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October 2000

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Reader Comments (4)

Jessy Londan · May 12, 2005 - 15:11 EST #1
New York is on of the most beatiful city, but you can met Porto Alegre in Brazil, is another beatiful place
Sadao Ohata · August 29, 2005 - 00:00 EST #2
Pretty soon,here comes horrible day September 11 again.
How many people all over the world they hurt their heart,But actuality is really actuality.No one denies it.We all put it in each memory.From it brightful future will appear before us.It's you that win or fail.
I think every thing happens with meaning.
Don't you think so ? Let's go for it again.
vladan · October 22, 2005 - 08:21 EST #3
good picture
noemi roman · May 23, 2006 - 16:01 EST #4
I think that the U.S show the people that we wont give up, and build the Twin Towers again. Without the Twin Towers the City looks empty, except for the beautiful Statue of Liberty. Let's not destroy the thungs that are beautiful. My dream ahs always been to go see the twin towers, but they no longer exist. R.I.P for all of those who died in 911.
Noemi Roman 14yrs old

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