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June 2001

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Reader Comments (10)

Oliver · November 11, 2001 - 10:24 EST #1
The picture of the "balboa harbor seals" are not harbor seals at all. Harbor seals cannot swing their back flippers foward to "walk" around. In the photograph, the little "seal" is doing just that. The animals in the photo are, in fact, sea lions. If you would correct this mistake I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · November 11, 2001 - 14:11 EST #2
Oliver, thanks for your clarification. My memory recalled the tour guide on the boat saying harbor seals, so I suppose he didn't know what he was talking about. In any case, we'll let your comment stand as the correction for this mistake.
Britany · March 14, 2002 - 16:34 EST #3
Hello. I always enjoyed seals. I would appreciate it if you added more pictures of seals playing. Thank you!
Shmokie Mcpot · April 4, 2002 - 16:17 EST #4
The platform that the sea lions / seals are "standing" on is not, in fact, a Balboa harbor buoy. Balboa harbor buoys are dark navy blue and red, not red and white as they appear in the picture. The buoy pictured is actually from Lake Tahoe. If you would correct this error, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · April 5, 2002 - 21:49 EST #5
Shmokie - The information will not be corrected because it is not in error. I personally took this photo while on a tour boat in Balboa. I'm referring to the tour that leaves from a dock right near that big ferris wheel and points out all variety of homes in the harbor and who they belong (or used to belong) to.

There is absolutely no possible way this buoy could be at Lake Tahoe since I took the picture and I have never in my life been to Lake Tahoe.
Colonel Dixie M. Dibbs · June 22, 2002 - 19:38 EST #6
Both statements regarding "buoys" are incorrect. Technically, the structure is not a buoy; it is a floating aid to navigation.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · June 22, 2002 - 20:05 EST #7
C'mon guys, does it really matter? 1) This picture is about the wildlife, not about some stupid manmade object. 2) I'm not the one who used the term "buoys" in the first place. I've no marine experience, so it could be called a cheesecake for all I care. :-)
ashley · April 19, 2004 - 20:55 EST #8
very cute seals
Mac Daddy · April 13, 2005 - 00:35 EST #9
IT seems that the seal lions on the floating structure have just enjoyed a meal of fish as u can see by the ringing patterns on the baby's left flipper, who is about 13 months of age.
seal lady · September 30, 2007 - 00:58 EST #10
I also don't care on what there floating on or whether they've eaten!
it's a lovely picture!
good job Lee Bennet!!!!

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