15, 2002 - 15:30 EST #711
let the towers be rebuilt
ALEX · January 16, 2002 - 23:41 EST #712
itz all about those green rectanglez, i can support the world trade center rebulding with mine
anonymous · January 17, 2002 - 02:06 EST #713
You Build 'em wit your rectangles, then Ill use mine to Crush em like two tall twigs... i mean for real killas... people live by... Whatever you can do I can do better... Think of Nas and Jay Z... Who really cares about these guys?... they are two idiots fighting on records... and the only reason they do it is for an ego.... pull out the guns or dont talk.... and yo if you build we squash it... Big Ups to Al Queda.... and my man Bin Laden.... them cats been doing it since way back...Peace, freedom of expression yo! -XIV
anonymous · January 17, 2002 - 07:17 EST #714
The arabs don't realize that there are other people in the world that don't share their sick ideals. Unlike arabs, we don't kill civilians just for a thrill. I hope the arabs responsible are wiped out of the middle east along with their palestinian home land.
Brenda · January 21, 2002 - 20:48 EST #715
I have alot of emotions over this situation that we have been placed in. My father served our country in the U.S. Army for over 22 years. We as Americans must stand behind our President, stay united, grieve for the lost innocent lives and their families, but most of all our trust must be placed in God's hands. Our nation is strong, we as Americans have come a long way to become what we are today, and we will prevail. God Bless America.
captain jack · January 22, 2002 - 04:40 EST #716
read,read,read,norm chomsky!!!
Lisa from P.A. · January 23, 2002 - 10:58 EST #717
I could not believe what I was seeing. Our own country under attack? Thinking the plane crash was an accident. I could not imagine, nor would I want to, to be in the WTC at that time. The feelings of shock and disbelief they had asd they came to their deaths. I was fortunate to not have lost anyone i knew or loved, but that did not make my grief any easier. I became very addicted, adn obsesses with finding facts. I re-lived the events every day, and mourned for over two weeks. I believe them being over there in afghanistan looking for bin laden and the taliban is a good thing. But, I do not agree that we feed them ceratin foods,,according to their religion and treat them better as murderers as they are use to being treated, living in caves, like animals. I feel sorry for those people and their misguided(brainwashed) souls, to believe that their god( only one GOD) can save them now. My prayers go out to their families. And, I give a huge salute to all the brave people that hepled in the rescue mission. We need to move on, and try to rebuild, let them not see that they won or got the best of us. Let them see that we are stillstanding tall and proud,as an AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous · January 25, 2002 - 21:47 EST #718
I am so sad to think of those people in the buildings knowing there was no way out and jumping to their utterly horrible. This sounds stupid but would parachutes work in a situation like that?
Century the XI · January 26, 2002 - 17:39 EST #719
WOrd up... Im wit you, parachutes would work no doubt... you could leap from the building and deploy the shoot the only thing would be if the flames got to the chute... but even if they did rip a little hole... you would be injured after u hit the street not flat... so i think in this case a parachute would work... and im frankly surprised no cats in the Trade Towers way up there didnt have Parachites in a 'just in case' scenario i always think positive but i live knowing the negative exists in the most purest form... i used to carry air masks on me for in cases of bio terror even before the attacks im not knew to the world of Evil... i have seen evil forever... it is not bad for a man to be prepared for the worst... whynot have a chute?.... cats in High Rises should pack chutes thats my word... pack a chute kid... otherwise ya might ya flat and obtuse kid... -XIV
Alex · January 27, 2002 - 23:03 EST #720
nah dude, it wouldnt work, you need a certain height to deploy a chute dawg, and then you so closed to the buildein, chute would get caught up, i just dont think it would work to slick, but it may help your fall, may break you up a bit for less injuryes, who knowz tho, im out ~peace easy
Adam Hunt · February 5, 2002 - 00:10 EST #721
I've seen very arrogant "speaches" on this page.
People who think that the Jews of the Muslims
or the Isralis or the USA are at fault for this
horrific crime. They belive in there ways so
blindly that they to will do or may do a crime
to make there point, just as these cowards have.
It is the fault of mindless, no, they have minds,
just very sick ones, freaks that follow there
ways no matter how outragous. If you find a
reason to hate its because your too primative
to be a real human. Thank you for reading
anonymous · February 9, 2002 - 17:43 EST #722
do you got pictures of it
Vlad (Israel) · February 17, 2002 - 12:13 EST #723
Thanks to U.S. and to All Anti-Terror Coalition for making the world clear from terror, I'm hopping that after cleaning, every one in the "new world" will live in security and freedom. We are all should support the leader of freedom world in war on terror.
Ludovico · February 20, 2002 - 06:02 EST #724
Whacky bastards, all of you. Political discussions here?
Century The XI · February 23, 2002 - 18:32 EST #725
yo Vlad is wack and all these other cats sucking dry the new world order need to get a vest and pack a gatling gun cause its been one... cats will rise up and defy the laws of the oppresive regimes and many buildings will fall in the process many men will die, and power will the dead entity... as equality and sanctity of soul will pour out of our skin as light pouring through storm clouds...
Mandy · February 24, 2002 - 20:36 EST #726
What happened on sep 11th was wrong. but they will pay for what they did because America will win the fight against terrorism.
Meecrob · March 2, 2002 - 01:47 EST #727
Check out this picture.
Caleb · March 11, 2002 - 11:14 EST #728
This is so sick. Just to know that we're living in a world like this literally makes me sick. We need to do something. We need to capture Osamo Bin Ladin and kill him just like he killed us.
I Just wanted to say.............. · March 11, 2002 - 14:04 EST #729
Thank you god for the world so sweet Thank you god for the food we eat Thank god For the birds that sing Thank god for everything ......God Bless America.. from Jessica Reilly of oregon
Ray Hill · March 12, 2002 - 00:37 EST #730
You don't punch the most powerful nation on Earth in the face and break its nose! It will be bloodied but will heal in time. Much more significant though is that it WILL NOT forgive and it WILL NOT forget the malicious attack on everyday citizens.
Morphias · March 13, 2002 - 21:57 EST #731
I still cry when I see the towers falling.

