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ATPM 5.07
July 1999

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Reader Comments (4)

Miguel Antonio · November 12, 2004 - 10:55 EST #1
Hey guys... I'm from venezuela... I've been in toronto 2 years ago, and I can say that is a very wonderful city... if you wanna go somewhere... go to toronto...!!! ;) see ya...
Rick Richards · November 22, 2004 - 21:29 EST #2
Hello Everyone!
I"m from the (east coast) NewBrunswick Canada and my wife and i had the opportunity to spend some time in toronto 2 weeks to be exact and wow did we have a good time. Lots to see and eat,and plenty to do.We do alot of traveling and really thougt toronto was a blast. We will return next year for a vacation.If you haven't been there you should go.Thanks T.O
anonymous · October 22, 2005 - 02:05 EST #3
I really loved the pictures. They brought back a lot of memories. I knew I might miss some people, but I never expected the intensity of how it feels to miss a place.
Carina · May 8, 2006 - 19:38 EST #4
This is my city!!! I used to live there and boy do I miss Ilive in the suburbs of Toronto, Oakville, you shud visit's beautiful

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