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Review: MacPublisher

by Mike Shields,


Box ShotProduct Information
Published by: MacSoft
Phone: (800) 229-2714
Fax: (612) 557-0631
List Price: $24.99

System Requirements
Macintosh with 68030 or higher
System 7.0 or higher
CD-ROM drive

You can get QuarkXPress for only $24.99! Ok, so it's called MacPublisher, and some of the features are slightly different, but you get the idea. Desktop Publishing is one of the places the Mac shines, and MacPublisher is no exception. Not only do you get the program itself, you're provided with over 50 megs of Clip Art and several fonts that you probably don't have on your machine.

IMAGE imgs/s05.gif

Installation was smooth. The self-expanding archive fits on one floppy disk. Simply double-click, choose where you want the application stored on the hard drive, and you're off. I installed MacPublisher on a removable Zip Drive because I don't have enough space left on my Quadra 605's 160Mb Hard Drive.
Normally, I don't recommend reading the manual. I feel that Mac software should be intuitive enough so you don't need a manual. However, I've had no formal training in graphics design, so I thought it'd be a good idea to at least peek at the manual. It's divided into three sections.

Part I is a tutorial. I completed it in half the recommended time. It gave me a good introduction to MacPublisher's features.

Part II is a detailed view of MacPublisher's capabilities. It's an in-depth coverage of tutorial subjects. It explains the tool palette, which is extremely similar to Quark's, and the various functions within each pull down menu.

Part III covers all the menu selections, and the corresponding keyboard shortcuts, and I found it invaluable.

Armed with this info, I decided I needed to design a Letter Head. That's an easy first time project for someone that no prior experience with desktop publishing. First, I made a text box with my name and address, then selected appropriate fonts and point sizes.

IMAGE imgs/s06.gif

I felt that a picture could better convey what I do, so being a writer guy, I chose a really nice PICT file of William Shakespeare from the provided CD. All the included clip art is simple, yet elegant like this:

IMAGE imgs/s07.gif

After that, I chose placement of the picture.

IMAGE imgs/s08.gif
IMAGE imgs/s09.gif

Now came the tricky part. The original image was a whopping 640x480, which fills the page. It wasn't obvious how to solve this, as there was no menu selection that seemed to do reductions. Then I read the manual. The Object Info menu selection in the Object menu provided exactly what I needed.

IMAGE imgs/s10.gif

IMAGE imgs/s11.gif

The finished product, looked like this:

IMAGE imgs/s12.gif
IMAGE imgs/s13.gif

This endeavor took five minutes. I'm quite happy with it. You be the judge.

MacPublisher is just what you need if you're thinking about getting into the Desktop Publishing business, but aren't quite sure. Excellent for the home user, that needs to create flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. for school, church, or other social events. If I can do this stuff, anybody can.

Blue AppleCopyright © 1997 Mike Shields, <>. Reviewing in ATPM
is open to anyone. If you're interested, write to us at <>.

Reader Comments (2)

Yiu Man Wong · November 7, 2001 - 09:12 EST #1
I am currently using MacPublisher Pro and find it much more useful then AppleWorks. Instead of spending £400+ on Pagemaker (most of the functions I don't need), MacPublisher Pro is ideal for student projects. The only problems I've encountered so far was that the program may not be able to handle big, memory-hungry graphics. I had to split my picture in two and import them seperately. Also, I can not launch MacPublisher Pro on my new iBook with OS 9. Anyone have any idea?
Jeff · December 26, 2001 - 12:19 EST #2
MacPublisher Pro appears too good to be true. My biggest question that I haven't yet been able to get answered is, "will it be coming out system X.1 compatable?"

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