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Reader Comments (2)

Richard Lionel Lauzon · February 24, 2007 - 05:59 EST #1
It is a marvelous thing to see the comeback of a species who every one thought that they were killed to extinction by the "buffalo-hunters" who shot them and left their carcasses along the plains and move on leaving the entire season's worth of living for the Native Indians who for thousands of years lived here and for hundreds used just what they needed and killed no more than what they needed to keep the tribe living.

The Sioux and other tribes took everything from the buffalo that they needed to live, but the European settelers just cut off the tongues, and stripped their skins off for a sale to garnish their goods by trading only the carcass and left a ton of meat on the earth to dry up, spread disease and death to all who lived near the slaughter.

It is a real crying shame that our government thinks that by setting up quotas up for the American "hunter" to shoot a standing animal who poses for the bullets.

What did we learn??? Nothing as we watch what was 95% gone, now reestablished to 25 % of what they used to be, now can be murdered, to cull out the harmless animals who eat nothing that the heardsmen say they do...the Buffalo, is not a lawn mower, cutting the wheats and oats o the earth, and if they what, they have a right and it is unalienable...more than our rights!

Their rights to life in this paradise which we turned into a barren land in less than 200 years has been stripped from them as we Europeans continue to ruin the earth.

It is written: the earth would be taken away from those who never appreciated what was given to us by divine providence.
My, my...when will we ever learn??
Rick "Tatonka" Lauzon
Donna McGinnis · July 7, 2007 - 19:48 EST #2
I was pleased to see your comments - Yes, when will we ever learn? I am the whitest white girl you will ever meet, but I have severe guilt over what "my ancestors" did to the Native Americans and the buffalo. It makes me sad that many people do not know that the buffalo were brought to the brink of destruction and many people, including those with Native American heritages do not know what happened to them. I now teach preschool and whenever a unit on the Westward expansion or Native Americans comes along, I always share the story of the American buffalo.

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