It will live in my heart until I die.

United States Army Officer · March 14, 2002 - 01:01 EST #732
A beautiful place, destroyed. I prefer to look at the World Trade Center in terms of Pre-September 11th. With the Sun shining off of the towers... Or the towers and other buildingd illumniated in a sunset... Don't we all though? God bless the victims of that awful tragedy. They sit in a better place now...
CenturyXIV · March 14, 2002 - 07:50 EST #733
yo... Eiitime, i see the Towers fall i think, how could people be soo stupid to go back in the towers when the loudspeaker said "Its ok go back"... and then i think the 'Free' World is a greedy world to want to continue its business of making money while people are burning and jumping to their deaths upstairs... This greed is the gift of America, its weapons, its hypocracy... we are a young nation in the span of time... and i am scared at what will become of us... we have begun to think we can rule the world which is not a good thing... that is why this tragedy happened...anyways... They bombed the Pentagon... supposedly the safest building in America... what does that say?... and i think "They bombed the Pentagon", i mean if your gonna be a terrorist at least be a good one right?... Bin Laden and the boys are professionals... America is sick, look at TV they already have shows depicting the war in Afghanistan as well as the trade center and other recent tragedies... we seethe for current events and mock the death of our fallen comrades... we rae a repulsive nation inflicted with the gift of insanity... that is all children
Alex · March 15, 2002 - 11:46 EST #734
sup yall, creepin on a come up, but yo, century, what nationality are you yo, im out lata
jessica mccauliffe · March 15, 2002 - 20:20 EST #735
my hole class in willsboro droped thier mouths when we herd about the twin towers
anonymous · March 21, 2002 - 17:33 EST #736
I wish that Bin Laden would change and realize how much suffering he did on September 11,2001. I think that we could help him change if he wants too. The president will make the decision. I think that everyone is seeking revenge. I don't think we should seek revenge.
100%AMERICAN · March 25, 2002 - 22:21 EST #737
100%TEXAN & AMERICAN · April 20, 2002 - 01:51 EST #738
Bin Laden is a coward. He's hiding out because he knows everyone wants him dead. But the attack has made me realize that I take many things in this world for granted. AS Bush said, " A murderer is not a martyr." In the bible it says,"The end is near when every country will be at war." The end, I believe is near. God is by us AMERICANS, for we will stand in the end!
rebuz · May 1, 2002 - 02:03 EST #739
We need to fight back, attak, KMFDM!!!
Colleen · May 14, 2002 - 11:19 EST #740
I feel that every soul that was lost on 9-11-01 are true HEROS to this county! I look at the pictures of them and they will never be forgotton. I know that there is a special place in heaven for them. May they all rest in everlasting peace. We all have a duty now to be kinder to others, and to be grateful for what we have. Peace to everyone!!!
NY Indian-American · May 16, 2002 - 16:26 EST #741
We have to put the ANTI-TERROR focus back where it belongs: the islamic militant morons who reside in every country in the world. Not the US, not the FAA, not the airlines. Those pansies think killing innocents will further their cause.. Well, when the free-civilized world is done with them, they're all going to be dead.

I'm an Indian-American US citizen who almost died in NY on 9/11, so yes I'm sort of pissed. These miliant people are causing trouble all over the world.. by attacking the world's oldest democracy, USA, and the world's largest democracy and best ally America has in that region, India. We both fight for peace and good..
Teaming up with allies is the only way to defeat the enemy.

Musharraf is most probably putting up a fake front on the war against terrorism to gain popular support for his aggression against India. (Did anyone check his basement for bin laden?)
Duke NukeEM · May 23, 2002 - 04:48 EST #742
The Saudis Are Funding All The Murdering Arab Terrorists!

We need to do like Anarkin Skywalker In the Star Wars Movie Attack Of The Clones when his mother and 30+ others were killed by sand people(Arabs). Simply KILL THEM ALL!

