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Review: SportSuit Convertible

by Eric Blair,


Developer: Marware, Inc.

Requirements: Third-generation iPod

Price: $40

Trial: None

On the grand scale of iPod cases, it is fair to say that Apple’s bundled case is fairly basic. Marware’s 3G SportSuit Convertible, though, definitely qualifies as fairly complex.

The SportSuit Convertible consists of four parts—a neoprene, rubber, and plastic iPod case; a neoprene and leather lid; a belt clip; and an arm band.

The Case

The front of the case is dominated by a clear plastic protective sheet. The plastic sheet has four circular cut-outs for the iPod’s buttons as well as a cutout for the scroll-wheel. The plastic is surrounded by neoprene and there are rubber grips on the case’s side.


On the bottom of the case, there is a rubber grommet that gives you easy access to the iPod’s Dock connector. While you obviously cannot connect your iPod to the Dock while it is in the SportSuit, you can sync and charge using the Dock cable while your iPod is protected from scratches.


When the iPod is inserted into the case, it is held in place very snugly. Once you slide the iPod into place and get the cutouts lined up with the iPod’s buttons, the iPod does not move.

The one thing that somewhat irks me is that the Dock connector on my 30 GB iPod sits very close to the front of the grommet. I’m not thrilled about the possibility of placing extra pressure of one side of the Dock cable while it’s connected to the iPod. I have a feeling this is due to the case being designed for both the 30 GB iPod and the somewhat slimmer 10 and 15 GB iPods.

The Cover

The removable cover attaches to the case via two pieces of the Velcro—one at the top of the case, one at the bottom. When the cover is attached, it acts as though it is hinged at the top. As a result, you can flip the cover over the back of the iPod and use it as a makeshift stand.


The main function of the cover, though, is its pocket. The front of the cover bulges out and creates enough room to hold your headphones and remote control. As somebody who has removed an iPod from a backpack and found the headphone cord wrapped around just about everything, this was one of the biggest features I was looking for in an iPod case.

Belt Clip and Armband

Another of the SportSuit’s big features is what Marware calls the Multidapt system. Basically, the Multidapt system lets you connect a variety of clips to the SportSuit. The included belt clip is a Multidapt clip.

The armband is not a Multidapt clip—it slides through a pair of fabric straps on the back of the case.

I’ve been running with my iPod a few times and find the armband extremely convenient. There’s no extra weight added to the waistband of my shorts, and the case cover keeps the headphone cord from getting tangled.


At $39.95, the SportSuit Convertible is more expensive than many other cases. In fact, it is the most expensive case Marware makes. However, you certainly get what you pay for. I was not able to find any other case that provides the same features as the SportSuit.

If you are looking for an iPod case that does it all, you owe it to your self to check out the SportSuit Convertible.

Reader Comments (4)

Eric Blair (ATPM Staff) · December 16, 2003 - 19:37 EST #1
After temporarily commandeering my roommate's 20 GB iPod, I've decided that the SportSuit Convertible works with the 30 and 40 GB iPods, but it is really designed for the 10, 15, and 20 GB 3G iPods. When I slipped the smaller iPod into the case, it lined up with the various openings on the case much better and there was no pressure on the Dock cable.

I don't know whether this added force against the Dock cable will eventually cause problems with my iPod, but I prefer not to take the chance.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · January 2, 2004 - 15:48 EST #2
Eric, your review aided my eventual decision to buy this case. I, too, am not sure about the pressure against the cable. Fortunately, I don't frequently attach the cable directly to my iPod. One is essentially permanently attached to my Dock, and my second cable is a seldom-used accessory that I picked up just so I'd have one without having to pull the original cable out from behind my desk.
veganboi · April 4, 2004 - 21:18 EST #3
unfortunately it uses animal skin :( how thoughtless
Chris I · May 25, 2004 - 15:15 EST #4
I just got my 3G iPod and had a quick question regarding this case, is the PVC Leather only on the black case? I read elsewhere that the other colors had a neoprene top and not a pvc leather like the black version does. Is this true?


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