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ATPM 3.10
October 1997



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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Babylon 5

This is the third in a series of Trivia Challenges for ATPM. The subjects will vary, as will the difficulty level. At this time, these are just for fun. We are working on a way to secure prizes for upcoming Trivia Challenges, as well as a way to make the contest as fair as possible. If you have comments, ideas, suggestions, or if you dispute an answer, please e-mail me and I will take them under advisement. Answers to this month's Trivia Challenge will be found in November's issue of ATPM—ATPM 3.11.

Although I was glad to see B5 renewed for a fifth and final season, I will miss Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian). She left the cast in a contract dispute, hopefully to return at a later date (unless they kill her off). Let's hope her replacement, Capt. Elizabeth Lochley (Tracey Scoggins), will prove as interesting a character.

Trivia Challenge #3—Babylon 5
1. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair travelled 1000 years back in time to become:
A. Kosh
B. Slartibartfast
C. Valen
D. Zathras

2. His last name is Naranek. His first name is?
A. Kosh
B. Slartibartfast
C. Valen
D. Zathras

3. Who betrayed Sheridan to William Edgars?
A. Vir
B. Garibaldi
C. G'Kar
D. Marcus Cole

4. Who are Mr. Morden's invisible companions?
A. Death Walkers
B. Narn
C. The Vorgons
D. Shadows

5. The space station Babylon 5 orbits what planet?
A. Drema IV
B. Epsilon 3
C. Earth
D. Proxima 3

6. Who saved Sheridan's life when he died on Z'ha'dum?
A. Trillian
B. Londo Mollari
C. Lorien
D. Zack Allen

7. Who is Garabaldi's former girlfriend on Mars? 
A. Lise Hampton
B. Talia Winter
C. Tricia McMillan
D. Anne Bester

8. Who is Delenn's protege? 
A. Vir Koto
B. Lennier
C. Kosh
D. Valen

9. Who is the head of the Psi Corps?
A. Naroon
B. Shakiri
C. Arthur Dent
D. Bester

10. Babylon 4 appeared after a 4 year absence in what area of space?
A. The Delta Quadrant
B. Sector 83
C. Sector 14
D. Sector 12

The Rules
There is only one correct answer for each question. You may get any help needed. (Anyone who knows all of these answers is as sick as I am! ). The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope and guarded by a fierce Lhasa Apso named "Hammerli" that lives in our house.

Answers to #2—Star Trek DS9
1. How many Ferengi "Rules Of Acquisition" are there?
C. 285

2. Bajoran Doctor Mora Pohl is sometimes considered to be whose "father?" A. Odo

3. DS9 has been referred to as, "That bicycle wheel in space." How many spokes does it have?
D. 3

4. When Worf became uncomfortable living on DS9, he moved into: C. The Defiant

5. The leader of the Bajoran Religion is called:
A. Kai

6. Who allied themselves with the Klingons to defend DS9 against the Dominion threat?
C. The Romulans 

7. Captain Benjamin Sisco's favorite baseball player of all time is: D. Buck Bokai

8. Jake Sisco discontinued his Starfleet training to become: 
A. A Writer

9. Dr. Julian Bashir's favorite Holodeck program is based on what fictional character?
D. James Bond

10. If you were cursing someone in Klingon, you might call them a: B. P'tach

Next Month's Trivia Challenge—The X-Files

Blue AppleCopyright © 1997 Edward Goss, <>.

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