If we nuke Bagdad and a few other choice Arab cities and Kill the terrorists, their families, and the rich Saudis whom are funding the terrorists and their families then they will think twice about highjacking planes, bombing, using nukes, poison and bio weapons on the US.
We can't just keep on trying to catch the few terrorists that haven't blown them selves up yet. They will put cyanide in our water supplies and continue to blow up America bit by bit. If you haven’t noticed they want to kill all non-believers as they were told to in the Koran by Mohammad the warrior!
The Palestinians had a party in the streets with singing, dancing, and cake when the New York World Trade Center was destroyed with the reported loss of 30,000 on the day of it's collapse. The Palestinians are poor murdering bastards funded by the oil rich Saudis just as they fund all the other Arab terrorist organizations. All I had to say is FOD!
Ahmed Khalaf · May 27, 2002 - 11:23 EST #743
You see im an Arab Palestinian im a moslem, im from Jenin, what the really did to the world trade center was deserved it though... this was a big affect of what the israel do to arabs, what worse seeing a baby, child, or family being blown up, stripped, carried, or seein a bunch of americans dieng....
Cindy Farrell · May 30, 2002 - 10:24 EST #744
God Bless!!!!!!!!
anonymous · May 31, 2002 - 01:45 EST #745
To all of you anti war, anti retaliation, anti blah blah blah. Open your eyes. There are people who want you dead. For whatever reason they would slash your throat as you sleep. If you want to roll over and die like sheep, that's fine with me. This country for all of the things that are wrong with it, is still the greatest country in the world. We have freedom that others dream of. Too much freedom. Freedom to live, speak and train to learn how to fly planes into buildings. The battle isn't so much abroad as it is here. These animals have used us. We open the gates of our country to all who want to be free to pursue happiness. Instead they come here and plot to kill us. I WISH WE ALL CAN LIVE IN PEACE AS ALL THE PEACEFULL RELIGIONS IN THE WORLD PREACH. That is not the case. These are animals that must be exterminated. It is either them or us. There can be no compromises. I would never kill as they have. Indiscrimanatly killing people as they sat at their computers on a beautiful September morning sipping coffee, looking at the pictures of their children on their desks. Now, due to their actions, I would execute those responsible in a heartbeat. We must hunt them down, all of them. From the alleys in Jersey City where they plot among us, to the mountains of Kashmir where the elements of the Taliban are reorganizing. This must not happen again. The only thing to insure that is cut out the cancer. This is indeed war. Don't think that your peaceful ways will preserve your way of life. Turning the other cheek and sacraficing your life will not make them think how wrong they are. It will not stop the suicide bombings and the random killing. Only killing the killers will. Once they have been dispatched, we can return to our peaceful existence. Until then we must stop all immigration, find every Muslim extremist who ever set foot in this country and imprison them. Some may say that this is profiling. No kidding! I'm not a racist, just a realist. There are many great Arab Americans. Americans is the key word there. We must defend this country and do whatever it takes. No true American would argue that point. No real American would.
anonymous · May 31, 2002 - 02:26 EST #746
To Ahmed Khalaf. How can you say innocent people deserve to die. What madness are you from. I at one time favored a Palastinian state. Seeing the cheering Palestinians on news of the Trade Center tragedy changed my opinion forever. The fact that you would cheer or rationalize such loss of life is proof you do not deserve a country of your own. You talk about children dying, yet condone the killing of Israeli children at the hands of suicide bombers. Your twisted beliefs are the reason that you have not built up and prospered in the desert as others have. You are so preoccupied with hate and killing that you exert no energy in living. Had you created something in Jenin worth any value and ended the bloodshed years ago, you would have probably lived to see Palestine. I hope that day never comes to fruition.
CenturyXIV · June 6, 2002 - 22:23 EST #747
My Children, quit squabbling... Ahmed, Israelis have commited many atrocities throughout the centuries against your people, however Americans are not Israelis, sure Jew Money floats within much of American business but that is the way of the modern economy... killing the infidels will not solve your muslim dilemma... and to all the others who speak so violently of revenge... and of a Nuclear Fest in the desert rivaling the likes of the Green BloodBaths sprayed on the screens of Star Wars... this is the worlds problem, you want to Kill because you have gotten killed, but my children, what will happen after that?... those you kill will seek the same revenge... if we are to solve the history of man and stop an apocalyptic cataclysm commited against ourselves by ourselves, we must first be peaceful and embrace the arm of our brother however hated he has been in the past, people of the world, children of the ancients... let us not squabble and argue about things that are bigger, and at the same time smaller, than our very existence... The new Century album 'The Hanging Gardens LP' is now finished and set for release in mid June... fresh for a July 4th call for peace... and the W.A.R. R.O.O.M.S. album with R.E.N.asaunce X is slated for release this summer as well... i will have a mailing address for ordering the albums soon, contact me by email for more information, I Love Palestinians, Christians and Jews alike, for you are all children of the ancients and represent the supreme personality of GodHead... i bless you my children...

(peep some of the W.A.R. R.O.O.M.S. album here...
anonymous · June 10, 2002 - 02:08 EST #748
To Century XIV....I do not want to kill for revenge. I want to end the killing. This will not work for the Muslim extremists because they do not want to live in harmony with the so called infidels. In fact, your beloved music would probably be outlawed in a country run by Taliban. Here you can shamlessly market it without provacation. I'm sorry. That was a low blow. It is you right and I wish you much success. The fact is that these Muslim extremists will stop at nothing to disrupt and terrorize all who do not conform with their warped outlook on life. As I said before, we are not angels. We have wronged others. I also agree that the Israelis have treated the Palestinians horribly. That is no excuse for blowing up innocent people in a market or flying a 767 into a skyscraper. I do not want to kill. I want to protect my children from being killed, or worse left without a parent. You cannot reason with these extremists them and I will not sit idle and be massacred. Look what happened to Daniel Pearl. I've seen the last moments of his life. I've seen the recording of it. It sickened me. These people are too consumed with hatred to ever coexist with us. There is only one answer. Terminate them with extreme prejudice. I will do that to end the bloodshed.
CemturyXIV · June 10, 2002 - 03:06 EST #749
To Century XIV....I do not want to kill for revenge. There is only one answer. Terminate them with extreme prejudice. I will do that to end the bloodshed.

