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ATPM 2.08
August 1996





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Next Time

Next month, we'll bring you the next installments of About This Particular Macintosh, Apples, Kids & Attitude, The Personal Computing Paradigm, and Macman to the Rescue. You'll also find more commercial and shareware reviews, and our feature story on OpenDoc and LiveObjects.

While you're waiting for another issue of ATPM, you might just want to indulge in a little Mac evangelism. If you ask them nicely, Apple will send you a free copy of their Macintosh vs. Windows 95 video, and their Mac OS 8 Tour CD. Just call 1-800-825-2145. It also makes a great gift for your PC friends (or enemies).

You may also want to subscribe to Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList, an e-mail digest of personal experiences, press releases, and news items about your favorite computer. Just e-mail for more information.

Until then, enjoy the personal computing experience.

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