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ATPM 4.08
August 1998




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Art Department

by Jamal Ghandour,

5 Essential Tips for Effective Websites

I admit that for this issue of ATPM, I was so excited about Photoshop's newest version that I didn't really concentrate on the art section. However, one of our dear readers sent me an e-mail asking for some Web design guidelines. It was then that it hit me: I remembered compiling a list of Web tips to help me design better Web sites (if only I could read my own chicken-scratch handwriting...err here.. :P ). After some tweaking around, they shaped up enough to be published. The more you stick to these guidelines, the more efficient your site will be. Enjoy...

[artTitle graphic]

  1. Visually Appealing
  2. Easily Navigable
  3. Timely
  4. Useful
  5. Innovative

[art1 graphic]

Visually Appealing: It is a Joy to Behold

Pitfall: Webmasters tend to opt for beauty over clarity. Always make sure that your first concern is to keep everything clear and easy-to-read.

Example of a visually appealing site:

[art2 graphic]

Easily Navigable: Simple and Accessible

Pitfall: Frames, Frames, Frames, Frames, Frames, and more frames. Ever heard of tables? :D

Example of an easily navigable site:

[art3 graphic]

Timely: The Web Site is Speedy

Pitfall: New technologies may be spiffy, but how much interest does an end user have in a video life-stream of the back of your bedroom?

Example of a timely site:

[art5 graphic]

Useful: The Web Site is Useful

Pitfall: Give end users what they want and not what you want them to see.

Example of a useful site:

[art6 graphic]

Innovative: Thrill Me

Pitfall: There is a fine line between being different and being confusing. Make sure that even with the heluva of chaos that you design, everything is comprehensible.

Example of an innovative site:

* * *

Hope you found it an interesting read! Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at with any comments, thoughts, criticisms, or simply topics you would like discussed in here.

[apple graphic] Copyright © 1998 Jamal Ghandour, Jamal Ghandour is currently the Executive Manager at SwiftAd international. His motivation for completing his masters degree in computer science was to research a device to clone many Guy Kawasakis! The research continues...

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