ok, well i ask you children, who said this?... an American, An israeli, a palestinian, or an Al qeuda?... the answer is all of them... it is statements like this from every side that continue the bloodshed you say you wish to hault... are you so faithless that you cannot be the first man to stand for peace?, if u had faith you would know that the true god, the god of us all, the extreme personality of godhead will release you to a world of peace in the afterlife?, for you would be a gentle creature, if you stood for peace, but you, as the palestinians, and the bin ladens, justify your violence and taking of life... that my friend is absolutely wrong, and a terrible mistake by the materialized brain which thumps in your skull... as far as the music being outlawed by taliban regimes, i have no doubt they would outlaw it, and i appreciate a platform that america and most of the civilized world has provided for people to express themselves... but we too walk a fine line and as i will, and have called out names, before and after the attacks, i have no doubts that if i was emassing thousands of listeners that i would be outlawed in this country... look at hip hop in the early 90s and late 80s ... it was banned in some forms, the 2 live crews, and the Wu tangs, in a country that preaches freedom of speech were forced to defend themselves in a court of law for saying what they wanted to say... as ice cube's album and the great Louis Farrakhan said, in response to the La Riots, The Predator, "I have more respect for a man that preaches and practices the same thing, than i do for a man that preaches one thing and practices another"... in America we live with the mask of freedom and you have been sheilded from the true sunlight of this nation... The founding fathers were liars and murderers, if you believe anything else you are a victim of the brainwashing that has been going on in this country for Centuries... let me ask you, was Ghandi a great man?... he stood for peace, and would much rather be run over by the elephants of war, than to be on the back of one of the elephants of war... Think about that...
GOD · June 12, 2002 - 17:58 EST #750

Los americanos repartis horror y destruccion por todo el mundo, ya era hora de que probarais vuestra propia medicina.

Espero que os mas antes de mandar a vuestros soldaditos a matar inocentes en cualquier parte del mundo.

El 99% de los conflictos y guerras del mundo estan provocados por USA, asi que ya era hora de que os salpicara la sangre.


Temblad yankees imperialistas, se acerca un nuevo orden.

johnny H. · July 7, 2002 - 19:18 EST #751
i dont hate any of the people who have done this. they thought it was right. some people here think they should be killed after killing people(many many people) but we are tought to forgive. we are tought not to get revenge by killing. becuase then we are being unreasonable. we will become the terrorist ourselves. we will be Usama Bin Laden. or any other terrorist.
Johnny H. · July 7, 2002 - 19:28 EST #752
i dont really care about america. it is powerful. and it is unfair. they r hypocryts. they stab u in the back. they are rednecks. i am an unproud america(soon to be japanese person) and i hate america. the put people to war to kill because people killled them, and then the vicious cycles go on and on. AND ANYWAYS IF WE HAD MINDED OUR OWN AMERICAN business IN WW2 and tried to make jews share land with arabs. THIS WOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED. how mad would u be if some other country takes advantage of their power. and forces u to share resources. im thirteen and smarter than all u.
anonymous · July 8, 2002 - 01:43 EST #753
Johnny H.

