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April 1997




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MacMan to the Rescue

by Mike Shields,

April 1st, 1997

I don't have to tell you, times are bad. Witness the following:

NEW YORK, March 5 (Reuter) — Sales of Macintosh-style computers in key business markets rose for only the second month in a row, according to a consumer research firm's study, the Wall Street Journal said in its Wednesday electronic edition.

The study by Computer Intelligence said Macintosh computers made by either Apple or licensed clone-makers constituted a mere 11.2 percent of the business-oriented, personal-computer market in January.

An analyst for Computer Intelligence also told the paper that growing clone sales indicate the death of the Apple, as sales made by clone makers Power Computing Corp, Umax Technologies Inc. and Motorola Inc. are being diverted from Apple, which will eventually squeeze it out of the market entirely.

Also, with the impending 2nd Quarter loss of approximately $630 million, Apple might as well pack it in. I hear Larry Ellison is buying.

Adding insult to injury, I received this page today: Attention all Skytel Customers. We regret to inform you that due to the pending takeover by PageNet, We will cease operations at 6:00 PM, EST. Arrangements will be made for return of the leased receivers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Well, there you have it. Furthermore, with the purchase of Huge by Raytheon, which will ultimately result in the shift to a single platform, part of the Houston conspiracy, (Hint: It's not the Mac), I'm probably going to have to be looking for a job soon. I hear Disney is hiring concession stand workers for their theme parks. Maybe a move to France is in order. From what I've read, the lines at EuroDisney are shorter.

On to the Questions

Dear Sir,
I recently purchased a PowerMac 7200/90, complete with CD-ROM drive. The problem is, everytime I shutdown, the CD tray pops out, and I have to push it back in again. What gives?

Richard Feder

Let me first congratulate you on your purchase. And I see where the confusion is coming from. That's not the CD tray, it's your coffee-mug holder, compliments of Apple. Take out the CD, and replace it with your cup o'java. The fine folks at Apple reasoned that since you'll be spending all day in front of your computer, you'll want to enjoy a fine beverage at the same time.

I have a PB 3400/240 with the RAM maxed out. How do I configure this stupid machine. There are no .ini files, no .exe files, and I can't find the registry files. This is supposed th be the fastest, state of the art laptop there is?


You've obviously been PC afflicted too long. Take a deep breath, and install Insignia SoftWindows. You obviously know nothing about the Mac platform. It's questions like these that makes writing a chore.

So long ingrates, I quit.

[apple graphic] Disclaimer: Mike asks that you check the date he wrote the above, and asks your forgiveness if anyone takes offense. Except for you, Bill. He may or may not be back next month to answer more of your user questions.

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