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ATPM 6.08
August 2000


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Reviews: Updates

by the ATPM Staff,

Agenda 1.1

updates-agenda-icon Agenda, originally reviewed in issue 6.06, has been updated to version 1.1. This release fixes many of the problems with the original iMac-like interface. The Power menu has been replaced with the standard file menu and the calendar now “turns on” automatically when the program is launched. It also sports a larger display for increased visibility. The recording icon is now the standard red dot found on most devices. Audio events for the day now play when Agenda is launched. Finally, the number of colors has increased from four to nine. The new colors are Blueberry, Graphite, Indigo, Sage, and Ruby.

CDFinder 2.8.1

updates-cdfinder-icon CDFinder has been updated to version 2.8.1 since it’s original review. Now, items in the main browser window can have their names edited in place. Also, there are two refinements to the way CDFinder sorts. First, it now supports the Natural Order extension when sorting by name. Second, it now performs a secondary sort by name when the primary sort is done by some other characteristic. AppleScript support has been expanded to include the ability to get info on found items. Also, two bugs were fixed in this release—one concerning crashes on certain PowerPC computers with OS 8.1, and one concerning cases where CDFinder was unable to find the catalog folder.

SoundApp 2.7

updates-soundapp-iconSince we last reviewed SoundApp 2.6.1, several new features were added, such as: audio CD playback and conversion, several new conversion options, rough support for Nomad II voice files, several AppleScript additions, improved performance under OS 8.x, and many smaller improvements and bug fixes, especially with VBR MP3s.

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There are far too many Mac products these days for us to review each one, or even keep up with all the ones we have reviewed. Indeed, many shareware authors are revving their products more than once a month! The Updates section is where we acknowledge significant new versions of products that we have previously reviewed. If new features, bug fixes, or other revisions are substantial enough to change our assessment of a piece of software, we will generally publish a full review of the new version.

appleCopyright © 2000 the ATPM Staff,

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