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ATPM 10.10
October 2004




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This issue of ATPM includes:

The Candy Apple: In Which a Loss Comes With a Gain

There’s a reason we resist change.

Segments: Internet Democracy Gone Bad

“The same democratic principles that make the Internet a great thing also mean that you may be democratically exposed to con artists and incompetent people claiming great skills.”

About This Particular Outliner: Deep Tinderbox

After taking a break last month, in this About This Particular Outliner, Ted Goranson zeros in on Tinderbox.

Networks In Action: Mac to Windows: Troubleshooting the “No Logon Servers Available” File Sharing Error

Don’t let this error stop you from sharing your Mac files with your Windows-using friends.

Cartoon: Cortland

Chad mires about losing his last customer to Cortland. Meanwhile, Cortland discovers an all-too-familiar acquaintance in Todd’s iMaximum.

Desktop Pictures: Sunsets

Sunsets by Lee Bennett.

Frisky Freeware: Camino

Matt Johnson introduces Frisky the Freeware Guinea Pig who will “bravely test free software for you.”

Review: AirPort Express

Eric Blair takes us along for the ride as he installs an AirPort Express and makes an insightful observation regarding the lack of a remote control, often-discussed by AirPort Express critics.

Review: Optipix 3.0

This professional set of tools to aid digital photography enhancements in Photoshop is like getting more than 15 tools in one, and they all can work with 16-bit images.

Review: Mac OS X Panther for UNIX Geeks (book)

“The primary goal of this book is to assist with the transition to Mac OS X for those advanced users of Linux- and Unix-flavoured operating systems with a particular developer or system administration interest.”


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