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January 2001

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Reader Comments (2)

Some of the comments on this page may be disturbing to some readers. In the spirit of free speech and a desire to allow people to express their sorrow, their anger, and their hope, the comments will remain posted. The editors of ATPM do not necessarily agree with many of the comments, but they would like to provide a forum where readers may share their thoughts, their ideas, and their viewpoints with others.

The attackers have killed thousands of people. As a people, we will not allow them to steal our civil liberties or our fundamental rights of free speech and personal expression.

The editors of ATPM would like to express our heartfelt sorrow to the families of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attack.

Elizabeth Ann Chandler · September 19, 2001 - 22:05 EST #1
I think that what has happened to these people is horrible and even though i can't relate to the people who have lost loved ones but i am feeling their pain and i know that this wiil be hard to over come but if we stick together like the great country we are we will beat this because we aew stronger than anything those people who are trying to hurt us. they won't succeed. just remember GOD is here for us no matter what so keep your heads held high and be pround to be an American! And we will conquer this and in the end we will win. We will show everyone that we are not afraid and will not back down from these cowards. Keep the faith and trust in the lord and sweet victory shall be ours!!! Nock em dead USA!
David Andrews · March 28, 2002 - 21:50 EST #2
I have installed pre 9/11 View of Trade Center and East River for my computer wall paper. I want to remember NYC as it was and never forget the 3000 souls who perished. Thank you for the pictures.