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ATPM 6.10
October 2000

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Reader Comments (3)

Sadao Ohata · March 5, 2005 - 10:03 EST #1
I am a Japanese.
I am over 60 years old,although,I'm sincerely one of
America admires .
Your desktop pictures always lead to study American
culture and people ,of course,history.
Your country is yet very young in comparison with those of world-over.
But I like your spirit of frontier .
From now on,I'd like to study English more profoundly.
I hope you will always help me to know about wonderful
I'd like to close my short comment with letting you
know that our country is also with many traditional
cultures and so on.
adrian hakimi · November 6, 2005 - 11:30 EST #2
i like to look at all those pic
but i never go there
daniel · July 23, 2007 - 08:08 EST #3
I'm really happy found this URL..
beautiful desktop wallpaper.I love America.I'm going to go there someday(i hope)

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