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November 2000

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Reader Comments (6)

Rosey · November 30, 2003 - 14:55 EST #1
These pictures are very beautiful. Thank you for putting them on this web site.
Sandy · November 30, 2003 - 14:56 EST #2
This picture of Maine is awesome. I have never seen the ocean, so this picture was very cool.
Alexandra Skye Luetmer · April 8, 2005 - 15:54 EST #3
This is one of the coolest websites I've ever been on. It has the coolest pictures of Maine.I use it all the time for school.Almost all my friends like it too.
Gary · April 14, 2006 - 05:11 EST #4
I just love looking at pictures like this - I'm from Scotland, but feel inexorably drawn to this part of the world - must be the Pices in me and a need to be near water (even though I live by the sea here, there's something about the Atlantic that calls to me!)
Tanya · June 27, 2006 - 18:57 EST #5
this pic is really beautiful. can u tell me where all ur lighthouse pics r?
ATPM Staff · June 27, 2006 - 22:18 EST #6
Tanya - this picture is of the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

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