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May 2000

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Reader Comments (27)

Amanda Terry · November 19, 2001 - 09:56 EST #1
The moose I see here is really ugly. Sorry to say it, but I just do not like it.
Chad Smith · December 15, 2001 - 15:35 EST #2
I think the moose is cool-looking.
Joan Combs · February 4, 2002 - 13:56 EST #3
This moose reminds me of my old dog. They look alike because they're so big.
Margaet Huisinga · May 30, 2002 - 12:53 EST #4
I think that you should have more pictures of moose and not show their butts!
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · June 4, 2002 - 13:06 EST #5
Margaet - would've loved to have gotten shots of his face. Have you learned the proper moose calls that would've gotten him to turn around...and not to charge me!
Larry Stoltz · August 12, 2002 - 22:57 EST #6
To whomever; The moose is a majestic animal. He is the master of his domain. He is a fierce protector of his family and he does not take more from mother nature than he needs. If anyone knows anything about this majestic animal, they could learn a lot about themselves. The pictures are excellent. I am a past governor of the Loyal Order of Moose Family Fraternities and I am going to paste any of your pictures in our newsletter for all of our members to enjoy. That's what our organization is all about--serving our communities and taking care of our members and families and anyone in need as we can help. Thanks again. Keep the moose pictures coming if you can. Lawrence Stoltz
30401 540th Ave.
Austin, Minnesota 55912
Brook · October 13, 2002 - 22:59 EST #7
Hey this moose is really BIG! Well, I think that you should get close close ups of moose. They are very awesome animals.
anonymous · October 17, 2002 - 17:06 EST #8
I am very sorry to say but this moose picture is just not good. I am trying to look for a moose picture for my project and I always come on this site to check things out but now I guess I can't rely on this site. The only bad thing about this picture is that you can't see its face. That's the whole point but that is okay. Nobody is perfect.
Danielle · October 31, 2002 - 19:49 EST #9
Hey, these people who say that this picture sucks and all you're showing is the moose's butt ... well I don't see them getting right up in front of a moose.
Laura · January 27, 2003 - 22:33 EST #10
This moose is cool despite the fact that it is a shot of its butt. Danielle, I don't see YOU getting in front of a moose, either.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · January 27, 2003 - 22:39 EST #11
Laura - the professional photographers who were at this location when I took the picture know better than to get in front of it, too. The minute this thing got up out of his little bog and started trotting away, it was downright comical watching all the pros who were out in the marsh wearing waist-high rubber overalls scramble like mad to get out of its way.
Megan Carter · April 22, 2003 - 14:39 EST #12
None of God's animals are ugly! These pictures are great!
Abby · May 30, 2003 - 16:54 EST #13
I think it's a neat picture, since it IS a shot of a moose. Personally, I'm impressed at anyone who even attempts to get a close-up of a moose.
C. Meyer · July 21, 2003 - 14:40 EST #14
Well, I can say that there will be one less moose in the wilderness come October 12th of this year. I was lucky enough to get picked for a permit this year and I will be taking one out. Front, back, whatever. If it looks like the one in the picture, it will be hanging in my living room.

Luck to me!
Jeremy Legge · October 5, 2003 - 18:16 EST #15
This picture sucks because the moose is back-on.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · October 6, 2003 - 01:52 EST #16
Jeremy - I'll tell you what—if you take a shot of a moose head-on, send it in and we'll keep it on tap to possibly include in a future issue. It's not like I went riding through the Grand Tetons during the last leg of my vacation, having been searching to see a moose the entire time, plus on many prior vacations, only to finally find one and say, "I think I'll only take a picture of his butt." It's hard enough to get a close-up shot of a wild moose at all—let alone his face.

No more discussion about the moose's back side, ya'll, okay? I'll make it real simple. I couldn't get one. You say you can? Great. Send it in!
C. Meyer · October 13, 2003 - 13:55 EST #17
I'm back and the luck to me paid off. I will be having one hanging in my living room. I bagged a big ol' 56" bull in the BWCA. Thanks, everyone.
Ciara Arnold · November 11, 2003 - 18:55 EST #18
Wow, that's a picture! I do love moose, but
Jessie Coder · December 8, 2003 - 22:35 EST #19
I think the moose picture is really neat! You should even get more. I wouldn't dare get that close! I would run away and be yelling, "MOMMY!!"

I'm looking for pictures for a school project and you can barely see the moose in other pictures.
scotty of the great white hunters · May 7, 2004 - 15:04 EST #20
great site site it reminds me of bowhunting back home in good ole dryden on.
Mike Bezanson · October 7, 2004 - 14:37 EST #21
I think it is a great picture and enjoy it. thank you, and keep up the good work.
Daniela Solera · November 21, 2004 - 23:22 EST #22
Very beautiful, I haven't seen a moose like that before.
Mya Banks · April 25, 2005 - 12:33 EST #23
hey, i think that moose is HOT. moose's are awsome. i was on a hockey team called the chatham moose lodge and we rocked the ice!!!! mooses are so awsome!!!!
Christina Simpson · April 29, 2005 - 17:56 EST #24
Moose are awesome! They are the coolest things on earth!
Nathaniel Seybold · December 16, 2005 - 21:56 EST #25
Moose are fantastic
Susie Caul · March 24, 2006 - 11:39 EST #26
thats one really big moose. I wouldn't want to get to close to him.
Kadie · August 14, 2007 - 21:58 EST #27
Well I have to say ... I appreciate the picture being from the back - I am trying to find a pattern for a Halloween costume for my son, who has been dubbed "The Moose" since his birth (he was a 10 lb. baby and has maintained his larger-than-average stature since then!!). So, having an accurate picture of a Moose from all angles is helping me very much :)

Moose are beautiful animals - wish I was up near the BWCA more often so I could have a chance at seeing one in its natural habitat. My husband would like to "bag a big one" and hang it on our wall.

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