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ATPM 4.01
January 1998



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This issue marks the fourth calendar year of ATPM's publication! If only our personal computers lasted that long! For many of us, the endless array of upgrades, improvements and new computer products has our heads spinning more quickly than a DVD on fast forward!

The good news for computer users is that Apple's "G3" machines are so hot and in fashion, they'd 'd be on the cover of "GQ" if they were men's apparel. Speaking of suits, have you been following the Microsoft mess? We are a "hi-brow" publication so we'll ignore the latest "low-down" on the browser "imbroglio" (we love this word -- please see below).

The Official ATPM Word of the Month
On occasion, our editors recommend a special word that's featured as "ATPM's Official Word of the Month." Readers may remember the word "amelio*rate" that was featured several months ago. Unfortunately, the good Dr.'s swift departure from our favorite Cupertino company did nothing to increase this word's popularity outside of ATPM.

In honor of Apple's interim chairman and the company's recent history, a three letter word spelled with the first letters of Steve's last name has been selected as this month's "ATPM Word of the Month" (imbroglio was a close second and may be chosen for a future issue). This month's word is: "Job." A reasonable person might ask why we chose the name of a tragic character from biblical history as our Word of the Month. Here's our reasoning:

Mr. Job (we added the sir title to his biblical name out of respect for all he endured) was afflicted with just about everything imaginable (except an Intel 486 box trying to run Windows 95 on 8 megs of RAM). Even the fleas on Job's camel had fleas! This poor guy, through no real fault of his own, was used by the Creator of all things to emphasize a few very important points to humankind.

Although even his most well-meaning friends blamed Job's troubles upon something he did, events were basically outside of his control. Among other things, Job's story teaches us about patience, perseverance, and about not being judgmental of others, their circumstances, or the sources of their difficulties.

Many critics try to pinpoint the cause(s) of the Macintosh market's successes and failures. Some people spend countless hours analyzing subtle nuances of every Apple event (pun intended). We never know why many things happen the way they do and no one ever knows when someone or something bigger-than-life might just "turn the tables." By the end of the biblical story, Job was restored and given far more than he lost. Please draw your own conclusions. Next month's word could be Justice (Department). Go figure!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Do you remember this nursery rhyme? Nothing seems to stir the imagination more than a shooting star or a night sky filled with "celestial lights." This childlike sense of awe and wonder prompted many of us to purchase our first Macintosh, pursue a new career, or get involved with a favorite charity or personal interest. No matter how distant, shimmering stars have been known to inspire great artists, young lovers, and children of all ages.

We begin 1998 with renewed hope, fresh dreams, and a continued confidence in ourselves and our fellow Mac users. What has brought us all together is less a collective fascination with a particular piece of computer hardware than a mutual interest in exploring the depths of our human creativity and imaginings.

We are coming ever closer to the threshold of a new millennium; a time when all of humanity will turn its gaze toward the heavens. May the little boy or girl in each of us take pause this month to gaze skyward and perhaps, if only for a moment, remember the words of that little nursery rhyme andallow ourselves once more to be filled with a sense of awe and wonder.

A piano is deafeningly quiet without its musical Maestro. The Macintosh is also an instrument. It needs a "maestro" to give it "song." It's the beauty and creativity of the human mind which gives the Mac its "music." May your New Year be filled with "sweet songs" and pleasant surprises. Please enjoy our New Year's issue!

The ATPM StaffApple

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