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ATPM 14.08
August 2008

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Sunset on San Francisco Bay 3

Sunset on San Francisco Bay 3-420

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Reader Comments (1)

David Moore · February 12, 2009 - 22:40 EST #1

I saw Your pictures; We saw them; and I (We) think they are beautiful. I live in Oregon with Lisa. Perhaps We strike a chord with You... We have been searching for a long time. I was born in '63. Lisa - '66. And We wonder if it is You. We learned that there is One who walkes along San Francisco Bay who is unattached and searching; and so I googled it; and I saw Your pictures. Your name has significance to Us. I felt compelled to write to You, and see if, by chance, You felt the same Way, too. As I write this, I feel some connection with You.
David (and Lisa)

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