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January 2001

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Reader Comments (1)

Some of the comments on this page may be disturbing to some readers. In the spirit of free speech and a desire to allow people to express their sorrow, their anger, and their hope, the comments will remain posted. The editors of ATPM do not necessarily agree with many of the comments, but they would like to provide a forum where readers may share their thoughts, their ideas, and their viewpoints with others.

The attackers have killed thousands of people. As a people, we will not allow them to steal our civil liberties or our fundamental rights of free speech and personal expression.

The editors of ATPM would like to express our heartfelt sorrow to the families of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attack.

Danny · September 17, 2001 - 16:58 EST #1
Russia spent 10 years trying to win a "Viet-Nam" type war in Afghanistan. They lost thousands of young soldiers and then went home with their tails between their legs, accomplishing nothing. And they live right on the Afghan border. Pray that we do not send our boys to fight in those mountains. We need to drop a BIG bomb there. Pray.