You stupid jerk!..I can tell that you are 13 because you are so ignorant. You may have forgotten but the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor. I suppose we should have just forgiven them for doing that and not proceed to nuke them. If that were the case they would be sipping sake in Detroit now. Fortunately for the world that is not the case. You are definately not smarter than all of us. Your ignorance is proof of that. As for hating the people who did destroyed the World Trade Center, think how it would be if your mother never came home. Think how you would feel and then tell me what you would do about it. Would you be so forgiving to people that wanted you and your entire family dead. Would you fight back in self defense. That is what we are doing. What our Government does is one thing. Attack them..not innocent people who are trying to do nothing more than be good fathers and mothers. They never knew what our Government does behind the scenes in other countries just like they didn't know what had hit them when those planes tore into the place they worked at. Why lash out at the innocent. We are a god fearing, loving people. We are also a very rich an determined people. The Japanese learned the hard way when they awoke the sleeping giant. Al Queda will soon learn the same lesson.
Dami · September 4, 2002 - 12:43 EST #754
Damn...I live in NYC and love it, it's so bad that it happened right here, thousands of people just died in like an hour a few blocks from where i'm typing this...I wish it happened somewhere else but nowhere else has what we have. The towers wouldn't have gotten attacked if it wasn't the biggest and baddest right? It's sort of a compliment, but i wish it never happened. THE EMPIRE STATE!!!
Matt Holland · September 5, 2002 - 20:01 EST #755
In less than a week it will be a year since this horrable disaster. I would like to pay tribute to the heros and the families of the ones who dies on 9-11. Everyone if you havent then go buy the CD or DVD of the Concert for New York City, by buying this your money is going to help support. I am from Canada but on September 11th in my heart I became a NEW YORKER!
BINLADEN SUCKS (MELISSA) · September 6, 2002 - 10:48 EST #756
Anny · September 11, 2002 - 11:52 EST #757
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Anyone who does not support America can go live in afganastan. We will get through this . I lost family in the WTC, and i will now go jion the army to make it even.AN EYE FOR AN EYE!!
CenturyXIV · September 11, 2002 - 14:07 EST #758
Let us be calm today and days to follow my children, the worst is not over... it has just begun...
Jason B in MD · September 11, 2002 - 14:31 EST #759
A year later and it is still sad to see. Those awesome towers of strength now gone, and those innocent people who died, and the firefighters that gave their lives to save others. And most importantly, those innocent passengers on those planes, who knew they were going to die.. Please Jesus comfort us all, and help heal our country in it's time of need. Keep us strong and let us keep hope alive.
ALL AMERICAN girl · September 11, 2002 - 15:56 EST #760
I feel very bad for those who died!! Dont worry we will get you back Osama Bin Laden you done screwed with the wrong country and the wrong people we dont know how you all are ova in afganaistan but in the US we take a stand you have no idea what we have and what god has waitin on you!!! Satin will probably even turn you away and tell you to get out of here well mayber he will take you and kill you slowly so you can feel the PAIN. All i gotta say is you are in for a good butt KICKIN!!
jason Ricks · September 11, 2002 - 22:41 EST #761
anonymous · September 12, 2002 - 00:51 EST #762
Does anyone have the pictures of the Palestanian women and children dancing and passing out candy after the towers went down? Please e mail them to
CenturyXIV · September 12, 2002 - 01:08 EST #763
So Much Hatred and Vengeance within the sentiments of many upon this board... There is no reason to hate and reciprocate against hate with hate... The young gentleman asking for pictures of Palestinians Dancing and passing out candy after the attacks... What about the Jew Commanders who have slayed many more palestinians, with US weapons, than Palestinians, and Muslims, have slayed Jews and Americans with their stones and out of date fighting fashions, have you the pictures of our decorated men and women, and even us, the civilians, celebrating the innocent slaughter of Millions of Arabs? we play major league baseball and at the same time we drop bombs on innocents, have you ever thought of that?... we should not place ourselves in a position of reciprocated hate, or a egoistic-plane in which we are perceived by ourselves to be better than others... as misguided men commited the acts last september the 11th, so would we be as misguided as they, and as those who celebrated the attacks, to attack in response, and to celebrate the consequent killing of others on this spiritual ball...

Contact me for information on the new solo album too children its out... and the W.A.R.R.O.O.M.S. album with REN X is complete... too it dropped in June.. cop it... one o one

Janiri Espinal · September 14, 2002 - 03:20 EST #764
A year has past since 9/11,and yet today I still think of what happen.I was a cross the street from the WTC when it happened.I go to High School of Economics and Finance.At the moment I didn't know what was going on,I was right in the middle of it all.When the I left my school and when I looked up and saw people jumping I was in shock.I never in my life saw anything like that.I was actually seeing people die over my eyes.That is a picture that I will NEVER forget.Then the building was falling I didn't know what to do I started running and let me tell you people that was an unforgetable experance.I felt that the slower I ran the faster I would die. At that moment I picture the twin towers on top of me and me dieing.At that moment I was fearing death.I thank god today for being alive.I'm only 15 years old and I think that what I saw and experence that day noone would ever know only the people that was there.I hope that no one would ever experence that in a million years.This attack was a cruel act of hateful people.Osama Bin Laden shall pay for what he did that day.what he did is something that(god forgive me for what I'm going to type)not even the devil would plan.Osama is the devil in life he is not a humanbeing.He is a monster.I don't wish noones death but honestly I would love to kill Osama Bin Laden myself.I have already thought of ways of killing that thing.But lets not go into that right now,I would love to pay my respect to all those who die that day,those inosent people.RIP,and for the family of those who die that the hang in there I will pray for you.The last thing I will say is that now more than ever I am proud to tell the world that I am an AMERICAN!!! I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!!! RIP May God Bless America!!!!!!!!
Anonymonus · September 16, 2002 - 20:44 EST #765
My best friend is Muslim. We go to school together and I have known her all of my life. On the day of 911 she knew that he world was going to crumble. She felt bad for those in the attack, and about to weeks later she fond out that she lost a loved one in the attack too. She might be muslim but she is my best friend and my love her will never change because she is a person like everybody and I not going to treat anybody different due to the attack. What really hurts me the most is that, My older brother has a truck club and one of his friends in the club is Muslim. They all decided to work at car toys. My brother and all of his friends except the muslim was employed. Now I find that discriminstion. How are other people going to put other people down when after the attack all the airports were closed and muslims were already here? So why should we people down because of their color. We need to stp putting down one and put up one! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
anonymous · September 17, 2002 - 19:43 EST #766
I think that the being who came up with this crude plan is just plain jelous Of our country.
I never saw the twin towers but i sure wish i could of.thanks to them now every ones life has been changed.if you dont like our country because of the things we do were sorry ,sorry we have the right of being free , or the thing we use that doesnt mean you have to do somthing that will harm us, so just leave us alone.
aizel · September 20, 2002 - 22:27 EST #767
dear Osama, i hope you'll die. i hate Osama!!! right? though i'm not an American, my deepest sympathy for the berieved family of the victims in the 9/11 attacks. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
anonymous · September 25, 2002 - 20:10 EST #768
If anyone has pictures of the plane right about to hit or hitting the towers could you please email me at
and send me a link to your page?
Amanda Knowles · September 26, 2002 - 11:16 EST #769
I would just like to wish the family members of people who died in the World Trade Centers. So lets put the past behind us and build a momorial at ground zero.
What's next? · October 7, 2002 - 09:25 EST #770
It certianly is interesting to look back on what everybody said in the 10 or so days after the attacks. And of course, we've seen everything play out that way it has, and now there are two new issues; Iraq, and rebuilding the WTC. Personally, I would like to see the WTC rebuilt exactly as it was. I would also like to see the USA flex its muscles. It's been a long time since we've had to do any serious military anything. So, I say, for better or worse, bring it on Saddam.

