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ATPM 2.07
July 1996




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Next Time

Next month, we'll bring you the next installments of About This Particular Macintosh, Apples, Kids & Attitude, The Personal Computing Paradigm, and Macman to the Rescue. You'll also find more commercial and shareware reviews, a new segments piece, and news of PowerComputing's new speed demons.

While you're waiting for another issue of ATPM, you might just want to indulge in a little Mac evangelism. If you ask them nicely, Apple will send you a free copy of their Macintosh vs. Windows 95 video, and their Mac OS 8 Tour CD. Just call 1-800-825-2145. It also makes a great gift for your PC friends (or enemies).

You may also want to subscribe to Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList, an e-mail digest of personal experiences, press releases, and news items about your favorite computer. Just e-mail for more information.

Until then, enjoy the personal computing experience.

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