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ATPM 4.02
February 1998



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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Last Month’s Answers: Answers to Star Trek Voyager

1. Voyager is what class of starship?
B. Intrepid

2. "The Caretaker" originally stranded the crew of Voyager how many years from home?
C. 75

3. What race suffers from the incurable disease The Phage?
A. The Vidiians

4. Amelia Earhart and others were abducted to the Delta Quadrant by what race?
D. The Briori

5. Seska proves to be a cosmetically altered spy from what race?
A. Cardassian

6. Which is the home planet of Kes?
C. Okampa

7. Who wanted Janeway to bear his child to stop a Civil War among his people? D. Q

8. Janeway's favorite Holodeck program interacts with what famous character?
B. Leonardo DaVinci

9. To defeat species 8-4-7-2, Janeway must ally Voyager with whom?
D. The Borg

10. B'Elanna Torres is half human and half?
A. Klingon

The ATPM staff would like to congratulate Ned, <>, for answering nine out of the ten questions correctly on last month's trivia challenge.

Blue AppleCopyright © 1998 Edward Goss, <>.

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