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January 1997




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Review: Snapz & Snapz Pro

by Matt Sanders,

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Many of you have probably read the review of Captivate 4.6 in ATPM 2.12. Captivate is a screen capturing program boasting numerous image manipulation techniques that might come in handy for the average user once in a while. A very long while. However, if you just want to capture the screen without a lot of bells and whistles, then Snapz or Snapz Pro is for you. Both are shareware, and since they are made by Ambrosia Software, Inc., you can be sure of the quality.

Snapz is the simpler of the two, an application that simply captures the entire screen, with or without the cursor. The image is saved in PICT format in the creator application of your choice. However, Snapz performs its one function very well, with its user-defined, fully configurable hot-key. Screen images can be captured at anytime, including: when a screen saver display is on the screen, in the middle of the action in a game, while a menu is pulled down, or even while your Macintosh is starting up.

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Snapz Pro is a bit more complicated. It can capture a specific part of the screen (such as a menu that is currently open), an individual window, a marquee selection, or the entire screen. When you invoke Snapz Pro with the hotkey, a small pop-up palette appears, presenting you with options for manipulating the image.

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Snapz Pro provides image scaling and it even allows you to specify the color palette used to output the image to a file. There are two improvements over the original Snapz. First, you can choose a destination for the screen shot — to an extent (e.g., a new folder, the clipboard, printer, etc.). Second, you can name the file before it is written to disk.

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I really like these programs. They are of the highest quality, and were easily configured to fit my needs. They are not expensive, either. Registration for Snapz is only $15, and Snapz Pro costs $20. If you already own Snapz, you can upgrade to Snapz Pro for only $10. If you want more features than the standard "Command-Shift-3" option, but feel that the advanced features of Captivate are overkill, then save yourself about $70 and get Snapz or Snapz Pro (available for download at Ambrosia's web site,

[apple graphic] This review is ©1997 Matt Sanders,

Reader Comments (1)

Jim Bishop · April 16, 2005 - 21:34 EST #1
Snapz Pro is a good program, but it, and Ambrosia Software, needs substantial improvement. Snapz Pro, in its present iteration (4/18/05), has a bug in the sound section of the movie capture that the company has known about for many months and has not fixed. The bug prevents the capture for collection the sound track until ones goes through some monkey motion that is non-standard. Ambrosia will be glad to take your money, and will not tell you until you ask that there is a work around required for the sound track and that they "are working on it." Check out the comments on MacUpdate for more info.

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