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May 1997




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MacMan to the Rescue

by Mike Shields,

Well, in case you didn’t already figure it out:

April Fool’s!!!!

I want to thank all of you who wrote in, wondering what was wrong. Ok, it was two of you out of how many readers we have now??? Ten Thousand? One Hundred Thousand??? Well, I had some issues as you could probably tell, and it seemed like the perfect time to vent.

I liked the rest of the ‘Zine, especially the upbeat atmosphere it generated. With Larry taking himself out of the hostile takeover market, things are going to get brighter. If you want to really brighten up your day, check out the June issue of MacWorld, and read the Desktop Critic column by David Pogue.

I’m Not Unique!!!

I found out the other day, totally by accident, that I’m not the only MacMan! I’m angry! In fact, a Yahoo search provides sixteen site matches and not one of them is me! Granted, not too many people know that I’m famous, but this is getting out of hand. Some of these guys aren’t even MacIntosh-related! In addition to myself, there are several macmans and a Mac Man. One even claims to be from another planet! Now, I checked out his site, and it’s pretty cool.

However, his graphics crashed and kept pointing back to the same page. After the fourth or fifth click on this link, I finally was convinced that it wasn’t going anywhere. My fears were relieved. I am the one and only MacMan, here to meet all your user needs. Accept no substitutes! Except of course when I’m Batman, but that’s another column. Besides, he’s already trademarked.

Nice Try

In another effort to take away my individuality, CSC has decided that Windows NT is going to become the standard for the PC-afflicted at the company. Now we all must become cross-trained in the Windows NT platform. This is equivalent to asking Dr. Bashir from Star Trek: DS9 to single-handedly pilot the Defiant into a heavy space battle. Take me back to the days of Doctor McCoy, “I’m a doctor, not an engineer!” Please.

There can only be one reason for this (maybe two, actually). Either CSC believes that the conversion to NT will be so difficult that Huge will need extra technicians to take on the additional workload, or (more likely) CSC doesn’t want to lose any of their techs and are predicting that Huge will convert to a single platform in the next two or three years (hint, it’s not the Mac). As far as I’m concerned, they can take their Nitwit Technology and hang themselves with it. See the Desktop Critic article I mentioned before. In fact, go there now, and read it. I’ll wait.

You’re back already? Thanks for the vote of confidence. As we know, the Mac will always be superior in performance and TOC. We’ve hit another slow period, so I have time to write this article. There are only seven outstanding trouble tickets. In fact, they’re out standing in the hall, right now.

Give Me 7.6.1 or Give Me Death!

In yet another fine example of "Dilbert" thinking, we still can’t install System 7.6.1 to fix bugs. As of April 21st, the Huge catalog lists 7.6.1 as core software, but it’s only for new computers. The problem is, Huge is not allowing new Mac purchases now. However, this didn’t stop Huge from putting 7.6.1 on the Distribution Server. So, in other words, any Huser can load up 7.6.1. When their machine breaks, I can’t fix it properly. We can change the problem ticket to an order ticket, but we can’t do that without an adminstrator’s permission. Theirs, not ours.

MacMan to the Rescue!!!

No questions this month, at least none that I could answer. To those of you that have sent in questions this month, rest assured. My research efforts continue. I’m sure I’ll have answers next month and I’ll publish them for the masses.

[apple graphic] New Disclaimer: Questions can be asked of and answered (most of the time).

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