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Review: iCatch

by Daniel Chvatik,


Company: Macsense



Requirements: the round mouse that comes with the iMac and blue & white G3.

Price: $9.99


iCatchIRL The iMac and the blue & white G3 are very nice machines, but one complaint keeps resurfacing: the mouse. I have yet to meet a single person (other than Steve Jobs) who really likes it. Feelings toward it range from indifference to utter hate. I have witnessed many beginners—and even some advanced users—struggling with its round shape, twisting and turning it back and forth to keep it straight. Many complain about its size, which seems to be designed for use by children rather than adults. The shape might be stylish, but is less than ergonomic and might even get you closer on your road to RSI.

Yet before you trot to the bank and dip into your savings to get a new mouse, there are two alternatives. Either you get an iMate, which enables you to connect an older ADB mouse if you have one, or you get an iCatch. The iCatch is a nicely formed piece of plastic which you snap over the iMac mouse. It elongates the form of the mouse to fit your hand more naturally, helping to give direction to the mouse and comfort to your hand. The iCatch comes in several flavors—the five fruity colors, bondi, and transparent—allowing you to mix & match the colors of your input device.


Installation is easy, just snap the plastic piece over the old mouse. This is not explained anywhere in the package but is pretty straightforward (you need to apply a little bit of force). And, there is no software you need to install. A little disadvantage of the snap-on design is that the button is slightly recessed, but it is not much of a worry.

The iCatch is a very nice accessory for your iMac or G3, and makes a terrific gift for any mouse-challenged friend of yours. Getting a new USB mouse will cost you between $9.95 and $50, depending on the kind of mouse you want to get. There are generic gray PC USB mice for $9.95 that will work with your Mac, but you will lose the nice, colorful touch. A more iMac-like mouse will cost $19.95 and up.

I will still stick with my three-button wireless mouse. :-)

appleCopyright ©1999 Daniel Chvatik, Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. If you're interested, write to us at

Reader Comments (1)

LiamTHX · July 26, 2012 - 15:21 EST #1
I actually sort of like the puck mouse, but the iCatch certainly makes it better.

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