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ATPM 5.05
May 1999





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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Mac Mysteries

Welcome to the May ATPM Trivia Challenge! This month’s cryptic challenge is all about Macs—software, hardware, and everything in between. We also have our largest prize pool ever!

First Prize this month is a copy of Adobe’s fabulous new GoLive 4.0—the premier Web creation software package!

Second prize is my Favorite Album of All Time! We also have Mac books, music CDs, Star Trek books and Star Trek collectibles for other winners to choose from.

If any shareware authors, software or hardware companies or vendors, or on-line sellers that would like to donate prizes for future Trivia Challenges, please contact me at You will be credited in this opening message.

There are a few special rules for this month only:

  1. The 5.05 Trivia Challenge contest will be open to anyone (except ATPM staff and contributors) for a period of 3 weeks after the initial posting on our Web site to allow almost everyone a chance to participate.

  2. After solving the Trivia Challenge, a secret message will be revealed within the answers. Send an e-mail with your answers, using the secret message as the subject line of the e-mail, to me at:

  3. Winners will be chosen from completed, correct entries that also solve the secret message. The first and second prize winners will be notified, and then other winners will be allowed to choose from the prize pool in the order that the entries were received until the prizes are gone. Since the prizes are provided by me, I retain the sole right to award them according to the rules set forth above. No other member of ATPM will be involved with, or responsible for, prize distribution. All questions should be directed to me at

  4. This is purely for fun. Please don’t ruin it for me and other readers by getting too picky about the setup or running of this contest. It’s only for fun!

5. To solve the Trivia Challenge, match the question on the left with the correct answer on the right. There are more answers than questions, so be careful as you take part in:

Trivia Challenge 5.05: Mac Mysteries

 1. What Mac friend wrote “The Hitch   A. John Sculley
    Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”?
 2. Who is the author of the ATPM      B. Greg Landweber
    column “Apple Cider”? 
 3. Who is the creator of              C. Ramon M. Feliciano
 4. Who founded the company            D. Allegro
    Connectix Corp.?
 5. What is the code name for the      E. Douglas Adams
    20th Anniversary Mac?
 6. Who became the President and       F. Veronica
    CEO of Apple on April 8, 1983?
 7. Who left Apple to found the        G. Steve Wozniak
    company Be, Inc.?
 8. What is the nickname for           H. Mike Scott
    Netscape Navigator?
 9. Who named a computer after his     I. William Atkinson
    daughter, Lisa?
10. What was the code name for         J. John Garber
    Appleshare 3.0?
11. Who directed Apple’s famous 1984   K. Owen Linzmayer
    Super Bowl commercial?
12. Who created the popular Mercutio   L. David Pogue
13. Who is the author of “The Mac      M. Steve Jobs
    Bathroom Reader”?
14. Who designed the “Blue Apple       N. Mike Shields
    Icons” for ATPM?
15. What was the development name      O. Ridley Scott
    for Mac OS 8.5?
16. Who was the first president        P. Mozilla
    of Apple Computer, Inc.?
17. What is another name for the       Q. Tom Iovino
    IEEE 1394 technology?
18. In 1967, who wrote his thesis on   R. Killer Rabbit
    the “Quick-Draw Graphics System”?
19. What is the code name for the      S. Marc Robinson
    new Mac OS 8.6?
20. Who, with Arlo Rose, authored      T. Jean-Louis Gassée
    the fabulous “Kaleidoscope”?
                                       U. Spartacus 

                                       V. Firewire

                                       W. Jef Raskin

The Rules

Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a fierce Lhasa Apso named “Hammerli” who lives in our house.

Last Month’s Answers 5.04—Movie Music

 1. Something To Talk About         F. Bonnie Raitt
 2. One Fine Day                    G. The Chiffons
 3. Stand By Me                     H. Ben E. King
 4. Pretty Woman                    J. Roy Orbison
 5. Sixteen Candles                 I. The Crests
 6. Peggy Sue Got Married           E. Buddy Holly
 7. Can’t Buy Me Love               C. The Beatles
 8. Jumpin’ Jack Flash              B. The Rolling Stones
 9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun     K. Cindi Lauper
10. Addicted To Love                L. Robert Palmer
11. Liar, Liar                      D. The Castaways
12. My Girl                         A. The Temptations

This Month’s CD Recommendation

Miracle” by Willy Deville—one of the best voices in rock that you’ve probably never heard. Produced by Mark Knopfler, this album is a must for Dire Straits fans!

AppleCopyright © 1999 Edward Goss,

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