There's something more important though - after 9-11, America got so angry; who would do this to us? kill 3,000 people... but then again, in countries like North Korea, and Iraq, who knows how many people die a day? And in China... did you know, that for every week Mao tse-dung lived, apx 8,050 people died in China. What about Tiananmen square? in one day (1989), probably 3,000 people died - we still don't even know the exact number, because it was the government that was killing them. So, which is worse, terrorists that kill 3,000 people, or a government that kills 3,000 of its own people.....

of course, that was 13 years ago, but after getting a taste of what fear is like (9-11, anthrax, etc) I think we should do something about it. As opposed to sitting back in our easy-chairs comfortably and watching as other parts of this world suffer from their dicators, we should do something about it. Every single one of us...
Some Guy · October 15, 2002 - 18:48 EST #771
I Think We Needed This Awful Shock To Stop The Gov From Trying To Control The Whole World...
anonymous · October 31, 2002 - 18:54 EST #772
i really dont know what to do with you people all of you say that we have to take revenge but nooooooooooooo ! first think of all the stuff this country has done to the countries who did this even they have to take revenge theyve had more terribble things than us they had all there relatives die so why are you people weeping so much i know it hurts but they were humans too that tolerated so much at this kind of situation i think he did the right thing who ever did i hope this never happens again though

i dont want any more fighting why cant the whole world be friends whats wrong with that nobody wants any more fighting except for some stupid people

from sanah ahmed
anonymous · November 10, 2002 - 00:47 EST #773
To Sanah Ahmed

The action that is being taken is not revenge. It is self defense. It's one thing attacking millitary targets. It is another thing altogether when you attack civillian targets. Al Queda has declared its Jihad on the United States. We will respond by hunting them down and eliminating their threat. Each one will be found Abd Al-Rahim, Muhammad Sa'id Ali Hasan, Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabeei, Al-Maktawi, Al-Sayfi, Al-Ansari, Al Rauf Bin Al Habib Bin Yousef Al-Jiddi, Khalid Ibu Muhammad Al-Juhani, Alyan Al-Wa'eli, Al Nahdi, Ammar Al-Wa'eli. All of you are being watched. You and your brothers will pay for your war on the innocent people of this country. Regardless of what you believe this country has done to you and your people, that gives you no right to attack our country and kill people who are doing nothing but trying to support their families. That is why you will be hunted down like the cowardly dogs that you are and killed. It is not revenge. It is to end the threat to our innocent people.

Sanah, I too would like nothing else than to have peace on this earth. I too wish that we all can be friends. I pray that the day will come, and I am sure it will. I think that you can understand that it will not come until the people who want every American dead are eliminated. You can never have peace, when such hatred is present. When you eliminate the hatred, you will then have peace.
anonymous · December 15, 2002 - 13:58 EST #774

Regarding your comment on
Aaron Williams September 11, 2001 - 13:00 EST
September 11, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy. Let's see what Bush is made of. Come on man, BOMB AFGHANISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Comment to the arrogance submitted above and throughout this site,

There are a few America's who have gone overseas and killed thousands of defenseless woman and children, maybe it should be, BOMB AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go see the documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' and you will see why this is happening to America. America should wake up and realize they are the cause of their own people's deaths. America will be the cause of it's own demise. Go travel the world and see what he world really thinks of America. It is time to re-evaluate why this is happening and what your politicians are up to. Perhaps, for once, look into what is really happening all over the world. It's not all about America. Countries around the world experience loss like this everyday.
Brandi · January 2, 2003 - 11:30 EST #775
May God help us!! I pray no one ever forgets this tragedy. Even though time has passed and we have other problems, we should never forget we need to take care of the people that did this to us. America will get their revenge and I hope it hurts them to loose their wives, husbands, and helpless children! We can not place the blame on our people even though mistakes were made. We need to remain focused on who did this and that THEY are to blame. Now, let's kick some butt!!
ArmaN_NewYorK · January 23, 2003 - 21:40 EST #776
all those people who saids "I wouldn't want to live anywhere near those barbaric psycho terrorists in the Middle East" take it easy with those words, i am iranian and not a terrorist and live in US just like you guys i work i do whatever im suppose to be doing but when you are talking about Middle east like that you know you are putting all the people in Middle east down like that, you should think twice, If our people back home are attacking you shouldnt come to us and say its your fault!. if you think about it US People who moved from Middle east has nothing to do with those Terrorists attacks. Its our Government doing this not the people In side Middle East. So Stop Talking Like All The Middle Easters Are Terrorists, Grow Up!.
Declan · March 2, 2003 - 07:18 EST #777
What is an 'American' anyway?

