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ATPM 10.05
May 2004




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This month’s issue includes:

The Candy Apple: Technology Is Only What We Make of It

Ellyn Ritterskamp unmasks a myth about the Internet.

Bloggable: Like It’s 1999 All Over Again

Wes Meltzer shows signs of waxing cynical this month as he examines Pismo revivals, the loss of HyperCard, the possibility of the return of virii for Macs, Playfair, the Microsot/Sun settlement, iPods in the airport, and headless iMacs.

About This Particular Web Site

In this month’s ATPW, Paul Fatula shows you where to download movies and hear national anthems. He also offers hints on finding free e-mail service and qualified IT personnel. And what ATPW would be complete without an artichoke festival?

About This Particular Outliner: NoteTaker and NoteBook

In response to many requests, this month Ted Goranson surveys AquaMinds’ NoteTaker and Circus Ponies’ NoteBook together as outliners.

How To: Cloning Mac OS 9 and Other Questions

Sylvester Roque shows how to make a Mac OS 9 emergency CD and tells why he keeps one handy, even though he uses Mac OS X.

Report: National Association of Broadcasters Convention 2004

Reader Andy McConnell shares his experience at this year’s NAB Convention.

Cartoon: Cortland

The Consultant has been defeated, but at what cost?

Cartoon: iTrolls

The iTrolls take on Microsoft and Dell.

Desktop Pictures: Puerto Rico

Web Editor Lee Bennett offers images from his trip to Puerto Rico last month.

Review: Dancing Barefoot (book)

Ellyn Ritterskamp discovered that a popular blog led to a pretty good first book.

Review: iFlex & SightFlex

Lee Bennett has found an iSight accessory that will let you ditch the chintzy mounts provided by Apple once and for all.

Review: iLap

Chris Lawson believes the iLap is the most amazing accessory for laptop-owning couch potatoes ever conceived, and pretty useful for the rest of us, too.

Review: Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Little Black Book

While reasonably pleased with the reading, Wes Meltzer feels this book falls short in trying to simultaneously benefit OS X 10.3 newcomers and die-hards.

Review: Style Master 3.5.2

Eric Blair investigates whether the CSS editor Style Master is truly master of its domain.

Review: TextWrangler 1.5.1

Long-time Mac developer Bare Bones Software replaces BBEdit Lite with TextWrangler, effectively handing it the mantle of “text editor for the rest of us.” Its powers have been increased over version 1.0 (hint: AppleScript and expanded color-coding), but Matthew Glidden wonders if it move you emotionally. Will you laugh, cry, or kiss $49 goodbye?

Review: Trans Lucy 1.01

Though there’s some room for improvement, Ted Goranson has found a replacement for Apple’s DVD Player.


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