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ATPM 13.08
August 2007




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by Robert Paul Leitao,

Welcome to the August issue of About This Particular Macintosh! Our mid-summer issue provides for an enjoyable, easy read. Whether you are home or away, keep our August issue handy. We provide the best news, views, and reviews to accompany your summertime fun in the sun.

The Mac Is Back!

With all of the attention paid to the iPod over the past few years, few have noticed the resurgence in Macintosh sales that has taken place since the completion of the Intel transition. According to industry reports, for the three-month period ending in June Apple may have returned to the #3 position in US PC sales based on unit volume. For the period, Apple shipped 1,764,000 Macintosh computers worldwide, an increase of 33 percent over the previous-year period. This represents the highest unit sales for Macintosh computers for any calendar quarter in Apple’s history. According to statements made by Apple executives, the company is preparing for a robust back-to-school Macintosh sales season.

iPhone Disconnect?

iPhone buyers lined up in droves for the late-June release of the Apple iPhone at Apple retail stores and company-owned AT&T Wireless stores. Enduring long lines, iPhone buyers also experienced long waits in getting their purchases activated by AT&T through Apple’s iTunes service. Not only did this cause a bit of frustration for iPhone buyers, but it also created a disconnect between the early sales numbers released by AT&T and Apple for the first hours of iPhone sales. AT&T reported that about 146,000 iPhones were activated, while Apple says about 250,000 were sold. Apple’s management says the company is on track to sell one million iPhones by the end of September and about ten million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Roller Coaster Tycoons?

AT&T released its June iPhone activation numbers the day before Apple released its June iPhone sales numbers. AT&T’s report caused Apple’s share price to drop sharply while Apple’s Macintosh sales numbers released the following day ignited the share price as if it were on a mission to the moon. This roller-coaster ride for the company’s owners has highlighted the company’s recent success, while reminding each of us that consumer sales still rule the market.

As we approach press time Apple’s market value as a company has surpassed that of PC leader Hewlett-Packard, telecom giant Verizon, and is roughly twice the value of beleaguered PC maker Dell.

No matter Apple’s recent success we are all reminded that continued success requires diligence, planning, and extensive product development efforts. While some expected the iPhone to sell well into the millions of units in its first few months following release, the reality of the marketplace suggests that hard work is needed to keep sales on track, and no one can take for granted that products will sell just because they carry the Apple logo. As much as Apple’s share price has recently reached new all-time highs, sentiment can change in an instant. The roller-coaster ride for shareholders may have been thrilling at the end, but it’s not a ride most people would want to take a second time, at least not anytime soon.

No New Nano?

As if the iPhone itself weren’t enough, rumors abound that Apple is working on some kind of nano version of the new phone. Some suggest that a less expensive version of the iPhone is needed to build sales volume. The rumored phone would not have Internet and e-mail functionality but would be a cell phone and an iPod in one. Time will tell what comes next, but introducing the iPhone in markets outside the US may be the first move before new products are released. Until recently, iPhone inventory has been in short supply.

No No Nano!

The flip side of the nano iPhone rumor are suggestions that Apple will release not a nano-style iPhone but a full-size iPhone-style iPod. It would be equipped with all of the features of the iPhone except the feature that gives the iPhone its name—the phone. It would rely solely on Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity. It would be an iPhone non-phone versus a nano phone that has a phone without many of the non-phone iPhone features. This is why we enjoy rumors so much. They amuse the mind. Within 90 days from today we should know if there’s a non-phone iPhone or nano phone non-iPhone.

Summer Fun For Everyone

August is a peculiar month. In many locals it’s the hottest month of the year, yet we often approach it as if summer is coming to a quick end as the new school year looms closer on the calendar, and with it September’s back-to-school and back-to-work mindset.

The editors of ATPM celebrate the personal computing experience each month of the year. We urge our readers to make the most of August’s summertime fun, and we urge them to bring this issue of ATPM along for the ride.

Our August issue includes:

Bloggable: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

The iPhone may be dominating Mac news, tech news, and even newsmagazines, but there’s still something else out there for you to care about. Whatever it is, from this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference to iCal Day, Wes Meltzer goes on a roll in July and catches up with the division leaders in this month’s Bloggable.

MacMuser: A Good Site, Ruined

In the midst of widespread criticism that Apple’s service is no longer a good value, Mark Tennent seems to believe at least one of its services is still worth the price.

About This Particular Web Site

ATPW returns after a long hiatus, offering book sales, an illuminated manuscript, and a cartoon encyclopedia. You’ll also find subway maps for cities around the world, and some unflattering pictures of cheeseburgers.

Next Actions: Processing Reference Material

Part of getting to the next action in GTD is processing. This month, Ed takes a look at processing reference material, which can play an important role in exactly what action you’ll choose.

Photoshop for the Curious: A Tutorial on Resolution

A heavy subject this month, Lee Bennett tackles image resolution in this month’s Photoshop for the Curious.

Desktop Pictures: Motorcycle Trip

David B. Thompson provides this month’s desktop pictures from a motorcycle trip through Texas and Utah.

Cartoon: Cortland

Cortland finds himself in a spot of trouble with the fuzz, while Angie is paid an unexpected visit. Meanwhile, evil plans are afoot to acquire the Cortland OS.

Review: EyeTV Hybrid

The EyeTV Hybrid is a compact and affordable solution for viewing, recording, and editing digital broadcast and analog television.

Review: MagSafe Adapters

As Frank Wu gives the Battery Geek Portable Power Station a test drive, along with the Mikegyver MagSafe Adapter, he describes the problems with creating power accessories for Apple laptops, due to Apple’s patent on the MagSafe connector.

Review: Travelogue 360 Paris

Picture-hunting game with gorgeous graphics and unique panoramic mode.

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