Do you actually have a history?
anonymous · March 3, 2003 - 17:46 EST #778
I hope that all you people get anwsers and im so sorry about this some of my family members were in this and im on the other side so i couldnt be with the other family
anonymous · March 12, 2003 - 00:56 EST #779
NEVER FORGET! I sat in a movie theater watching "Schindler's List," and asked myself, "Why didn't the Jews fight back?" Now I know why. I sat in a movie theater, watching "Pearl Harbor" and asked myself, "Why weren't we prepared?" Now I know why. Civilized people cannot fathom, much less predict, the actions of evil people. On September 11, dozens of capable airplane passengers allowed themselves to be overpowered by a handful of poorly armed terrorists because they did not comprehend the depth of hatred that motivated their captors. On September 11, thousands of innocent people were murdered because too many Americans naively reject the reality that some nations are dedicated to the dominance of others. Many political pundits, pacifists and media personnel want us to forget the carnage. They say we must focus on the bravery of the rescuers and ignore the cowardice of the killers. They implore us to understand the motivation of the perpetrators. Major television stations have announced they will assist the healing process by not replaying devastating footage of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. I will not be manipulated.
I will not pretend to understand.
I will not forget. I will not forget the liberal media who abused freedom of the press to kick our country when it was vulnerable and hurting. I will not forget that CBS anchor Dan Rather preceded President Bush's address to the nation with the snide remark, "No matter how you feel about him, he is still our president." I will not forget that ABC TV anchor Peter Jennings questioned President Bush's motives for not returning immediately to Washington, DC and commented, "We're all pretty skeptical and cynical about Washington." And I will not forget that ABC's Mark Halperin warned if reporters weren't informed of every little detail of this war, they aren't "likely -- nor should they be expected -- to show deference." I will not isolate myself from my fellow Americans by pretending an attack on the USS Cole in Yemen was not an attack on the United States of America. I will not forget the Clinton administration equipped Islamic terrorists and their supporters with the world's most sophisticated telecommunications equipment and encryption technology, thereby compromising America's ability to trace terrorist radio, cell phone, land lines, faxes and modem communications. I will not be appeased with pointless, quick retaliatory strikes like those perfected by the previous administration. I will not be comforted by "feel-good, do nothing" regulations like the silly "Have your bags been under your control?" question at the airport. I will not be influenced by so called,"antiwar demonstrators" who exploit the right of expression to chant anti-American obscenities. I will not forget the moral victory handed the North Vietnamese by American war protesters who reviled and spat upon the returning soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines. I will not be softened by the wishful thinking of pacifists who chose reassurance over reality. I will embrace the wise words of Prime Minister Tony Blair who told Labor Party conference, "They have no moral inhibition on the slaughter of the innocent. If they could have murdered not 7,000 but 70,000, does anyone doubt they would have done so and rejoiced in it? There is no compromise possible with such people, no meeting of minds, no point of understanding with such terror. Just a choice: defeat it or be defeated by it. And defeat it we must!" I will force myself to: -hear the weeping
-feel the helplessness
-imagine the terror
-sense the panic
-smell the burning flesh
-experience the loss
-remember the hatred. I sat in a movie theater, watching "Private Ryan" and asked myself, "Where did they find the courage?" Now I know.
Paul W. Cummons · April 30, 2003 - 16:07 EST #780
So many in America have forgotten how we felt on the 12th of September! The attacks of the 11th were a shock to us all. On the 12th, we saw people in America with pictures of friends and relatives with the words "Have you seen...", not in a 3rd world country, on the streets of New York City!! On the 12th, people that didn't pray, did. People that didn't have a flag, got one. Republicans, democrats, and independents, were thrown into the furnace of solidarity! We melted togther with a ferver and determination that can only be desribed as "American". We are starting to let the cutting torches light again. On the 12th, we were, one nation, under God, indivisable! Are we still? Of course, remember the 11th. But, let us not forget the 12th!
Nana · July 9, 2003 - 19:31 EST #781
See them reachin in the sky, was our pride....was our strenght....did we lose it???

How you know that we didnt??
anonymous · August 9, 2003 - 16:02 EST #782
i also feel terrible for the american citizens who are now deceased becasue of the attacks...i fully appriciate the fact that there are people figting for our proteciton...there is one thing that i am stuck on... why do people insist on blaiming this on our president, George W. Bush when he is trying to protect us..for all of those people who are complaining about Geroge Bush, you need to think twoice... He doesn't want war either, but he is tryin to protect people such as myself...he isn't going to sit around just letting people plan another deadly attack on america, in a way its like soccer, you have to use your offense to prove that your gonna get something done, and u have to use your defense to protect the goal, only in this case, its to protect america...
truthseeker · September 5, 2003 - 23:56 EST #783
NO one but Isreal the blame. The Jews are the sons of Satan through the linage of Cain. The children of LUCIFER. what do you expect??
Shannon Cameron · September 11, 2003 - 10:59 EST #784
The September 11th attacks were just horrible.I think that the hijackers will be punished greatly by God.Then i think about how it took a tragedy to bring our country together.My prayers go out to the families and children of the victims.God bless you all.
anonymous · September 12, 2003 - 10:01 EST #785
i believe that what happened wasn't right,that all those people had to die just because osam bin ladden is a jerk. but people realized being upset is not going to bring all those people back well atleast they're in heaven with god . and not suffering. every body lost something that day weather it was family friends of just apart of their home i lost all of those family friends and part of my old home
anonymous · September 12, 2003 - 17:37 EST #786
Dear Sir
What about the ultimate responsibilities of the CIA and FBI?
What about your Ex-agent OUSSAMA?
What about the guilty role of the "Israeli Mossad"?
People is asking, at least in the behinds.
Bob · September 16, 2003 - 07:41 EST #787

