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ATPM 11.05
May 2005



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Frisky Freeware

by Matt Johnson,

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Reader Comments (3)

michael mckee · May 3, 2005 - 18:02 EST #1
If the effort that has gone into the looks of this program went into the functionality of it things would be wonderful. It is unstable and loses track of transfers. Not reliable enough to be worth using, even free.
jeff · June 29, 2005 - 20:40 EST #2
I don't agree - I love this application. Plus using FTP shouldn't cost 30 freaking dollars (Panic, I'm looking at you (panic is a software company that overcharges for a FTP Client))
webdev · July 11, 2005 - 00:32 EST #3
I have had mostly good experience with this application. It had a few glitches in the "in-between" versions, but for free, it definitely rocks!

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