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ATPM 12.02
February 2006

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From ATPM Readers

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Reader Comments (2)

Robert · February 10, 2006 - 14:23 EST #1
This group leaves something to be desired. For example, the photo "rose red" is nowhere in focus. The Mount Baker photos are poor because the town on the left is just a jumble, being out of focus. Do you screen submitted photos for poor quality? Maybe they are low resolution displayed as 1600x1200?
ATPM Staff · February 10, 2006 - 15:04 EST #2
Robert - admittedly, some months' submissions are better than others, and we recognize that some readers' eyes are more critical than others. You're right that the red flower photo is partially out of focus. Macro photography is pretty difficult without the right equipment.

Fortunately, ATPM has plenty of other sets of photos for you to choose from, but best to remember that all of these are offered at no cost to you. No one is twisting your arm to download and use images that you don't like.

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