I mean there only one thing americans can do. Wipe out Afghanistan. GO ON.
Ahmedali Ibrahim khan · October 1, 2003 - 08:21 EST #788
this beautifull twin towers,the one who has done the sin of destroying the towers should be fired on the ground zero itself.
anonymous · November 11, 2003 - 16:37 EST #789
Why is Saten destroying our lives like this? People need to learn about god. Become christians. I am a chritian and your life is more happy and better. There would be more peace if people really stayed true to god and not the islamic religion. Our world is getting destroyed quickly and if people dont believe in god our world is going to be totally destroyed. So i ask for anyone thta reads this please. Go out and share Jesus with other people. ANd dont be mad at god for the attack. He is the best thing that has happened to all of us! God Bless!
Lindsey Benoit · November 23, 2003 - 19:23 EST #790
God is in control , please everyone take the time to read revelations it will explain , get on your knees, pray for your sins and others , pray thatu will have the authority over satan in your life ! pray that in the end you will not be fooled by the antichrist. pray that you will be saved , I love you , to all of my brothers and sisters in christ and we will stand together in the end , GOD BLESS ALL !

anonymous · December 8, 2003 - 21:42 EST #791
I know what happened was tragic but I also know that Christianity, no matter how some radical religions want to destroy it, their intent will only result in the opposite effect.
silvia · January 15, 2004 - 16:01 EST #792
Every 6 months or so, I click on my pictures of the planes striking and then the towers falling in sequence photos. I think it is important for us as Americans to never forget what happened that day. I believe in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we sometimes put it out of our minds. I relive that day every once in a while. It somehow puts lifes little every day annoyances and ridiculous problems in focus for me and reminds me what is really important in life. I think that goes for all people of the world.
Dr John Laski · January 31, 2004 - 11:23 EST #793
The violent and anti-social aims of a few, ill bred and misguided fanatics represent what the whole of society in the aggregate has spoken out against since the beginning of time. Evil never triumphs and goodness is as close by as the eyes of the nearest small child ...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo gallery with us.

Dr J
Mariana Teodorian · February 29, 2004 - 14:58 EST #794

Let's face it, president bush is the biggest idiot that ever made it to be a public figure. the whole world is wondering how come, americans used to have some common sense. in fact i really wouldn't like to be in his shoes at the moment. what a blunder! what next???
anonymous · March 3, 2004 - 14:13 EST #795
What a blunder! What's next?

Gee Mariana Teodorian, let's compare Bush with some other presidents in history? This will put things in perspective:

Many claim President Bush shouldn't have started this war. They complain about his prosecution of it. Someone even claimed that Bush was the worst president in U.S. history. Let's clear up one point: We didn't start the war on terror. Try to remember, it was started by terrorists BEFORE 9/11. Let's look at the "worst" president and mismanagement claims.

FDR led us into World War II. Germany never attacked us: Japan did. From 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost, an average of 112,500 per year. Truman finished that war and started one in Korea, North Korea never attacked us. From 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost, an average of 18,333 per year.

John F. Kennedy got us invloved deeper in the Vietnam conflict in 1962. Because the French were getting their butts kicked. Vietnam never attacked us. Johnson turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost, an average of 5,800 per year. Clinton went to war in Bosnia without UN or French consent, Bosnia never attacked us. He was offered Osama bin Laden's head on a platter three times by Sudan and did nothing. Osama has attacked us on multiple occasions.

In the two years since terrorists attacked us, President Bush has liberated two countries, crushed the Taliban, crippled al-Qaida, put nuclear inspectors in Lybia, Iran and North Korea without firing a shot, and captured a terrorist who slaughtered 300,000 of his own people. We lost 600 soldiers, an average of 300 a year. Bush did all this abroad while not allowing another terrorist attack at home.

An idiot? Come on, use your head for Godsakes!

In fact, I question your motives. For you to come to this site, and spew such anti American drivel with the history surrounding what happened here. The sheer sadness that encompasses the postings from September 11, 2001 onward is heart wrenching. Shame on you for coming here to post such nonsense.

The loss of life on that day and the way these poor
souls passed is greivous. As a country we must rise up
and be resolved in the task to never let such an
attack on our innocent citizens happen again. If that means going into Iraq, Iran, Syria, or hell so shall we go. We must take the fight to them and chase them down until not one is left to attack us like they did on that dreaded day. We must stand behind this strategy. It really is the only way we will win this war. Your're either for us, or against us. By your posting Mariana, it seems to me that you are not really with us.