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Accessory Review

by Chris Lawson,

Flipp Premium Leather Case For iPod classic


Developer: PDO

Price: $30

Requirements: iPod video or iPod classic (two different models, depending on thickness)

Trial: None

Compared to many manufacturers, PDO is a relative newcomer to the iPod accessories market, but that doesn’t seem to have hurt their ability to produce a quality, functional, and attractive iPod case.

The Flipp is a classic black leather flip-style iPod case in the same vein as the PodFolio and LeatherPod. The case is available in two sizes: one for the thin iPod video and iPod classic models (30 GB and 80 GB, respectively), and one for the thicker models (60 GB or 80 GB iPod video, or 160 GB iPod classic).



It’s obvious that PDO took some notes from the competition’s hits and misses. Like many modern iPod cases, the Flipp is lined with a soft synthetic material to prevent scratches due to the case and, like many flip-style cases, the Flipp holds its outer shell closed with a pair of tiny—but strong—magnets at the base of the flap.



Unlike the PodFolio, but like the LeatherPod, the Flipp has a clear plastic window over the iPod’s screen for extra protection. PDO went the extra mile and sandwiched the clear plastic between two layers of material, holding it off the screen and avoiding the scratch problem that the LeatherPod had. Another area where it’s obvious PDO learned from others’ mistakes is the hinge of the flip—the Flipp has a 7/8ths-width hinge that leaves ample room for large third-party headphone jacks but provides almost as much protection as a full-width hinge.



The Flipp has a sturdy-feeling belt clip on the back that easily slips on and off your waist no matter what your apparel is made of, but miraculously manages to remain secure even if you’re running. The dock connector cutout on the bottom is neat and tidy, more so than on many non-rigid iPod cases I’ve seen, and allows for easy charging of the iPod via the factory USB cable. The stitching is also very neat and tidy throughout the case; the overall quality of the materials and workmanship on the Flipp seem to be far superior to most of the cases I’ve seen in this price range.

Another nice touch that adds to the classic look of black leather is the complete absence of any logos on the flap. The PDO logo is on the back of the case, just below the belt clip, safely out of the way and assuring you that gaudy logos won’t ruin the lines of the case with your Armani suit or Wrangler jeans.



I was unable to test the case with any dock connector–based accessories, but the leather across the bottom of the case is fairly thick, so don’t expect many accessories wider than the connector itself to work well, if at all. Of course, this is a fairly widespread problem with iPod cases and is by no means unique to the Flipp.

There are a lot of $30 cases out there, and there are even a number of leather cases out there in this price range, but of all the ones I’ve seen so far, PDO’s Flipp is the highest quality and best looking. Longtime readers will know I do not hand out Excellent ratings lightly, but this product truly deserves it.

Reader Comments (1)

Robert Leitao (ATPM Staff) · May 31, 2008 - 18:40 EST #1
Thanks for the review. Having seen what can happen quickly to the back of an iPod Classic that's left unprotected, for $30 this case is worth a second look.

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